Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Movie Review Recap 2008

32 Movies Screened this year and here they are in a nutshell
One Missed Call 3/10
The Bucket List 7/10
Sweeney Todd    5/10
Untraceable   7/10
The Eye 6.5/10
The Bank Job 9/10
Horton Hears A Who?   5/10
Shutter 4/10
21   7.5/10
The Ruins 5/10
Prom Night  3/10
88 Minutes  7.5/10
Deception 5/10
The Strangers 9/10
Kung Fu Panda  4/10
The Happening 7.5/10
Get Smart  3/10
Hancock  5/10
Space Chimps  5/10
Babylon AD  2/10
Eagle Eye  8/10
Righteous Kill 7/10
How to lose friends and alienate people  6/10
Apalooza  5/10
Quarrantine 7/10
Midnight Meat Train  9/10
Saw V  7.5/10
Quantum of Solace  5/10
Punisher War Zone 6/10
The Day the Earth Stood Still 7/10
The Spirit 4/10
Bottom 3 movies of the year
Horrible Mention
Get Smart. 
Being a kid in the 80's and watching this on Nick at Nite and then watching the attempt of Steve Carrell to mirror Don Adams was a farce.  There was maybe one line that was fairly simmilar to the television classic but this one didn't do anything for me.
3. Prom Night. 
Come on now could we get any blood at all in this film?  No I guess not just acting along the lines of the Disney Channel.
2. One Missed Call.
 Can you believe there is a sequel on In Demand right now?!  I guess me having a cruel hatred for Cell Phones didn't help this one either to getting out of the gutter.  At least it had Leland Palmer.
1. Babylon AD. 
HORRIBLE.  Not along the lines of Bug or Freedomland, but still Vin Diesel spells JOBBER in this one big time.  Futuristic Action Film that fell flat on it's face.
Top 3 Movies of the year
Honorable Mention-
Midnight Meat Train. 
Unfortunatley was unable to screen this one in theatres and had to wait for it on Comcast In Demand but just too awesome to not review.  The virtual decapitation blew me away.
3. Eagle Eye. 
Really good Speilberg movie and non-stop action, I cannot believe it wasn't a summer release.
2. The Bank Job.
 I'm not a big fan of Jason Statham in the Transporter series but this film surprised the hell out of me and was really well done.
1. Strangers. 
Now despite buying this on DVD and realizing once you've seen it once there's no reason to see it again, screening this movie freaked me out pretty good which is always a plus and it was one I was looking forward to all year.

Bowling Scores 12/30/08

226, 179, 176  581 Series
What I am now calling the "600less streak" is now at 19 weeks.
We completely dominated in Game 1 beating down NorCal Construction with a season high team handicap series of 990-877.  And then they woke up and Kalkowski proceeded to roll a 733 series (255,238,240) We still managed to keep it close in game 2 and lost by a slim 6 pin margin 887-893.  I began the night with 17 consecutive marks which reminded me of the old school Dean Evans and I converted 100% of my single pin spares.  Then the wheels fell off in the 8th and 9th of the second game.  I left a bad split in the 8th and then I had some problems with my footing on the approach in the 9th frame and missed a makeable 6-9-10 spare completely.  I also began game 2 with Five 4 pins in the first six frames.  I struggled to strike this game until the 10th when I XXX'd out but it was too little too late. 
The third game I couldn't find that line I had in the 10th of the second game and sputtered my way to a 176 with a 9/5 to finish the night.  I believe that's the second straight week where my final ball was a pathetic 5 count.  This time being a 4-6-7-9-10 split. We lost 902-954 but took total pins on the night so we went 3-4.
With next week being position round our team, Alsco Irrigation stands at 38-25 for the second third and 84-49 overall.

