Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bowling Update

Week 9- 10/18   169/234/179 582 Series 5/5 TPC

Week 10- 10/25   233/206/254 693 Series 1/1 TPC

Week 11- 11/1    198/227/174 599 Series 4/4 TPC

Week 12- 11/8    220/211/185 616 Series 3/3 TPC

Week 13- 11/15   163/148/193 504 Series 2/2 TPC

Week 14- 11/22   212/179/210 601 Series 5/5 TPC

Week 15-11/29   186/194/201 581 Series 3/3 TPC

Week 16- 12/6    184/255/185 624 Series 4/4 TPC

Week 17- 12/13   213/218/159 590 Series 7/7 TPC

Week 18- 12/20   219/233/226 678 Series 4/4 TPC

Week 19- 12/27   209/213/160 582 Series 2/2 TPC

October 4th was my last missed 10 pin.  I have converted 46 in a row.  The 678 Series on 12/20 was my first ever 30/30 mark night with no open frames.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bowling Update

Jobbing it up on these updates.  Here's a quick summary of  the last 9 games.  Pretty mediocre at best.  At least my 10 pin conversion rate is improving (12 for 13)


205/204/190   599 Series  4/4 10 pins


215/171/184   570 Series  2/3 10 pins


183/184/183   550 Series  6/6 10 pins

Game 1      X 9/ 9/ 9/ 8/ X 9/ X S54 6/9
Game 2      72 X 8/ X 9/ X 7/ 6/ 9/ X9/
Game 3      X 9/ X 81 X 9/ 9/ 9/ 9/ 9/9

Fifteen no-tap strikes on the night (9 counts) is better than eleven 7 counts a few weeks ago and close to a triplicate there.  I believe I mentally dominated myself as about halfway through game 2 I realized I  hadn't thrown a double (XX) all night. Only 9 strikes but also only 3 open frames on the night.  Spare conversions have been improving but trying to string any XXX together continues to be a struggle. Our team has lost it's fire and it really seems like we are just 4 guys cut and pasted together.  Nothing like in years past with the team chemistry.  This season has been pretty much bleh so far.  Somehow we sit at 26-30 on the year.  I really feel the way we are going our W/L record would be worse.  186ish average through 8 weeks.

Here's a look at my league bowling career in spreadsheet form-

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bowling Scores 9-20-11

140/161/182  483 Series

Seven counts on the night-  11

Wow. Worst series of the season.  Even worse than the Week 1 490 which I talked myself into believing was me sandbagging.  Began the night trying the same line I started with last week as the lane conditions were very similar.  Although this week I couldn't get my ball to move into the pocket no matter how far outside I began my line.  I was coming in super thin game 1 and literally didn't have anything higher than a 7 count for the first 6 frames and the 2-4-5 leave was a theme on the night:

71 7/ s72 63 72 7/ X 9/ X s81 140

I tried changing some things around but it didn't matter.  Even when I did get the ball to bite in later in the night I was then chopping the head pin and leaving either splits or 3-6-10's or 3-6-9-10's.

Everyone was struggling game 1 and I don't believe a single bowler cracked 200 through the first 10 frames. 

Game 2 was much of the same. With the lane conditions beginning to dry out, many bowlers were adjusting properly and starting to figure it out.  I was not one of them.  Definitely frusterated and if this was 1998 I would have done something immature and kicked the ball return or punched the scoring machine but instead I quietly shook my head. 

Game 3 I finally started to figure things out but even then, my two best pocket shots on the night left a solid 7 pin on one and a solid 8 pin on the other.  It went from frusteration to shock to hillarity.  I had an all mark game going albeit with only 2 strikes up until the 6th frame where I would chop a 6 pin on a 6-10 conversion attempt. 

X 7/ X 9/ 9/ 81 X 8/ 9/ 9/8 182

If I can take anything positive away from this attrocious night it would be the fact that I was 3/3 in converting 10 pins including back to back frames Game 3. 

7 Strikes, 8 Opens on the night you know your not hitting even a 500 series. Funny I've only thrown 1 series in the 500's through 5 weeks.  Maybe I'll just stay in the 600+ or -500 range.

8/18 on 10 pins through 5 weeks

2763 total pins through 15 games and an average of  184.2

On another side note, looking at the stat sheet it states that I have thrown 2 600 series' but only 1 200 game.  Um... What?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TWA History Season 2 2001

TWA History Season Two - 2001

TWA The Second Season!
House Show 1
Cedar Hall-
January 14th, 2001

The Real Deal McNeal (Debut) d. The Black Ghost with The Done Deal (Full nelson face buster)
J-Money (debut) d. Da Wigga by DQ when Johnny Stitch Interferes.
Leonard Kowalski d. E-Dawg to win the TWA World Title for a 2nd time.
House Show 2-
Cedar Hall

J-Money wrestled Black Ghost to a No Contest when the Reaper returns to the TWA.
Leonard Kowalski Interview
Johnny Stitch (debut) d. Da Wigga by DQ when J-Money interferes.
Crackhead Creighton d. Captain Deez with the crack piledriver  in a 1 Contender triple threat match also involving E-Dawg.  This win gave Creighton a TWA title shot at Backyard Brawl 2001.
House Show 3-
Cedar Hall
March 11th, 2001

Bic Bickley announces Leonard Kowalski will not be wrestling tonight.
Black Ghost d. Johnny Stitch by DQ when Da Wigga interferes.
Crackhead Creighton and E-Dawg wrestled to a double count-out.
The Real Deal McNeal calls out Black Ghost and Reaper, a brawl ensues.
Captain Deez d. Da wigga by Disqualification to retain The Northern Title.
A Leonardo Adame Promo via satellite from Fresno......
House Show 4 Cedar Hall
Johnny Stitch Mic Time- Too many run-ins in his matches...
J-Money d. Johnny Stitch with the moonsault
The Reaper d. Da Wigga with the flatliner
Leonard Kowalski calls out Captain Deez.
Captain Deez d. Leonard Kowalski with the crunch through a box to earn a shot at the world title (If Kowalski is still champion) at King of the Trampoline 2001.
APRIL 8TH 2001

The Black Ghost and The Reaper d. The Real Deal McNeal in a handicap match.
Johnny Stitch d. Da Wigga and J-Money with a splash off the balcony onto Da Wigga.
E-Dawg d. Captain Deez with the cross-face to win the TWA Northern Title.
Leonard Kowalski d. Crackhead Creighton with the Kowalski Kutter to retain the TWA World Title.
House Show 5
Cedar Hall

Captain Deez Mic Time, Calls out Kowalski.
Leonard Kowalski mic time, Kowalski doesn't want to wait until the next PPV so it will be Leonard Kowalsk vs. Captain Deez for the TWA World Title tonight!
The Real Deal McNeal d. Johnny Stitch with help from The OG's
OG's try to recruit Mcneal, McNeal declines stating he doesn't want to associate with a bunch of "shopping mart gangsters"
Johnny Stitch and Real Deal team up on The OG's and share a beer afterward.
Taft Mic Time
Crackhead Creighton confronts Taft and tells him nobody wants him in the TWA.
Taft attacks Creighton, signs TWA Contract
E-Dawg d. The Reaper with a somersault plancha to retain the TWA Northern Title.
Bic Bickley announces there is no world title match tonight and that Kowalski has been laid out in the back.
Captain Deez hits Bickley with The Crunch twice, demands he still get his match at King of the Trampoline.  Bickley agrees.
Mr. Deviant chokeslams Deez.
House Show 6-
First Avenue Arena

