Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bowling Scores 11-28-06

191, 163, 203 557 Series.

Average going into the night- 189


Lost 2 of 3 and 5 of 7 points. Going into the night our team was shockingly above .500 for the second third at 11-10 for the first time all year. We probably would have lost all 3 games if I hadn't busted the hell out and fired my team up with some emotion. I opened in the 10th frame 2 of 3 games and it was disgusting. Especially the third game because I missed a single 4 pin conversion that would have given me better than a 203. I also opened a good 4 or 5 frames in the first 2 games including a hillarious 4 count hitting the head pin on my first ball of the 10th frame in the second game. I left the 3-4-6-7-9-10 split which was ridiculous and I couldn't do anything but laugh. Never really figured out the lanes tonight. I kept telling myself to throw outside the 5 board but for some reason I was very inconsistent in doing that. Eh, we're on our way back to the cellar after the stellar performace tonight.....
Oh yeah, the most hillarious thing I heard all night was a guy complaining about the lane conditions that throws a straight ball super hard. WTF? How are lane conditions going to effect your ball if you just throw hard and straight at the head pin?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bowling Scores 11-21-06

Average going into the night- 186

234, 234, 188 656 Series

I show up 15 minutes late due to a manager meeting. I show up 2 frames into the first game. (your allowed 3 frames before you have to wait until the next game) First shot I throw 9/ and follow that up with a series of XXXX and the lanes are super dry and yet I have found a good line to the pocket. I'm super pissed about that first game though cause I opened in the 10th frame leaving a 6-7-10 split that I couldn't convert.

Second game started off decent but not great as I didn't strike until the 5th frame but then strung together XXXX four from the 8th to the 10th and missed an all mark game by chopping a 4-5 leave in the tenth but this set up my run for 3 234 games which would have been unique to say the least.
Unfortunately it didn't turn out that way and I missed a 4 pin leave in the 5th frame. I ended the game strong though and as it turns out I won the 2nd and 3rd game for our team by striking and finishing strong in the 10th frame.

Our team won all 3 games and took all 7 points for the first time all year. I'm pretty content on finally coming through as the anchor on our team for once. Even if it did take 13 weeks into the season...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

9 In The Pit......A-

Bowling Scores 11-14-06

173, 178, 210 561 Series....

2/6 Ten pin conversions

50% Anchor pulls through.....

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Bowling Scores 11-7-06

164, 180, 198 542 Series.

Average going into the night- 187

After a day of doing nothing but Interviews at the theater, I was drained when I arrived at the bowling alley. Tired as shit and I never really came around the whole night. First game second frame in I missed a 10 pin conversion and it wouldn't be the last either as I missed probably a good 3 or 4 spares on the night that should have been converted. I wish I was playing no-tap last night because the single pin leaves were my best friend. So what do you do? Set your standards lower. Single pin leaves? Well that's 90% and an A-. So instead of busting the hell out I would instead encourage my team with the "Yeah! A-!" whenever they left a pin. Now I don't know if this encouraged them or not but it got me through the night.
Second game I finished decently which tells you again how bad it could have been. The third game was a bust and it was deja-vu from last week:
Third Game Strikes per lane:
Lane 33- 0
Lane 34- 6
If I hadn't opened in the first frame I would have had a dutch 200 going all the way into the 10th frame.
The most hillarious thing on the night was the fact that our team was the last ones on the lane as everyone finished before us and the people that run the league were waiting for us to finish and people were busting about getting home to watch "House" at 9pm. So in the 9th frame I look up and all 3 of my teammates rolled a 9 count in the 9th frame. I get up to the approach on lane 33 and I declare a re-rack. So I reset the pins on 33 proclaiming that they "looked a little bit off set" Which pissed off a good amount of people who were wanting to leave. It was hillarious let me tell ya. So anyways I end up leaving a 10 pin which totally botched the whole idea but anyways....
We lost 5 0f 7 as this was the first week of the second third of the season (weeks 11-20) We sit if not back in the cellar where we belong, damn close to it.
No confidence building.......
Till Next Week..........

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

If there was ever a volume 2 this is it.

Cleaning house I stumbled upon a random busting story that I wrote a long time ago. No it's not the original Ultimate Classic Supreme Rockin bockus or the one regarding Guacomole Orangutans landing from outer space. So if I was to ever have made a volume 2 this would be it:
I am sorry to regret to inform you that Leonard Kowalski's mother (who was married to the five gallon tub of mayonaise) has filed for a divorce. She was caught having an affair with a mustard stuffed blueberry muffin with cranberry sauce. The tub of mayonaise was heartbroken and later that day drove off a cliff on the Skyway leading up to paradise.
A Suicide note was left in the car:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I now realise that I cannot fulfill the wonderful relationship I had with my wife. My wife has left me for another condiment. We spent many days of our lives together spreading me around and around. But I realize now that I am not the same mayo I was when I was married. I could see if I was miracle whip or something but you were looking at the real deal here. Mom and Dad I love youbut cannot live wiht myself anymore. I have but one requestand that is to be buried in the Refrigidare 5000. I guess my mayonaise has gone bad and I am expired. Mr. Mustard please take care of my wife and treat her right. Be careful where you spread your mustard! Goodbye Mom and Dad and could you tell my wife that I will always love her.

-5 gallon tub of mayonaise

The 5 gallon tub of Mayonaise rests in peace in Pesant Valley, Oroville, CA in the back of a trailer park.
Let us never forget him and think before we go to Wendy's and say "I would like a bacon cheeseburger, hold the mayo." Because Dammit, Mayonaise was born to spread itself and when you decline it it's main use in life, you decline it what it seeks most....
The thought that they satisfied you and that you had a damn good burger for lunch.
Thank You for reading an original bust from the mind of Dean Evans Jr. This was written a long time ago and over the years it's not that I don't appriciate the bockus of it all, but I don't creatively produce gems/masterpieces like this anymore. Fingers crossed for a volume 3 at some point in the future............