Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bowling Scores 11/18/08

200, 146, 199    545 Series
Go ahead and mark this night down as my worst night for single pin spare conversions of 2008.  I missed approximatley 5 single pin spares on the night, the majority of them occuring in the second game.  Two 10 pins and a 4 pin in the second frame of the third game, that was when I had to take a walk. So I walked down to the arcade area to mentally clear my head of these missed oppertunities. I returned shortly later and finished the third game strong with a XXX in the tenth.  We played the "special" team tonight and this being a handicap league we had to spot them 183 pins before the first ball was thrown down the lanes.  It didn't matter though and despite my horrible 146 game in the second, our team stepped it up once again with Dana and Ben going off with 205 and 209 games in game 2.  Game 3 we were down by nearly 200 pins in the fifth frame and had the comeback of the year finishing strong with Bill and Ben rolling 214 and 215 respectively. 

Here's the full 3 games w/handicap for each team
Forgot to mention I came through as the anchor in Game 1 and rolled a strike in the 10th giving us the win by 7 pins.
It was a clean sweep for Alsco Irrigation on this night and we move to 14-7 record for the second third of the season and 60-31 overall.
6477 Total pins with an average of 179.91 through 13 weeks.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace is the first James Bond film that I have screened so I didn't really know what to expect.  I've never been a huge fan of the series in fact I don't thing I've ever seen any of them.  This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that knows me though because you'll also know I've never seen Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or any other movie series that everyone marks out over.  The exception being The Matrix Trilogy.
The movie overall was average at best.  Daniel Craig does play the part well, I never had a chance to see Casino Royale but I heard that one got pretty good reviews.  While a lot of the fight scenes were cool, I found myself comparing them to unrealistic films such as Transporter 2 and The Marine.  At one point Bond and the Girl he's with jump from an airplane and catch each other in midair with one parachute.  Then they proceed to fall to the earth, just to pull the cord at the last second to avoid death.  Bond still slams into the earth at a pretty good impact. He walks away not even limping.
I know I give a lot of crap to unrealistic films, but some films if done right can get away with being unrealisitc, like Eagle Eye, which I was more into than this film. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bowling Scores 11/11/08

167, 182, 179  528 Series
After missing last week where our team went 2-5 to start the second third of the season, I returned to a mediocre night.  Again I've been struggling in the tenth frames lately and tonight was no different.  I missed a 4 pin spare conversion in the second game to end my shot at a 200 and in the first game I missed the head pin twice on lane 31 leaving a 1-2-4-10 both times and unable to convert.  Never got anything going tonight, I had a couple doubles XX and a bunch of spares.  The approach on lane 31 became sticky and I nearly hyperextended my knee in the 10th frame of the first game and I mentally broke down on that lane the rest of the night as I became extra cautious on every throw on that lane.  Luckily my teammates stepped it up with 215 and 217 games in the third game. 
Despite Matt Kalkowski rolling a ridiculous league high 707 series, we took 2 of 3 games and total pins on the night (5-2).
We are 7-7 for the second third of the season and 53-31 on the season.

5404 Total pins with an average of 179.75 through 12 weeks