Bic Bickley Announcement- Still upset at Kowalski and Deez for making matches without authority.
Tony Styles (debut) announces Johnny Stitch to the ring.
Stitch and Bickley Mic Time
Taft Mic Time
E-Dawg d. The Real Deal McNeal with a schoolboy pin to retain the TWA Northern Title.
Taft and Johnny Stitch wrestled to a no contest when Stitch's Mother abruptly ends the show with a "Andrew! what the fuck is going on?!!!"
House Show 7-
Franklin Arena

Tony Styles presents Johnny Stitch
Stitch calls out Bickley and they argue again.
Johnny Stitch d. Mr. Deviant (debut) with help from E-Dawg to gain a shot at the Northern Title at King of the Trampoline 2001.
Da Wigga Mic Time
Black Ghost d. Da Wigga with a small package.
E-Dawg d. Crackhead Creighton with help from Taft to retain the Northern Title.
Taft D. Captain Deez with help from Kowalski.

Gauntlet Match-
Da Wigga d. The Reaper with Da Wigga Drop
Da Wigga d. The Black Ghost with a sit down powerbomb
J-Money d. Da Wigga with the moonsault.
Triple Threat Northern Title Match-
Match Stipulation- If Johnny Stitch loses, he leaves the TWA.
E-Dawg d. Johnny Stitch and Real Deal McNeal when E-Dawg pinned Johnny Stitch after a Mr. Deviant Chokeslam.
Grudge Match-
Crackhead Creighton d. Taft with the Crack Piledriver
World Title Match-
Captain Deez d. Leonard Kowalski with The Crunch to win the TWA World Title.
House Show 8
Franklin Arena

Bic Bickley Mic Time

Northern Title Match
Taft d. E-Dawg with a full nelson slam to win the TWA Northern Title.

Da Wigga d. Nasty D (debut) with Da Wigga Drop.
Mr. Deviant d. The Black Ghost and The Reaper with a double chokeslam.

Taft d. Crackhead Creighton with a full nelson slam.

The World Title Triple Threat Match featuring Captain Deez, E-Dawg, and Leonard Kowalski did not take place due to Crackhead Creighton suffering lacerations, 17 stitches, and a trip to the hospital from his match with Taft.
There are some lost shows that I do not have results for including the show Crackhead Creighton losing the Northern Title to Captain Deez sometime following Winter Rumble 1999.  But like I said, I walked out on the company so if you want to know what happened you'll have to talk to someone that remained employed with that company till it went bankrupt the first time around.  Maybe Bic Bickley Knows?

TWA History Season 1 1997-1999

TWA History-Season 1- 1997-1999

TWA History Season 1 
1997-1999 Evans Garden/Anderson Park
House Show 1-
Evans Garden September 8th, 1997
Crackhead Creighton d. Leonard Kowalski via Board to the head.
Kowalski Interview-
Leonard Kowalski d. Bonecrusher with the Kowalski Splash
House Show 2 Evans Garden
Creighton Interview
Crackhead Creighton d. Leonardo Adame (credit:Black Ghost)
Kowalski Interview
Leonard Kowalski d. Pinkerton with Kowalski Splash
Evans Garden
Pinkerton d. Bonecrusher with the springboard splash
Black Ghost (debut) d. with powder to the eyes and sleeper
Leonard Kowalski d. Crackhead Creighton with a fisherman's suplex
House Show 3 Evans Garden
Leonard Micphone debuts the new world title belt and announces a tournament for the title.Triple Threat Match
Leonardo Adame d. Crackhead Creighton and The Black Ghost with the Lowrider on Creighton.
Pinkerton and Leonard Kowalski wrestled to a double count out. 
House Show 4 Evans Garden
Start of Tournament for TWA World Title
Crackhead Creighton d. John Sinclair (debut) with the Crack Piledriver
Leonard Kowalski d. Leonardo Adame by forfeit when Adame doesn't arrive to the arena.
Pinkerton d. The Black Ghost with the Crossbody Pinker-Pin.
House Show 5 Evans Garden
Bic Bickley debuts as the TWA Commishioner
Da Wigga (debut) d. The Black Ghost by countout when Black Ghost loses his mask!
Pinkerton d. Leonardo Adame with the crossbody pinker-pin and help from Kowalski.
Crackhead Creighton d. Leonard Kowalski with the crack piledriver to become the first TWA world champion. 
Rematch- The Black Ghost d. Da Wigga with the sleeper hold.
Strap Match- Leonard Kowalski d. Leonardo Adame when Kowalski touches all four corners of the ring.
Three Way Dance Elimination for TWA World Title- Crackhead Creighton d. Leonard Kowalski with the Crack piledriver and Adame was eliminated with the crack splash to retain the TWA World Title.
House Show 6 Evans Garden
Computer Man (debut) d. Da Wigga when Adame's plan backfires
Black Ghost defeated Leonardo Adame with powder to the eyes.
Creighton Interview interupted by Kowalski.
World Title Match- Pinkerton d. Crackhead Creighton by DQ when Kowalski interferes.
House Show 7 Evans Garden
Pinkerton and Kowaslki brawl after Pinkerton comes out for an interview.
Black Ghost d. Da Wigga with help from Dangerous Bob.
Leonardo Adame d. Crackhead Creighton by Count out.
Pinkerton d. Leonard Kowalski with a schoolboy pin.
Backyard Brawl 98' Day 1  Evans Garden
Referee Jeff Morrison Debuts
Dangerous Bob (debut) defeated Black Ghost with the 11:11 Jackhammer
Da Wigga d. Phreaker (debut) with Da Wigga Drop.
Leonard Kowalski d. Phreaker with the Kowalski Kutter.
Backyard Brawl 98' Day 2 Evans Garden
Dangerous Bob d. Da Wigga with the 11:11 Jackhammer and help from Black Ghost
Leonardo Adame d. Da Wigga with the lowrider to become the first TWA Northern Champion.
Pinkerton d. Crackhead Creighton with the crossbody pinker-pin to become the new TWA world champion.
House Show 8 Evans Garden
Leonard Kowalski and Phreaker wrestled to a double count out.
Leonardo Adame d. Dangerous Bob with the lowrider  to retain the Northern Title.
Pinkerton d. Crackhead Creighton and Black Ghost in a handicap match when Black Ghost gets counted out.
House Show 9 Evans Garden
Da Wigga d. Phreaker in a no DQ match with help from Adame.
Leonardo Adame d. Leonard Kowalski with the lowrider (credit Da Wigga run in)
Pinkerton d. Crackhead Creighton by DQ when Black Ghost interferes
House Show 10 Evans GardenLeonard Kowalski d. Crackhead Creighton with 3 Kowalski splashes.
Black Ghost and E-Dawg (debut) wrestled Da Wigga and Leonardo Adame to a no decision when E-Dawg turns on Black Ghost
House Show 11 Evans Garden August 18th 1998
E-Dawg d. Crackhead Creighton with help from Black Ghost
Leonardo Adame d. Black Ghost to retain the Northern Title
Leonard Kowalski d. Pinkerton in a 2 out of 3 falls match to win the TWA World Title
Captain Deez (debut) d. The Don Mega (debut) by DQ when Gunner runs in.
Da Wigga d. Gunner (debut) by DQ when Don Mega runs in.
Crackhead Creighton vs. Black Ghost is thrown out when masked man (later revealed as The Reaper) runs in.
Leonard Kowalski d. Leonardo Adame with the Kowalski Splash to retain the TWA World Title
House Show 12  Anderson Park
Bic Bickley debuts "Cooperate Adame" the future of the TWA.
Cooperate Adame interview
Da Wigga d. Black Ghost with DA Wigga drop and help from The Reaper.
Mr. Riptle calls out a challenge to anyone in the TWA to step up.
Captain Deez d. Mr. Riptle (debut) with The Crunch.
Leonard Kowalski d. E-Dawg by DQ when Da Wigga interferes.
House Show 13 Anderson Park
Winter Rumble Announced as TWA's 5th Pay-Per-View
Bic Bickley Announcement- Jeff Money Maker Morrison will have to wrestle against Cooperate Adame tonight.
Don Mega d. Black Ghost after the lights go out and Black Ghost is laid out.
Gunner d. Captain Deez after a board is broken over Deez' head.
Jeff "Money Maker" Morrison (debut) d. Cooperate Adame by DQ when Crackhead Creighton interferes.
Captain Deez reads a poem for Mr. Riptle
Kowalski Mic Time
Da Wigga runs in and attacks Kowalski, claims 1 contender for the Winter Rumble.
House Show 14 Anderson Park
Cooperate Adame Mic Time
E Dawg d. Black Ghost with front faced DDT.
Captain Deez and Crackhead Creighton wrestle to a Double Disqualification when Adame and Gunner interfere.
Cooperate Adame d. Da Wigga in a falls count anywhere match that ends with the Highroller to Da Wigga behind Round Table Pizza.
House Show 15
Captain Deez d. Da Brotha (debut) with The Crunch.
Leonard Kowalski d. Gunner with the Kowalski Splash.
WINTER RUMBLE 1999 Anderson Park
The DN Army d. The Devil Dogs
Crackhead Creighton d. Cooperate Adame with the Crack Piledriver to win the TWA Northern Title.
Leonard Kowalski d. Da Wigga to retain the TWA World title.
Cooperate Adame wins the Winter Rumble Match
Leonard Kowalski runs out and demands world title match right now.
Cooperate Adame d. Leonard Kowalski to win the TWA world title
Leonard Kowalski Quits the TWA. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bowling scores 9-13-11

