Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get Smart

Steve Carrell plays Maxwell Smart aka Agent 86 as the good guys in control.  They are out to stop Chaos from shipping nuclear weapons across the united states to many large cities including Los Angeles.  Max's partner Agent 99 played by Anne Hatheway teams up with Max to go undercover within the confines of Chaos to find out more of their plan.  They find out that they are planning on bombing Los Angeles destroying the city as well as the President. 
Throw in The Rock as Agent 23 and The Great Khali as a member of Chaos and there's your WWE wrestler spots in the movie. 
As the movie began, I really wasn't digging it at all.  In fact a lot of the jokes reminded me a lot of Austin Powers or a similar type of comedy.  Recycled stuff that I've seen too many times.  It did pick up a bit for me towards the middle but nothing above average here.  Steve Carrell doesn't try to imitate the original voice of Maxwell Smart that I watched back in the early 90's on Nick and Nite.  I seriously felt I was just watching Michael Scott from The Office thrown into the role.  Aside from a couple of
"Missed it by that much"  and the "would you believe...chuck norris with a bb gun"  bits, there was nothing else that stuck with the original series.  I was a huge fan of the show growing up as a kid so if your like me and remember the original show, you probably won't like this one much.  On the other hand, if you've never seen the original series, you might find this one enjoyable.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Happening

Movie begins with weirdness in New York Central park.  Everyone stops moving and is still, like time has stopped.  Lady stabs herself in the throat with a metal hair bobby pin. 
Switch to guy at a construction site and someone falls off the roof and dies.  Then it begins raining humans as people are walking off the roof in a mass suicide.
Mark Wahlberg plays Elliot Moore, a science teacher who finds out from a phone call that people have begin killing themselves and it's being announced as a terrorist attack.
More and more areas in the northeast are being hit and effected.  Everyone is dying and Elliot is on the run with his wife, friend, and young child.  They wind up on a train and they are dropped off in the middle of nowhere.
What is this airbourne epidemic that is so ruthless it makes you kill yourself?  What is the antidote they need.  Elliot and a bunch of people lose contact with all friends and loved ones. 
I'm not going to tell you what it is that is affecting people.  The plot in this one is ok, at times though I was sitting thinking to myself, what the hell random tangent are they going off on here?  This occurs about halfway through the film.  They save it though with some wicked kills, including the one from the trailer where a guy gets runover by a riding lawnmower.  There are some other really good freaky scenes including a guy intentionally getting his arms ripped off by a tiger in a zoo, and dozens of people hanging dead from trees.
Shyamalan at times tries to throw in a twist of comedy as well which comes off a bit funny but at other times I think some scenes could have been left out.  There is also this issue with Elliot and his wife and their relationship problems as well. 
Anyways, my overall opinion is the movie starts off decent, picks up to being really good, then falls off a bit once they find a house with an old lady, but then saves it with some cool scenes towards the last 1/3 and the ending was ok as well.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Jack Black stars as a slacker panda, named Po, who is the biggest fan of Kung Fu around..He's working every day in his family's noodle shop but his ultimate dream is to become a Kung Fu superstar. Unexpectedly chosen by the godfather turtle to fulfill an ancient prophecy and become the dragonmaster, Po's dreams become reality when he joins the world of Kung Fu and studies alongside his idols, the legendary Furious Five -- Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey -- under the leadership of their guru, Master Shifu. The treacherous snow leopard Tai Lung is headed their way and it's up to Po to defend everyone from the oncoming threat.  Po puts his weight into the task, and the unlikely hero ultimately finds that his greatest weakness (his love for food) turn out to be his greatest strength.
Some of the facial expressions of the Panda were at times funny and I laughed a few times but all in all after this one was over I didn't feel the plot was that enjoyable.  Especially after watching Tai Lung dominate hundreds of Rhinocerous' to break out of prison. 
A good film for Kids and I'm sure it will dominate the box office this weekend, but I thought Bee Movie and Horton Hears a Who were better.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Disc Golf 6/4/08

