Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bowling Scores 5-29-07

187, 202, 206, 198 793 Series

Night of the 9 count.

Burying the pocket on lane 15 but leaving every possible pin on the back row. 7 pins, 8 pins, 9 pins, and 10 pins. Good news is I converted all of my single pin conversions. Bad news is I threw a lot of bad shots. Especially the 4th game when I figured out the lanes and was hitting the pocket for some of my best strikes I can remember in a long time. In the third and 6th frame I should have backed off as I caught myself looking up about 2 lanes to my right. Shanked shots and left Identical washouts of 1-2-4-10. Didn't convert either although in the 7th frame of the 4th game I left a 4-9 split that I ended up converting without even really trying cause at that point I was disgusted. I could have struck out the last game with XXXXX in a row but the second ball of the 10th frame hit pocket clean but sounded dead and a ridiculous 8-10 split left me short of 200 and short of an 800 series.

Top averages going into the night:

1. James Wikey 211.3
2. Sean Olschowka 209.0
3. Dean Evans Jr. 206.8
4. Matt Kalkowski 203.0

We played the blind team tonight so all we had to do was get within 10 pins of our combined averages and we did that on 3 of 4 games. So we currently sit at 26-37 on the season and somewhere around 6th place.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I have found the equivelent to Fear Dot Com.

Ashley Judd plays a coked up drug addict who has a lesbian girlfriend who brings this guy from a bar back to their hotel room. Judd and this guy, who is equivelent to Billy Bob's Character from Slingblade, end up sleeping together. He convinces her that there are small bugs that the government injected into his bloodstream.
The movie drags along and Judd's Ex-boyfriend who looks a lot like Dallas Cowboys quarterback troy aikman shows up and wants her back but the story goes no where and nothing is ever explained.
So now there's bugs in both their blood and then some doctor shows up to try to tell Judd that slingblade guy is a schitzo and needs help but then the doctor gets stabbed and dies in their hotel room.
Then a pizza shows up on the doorstep and they tear it apart claiming it's infested with bugs too. I'm serious.
Judd and Slingblade guy both strip naked and drench themselves in gasoline. A match is lit and they burn to death.
Roll Credits.
I'm serious.
Worst movie of the year hands down.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pirates of the Carribbean- At World's End

Pirates 3 answers all the questions left from Pirates 2, it's very good and if you don't work at a movie theater and screen them then yes it's worth the long drawn out wait in line.
The movie is nearly 3 hours long so you get your money's worth and action packed with comedy and the characters everyone has grown to love from the first 2.
Yes it will break all the box office records, I guarentee it.
No there won't be a pirates 4.
Yes there's a scene after the credits are over.
No I'm not going to summerize the movie, I'll leave that for Wangberg.
Go see it, you'll enjoy it if you liked the first 2.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bowling Scores 5-22-07

Top Averages after 5 weeks:

Sean- 211.8
James- 211.0
Dean- 208.4
Matt- 197.3
Bill- 197.3

184, 224, 198, 196 802 Series

2 pins better than last week's series but did not find a line to the pocket for most of the night. Aside from the second half of the second game where I XXXXXX'd out to finish with a 224. I don't normally mentally break down but tonight I did and was getting very frusterated especially in game 1. I didn't double till the 10th frame in game 1 and also left open frames that I had'nt done since winter league. I missed 2 or 3 spares in the first game which is something I'm not used to as I said.
The third and 4th game I improved a bit but still could not string any strikes together and thus my slightly below average games. Nothing much more to say this week. I'll keep it short and sweet.
My teammate this week rolled a miserable 598 series (4 games, yes) and we lost all but one game to put us at 20-34 on the season.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Night Raw 5-21-07

Too Much Lashley.

Raw has gotten stale once again the last couple of weeks. I don't normally comment but a few things come to mind.
Lashley having 4 matches on Raw pretty much killed it for me. Raw is looking grim as HBK is set to have knee surgery soon so he'll be out of the storylines for a few months. HHH is not set to return yet as he too is recovering from knee surgery. Edge, although I'm not a fan is still entertaining to a degree on the mic and has gone to Smackdown to feud with Dave. So what does that leave on Raw? Orton is the only guy I would push at this point but hence Vince loves the big men and I'm destined to suffer through the Cena (never back down from a challenge blah blah blah)/ Great Khali segments for the next god knows how many weeks. Vince/Shane/Umaga stable is stale.
On a positive note, the recent improvement to the tag division has been a nice change as well and the WWE Referee's doing an extra nice job with the checking of the shoulders before counting the 3 count. I dig the Hardyz/Cade and Murdoc Respect/Handshake angle. I hope they drag it on for a while and don't do the turn anytime soon.
I still watch Raw no matter how bad it is, more cause of tradition since there's been 730 episodes of Raw since 1993 and I've probably seen about 720 of them.
WWE no longer has the big 4 from 1999-2002 (Rock/Austin/HHH/Foley) and they continue to attempt to make Cena the next Hogan and it just doesn't work for me.
Just some thoughts..........

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bowling Scores 5-15-07

234, 184, 165, 217 (no tap 300) 800 Series.

Back on lanes 15 and 16 this week and they started out good for me. I began game 1 with XXXX in a row and my ball was moving nicely into the pocket. 5th frame I threw a bad shot thus ending a 300 run but I finished with an all mark game.