256/188/161   605 Series

Game 1-  X X 9/ X X X X X 7/ XXX

Going into the night following my 2nd of 4 530am-3pm shifts for the all digital install at the theatre and I was very tired.  In practice as well as into the first game I'm looking around and everyone is missing the head pin.  The lanes are super oily.  I move right to the 15 board on my stance and I'm lofting the ball out a ways landing it near the arrows and rolling outside the 10 board.  That was the line and I was able to stay consistent pretty much all of game 1.  Except one bad shot in the 9th frame where I had bowlers on both my left and right hit flush pocket hits and leave 10 pins.  I probably should have stepped off at that point as I through the ball too hard and barely clipped the head pin leaving a 2-4-5. 

Game 2 started with two more X's and I was looking at 12 of 14 to start the night and 8 in a row on Lane 34.  Then the lanes began drying out and I lost my line and started leaving pins.  3rd frame I left a 10 pin and tried a new approach to convert however the lanes were still oily way out there in 3-1 boardland and my ball eased right into the gutter 5 feet short.  Not even close.  3/13 on 10 pin conversions for the season at this point.  I clawed my way to a decent 188.

Game 3 began with a 7-10 split leave and two more splits would follow later on lane 34 which now was having my ball dive in too high on the head pin. I was semi-frusterated going into the 9th frame and started calculating out what I'd need to roll a six.  Not a good idea to leak that into my head as it's a good start to mentally break down.  I caught a break in the 10th frame and X on 34 with a light pocket hit and barely made it. 

I think being tired early on helped my game quite a bit as I really wasn't thinking at all just rolling my line.  We bowled the special team this week and Ed asks me early on "How many you got in a row?" in which I replied "I don't know man I just roll the ball."  Then after the end result he jokingly accuses me of lofting the ball at which point I instantly say he may have a point and break out the rule book in my bowling bag for the bust factor.  Now he thinks I'm angry but I'm actually just playing this out as much as possible.  Then I try to tell him that but he just didn't get it and I spent the rest of the night in between throws tallying how many times he kept apologizing to me.

Going into the night we were in 2nd place at 14-7 (even with only 3 bowlers) However we only took one game and went 2-5 on the night putting us at 16-12.  256 should be good enough for high game thus far on league as the previous high was 247.

Oh yeah, I converted 2 ten pins in games 2 and 3 with the same approach.  So 2/3 on the night and 5/15 through 4 weeks

2280 total pins through 12 games and an average of 190.0

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not your standard NFL fan. Jets/Panthers Explained

One of the top questions I always get asked is "How can you be a Jets AND a Panthers fan?" While many debate you can only have true love and passion for one team in any sport I'd like to sit here and tell you I am an exception to the rule. (I.E. I haven't been living under a rock just because I don't own a cell phone) I don't even know if that example relates but it just popped into my head so whatever. 

In 1984 I was 3 years old and would be over at someone's house being babysit by a neighbor.  I would sit in front of the Television and would be drawn into this sport called football.  For whatever reason I was then drawn to the color Green and it just so happens that over the years it became clear to me that I was a New York Jets fan.  Sure it could have been the Eagles or Packers and I could have seen "My team" win a Superbowl or at least make it to one but I chose the Jets and stuck with them through thick and thin.

During the next eleven years it was rare to find a Jets game on television living on the west coast but I still caught the highlights on weekly wrap up shows and such.  85 wins,  105 losses, 3 playoff appearances and only one playoff win left me wondering why my team didn't seem to be going anywhere. Much of the Jets success from the mid 80's I can't remember now. As I recall the day was at Mervyn's where there was a display of the two new NFL expansion teams with apparel.  Hats and shirts, etc.  I lay eyes upon both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers logos.  I was immediately drawn to the Panthers logo and thought it looked really unique and cool. Maybe I'll follow another team as well as the Jets I thought to myself. So I bought a Carolina Panthers hat many months before the team had even formed completely let alone played an official NFL game.

This photo was taken in March of 1994 over a year before Carolina would play it's first game in the Hall of Fame Game where they defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars on July 29th 1995.

