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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bowling Scores 1/18/11

186/202/157  545 Series

My god were the lanes abysmal tonight. The league president/Patriots fan decided to no show it because he couldn't handle the ass whoopin his boy Brady took on Sunday. The League Secretary was there and mentioned at the end of the night that he believes the oil machine broke down. Also meaning instead of stripping off an old oil pattern and putting on a new one, The machine just oiled right over the top of an old pattern.  Everyone was struggling and I felt like I was either A: Back in the 2008 ProAm Reno tourney or B: Back in 2009 mode where the lanes were like this for much of the season.  On a normal night the more games that are bowled the more you can notice the oil moves around and the lanes change a bit, much of the time for the better.  Not Tonight.  My teammate mentioned to me that it seemed like a viper pattern where throwing a ball outside the 10 board with any kind of velocity and your not going to see it come back anywhere near the head pin let alone the pocket. While anything inside the 10 boards late is dry as a bone and your ball will take off on you diving into the headpin leaving splits all night long.

Through 22 weeks of the season I had never been more confused after a few throws in practice.  I started out trying my normal line of 20/10 meaning standing at the 20 board and throwing at the 10 board.  That didn't work worth a damn with speed so I slowed it down and then anything between the 10 and 20 board late was bone dry and diving in leaving splits for many myself included.  I then moved to the right and tried 15/10 line which worked in spurts but nothing consistent.  I also tried 15/15,20/15, and every other combination of speed and rotation I could think of.  Nothing worked.

It was a damn near miracle I was able to throw a deuce game 2. I strung together a couple of XXX's but a few of those were brooklyn hits.  I probably had almost a full game of open frames on the night with at least 4 splits I can remember. I also probably missed the headpin more tonight that the entire season combined. The only real highlight of the night was a 6-7-10 conversion in the 1st frame of the 2nd game. I did not realize how huge this conversion would become because it's the only game we would win on the night by the narrowest of margins, 840-838. 

Game 1 we lost 774-824 and Game 3 lost 781-829.  I looked everywhere for anyone that might be figuring these lanes out and there was noone.  The high game when I left was a 206.  I'll be interested to see what the high series is next week I can't imagine it will be much above 550ish.

I really hope this is just a one week thing and that the oil machine isn't going to constantly leave us with conditions like this.  It seriously isn't fun to bowl on at all. 

204.37 Average through 66 games and 13,489 total pins.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Thoughts on LOST

 So many mixed reviews of how the writers of LOST finished up the series.  Well it was damn difficult to go so long without hearing any spoilers. Alas, I was able to make it through Seasons 5 and 6 over the last couple months and thought I'd put forth some of my feelings in regards to the show.

The initial reviews that I kept overhearing were that the finish was just awful.  I can see how some would feel this way.  My initial take on the final season is fairly positve.  The whole flash sideways aspect was intriguing and not so bad.  Yes, I agree things could have been written differently (I.E. the realization of seeing you in another life, brotha)

My favorite episode of the final season by far is the back story of Richard Alpert in "Ab Aeterno".  I seriously caught myself during this episode saying aloud: "This is really good." I know there was no one else in the room but people who know me wouldn't question it. They know I'm crazy.  Really.  I felt myself immediately emotionally drawn to the character we never knew much about for five seasons and then in one episode making the audience feel so much closer to Richard is just amazing.  They did a damn fine job on this one.  I guess I'm not alone as while researching others reviews I came across this episode which cracked the top 15 TV episodes of 2010 on some website listings.

On the other side of the coin I'd have to say "Across The Sea" was the weakest of episodes in the season.  The back story of Jacob and The Man In Black just bored me and I couldn't get into it at all.  I didn't mind Jacob when he was talking to the candidates and guiding them around the island, but the back story of him growing up with his brother didn't deliver for me.

To back track for a moment, a couple of other things that kind of sat sour with me during Season 5 I believe, was when Sawyer wakes up as head of security for The Dharma Initiative he receives a phone call and runs out to the edge of the Island to see the Blue Volkswagen and the reuniting of Jack, Kate, and Hurley.  There was never any explanation of how they landed the plane on the Island or how it occurred that they were able to land during the same point in time, 1977.  I was kind of angry when I came to this point in the series.  Really? He just receives a call and BAM! they all reunite?  I thought they could have come up with something better here. This part lacked an explanation.

