Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bowling Scores 1-30-07

194, 178, 257 (no tap 300) 629 Series

I throw one practice shot a piece on lanes 27 and 28 and I felt confident that the lanes were in good condition tonight. Well that all changed as the games started. I couldn't hit the pocket on lane 27 and kept coming in high leaving the 4 pin. Lane 28 was a bit different and I was more confortable on lane 28 but still only had 3 X's the first game. Luckily I converted all my spares and ended with an all mark game and a 194, 1 pin under my average.

Second game was again a game of inconsistency and I couldn't get my ball to move to the pocket. I kept coming in light and leaving buckets and it angered me. I began the second game with an open in the first frame just completly botching a pretty easy 3 pin conversion. We lost the first 2 games, the second game by a measly 8 pins but it was over before I stepped up in the 10th in clean up position. I XX9'd the 10th frame but I also opened in the 9th which absolutely kills. (remember 40 pin swing?) yeah.
The end of the second game I was finally finding a line to the pocket and became pretty confident in my release to give the ball a bit more movement and agression to the pocket. The third game went as follows:

xxx9/xxx9/xxx9 257

Other than a ball I threw in the 4th frame that came in a fraction high in the pocket and left a 4 pin, I hit the pocket clean on every other shot... perfectly. I was in the zone and nothing else mattered at that point except for me to continue to hit the pocket and dominate. After losting the first 2 games and being behind in total pinfall by 60 pins. I bounced back and our team ended up winning the third game and taking overall pins to salvage 3 of 7 points. This puts us at 15-6 for the third and 75-86 on the season. My goal is to get our team back to .500 by the end of the season. Another 600 series definately brings confidence to my game as I am getting more used to the thumb/fingertip grip. I'm also in a battle for the second highest average on the league-

Top 4 Averages after 24 Weeks-

1. Matt 205
2. Duffy J- 195.2
3. Chuck- 195
4. Fred- 193.9

Until next week-

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bowling Scores 1-23-06

202, 214, 227 (no tap 300) 643 Series

We played the "special" team this week which I never look forward to because they smell horrible and the one guy chews tobacco and has it drip down his grimy beard. We lost the first game by 77 pins. The highlight of the first game had to be my teammate Ben converting a 4-7-9-10 split which I haven't seen picked up before.

The second game we bounced back and won by 29 pins. This game was classic because it was actually really close and came down to the 10th frame where I needed a X to win. For some reason I was feeling quite confident at the time and turn to the other team before I roll and say, "So I just need one strike huh?" Which prompts the "specials" to bust and start heckling me. "just one strike junior, just one strike..." Until I stepped to the approach where of course the common bowler courtesy is to shut up. I throw my shot and convert the X which was hillariously followed by a "FUCK THIS SHIT!" by the tobacco spitter. This in turn got into his head and he bowled a 117 the third game.

About the 7th frame of the second game I found my shot and was hitting the pocket on a consistent basis the rest of the night. The third game we blew out the other team and took 2 of 3 games and total pins. Giving us a 5-2 point record on the night. That puts us at 12-2 as a record for the final 1/3 of the season. Back to the third game where I hit the pocket on every shot and left a ridiculous amount of 10 pins on the night. In fact the third game ended with a X9/ in the 10th frame which ended my night with a personal Record of 10, 10 pins left. A full game of 10 pins!!! Luckily my horrible conversion percentage of 10 pins didn't carry over from the previous week and I converted 9/10 for a 90% conversion percentage.

It's been confirmed that I will be rolling nationals in Reno, NV in April. 6 games total, 3 singles and 3 doubles. No Pressure......

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Hitcher

This couple is on a road trip and pick up a stranger at a gas station to give him a ride. He says his name is John Ryder and just needs a ride into town. Then all hell breaks loose as he is actually a killer and just wants to hear four words: "I....Want....To Die"

The movie moves well as John Ryder swerves it to where the couple he is trying to kill, he is also trying to frame to where they are the ones that have killed cops and other people. Plus the sweetest scene in the movie is accompanied by Nine Inch Nails' Closer which is a perfect song for the soundtrack.
Overall a pretty solid film that goes at the top thus far for 2007...


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bowling Scores 1-16-07

193, 205, 220 618 Series

Back in the saddle again. (I'm back!...)
We took all 3 games and all 7 points this week which is a good start to the third, 1/3 of the season. We have to win this third to make the playoffs. Cause I don't believe we are anywhere near a wildcard shot with our pathetic overall record which is still I believe 20 points below .500.
Honestly not a confident night on my part with the lanes. I stayed strong with my spare conversions and really never has a big run of X's together... Until the third game where I should have had 10 in a row but my best shots that hit the pocket solid were leaving 10 pins and I decided to mentally break I guess as I went 0/2 in 10 pin conversions in the third game which is the only reason my game was as low as a 220.

The bust of the night was Matt Kalkowski asking me If I wanted to roll Nationals in Reno, NV in April. It's $90 dollar entry fee which gets me into the singles and doubles amatur tournament. I decided why not? How many times will I get to go roll at the gargantuous bowling alley in Reno? Well I've been in that bowling alley back in May but haven't ever rolled any games on those lanes. It should be interesting to see how it goes.....
That is all......

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Bowling Scores 1-9-07

155, 180, 201 536 Series

My streak of 3 consecutive 600 series' has been broken. I could talk more about the night but seeing as how MySpace likes to jack up blogs and waste my time like it did earler this week I'll just let the pathetic series speak for itself...

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Bowling Scores 1-2-07

Average going into the night- 194

211, 179, 221 611 Series

3rd straight week rolling a 6. Lanes began somewhat oily this week but I'm learning to adjust well and put together some solid games. When I struggle to strike I still get my spares to keep myself in the running for a 200 game. The second game in about the 7th frame I fell apart and opened as well as in the 10th frame. A bit disappointing. Third game I finished with XXXXX in a row to roll a 221.
We only took 1 of 3 games as this week we bowled the team with the highest combined average 728. While we came in with the second highest team average at 724. Basically bowling scratch the whole night. My average of 194 has become good enough to be 2nd highest average on the league behind only Kalkowski who sits at around 207 or so.
Next week is the last week of the second third. We sit in second place but have no chance of catching first as the team in first has only lost like 7 points in the past 8 weeks.
Till next Week.........