The 1995 NFL season was great.  Not only did I pick a team that would go on to break the record for number of wins for an Expansion team (7-9), I lucked out and the Carolina Panthers fell into the NFC West division alongside the San Francisco 49ers.  So this meant I would get to see at least 2 televised Carolina games a year when they would face the 49ers.  One of my biggest mark out moments of my entire life occured on November 5th, 1995.  Upstart Carolina traveled to 3Com Park to face the defending super bowl champion San Francisco 49ers. Carolina pulled the miracle upset forcing five turnovers and Tim McKyer's 96 yard interception return sealed the deal. For a 14 year old kid it was AMAZING to say the least.  So first ever Expansion team to beat the previous years' Superbowl champion, as well as first to have a 4 game winning streak.  (Ironically Carolina's first regular season franchise win was against the New York Jets)

The New York Jets would go 1-15 in 1995 their worst record in the history of the franchise and in retrospect this may have been the moment when I did begin to lean a lot heavier on my love for the Panthers than for the Jets. 

So for the next 6 years I would sport Carolina Hats at School and it became my "gimmick".  I haven't kept count of how many Panther hats I have bought over the years but If I had to guess I'd say at least over Thirty.  That's not an exageration either.  Funny one night downtown at Panama's Bar and Grill just a few years ago I saw an old High School collegue for the first time in years and his greeting was "wait...turn around.  yep, still wearing the panther hat."  Hah.

I can say I have much more Panther Apparel than I do Jets. (I.E. 5 Carolina Jerseys to 2 Jets) I got back into the Jets during the Vinny Testaverde resurrection in 2000 and was a huge Pennington fan the entire time he was with the organization. (One of the jerseys is his however I may try finding someone who can have the Jersey re-screen printed to say Holmes)

Other sports I'm not a fan of teams, just players.  If this justifies me liking more than one team in the NFL is debatable. At least the franchises are in different conferences.  Some may ask who I go for when Carolina plays the Jets which has occured on a handful of occasions over the last 15 years.  Honestly a lot of the games have occured when both teams have been really bad at the same time and the games are rough to watch when it comes to exciting entertainment.  I usually watch them without going for either and just for both teams to come out of it injury free.  As for if it came down to my Dream Superbowl I can't answer that question unless that situation were to arise.

So in conclusion I am a passionate fan for both New York and Carolina. The standard reasoning for being a fan of teams in the NFL or any sport for that matter does not apply to me. As I said in the beginning I am an exeption.   You may reside from that area or you have a relative/friend that has played for that team. My love and desire was conceived from Colors and Logos... And that is the sports nation known as Duffy J.

Bowling Scores 9-6-11

174/169/232 575 Series

0/3 on ten pins

Game 1- 6x 2s 3op

Game 2- 4x 2s 3op

Game 3- 9x 1s 2op   line- 9/ X X X X X  s71 90 X XXX  232

I opened in 8 total frames tonight once again super ulous.  The three ten pins I missed came in the first two games. Looking back, easily costing me a six.  I missed twice to the left and once to the right. 

Skipping to the third game we as a team threw a team 300 from the third to the 6th frames the scoreboard looked like this:


Officially it was 13 in a row (and 15 of 16) before I blew it in the 7th with a 4-6-10 split.  Then I blew it even more in the 8th by missing a 3 pin.  I finished with XXXX in a row to salvage a decent series I guess, however it makes that missed 3 pin that much more frustrating.  My teammate threw a 242 which is the highest game I've ever seen him bowl. 23 combined team strikes game 3.

We didn't play anyone this week as there is an odd number of teams on our league (7).  You have to bowl within 40 pins of your average as a team to get the win and I think we did that 2 of 3 games so if I was to guess I'd say we went 5-2 on the night.  We are also short a teammate as this week we learned that Bill will not be able to get Tuesday nights off from his job so we are still looking for a teammate. 

My focus when it comes to spares has to be as bad as it's ever been.  Now not only struggling with ten pins but pretty much any single pin spare that isn't the five pin. 

3 for 12 on 10 pins through 3 weeks

1675 total pins through 9 games and an average of 186.11

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bowling Scores 8-30-11

223, 161, 226  610 Series

Game 1 I forgot to tally my strikes and spares but I can tell you I had no open frames through 10.  I had one gift strike late that put me into the 220 range.  I started off the night trying the line I finished last week with but the lanes were much drier so as the night went on I slowly moved right back toward the 20 board on my stance. 2/2 on 10 pins! I also X in the 2nd and 9th frames, yes hell had frozen over at this point.

Game 2: 3 strikes, 4 spares, 3 opens

I came back to reality and it began in the 1st frame as I missed a 4-10 conversion completely as my ball rolled into the gutter. I've really been choosing to shoot all of my spares with my strike ball aside from the 10 pin.  I did experment this past Sunday on shooting single pins on the left side of the lane with my strike ball but for decided not to do so tonight.  I clawed my way through the next few frames before the 10 pin bug returned in the 7th and 8th frame where I went 0/2 with both misses being on the left and not in the gutter as the 4 misses last week were.  Leaving me with something in the 130ish range going into the final 2 frames. I salvaged a 161.

Game 3: 7 strikes, 3 spares, 1 open

I can't count the number of times I've seen this in the 2nd frame in my Career:


In fact I mentioned getting it tattooed on my forearm as a bust factor.  Like I said the 2nd and 9th frames are my Kryptonite when it comes to failing.

Halfway through the third game we had to get a re-spot of Ben's spare and there was like a 10 minute delay.  This worked in my favor as I settled down and began to relax a bit more finishing the second half of the last game with a five bagger 7th frame on: XXXXX9/.  In fact it was damn near a no-tap 300 game as all I would have needed was one more strike for the 10th frame to look like this: XX9 instead of this X9/. 

For as bad as I shot my spares in the second game to come out with my first 6 of the season is really quite amazing.  Looking back on Week 1 it seems David shot a 716 series week 1.  Holy shit I guess I made him angry when I passed him late in the season last year for high series (729)

As far as my team goes it was the 2nd straight week with just me and Ben.  All of the "special people" started asking if we needed a couple of bowlers and I quickly responded "No we don't"  and then told pretty much every one else that I would rather "Pull a Carson Palmer" than have any of them on my team.  Shortly later Steve from a couple years ago asked if we needed another bowler which I said would be fine he has a 180ish average and so now it looks like our team is coming together.  Hopefully Bill will be back next week and we can have a full 4 man team for the first time this season.  As I said before my Dad is out with a Wrist injury Carlos Beltran style.

1100 (hah) total pins through 2 weeks and a 183.33 average through 6 games.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Practice

11 open frames this last Tuesday led me to the bowling alley Sunday morning to get in some practice.

Lane 34

195, 187, 210  592 Series

Game 1 - 8 strikes 3 opens 1 spare

Game 2 - 6 strikes 3 opens 2 spares

Game 3 - 4 strikes 6 spares

Went in wanting to work on my single pin spares but only converted 1 spare in the first 15 frames.  I'd say it's rather difficult to throw 8 strikes in a game and not break 200.