I made it 14 consecutive frames with a mark until I left a 4-10 split in the 5th frame of the second game. From there I just completely lost it. The lanes were drying out by this point and my ball was moving too agressively into the pocket. This continued well into game 3 where I left a 6-10 3 consecutive frames. The third one I missed completely which was the only open that should have been converted on a regular basis on the night. All of my other open frames I think 4 in all were splits or wash outs. I had given up in the third game and ended with an open in the 9th and 10th.
4th game I totally changed my line and found a better one that was giving me a good (not great) line to the pocket. I was hitting the pocket at a lighter angle than in the first game and thus I was leaving 10 pins, 7 pins, and 8 pins. I converted them all and ended the last game with no tap 300.
I averaged 200 even this week so my average will drop a bit and I may lose my #1 league average to a guy we bowled this week.
Going into the night I had him edged by about 2 pins 211-209

Sadly we lost all but one and are well below .500 on the season.
A quick note as my 10th frame of the last game I left a 10 pin and when I went to convert it I hit the pin hard and knocked it 2/3 of the way down the alley towards me. We were on the end lanes so I walked down and picked the pin up and took it home.

Friday, May 11, 2007

28 Weeks Later


Yeah, this one is up there with Exorcism of Emily Rose. Maybe it was just because I'm screening it inside a dark auditorium alone at 2:30 in the morning but 28 Weeks Later was that damn scary.
The cinematography had a lot to do with it, as the fact that when you jump, you really jump cause it's loud.

If you have seen 28 days later then you know what is coming. The story begins as United States armed forces have entered London, England 24 weeks after the initial outbreak and insanity. All the zombies eventually died of starvation and the U.S. has confirmed that all carriers of the virus are dead. Or so they thought.

4 weeks later they begin to rebuild the city with certain zones and areas for people to begin living in again. Including children. Main character is a husband who is reunited with his children and explains that their mom died tragically due to the zombies. But the kids go back to their original house to see for sure and amazingly the son finds his mother still alive. She is taken by Armed Forces to be studied and she is apparently immune to the virus but still a carrier. Her husband who has access to all parts of the building ends up finding his wife and is overjoyed. He goes to kiss her and she spreads the virus to him and then all hell breaks loose.
I haven't seen a movie where so many people die in a while, this movie is really good and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good scare. Flippin Nuts at times. So anyways go see it and I challenge you to disagree with me. Meh, not really...


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bowling Scores 5-8-07

209 (No Tap 300), 214, 225, 235 883 Series

I believe I broke my record tonight for most consecutive marks. I began the night with 25 straight marks. Flippin crazy. I wasn't really thinking about it that much which is probably why I made it as far as I did. I don't believe I deserved it though because there were about 4 shots that I should have left splits but got some good pin action and some 9 counts. Only rolling a 209 the first game and it being a NT300 tells you how many 9 counts I had in that game. I couldn't string a pair of XX's together until the 10th frame that game.

Second game was much of the same and I didn't really find the pocket until later in the night. I was getting some good breaks on Lane 11 (Ha) and not striking so much on lane 12. Still, I was converting my spares and remained consistent.

6th Frame of the third game I knew I was in trouble from the moment the ball left my hand. I turned my back on the lane immediately and grimaced as I turned around to a 6-7-10 split. So the run was over and nothing left to do but continue to bowl. I finished strong with XXXX in a row.

4th game was a complete bust.

Split- 72 72 XXXXXXX 8/X 235 game

I opened the 4th game with 2 splits in a row. I turned to my teammate ben and called 10 in a row. 7 in a row made it close but my first shot in the 10th frame didn't travel far enough outside the 10 board and the violent reactive black widow bit into the pocket way too high risking a split but thankfully leaving just a 4,7.
We only won 1 game, Game 4. But our opponents were bowling their ass off and came into the night with an unbeaten record of 18-0.
We ended the night 2-7 (remember 2 points for each game and 1 point for total pins)
Putting us at 16-19 on the season.

Top Averages after 3 weeks and going into the night:

1. Dean Evans Jr. 206.5
2. James Wikey- 202.5
3. Jeremy Jones- 201.0
4. Sean Olschowka- 197.8
Looks like I'll remain on top for at least one more week.
Note: Kalkowski- 184.0 (after 1 week)
Till next week-

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bowling Scores 5-1-07

149, 193, 174, 236 (no tap 300) 752 series

Average After 2 Weeks- 206.5

Talk about all over the place tonight. We bowled on the same lanes we rolled on last night 15 and 16. The lanes were significantly different with 15 being a lot drier than 16. I couldn't get my ball to do anything and actually began the night with 3 opens in a row and a 4th on in the 5th frame. "Am I in Reno?" I think I had 2 X's the first game.

The second game was much of the same, leaving splits ridiculous style. I actally converted a 6-7-10 split in the 4th frame of the second game and got props from everyone for that one. I lost count of how many splits I left tonight but it was upwards of 6 or 7 of them. My ball was biting really badly on 15 and that's where I left most of the splits. We lost the first 2 games. With my sweet handicap of 0.

Third game still struggling and I opened in the 8th frame with a 5- Count. Pissed but still I ended up nearly striking out and giving our team the win.

The fourth game I moved over to the right on my stance and stood at the 10 board and shot at the 10 board as well. Normally I stand on the 15 board (center) and shoot at or outside the 10 board. This worked. Really well actually. I ended up hitting the pocket flush on 11 of 12 shots to the pocket. XXXX 9/ XX 9/ 90 XXX and a No Tap 300. I was so pissed my only bad shot was the one in the 9th frame where I left a 7 pin and couldn't convert. The worst possible place to leave an open frame. Still salvaged a 236 which keeps my average above 200 until next week.

All other bowlers that had top averages totally stunk it up tonight and they're averages will drop as well. I'll still be in the top 4 averages, it will be interesting to see where I stand...