Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bowling Scores 5-23-06

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220, (retired)

So much for bowling through the pain. 9th frame in I felt something pop in my wrist and the pain went from tolerable to excrutiating. I finished the 10th frame bowling left handed and managed a 7/9. The 220 could have been better but I knew I was done after that game. I went and got my wrist checked out and classically, the x-ray machine wasn't functioning. The doc thinks it's just a sprain, but if the wrist isn't feeling better by next monday, I am to return and get that x-ray. He gave me a splint to wear until then so we will see how that goes. As I sit here and attempt to type this left handed, I would also like to say that going into the night I had a 202 average that ranks #4 in the league. This sucks because I am probably going to have to take next week off from bowling and going into tonight we were tied for first place. It almost feels as bad as when "Leonard Kowalski" broke his wrist in 2001. Dammit! Why does the human body have to breakdown?!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

See No Evil

See No Evil stars Kane (Glen Jacobs) the WWE Superstar and this movie is WWE Films. Ha. 
Going into it I wasn't expecting much, in fact I was sarcastically over-hyping this movie so I wouldn't be disappointed.

A bunch of Juvenile Delinquents get a second chance at freedom but they have to go to this huge complex where a bunch of people died many years before. They are there to clean up the place but when one of them tries to uncover a rumored treasure somewhere in the place. Kane is unleashed and all hell breaks loose.

This movie was ok, compared to what I was expecting. Some of the kills were good (not as good as Hills Have eyes) And not to ruin it but my favorite death involved a Cell phone as the murder weapon, classic. You all know how much I am anti-cell phone. Kane's acting was pretty much just like how his gimmick is on WWE TV so the crossover to movie "star" wasn't that difficult. I don't think this movie will do "Rock" type numbers but still a decent film for WWE to put out.

On a side note for those that don't watch wrestling, they are actually putting this movie's release date, May 19th, into an on-air storyline on WWE TV. Hillarious.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bowling Scores 5-16-06

201, 221, 213, 221 856 Series

Average Going into the Night: 198

Top averages after 3 Weeks:

1. 214.8
2. 213.8
3. 207.3
4. 206.3

This week we played the some more of the big time bowlers with 200+ averages. Going into the night we were tied for 1st place at 19-8. I arrived late and no practice today, I was also frustrated that my average had dipped below 200. On top of that my wrist started to hurt after the first throw and now I know it's becoming a weekly thing and I'm just going to have to bowl through the pain. The first 3 games I opened in the 1st frame but somehow strung together some strikes and finished strong. The 213 in the 3rd game was ridiculous because I had 3 strikes in a row that went brooklyn and I couldn't believe I was carrying these pins on such horrible shots. The bust of the night though had to be the 4th game which stood as follows. Let me remind you I was dead, no strength left at all, after 3 games:

X 80 62 90 X X X X X X X X 221

That's right I don't believe in spares. Ha! We won 3 of the 4 games and the 4th I threw 8 in a row which would normally be around the 240-260 range except for the fact that I decided to open 3 straight frames. These were bad opens too. It wasn't even like I chopped a pin here or there it was just plain misses. Then, Towards the end we were close to the other team who decided to put the pressure on me a bit by talking about the situation I was in. 827 (don't care) as I shook everyone off and DOMINATED.

Anyways, aside from my throbbing wrist, it was a good night and my average should be back up above 200.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Bowling Scores 5-9-06

186, 179, 232, 155 752 Series

From the moment I stepped onto the lane I knew I just wasn't into bowling tonight. In fact halfway through the second game I was ready to go home. The third game I got something going but for the most part tonight consisted of splits and some missed spares and oppertunities. I don't know, I just wasn't on my game tonight and the 4th game I had a chance to hit an 800 but everything fell apart and I gave up when I left a split in the 7th frame of the 4th game. Nothing else to tell. The top averages came down a bit. I don't have the numbers in front of me but I think going into the night I had the 5th top average. the other 4 were approximately this: 214, 211, 208, 205. I was sitting at a 203 but that will be down a couple pins going into next week.
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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Raw House Show 5-6-06

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I'm not one to post random shit like a lot of other people do but I would like to talk about the Raw House Show I went to this past Saturday in Sacramento.

The first thing I have to say is not only are WWE wrestling events fun for the show, but also for the entire experience. I'm talking about arriving 1-2 hours early and blasting enterance music in your car, seeing all the true marks and their classic signs, posters and apparel, and the best, the very best is the conversations you get to overhear in the parking lot before the show. These marks arguing about who will whoop who and just busting the hell out over the stupidest shit. I won't go into the conversations I overheard but it is quite funny and entertaining. Meeting Shelton Benjamin was also a plus and entertaining. I always have so much different shit I want to say to the wrestlers and yet when the time comes it always comes out jobber style and you just thank them for their work in the ring. When I met Jericho I asked him if he was gonna re-sign with WWE when his contract was up and he gave me the classic kayfabe answer of "Of Course." Bastard! Plus let me tell you, Wrestlers don't want to do these autograph signings, I'm pretty sure it's a part of their contracts. I could be wrong but seriously, I bet a lot of the time they feel like they are in a circus. Oh wait, they are in one.

So the other reason for this post is the Bust of the day which had nothing to do with Wrestling. I'm in Toys R Us and I'm leaving looking at these generic necklaces and rings in those 50 cent dispensers. You know what I'm talking about, anyways I get one and I'm putting it around my neck, don't ask me why I'm doing this I'm just busting the hell out. When IOS (The innovator of Silence) turns to me and says "That's a Bust.... Fucking Mike Bibby. I turn and there's Mike Bibby ballin out with a Blingable necklace and one of those "500 dollar shirts" The rock used to talk about. He looks at me like what the hell are you doing, your an Idiot, and then walks into Toys R Us. Yes! I got punked by Mike Bibby. Then I went out into the parking lot and slashed his tires.
That's it.
Don't expect anymore of these regarding how my day went.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I totally whiffed on Triple H's Waterbottle. Hit me right in the hand but my camera was in my other and couldn't make the one handed grab. Dammit! Where's my 2001 Rookie of the Year Wiffleball Skills when I need them?!!!!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Bowling Scores 5-2-06

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Top averages after 1 Week-

1. 232.7
2. 228.2
3. 220.2
4. 218.5


205, 165, 200, 233 803 Series.

Man, talk about having one bad shot every game. Let me tell you the 9th frame in any game can be a 60 pin swing so when I left the 9th frame open in multiple games it didn't help me any and became quite deflating. The second game I opened in the 9th and 10th game to throw a measly 165. The third game should have been way better but once again I throw a shot too far outside and clip the head pin leaving the classic 2-4-10 splits. They are quickly becoming my favorite. I left a 7-10 split in the first game as well and nearly picked it up as I bounced the 10 pin out of the pit but didn't get the lucky roll. My wrist was killing me by the end of the third game and I have no Idea how I came back to throw a 233. In fact after game 3 I saw that I had a 570 series and knew I had to roll a 230+ to get my equivelent of a 600 series for 4 games....... and 800. Somehow I did it and remain consistent for week 2. Someone rolled a 277 a few lanes down from me so as of now I am probably the 6th or 7th best average out of 20 bowlers on the league.

Then again, the team we bowled this week was named "AMF Pro Shop" so these are the people who damn near own the bowling alley, and they didn't even show up they had already bowled their games earlier in the day. Now how the hell is that fair. yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of pressure when you roll your games at 12 noon and nobody in the bowling alley. That's stupid. Anyways I'm rambling now and I have nothing left to say. I can't tell you how bad I want to convert another 7-10 split. The one time I did convert it was like 1996..... It's been a while....

Duffy J-