Converted 1/1 ten pins but was hoping for more practice on them.  The lanes were  much dryer than last Tuesday.  6 open frames with about half of them being splits.  Still unacceptable and still a lot of work to be done to get back to 2010 form.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bowling Scores 8-23-11

159, 173, 158   490 Series

Wow, 5 months away from the game really shows why practice is important I guess.  Game 1 I was hitting the pocket clean and leaving 10 pins.  0/3 on 10 pins game 1.  3 strikes, 4 open frames bleh.

Game 2 began with two more 10 pins and converting 1/2.  I finally changed my line to the pocket at this point which eliminated my 10 pin leaves.  Still though couldn't string anything together X wise. 3 strikes, 2 opens.

Third game and out comes the curse of the splits.  4 of them to be exact.  Add to that the fact that I missed a 4 pin in the 8th frame and my 8th frame looked like this:



Having a 98 in the 8th is pretty ulous and at this point I completely changed my line again moving way left to the 15 board and throwing across to the 10 board with maximum revs on my ball.  This worked and I XXXX'd out to salvage a 158.  "Hey it only took me 28 frames to figure it out!" 

AMF Lanes also got new flat screen monitors for scoring which are way bigger than what was there last season.  The team we bowled made it a point that every time someone rolled XXX in a row and the turkey popped up on the screen to exclaim: "Wow! Look at the sack on that thing!"  which is pretty hillarious and became a running gag all night.

Only one of my teammates showed up so it was 2 on 4 toinight.  Hopefully my other teammate shows up next week and we can figure out the 4th spot on our roster soon.  Our league meeting before hand saw that we were about 3 teams short from last season so if anyone out there has been thinking about joining a league or knows anyone that wants to let me know.  It doesn't matter how good or bad you are as this is a handicap league and there is a variety of bowlers.  We meet Tuesday nights and bowl 3 games from 6:15pm-830ish.

Final line was 12 strikes and 11 open frames.  Yikes.  Well everyone thought I was sandbagging so sure I'll go with that.  163.3 average through 1 week and 3 games.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011 Movies Rated

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest  8/10
The Rite 5/10
The Roommate 3/10
The Lincoln Lawyer 7/10
Black Sheep 5/10
The Descent 2 7/10
Insidious 7/10
Cars 2 6/10
Super 8  5/10
Winnie The Pooh 7/10
One Day 7/10

Rumor is a pack rat

How many phrases start with "Rumor has it..."?  This is a frequent saying in the English language many times implying that an occurance is likely to happen.  It can also still be structured as a question but without needing an answer only confirmation that this rumor has started or has been said/spread.  (I.E. "Rumor has it you've been telling people I suck at Ms. PacMan") 

Today I realized that Rumor has a lot.  It is a beginning phrase that I am sure is said thousands of times in conversations every single day with endless posibilities to finish the sentence.  Therefore Rumor is a Pack Rat.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey it's a blog on blogging

     My first ever "blog" occurred on 10/21/05 on this website called MySpace.  It hit me earlier this week that I have been blogging my league bowling nights as well as a bunch of other random shit for coming up on six years now.  As cliche as it sounds, wow time flies by fast.  The last few days have involved me converting all of my Myspace blogs to a blogspot account.  Looking back on the whole creation of the account I would probably go back and change it to wordpress (looks cleaner/better) but I've already gotten so far I feel it's too much work to convert yet again. 

     So finally after this being the third night of conversion, it's finally finished.  342 blogs later (342!) and here we are, about 3 weeks removed from the beginning of yet another Winter Tuesday Night Men's League at AMF Lanes, Chico, CA.  These blogs will many times be for nothing other than my own personal amusement as well as some sort of an online journal/documentation of my bowling career.  However the few of you (and the imaginary friend in my head can't forget about you Billy!)  who do fall upon my blogging from time to time can feel free to follow.  I don't see myself getting a Twitter account any time soon (probably never) So this is the spot to lean back and enjoy the Crysta'l Milk, shaken not stirred. 

     I haven't thrown a game of bowling since March and while in past years I have gotten new equipment or tried out a new approach to begin a season, this one I'm going in completely dark with no changes.  Well maybe some new thumb tape because I'm probably going to run out by week 5. 
In a nutshell, from 10/21/05 until now nothing much has changed.  Well except that getting married and having a daughter part, I still have the bustability randomness and passion at heart albeit toned down from the insane days of my youth.

     Stay tuned, as I envision a plethora of bowling blogs and more in the coming winter months and well into 2012...

...That is if we aren't toasting some chilled Rolling Rock's to the end of the world on 11/11/11.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

CM Punk

Should have stayed off WWE programming for more than 2 weeks.  This whole two titles who's the real champion bit is just a recycled storyline from HBK/Razor and the intercontinental title.  While I was excited after the conclusion of Money In The Bank, it's looking like the same old shit.  The storylinen they should have stuck with was the one they had with the Nexus destroying Raw and then Barrett stating this is a part of a "much bigger picture" but alas they scrapped that storyline too and we wound up with The Corre which was equally as worthless.   God I wish they could get some actual writers that knew a little about wrestling.  end rant/

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday Night Raw quotes from the last 10 years part 2

"Reeses Butter Cups" Derek
"Don't judge a book by it's c-c-c cornbread!" Goldust
"your only as old as the woman you feel" Jerry Lawler
Lilian Garcia and Steve Austin = Peter Steele  ?
And Prince"
My daddy ain't no hoe, he's a pediatrician  Christian
there's a difference.
Phil Vigo, yeah you know phil vigo he works Derek talking to Fill
at bank of america…"
Rico might be arrested for male fraud Jerry Lawler
I hope the kings put the lakers, Karl Malone Fill
and Walter Payton to rest"
the difference between Bill Goldberg and  HHH
YJ stinger is YJ stinger delivers
"you should see how this sunset looks through  ?
this bubble"
"That's a bird on fire" ?
"That's a horseless head" Raven
"what an unexpected supplies" Vince
"you whip out your stick I'll whip out mine" Stevie Richards talking 
"sounds like an offer too good to refuse" to Goldust
"With a haircut like that it looks like Billy 
Ray Cyrus went ahead and had 
sex with a retarded hyena" The Rock to Eddy Guerrero
"we're gonna tee off at panamas" Fill
"Hey is pinkton here?" Smelly hippy guy
"I didn't get the world title through
some cheeseball ceremony" Chris Jericho
"You’re a harvard graduate and 
your tinking about HLA and rogering molly" William Regal
"I'm not going to come out here  HBK
and lie to you, I don't know how
much time I have left."
Randy Orton is emotionless like a snake, like a boa, Lawler and Cole 
 you know when your lying there and your  Commentary
staring a snake in the eye and it just has no emotion
and by no emotion Randy Orton actually shows emotion

