Friday, November 30, 2007


Awake mildly kept me in that such state.  A young man whose father has died and left him half the city because he's wealthy, has a bad heart.  On top of that he's a very rare blood type so he's been on a donors list for over a year.
Finally a heart comes through and there's an arguement that ensues between him and his mother about who should perform the surgery.
His friend who already saved his life once, or the best surgeon money can buy. 

In the middle of all this is his love interest played by Jessica Alba who he's been engaged to for 6 months but his mother doesn't know.
moving forward to the surgery, a giant conspiracy is going on and after they put him under annestisia, he's still concious but paralyzed and can't do anything about it. 
There's a somewhat predictable swerve towards the end but I'll leave that to the imagination.  Not really scary but if you had a hard time watching the opening scene in SAW IV then you may have a hard time watching a lot of scenes in this movie.  Not really scary aside from the thought of being awake and able to feel pain during an open heart surgery.
Average at best,

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Mist

Quite possibly one of the best endings to a film... ever.
Just my opinion of course.
The Mist is the second Stephen king movie to come out this year and I am a huge fan of his movies and books so obviously I'm going to screen this one.
The Mist is about exactly that and what it brings.  Terror.
Basically a government project gone terribly wrong as a dimension is opened and a bunch of crazy looking creatures come through into our world killing along the way, but at all times within the mist.  Octopus/Elephant creatures, Spiders, and giant locusts with robot skull faces.  Ok yeah, it took me a while after first seeing them but they grew on me and I accepted them for what they were in this movie.  The spiders shoot acid webs that burn your skin off on contact, the locusts attatch to your neck and your face swells up and you die, and the giant elephant has tentacles that look like the same creatures from Dreamcatcher if you ever had a chance to catch that movie.
The majority of this movie takes place in a supermarket where after a certain matter of time this one lady goes crazy and preaches the word of god saying it's the day of reckoning, etc. etc.  And in time she brainwashes a good 90% of the people in there that is in fact what is happening.  That's not where the story revolves though it revolves around a father and his son, along with a few others that think things thorough and attempt to get out.
Who will survive?  Who will die? How will it end?  Go check it out to find out, if your a stephen king fan you won't be disappointed.
8.5/10  (I take off half a point only because the preaching lady of god got annoying after a while, but that was her characters job and it delivered)

I didn't get a chance to write a review for P2 and it broke the years record for fastest movie to come and go but it was a solid film as well.  Rent it when it comes out on DVD
P2-  8/10

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bee Movie

Another Dreamworks film starring a random animal this time a Bee.
Jerry Seinfeld voices a bee that fall for a human and then finds out that the humans are stealing all of the honey from the hardworking bees to market. 
So what happens?  He sues the humans and takes them to court.  What a great thing to teach kids.  Sue the hell out of people.  Get in a fender bender?  fake a neck injury and suck as much money out of others as you can. 
Anyways, back to the story...
There's actually some really funny stuff in this movie and the human character of KEN is the MVP of the movie hands down.  What makes it even better is he's voiced by the guy who played puddy on Seinfeld, Patrick Warburton.
"Why do you always have to make yogurt night so difficult!!!"
Had me cracking up actually.  I would have reviewed American Gangster if it wasn't 3 hours long which would have me leaving at 6am.
A good family film and I think it will be the busiest weekend in about 8 weeks.
So in a nutshell the storyline is ridiculously far fetched but the characters and the humor make up for it to a point.
Recommended for Families and Children.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bowling Scores 11-6-07

155, 176, 157   488 series
Shitty night, 10 open frames,   that is all.