What better day to play a round in Oroville than one of the most Windy days of the year.
Disc Golf at Riverbend Park
Tee Time approximately 4:30pm
Wind: W at 13 mph
Humidity: 16%
Well this round was a bit different as we parked in the course and played the North Course front 9 holes as a warm-up to the South Course.  What that means is that when we got to the south course we began on Hole 8 and ended on Hole 7.  And it begins-
In The Bag-
Champion Eagle
162g Teebird
Discraft Soft Magnet
1- Par- Wow is it fucking windy or what? I threw one of the worst teeoff shots I can remember and the Teebird flew hard right landing on edge and then picking up steam as an unintentional roller.  It was hillarious to see and turned into a great shot.  Lucky.  I missed a 15 footer.  Any putt in this kind of wind is difficult.  Even a 5 footer.
2- Bogey (+1) Forehands into the wind don't turn right easily even with massive angle.
3- Birdie (E) really good hyzer backhand landed within 10 feet.
4- Par.  Again, forehand didn't get off the ground and was left a tricky uphill approach shot but got up and down.
5- Par.  Nearly a Black Ace as my disc landed under the basket of hole 2 when it caught the wind and went flying hard right.
6- Par. Awesome hyzer teeshot with the TRex landed within 12 feet but with these winds my putt hit the front of the basket. In fact IOS' shot landed even closer and he was robbed of a tap in birdie as well with the effects of the swirling winds.
7- Par.
8- Par.  Another good teeshot with the TRex but again the wind plays a major factor in approach shots.
9- Birdie (-1) Good hyzer shot on the easiest hole on the Northern front 9 landed within 5 feet.
Practice warm-up 9 final score: (-1)
Ok now the round, and let me add that there was NOBODY on the course today.  Looks like Me and IOS were the only ones to Man up and Challenge these strong winds.
8- Bogey (+1) Decent teeoff with the starfire but my approach jump putt landed short and I missed my putt.
9- Par.  Amazingly missed the group of trees on the right but landed in the thinner group of trees.  Made a longer than I wanted par putt comebacker. IOS made a crazy par putt that hit the top of the basket, fell down and teetered on the rim and rocked in.
10- Birdie.(E) Good tomahawk shot with the firebird that actually went past the hole 20 feet.  Made the comebacker ironically the same way IOS made his putt on the previous hole, it was almost an instant replay.  Very strange.
11-Bogey (+1) Back to the old basket location straight ahead instead of to the right.  At this point I keep over compensating for the wind factor and my shots aren't getting more than a few feet off the ground.  My 30 foot par putt hit the front of the basket.
12- Bogey (+2) Worst drive of the day again didn't get more than 2 feet off the ground and landed about 50 feet in front of me.  Had to scramble for bogey.
13- Par- Again they moved all these basket locations back to the original spots.
14- Par- Terrible tee off again but scrambled for par.
15- Par- 15 is becoming the "Par Save" hole.  I made an uphill putt about 20 feet to save par.  I've seen more longer putts land in the basket on 15 than any other hole on the course.  None of them are ever for birdie though as this hole plays extremely tough.  I'll let you know when one of us finally does birdie 15.
16- Par. Decent drive but no birdie putt had to lay up.
17- Par. IOS almost had the Birdie of the year which would stand just behind my ace on 14 for shots on the year.  He threw an anhyzer shot after a below average drive that had the right line but just missed to the right of the basket.
18- Par. Wind plays a major factor on this hole.  I was able to get up and down but IOS went OB and then ended with a double bogey after his approach shot caught the wind and sailed 30 feet from the basket.
1- Bogey.(+3)  Huge bogey save on this one.  Made a 15 footer with swirling wind.
2- Birdie (+2) really good drive with the TRex (starting to like this disc) landed it within 12 feet of the basket.
3- Par.  If you remember my last round I had my best shot ever on 17?  Well this was my best shot ever on 3 as I got my Eagle to S curve beautifully with a forehand.  I landed in a bush about 20 feet from the basket.  My putt came up short though and I hit the front of the basket which is becoming a reoccuring theme this round.
4- Par.  Awesome drive that would have been really makeable birdie oppertunity except for the tree the TRex hit late in flight landing of the fairway.  My approach Jump Putt came up short and I was left a medium par putt that I converted.
5- Par. "That drive died like Heath Ledger" a classic quote during flight of the TRex.  I had a birdie chance but I shanked my putt badly and never gave it a chance.
6- Par. I steered clear of that bush on the right for the first time in 2 rounds and was able to get up and down.
7- Triple Bogey (+5) ah yes just the way I want to finish the day.  I threw my TRex backhand and it caught wind and agressively turned left and I knew my chances of getting it back were slim and none. Fuck.  I was beginning to really settle in with that disc too.  Took a penalty shot and forehanded my Comet to within 20 feet and then proceded to 3 putt.  Actually reminds me of a Tournament I played at Browns Valley back in 2002 I was in 6th place and then Quadruple Bogeyed the final hole to blow my chances at any recognition.
Northern Front 9 warm up-  (-1)
Back 9 (+1)
Front 9 (+4)
A Decent round until my meltdown on the final hole.  Still not terrible concidering the windy conditions