The cheesy quote of the series has to go to Sawyer when they are planning to hijack the plane and Kate asks him how they're going to fly the plane when they don't have a pilot:

"We're not taking the plane... We're taking the sub."

  Ok so Sawyer isn't qualified to fly a plane but we are to assume he can operate a Submarine?  A few episodes later this would be explained but I'm sure the majority of the viewers did not know this at the time.
The one character I thought was out of place most of the time during the series was Lapidus as there was never much of a backstory on him and he always seemed to me to be just sort of a goofball pilot (Kind of like the Jack Dalton character in MacGyver) I guess they needed someone that was a pilot and for that he does fit the part well.  However of all characters, Lapidus I feel the most detached from.
The final episode comes to a close and is aptly titled "The End".  It was a fine way to finish things up with your standard good prevails attitude.  I think a lot of people predicted something similar to what ends up happening, I know I did however with not so many twists and turns.  My only question and request is that they were to have an alternate final episode with all of the evil characters and what awaits them on the other side.  I'm talking about characters like Charles Widmore, Mr. Ecko, The Man in Black (perhaps in another timeline?), The guy who kills Linus' daughter, etc.  It would have been cool to find a little more about their fate.

I no longer have Cable as you may know and I'm not missing it.  However there are a few shows that come along every few years that I can get into.  LOST was one of them.  I'm not upset or disappointed with the finish I enjoy shows that are written like this where you have to actually think and not zone out and drool on yourself. So good job J.J. Abrams you kept me entertained for six solid seasons.

Now it will be a few more years before Stephen King's Dark tower series comes to life on the big screen and as a TV series thanks to Ron Howard and company.  So I count each passing day like a 12 year old Harry Potter/Twilight mark waiting for what happens next.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Divisional Playoff Predictions

I think this is actually the first season where I  remembered to make my picks every week of the season.  Anyways for the regular season I went 155-101.  Last week began the playoffs 3-1.  This week the picks get a little more bold.

Seattle over Chicago
Pittsburgh over Baltimore
Green Bay over Atlanta
New York over New England

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bowling Scores 1-11-11

233/203/237  673 Series

Straight from an hour and a half of getting my teeth drilled and face injected with novocaine, decided to deliver.  Game 1 began with XXXXX in a row.  The lanes were pretty dry outside the 10 board and fairly wet around the 15. I left a 6-10 in the 6th and failed to convert wrapping the 6 around the 10 for my first open frame of the night.  Finished strong though.

Second game the lanes were drying out big time further down the lane and all over the place players' lines that were fine in game 1 were having their ball dive in late and many splits were left.  I struggled but gladly had no splits the first five frames of the 2nd game.  However I did not keep it clean with my spares and failed to convert a 2-4 sleeper as well as a missed 10 pin.  Around frame 7 I decided that instead of standing on the 20 board and shooting at the 10, I would move right about 3 boards so standing around the 17 and still shooting the 10 board having a much straighter line to the pocket.  This ended up working out and I was getting a lot of carry.  I nearly 5 bagger'd out XXXX9 to salvage a deuce.

Third game I kept my same game plan mentality that I finished the second with and it was a pretty consistent result on both lanes 31 and 32.  Kicked things off with XXXX in a row before leaving a 10 pin in the 5th.  I converted however and finished out the game no tap 300 style.

Everyone else struggled for the most part on both lanes. We lost the first 2 games by a combined 14 pins:

798-806 (L)
867-873 (L)

But took the third game and total pins to go 3-4 on the night:

870-836 (W)

We already have a bid for the playoffs so from here on out it's just about Pin money so with each win we get a little more in return come March.  We sit at 84-64 for the season which going into the night was the 2nd best record in the league.

My average sits at a ridiculous 205.46 through 63 games with 12,944 total pins.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bowling Scores 1/4/11

‎217/172/218 607 Series.

4-3 on the night was good enough to close down the second third of the season and book ourselves a spot in the playoffs in about ten weeks. Went 44-25 in the second third and sit at 81-59 for the season.

 Average sits at 204.51 through 60 games