Monday Night Raw Quotes from the past 10 years

"Jeff Hardy is Excited"   Jeff Hardy
"I don't care about HD, I only care about hurting people"   Snitzky
"Hypen Hypen Hypen" Cage
"Why buy the cow when there's someone that let's you milk Santino Murella
them for free"
"Tadpole Splash" JR
"The Millionare Mauler" JBL
"I don't have all night now kiss my ass" Vince
"Legend Superstar Legendary Superstars" Mike Adamle
"With that viper like mind it can strike at any moment ?
"It's time to play the game!  Duffy Mark out
"what game?" moment
"The only game in town!  The Cerebral Assassin!"
"Chris Benoit is my biological dad… thank god he didn't know. Sign of the year
"Without a shred of uncertainty" HBK
"Crude, complacent Cena
"That was one hell of a copter
"Guess Jeff Hardy doesn't stand on his roof anymore huh? Cage
"No No no I did not have illegal contact with that candidate" Bill Clinton
"We don't know much about John Cutler except his name Mike Adamle
rhymes with butler and if he wins the cutler will have done it"
"I'm not gonna complain about your announcing, the line's too long Lawler
"Nickelbox" IOS
"Are large breasts and skirts required for this function?" Santino Murella
"The alpha male mount position" JR
"Can we get a robot but make him black? Yeah a black robot!" Drake
"Oppertunities Knocks" Cena
"The Samoan Bulldog goin to Smackdown" Mike Adamle
"Rey Mastrio Santino Murella
"Hey it's EC Funk's Birthday today" Cage
"That's the most worthless piece of information" Lenny
"A one way ticket to painsville straight to Nobleville" Jamie Noble
"I'm Finising Kane"
"I don't wrestle those with the fillopean tubes, I only wrestle those Santino Murella
with the adam apple"
"This match is gonna implode at any moment" JR
"Go for a lateral press you fucking piece of shit, oh look a one Duffy J-
count, Fuck you cody rhodes"
"Cody Rhodes needs to hang out with Mike Adamle and grow Duffy J-
some fuckin balls"
"I enjoy torturing the innocent" KANE
I'm definitely not gonna happen to me, I'm definiteley not gonna Mike Adamle-
let it happen to me"
"Arrain Neutral" Mike Adamle
"God please don't go all regular Joe on us" IOS
"Playstation 475, Y Box, and Wii 7400" HBK
"and now at this lime will you please welcome…" Lilian Garcia
"Prototypical Purebreed" Matt Stryker
"Hard Exterior, Precious Insides" Matt Stryker
"I'd tell you I look like a million bucks but I wouldn't want to take Randy Orton
the pay cut"
"I get fan mail from Gene Simmons if you know what I mean" Jerry Lawler
"I'm not having fun unless somebody is suffering" Gene Snitzky
"You want to watch me rub my nipples?  You can tell it to your grandchildren" Zorbo
"Randy Orton is the diamond…Randy Orton is the coal that will become the diamond" HHH
"Do you reserve the right to be white?" ?

Friday, May 13, 2011


"Hey you know what?"

The standard reply is What. But Is that a yes or no question? If you replace the initial question with a person's name:

Hey you know Billy?

The standard reply isn't Billy.  It would be yes or no.

However in the rare occurrence of a person's name or nickname being "What" (William Howard Anthony Thompson) then the initial question would be easier understandable as a yes or no question.

One could also take "Hey you know what" as not a question at all but a statement normally followed by a pause.

Contining with our friend "What" one could argue a statement of "What's up" could have a reply of

"Indeed he is, that's cool he got his pilot's license."

If he were outside.  Or how about this statement slightly altered not pertaining to our friend but instead to the actual word "What" making it  "What is up" which could constitute a reply of

"That sucks about the graffitti on the ceiling."

How about an Alternate:

"Hey guess what?"

Sounds more like an order than anything else.  If you're already being told to guess "what" you have no option to guess anything else which negates the guessing in the first place.  Meaning it's not a guess to begin with.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Like a fly to doo doo
You need me like a bird needs wings
Or little bunny fufu who needs to bop the field mice
So all the kids can sing

They call me El Jefe
El primo de los matadors
The master of the metaphor,
A chaw chewin' troubadour
The one you've come to love and adore,
And I've come to take you away

Take you away
Take you away
Take you away

Take you away
Take you away
Take you away

I'll make you go goo goo
Like a baby that sees candy right before its eyes
I'll kiss your little boo boo
Make it better than it's ever felt before

They call me El Jefe
El primo de los matadors
The master of the metaphor,
A chaw chewin' troubadour
The one you've come to love and adore,
And I've come to take you away

I'll take you away now
I'll take you away now

Can you do the two step fleshtone slide?
Well I'll teach you
Can you do the achy breaky eyeball dance?
Well I'll teach you

Can you do the two step fleshtone slide?
Well I'll teach you
Can you do the achy breaky eyeball dance?
Well I'll teach you

They call me El Jefe
The boss and the point man
And I've come to take you away
They call me El Jefe
The boss and the hit man
And I've come to take you away

Monday, April 18, 2011

Raw Thoughts Episode #934

Very strange opening segment and mic work from both Truth and Morrison.  I felt they were actually given some freedom and control on what was said during the segment.

The match that followed was ok and Morrison hit one of the better Starship pains he has ever hit.  The R-Truth heel turn was intriguing as these turns don't occur very often in WWE anymore because most of the time the faces move so much merchandise with the kids and younger audience that turning them would be a loss of cash flow.  I think we can all agree though that R Truth doesn't move T Shirts so I think turning him is a smart fresh move.  I liked the whole opening segment though and am interested to see where they go with it.

I'm assuming the Steel Cage match was announced on Smackdown?  I don't watch so I wouldn't know.

Ladies and Gentlemen the new spokesman for Just For Men haircolor, Mr. Dolph Ziggler 2.0

I know everyone is banking on Sin Cara to deliver the goods but thus far I have been somewhat disappointed.  I don't think it's Mistico's fault at all though I just think that the clash in styles from CMLL/AAA and WWE has been difficult to mesh thus far.  On a positive note he did finally hit his ring enterance properly and it was impressive.
Not impressive however, was the finish to the tag match.

The women's matches just get worse and worse each week.  Botchamania has some new material.

Michael Cole segment aka time filler/killer blah blah blah.  I did have a flashback to the Lawler/Hart feud.

Orton and Punk was very good and probably one of the best matches they have had on Raw since the year kicked off with Miz/Morrison.

If I was to compare this Raw to a sandwich I would probably call it a Shit sandwich with delicious Great harvest bread (The Opening and Closing Segments of Raw) and the Shit (everything in between) 

Oh yeah, someone forgot to inform R Truth that the words "fight" and "fighting" have been outlawed. 

Can't wait for WWE Mania 28!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Raw Thoughts 4.11.11

Raw meh

Ross' statement that this is the first ever 5 man gauntlet in Monday Night Raw history is questionable.  I don't have the drive to look up the history of gauntlet matches from Raw but it could be incorrect I guess.

Oh yeah let me touch on Cena's flub on the mic to the Miz from last week: "I hope I never get another chance to face you again"  Uh well your hope has been crushed because your now in a triple threat match at Extreme Rules.  Speaking of flubs, Miz was off on some of his Main Event commentary tonight.