9772 Total pins with an average of 180.96 through 19 weeks.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bowling Scores 12/23/08

148, 197, 199  544 Series
"200 games are overrated"
We lost the first game which put us on a 4 game losing skid but then we bounced back game 2 winning 971-956 and then controling and winning game 3 903-829.  We won total pins by a slim margin of 6 pins 2181-2175.  Despite leaving a combined twenty 10 pins as a team, we went 5-2 on the night and that should keep us in first place for the second third of the season.  Not that we need it after winning the first third.  As for my bowling game, you know it's been in a slide the last few years.  Tonight was no different as I started off really badly leaving splits and missing multi-pin spares that I would have no problem converting back in 2005. Even the third game my final ball was a pathetic 5 count, giving me the 199.
As a team though, we remain consistent and have the highest combined team average at 720.  The next closest team is 20 pins back at an even 700.  Amazingly and Horribly I only have 9 200 games 18 weeks into the season and 0 600 Series'.  I could get frustereated and angry but our team continues to win and winning equals more money at the end of the season.
On a side note, Kalkowski bowled another 300 game last week.  I think that's his 10th or 11th of his career.  Crazy.
Our team sits at 35-21 (81-45)

Duffy J has 9191 total pins with an average of 180.21 through 18 weeks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quick overdue movie reviews

Punisher- WarZone
One of the most violent movies I have ever seen.  Punisher- War Zone is action packed and the violence and killing doesn't stop.  I've never seen the previous one but this movie is pretty easy to follow and there's a flashback in there as well.  It's all about revenge on all the mobs of the city.  I really wish I had been tallying the kill count because it had to be second to only RAMBO.
The Day The Earth Stood Still
I confuse the title of this movie with The Day After Tomorrow and the Nine Inch Nails song- The Day the Whole World Went Away.  But nonetheless The Day The Earth Stood Still will hold your attention and it includes some classic Keeanu Reeves one liners.  My favorite scene is when this guy has a heart attack in the Airport Terminal and Keeanu who plays the alien just finishes up his tuna salad sandwich and walks away.  I hadn't seen the original of this movie either which debuted decades ago. 

7/10  Not bad, mild thumbs up.

Bowling Scores 12/16/08

12/9/08 Week 16 
154, 170, 165 489 Series.
7-0!  If you told me going into this night I would roll a near season worst 489 series and we would win all games, I wouldn't have believed it.
12/16/08 Week 17
169, 219, 197  585 Series
My drought for a 600 Series continues.  On top of that, tonight was a complete reversal of last week.  As a team we bowled pretty damn well tonight.  Aside from Bill having a couple of bad games we had a shot to win the first two for sure and possibly the third one as well.  The only problem was that everytime we would make a shot or go on a run of X's, our opponents would do the exact same thing.  And everytime they would faulter and give us a chance to get back in it we couldn't deliver.  The Second game came down to me beginning the 10th frame with a pair of XX, meaning their anchor had to convert a spare, which he did.  I needed a third X to TIE.  I blew it with a 7 count.  So we lost the second game 889-892.  These are high 8 team handicap games and still they had a couple of guys with lower averages that just went off.
Even still losing all games tonight, we remain in first place for the second third of the season at 30-19 with an overall season record of 76-43
8647 Total pins with an average of 180.14 through 17 weeks.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bowling Scores 12/2/08

11/25/08 Week 14-
174, 167, 189  530 Series
We swept Cabral Orchards giving us a 6 game and 14 point win streak.  This also put us into first place for the second third of the season with a record of 21-7 and 67-31 overall.
12/2/08 Week 15
190, 171, 205  566 Series
The winning streak came to an end as Caparello Painting went off with a 918 Team Handicap game 1 and an 880 Game 2.  I wasn't about to get swept as we have managed to avoid that all season so I fired up a 205 the third game and we barely won 855-843.  The 205 was a no-tap 300 going into the final frame but the other team had already finished so there was no pressure for me to XXX out.  I blew it and left a 6-10 that I was unable to convert. I chopped the 10 leaving the 6, frusterating.
7573 Total pins with an average of 180.30 through 15 weeks.