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Disc Golf 6/1/08

More Disc Golf at Riverbend Park, Oroville, CA.
Approximately 2pm
Wind: W at 3 mph
Humidity: 25%
In The Bag-
DX T-Rex *NEW*
DX Starfire *NEW*
DX Beast
DX Firebird
Champion Eagle
Soft Challenger
Needed something overstable in my bag for today's round.  Went to Sports LTD and picked up a couple of overstable discs.
about 20 putts before we began. There were a few more people out on the course than we are used to.  A group offered to let us go before them so we took them up on the offer.
1- Bogey. (+1) Kind of rushed it but with the pin on the right, forehanded my eagle and it landed without a real good approach shot. I threw a tomahawk shot and it came up well short.  Missed a 25 footer.
2- Par. Awesome forehand off the tee with the Starfire.  The line looked so good but I hit a tree and then missed a 20 foot birdie oppertunity.
3- Par. Teeshot landed up on the hill on the right and rolled back down slightly but next came the most awkward stance I've ever had on an approach shot.  A stance where I could get little power on a forehand hyzer shot.  But I delivered with my best approach shot ever on 3 landing it under the basket. Awesome.
4- Bogey. (+2) err.  so frusterating.  I literally missed a 10 footer, hitting the front of the basket.
5- Par.  Tried to s-curve the starfire, didn't work as well as I would have liked.
6- Bogey. (+3) What I thought was a really good release with the T-Rex ended up being deja-vu in the large bush on the right, I got stuck higher than 6 feet and had to take a penalty shot.
7- Double Bogey. (+5) First Double Bogey in I can't remember how long.  Again I overestamated the overstableness of the starfire and basically through directly into the bushes on the left, leaving me no approach shot at all and having to just pitch out and lay up.  Next shot landed within 15-20 feet but then I missed my putt when I over-compensated for the height of the basket. (7 is higher off the ground than most)
8,9- Some jobbers who were confused on what holes to play were ahead of us and they didn't offer to let us play through so we said fuck this and moved to 10.
10- Birdie. (+4) Really good tomahawk shot that landed 12 feet from the basket.
11- Par.  Not a great Teeshot and left with a very narrow approach to the hole. I forehanded my Comet and got it right on line in fact sailed past the hole, came to a rest leaning on a log 8 feet past the basket.
12- Par.  I'm not a fan of the new pin placement on this one which is to the left and in fact the best shot for this hole off the tee would be a forehand roller but I'm not confident to throw that shot.  IOS attempted to throw one with a valkarie but it turned over too much.  My shot with the Beast on the other hand hit the gap perfectly. In fact I sailed past the hole and a guy on the next tee helped to point out my disc and was marking out for my shot.  Unfortunately I landed in some thorns and bushes and had an awkward 20 foot putt back to the basket.
13- Par. T-rex didn't hyzer the way I would have liked.
14- Birdie (+3) My hole.  Hit the fairway perfectly with a forehand but since there was no wind, my eagle didn't turn right the way it did when I aced it.  It went short and landed in some more thorn bushes.  With a thorn stuck in my leg and another in my hand, I snap putted and crashed the chains.
15- Par. Beast off the tee hit the small gap on the right but didn't turn back over the way I would have liked.  Still a makeable birdie putt that I gave a good run to.
16- Par.  Beast again but release was way too high, I got some tree love though and got a good bounce forward towards the hole.  I was ROBBED of a birdie on this one as my disc hit the top of the basket by inches and bounced down in front. 
17- Birdie. (+2) BEST DRIVE EVER on 17, I forehanded my Eagle again and hit a "6 inch gap" as IOS put it.  I don't know if it was that but it was damn narrow.  I missed a tree by inches and my disc landed 2 feet from the basket.
18- Par. Tee off was below average, I was left a 30 footer that I gave a good run to but not online.
Rewind Holes-
8- Par. Probably my best drive I've had on 8.  It landed in the fairway and gave me a good line to the basket with a jump putt.
9- Bogey.  (+3)  I sort of jinxed myself on this hole as before my teeoff I mentioned that "My Champion Eagle was really working well today..."  I proceded to hit a tree on the left and land in poison oak.  Another near impossible approach shot.  I threw a forehand anhyzer with an Aviar I had lying in my bag.  It turned into a halfway decent roller concidering my lie, and I had a long putt to save par but was unable to.
Front 9- +6
Back 9-  -3
I tell you all of the birdie oppertunities are on the back 9 and some technical holes (Grass Valley course style)  While the Front 9 is more wide open and for the bigger arms and distance.
I just need to not take penalty shots and get up and down on the front 9 and I'm sure a new record round will occur.