Corre/Apple segment was amusing and quote of the night goes to Santino for "And unlike an Apple, this fight will not keep the doctor away."

They seriously need Awesome Kong debut and squash the entire Women's division.  Too bad it won't happen

Putting the Diva's title on Brie is fine I guess.  A few weeks ago I gave Eve props for putting on some decent matches but I think I'll regress my confidence in her as I think it was just that match against Natalya.

Sin Cara debuted good but not great.  A blown spot finish and for the second week in a row he looks like he nearly botches his enterance.  Maybe it's just me but it almost looks like he's going to pull a Benjamin.  (Or Super Calo) 

Main Event Gauntlet was ok but setting it up thsi way is just a false push for R Truth just so Miz can pin Truth at Extreme Rules and claim he holds another victory over Cena. Thus making Miz continue to look strong without having Cena look weak.

Average Raw like I said.  Meh.

An afterthought:   Former ROH World Champion Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) won the FCW tag team championship.  Way to go, pray they don't bury you if and when they bring you up to the main roster. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Raw Thoughts 4.4.11

As I stated yesterday I was disappointed with Wrestlemania. Looking back I'd have to give the match of the night to Orton/Punk and actually marked out for Orton biting the ring post during the figure four spot.

Nice to see Lawler/Ross back together again albeit for 20 minutes.

 H3 opening mic time was standard WWEntertainment. 

I understand Michael Cole is a great heel but his antics are getting repetitive and I feel this storyline with Lawler is getting stale.  Especially after the abysmal performance last night.

The finish of Orton/Rey vs. Punk Rhodes was very good probably the best finish I've seen in a while.

Stone Cold/Tough enough segment- yawn.

The finish in Daniel Bryan's rematch came way too early.  I wish they would give them some time to show what they can do.  Scrapping this from Mania was another big reason for my disappointment.

Booking Rock/Cena one year in advance is a risky move concidering all the unknown factors of Injuries, etc.  A better move would have been to book it for Summerslam.  This is coming from someone who remembers when SummerSlam was one of the Main 4 PPV's of the year. 

Lastly, It's good to see that the Rock finally remembers where the hard camera is.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Season Statistics

Bowling Finale

I didn't even update last week because we bowled so terribly. We lost all games and 6 of 7 heading into the playoffs. I had 6 strikes the entire night. Then a week later, I threw that many in the first 7 frames:

266/167/178 611 Series

I finally returned to mid season form to rock my highest game of the entire season in a line that looked like this X X X X 7/ X X X X X9/.  After the first game we threw a 944 handicap game for our team and was sitting in first place. Having the league championship in our sights was unchartered territory for sure with the history of our team.

Then things began to fall apart game 2.  I lost my line and agressive bite to the pocket.  I had back to back open frames mid game and then threw a split in the 10th frame.  A 99 pin differential between Game 1 and 2 is no good.  We fell hard and ended game 2 with an 831 team game.  So we now fell back into the pack trailing by 20 pins going into game 3 and then the unthinkable happened and I began game 3 with back to back open frames and I was not able to recover.  I had a few strikes here and there but couldn't put anything together.  It didn't help that our opponent went off Game 3 and threw a 950 series.  The MVP of the night went to one opponent who had a 160 average and threw a 222/173/201 596 series which when handicap is involved averages out to an extra 116 pins.  That put us out of the championship and we were feeling very deflated as the final game came to a close.  I turn to my teammate and quote"

"Nobody...circles the wagon... like the Buffalo Bills."

We ended about half a game ahead of the other two teams in the playoffs but I assumed we would take 3rd or 4th place as we normally do.  Then the unthinkable happened and my teammate Bill said we got 2nd.  Second place is new ground for our team and a huge 180 turn around from completely missing the playoffs last year. Alsco Irrigation won't be our sponsor next year as Ben quit his job after 100 years of service. Our rumored sponsor next year will be Courtesy Motors as Bill got a promotion to Sales manager there.  So that will put a fresh look to our team. 

Onto the awards of the season and the night.  For tonight's sweepers week I won a little extra cash for high game (266) and high handicap game (284).  For the season I won high scratch series (729) and what I'm most content with was league high average (199.5).  Unfortunatley I couldn't keep that 200 as I failed in the last 3 games of the season. 

So now comes the off season, I don't plan on bowling much until late August.  However if I do throw here or there perhaps I'll do an update.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Raw Thoughts 3.21.11

Opening Segment with H3 was solid build to Mania.  Dibiase was the perfect guy to squash considering he hasn't won a match on Raw since July.  After the pedigree I got a laugh out of the random fan "Put him in a body bag yeahhh!" 

Sheamus/Bourne was short and to the point but ok.

Maryse/Eve leads for worst women's match of the year IMO.  I don't know if they were supposed to be that bad due to the continuance of putting Cole over as mega heel but it was bad.  It's unfortunate too because just a few weeks ago I was putting Eve over for her continued hard work in the ring.  Her match with Natalya was good.

Corre/Santino Kozlov not terrible but could someone tell Justin Gabriel to get back to doing the 450 the way he was doing it when he was in FCW?  It seems like the way he's hitting it now is more of a fall off the top rope than a jump.  I don't watch Smackdown but it seems like ever since he botched that one with Orton he's timid up there.

Ziggler/Laycool/Vickie vs Morrison/Trish not great.  The finish drove me absolutely batshit.  Since it was an intergender handicap match one of the rules is that the women have to wrestle the women and vice versa.  Well this was all fine and dandy until the finish wasn't Dolph pinning J Mo but instead a tag to Vickie and she covers for the win?  Isn't that against the rules?  I would have been fine with this if the intergender rules weren't focused on in the match by not only the referee but the commentary as well. It's things like this that make me want to stop watching WWE.

The Wrestlemania Rewind concept in years past has been pretty cool and brought some fresh matchups to Raw.  However tonight we only get one match?  Orton/Rey was good until the finish which was terrible.  Yeah it gives CM Punk the revenge factor and all and builds to Mania but I thought it was worthless. 

Speaking of worthless, on the same night we see the worst diva's match of the year we also see the worst acting job.  Never question if that really was Randy Orton's wife because that was the most pathetic attempt I've ever seen.  "someone get some help." after your husband has just been beaten down in the parking lot by another man with a wrench I think you'd be a bit more hysterical than that.

On a more positive note, Vice President of Corporate Communications is a nice touch.

