Friday, March 26, 2010

Wrestlemania XXVI Thoughts

I didn't think musically it could get any worse than Kid Rock last year, boy was I wrong.

America the Beautiful was sung horribly by some top notch popular jobber. Sounded like a dying cat to me.

As far as my picks go, went 8-2 on the night. Not bad.

Thankfully the booking team came to their senses and had HBK/Taker go on last

HHH/Sheamus was better than I expected.

The Money in the Bank was good but absolutely wrong person to have win. Maybe they will finally have the winner lose when they cash in their title shot. It would be a good year to do it all with the Money in the Bank PPV coming up in a few months. Kofi's stilt spot made up for him "pulling a Benjamin" on the ladder walk earlier on. SSP was also solid by Bourne

Punk/Rey was very well done

I was disappointed in the Hart/Vince match, then again with it being watered down with the no blood policy I'm obviously not going to be witnessing any brutal gems like previous Vince PPV brawls.

The Slim Jim/Santino/Jillian/Mae/Gene/Melina segment was gold

Women's match was a good filler nothing more. I did like the "Bullfrog Splash" commenary from Striker

Cena/Dave was ok

HBK/Taker was really good, very well might be better than last year. I've only watched last year's match once and I remember it starting out a lot slower. "In 3 weeks my kids are gonna be sick of me" quote by Michaels pretty much ensures him of a couple more appearances before he goes away for good* While predicting the announce table spot thinking it would be an elbow, marked out for the moonsault hardcore.

*aka 12-18 months

Early reviews are calling this the best Wrestlemania ever. I disagree but this one is up there in the top 5. There wasn't a match on the card that stunk up the joint.