I semi-marked out when I realized what was happening during the Miz' main event mic segment.  Hoping that a new belt would be unveiled.  But alas it's the same damn belt (and it is a belt not a fucking championship) just with the logo turned upside down.  Hey Miz, when you finish with your "I'm awsome" quote with the mic turned upside down it's back to the WWE logo.  Just a heads up.  Here's another piece of advice Miz- You know your defending the WWE Title against John Cena at Wrestlemania 27 so you must be studying all of Cena's matches.  So let's say hypathetically at some point in that match Cena blasts you with back to back flying shoulder tackles.  It would probably be a good idea to NOT THROW A CLOTHESLINE.  That is all.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bowling Scores 3.8.11

207, 172, 226  605 Series

My first 600 since January 11th.  Rather than talk about how the lane conditions are and how I bowled tonight.  I'd like to switch things up and talk about the drama that built to an explosion halfway through game 3.  We bowled Mounatin Mike's tonight and halfway through the second game one of their bowlers threw a ridiculous slop strike that was extremely questionable whether the rack came down and knocked over a pin.  Rather than calling it in and having to wait for a re-spot our team was nice enough to call it a strike.  Then because the computer scored it as a 9 count there needed to be an adjustment made to fix it to a X.  Well nobody on their team immediately went over and fixed it.  I'm sitting there wondering if any of them are going to.  Finally my teammate Bill asks me if I can fix that.  I turn to him and say "but they're the enemy."  In years past this is the team that gets all technical and shit when things like this happen and this is also the team that questioned if the replacement bowler for my Dad would be able to bowl enough weeks to establish an average and qualify to be able to bowl for us in the playoffs.  I did not realize how much of a premonition this was.

Halfway through game 3 my other teammate Scott bowls in the fifth frame and his shoe sticks and he trips, stumbling over the foulline but not hitting the actual foul line causing a foul.  He ends up getting a strike.  Nobody says anything then Bill goes and throws a stike as well.  All of a sudden their leadoff bowler Bob proclaims that if he touched over the foul line then it's a foul and that his score needs to be erased and he needs to throw again.  Which heats up Bill because he now assumes his strike did not count and then has to throw again. 

"Well then the fuckin rack hit your strike last game."

Ohhh shit it's on now.  Arguements ensue and it gets heated.  I'm pissed as well and before any decisions are made I say screw it and I go bowl to finish out the fifth frame. Thinking the farther we move past the questionable frame the more likely they would let it go.  But Bob wouldn't.  I wasn't near the heated conversation but it turns out the compromise would be Scott would take a zero first ball and throw a second ball.  While Bill's strike that followed would count.  Bill didn't even realize I had bowled so my score would not count.  I wasn't complaining as I had a 9 count and when I re-threw I winded up with the same thing.  The rest of the night was awkward as shit to say the least. Bob who began the whole thing moved all of his equipment a lane down so he wouldn't have to talk to us much the rest of the night. 

Maybe I would understand all the seriousness if this was a scratch league but come on I've bowled on this league for nearly 10 years and I've never really seen it categorized as much of a compettitive league.  I also think another reason Bob was complaining and what not is because their team is used to being in the playoffs every year and this year they are struggling to even hit the wildcard spot.  With one week to go they need a lot of help to get in. 

On the night we lost two of three and total pins so we sit at 27-36 for the third third and 108-95 overall.  Next week is position round which doesn't concern us because we are already in the playoffs in two weeks.  16,833 pins through 84 games.  Clinging to a 200.39 average through 29 weeks.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The B.B.R. and other quotes

If it doesn't make sense, then it's done it's job.

Classic Quotes, Experiences, etc.

"I have a kid so I can't work that much"

"Taste the Rainbow. Smoke the Rainbow." SPW Fan-

"Walk the dog. That sounds good. Does that have the yellow sauce on it?" Father-in-law-

"What did you do on your honeymoon? We went to the dentist!"

"Less of a fit, more of a convulsion" Duffy Senior-

"Limit yourself to reach your full potential" Lenny-

"Wanna know how to make some money? Pigeons!" Dale Spainhower-

"Tasty Burgers."

"I didn't brush my teeth..." "That's ok we're about to eat."

Dream of Execution- Pinkerton-

"I'm willing to die at Wrestlemania" -Floyd Mayweather-

Autistic Piss/Elk Piss

Nasty Boys Energy Medley *Salsbury Steak Flavor*

"Party like a Sasquatch" Duffy J-

"Who's a Cookie Monster?" Tank Toland to Bobby Dempsey-

"Why don't you just dye Ric Flair purple and go as the California Raisin" Duffy J-

"This pen is worthless it doesn't write on anything but paper." Duffy J-

"Heath Ledger died." "Did he finish batman first?" Wangberg-

"I'm fat if I don't eat I will die" Eiffel 65 and a half- Walter-

"I threw my back out playing too much Heroquest." Duffy J-

"I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt on this one." General Manager-

"About 35 feet." Walter-

"Get in Butch."


"Will you sign my son? Will you rub my baby?" Oroville Fan to Brian Cage

"How's the bust factor on a scale of Play It Again John Denver to my Dad?" Duffy J-

"Go mow the dishwasher."

Tamale Ice Cream

"Crayons and Coloring Books? That shit costs money!" Duffy J-

"I feel like my skin is too tight for my fat."

"Deaf in one eye."

"When are you getting the batteries pulled from the genetic jackhammer?" Duffy J-

"Take a look, it's in a book, Rubber Dog Mask" Duffy J-

"Work together, and knock the shit off" Anonymous Yuba City Construction Worker

"I got your horoscope right here!"

"Death to Davis! You know you want to say it! You know it's True! Death to Davis!"

"Kick a field goal! Janikowski! Kick a Field Goal!" Drunk Raider fan when Oakland began every single drive.

"You come in here wearing that jersey? I hope you get the Business! Welcome to Oakland."

"Actually I only listen to Black Metal." Duffy J talking to magazine salesman
"I got some Incubus."

"I like to dip my hands in a port-a-potty before I take a bite of MY sandwich." Duffy J

"Limp wristed yellow bellied sissy."

"Nothing says tickling your fancy like cleaning sand urns."

"Holy shit!"
"Yeah, holy shit he bit a fuckin blood capsule."

"I steal your mom's little rascal to get to my limo."

"Little Richard is coming over and I gotta take care of him."

President Milk Outside

Oroville's little secret

"We're all born terminal."

"I think Steve-o could take Cena."
"That's the stupidest thing you've ever said."

"Billy! You know Grandmother has allergies what are you doing cutting the grass on Saturday?" Duffy J-

"I hope it's you" Duffy J-

"Ow! My Heart! No Seriously, My heart!" Walter

"Maybe they could write something else on the bag..."

"The green one's suck."
"You Suck!"

"I think I got all five of em'" Anonymous Employee

"What's the T in Dust stand for?" Anonymous Employee-

"Chinese Earthquake Response" Walter

"Stab that knife into the table again and I'm gonna kick you in the face." Sipple to Havens

"This kinda hurts my hand."


EXTREME High Fives

Aligning he bulb in five with a hand near the tap settings...
"IS IT CLEAR YET!" Walter-

"I'm shaking like fucking Michael J Fox." Walter-

"Fuck that." Walter-

"I don't wanna steal your chickens, I just wanna know if you have any." Midnight Cowboy-

"There's nothing wrong with the street." D-Fens

"Greenhouse gasses!" DMX/Carly the Cardinal remix

"Outsourcing OHHHHHHHH" Vader-

"ELMER HOWLETT!!!! What happened to your car?!!!" Mr Crowley remix-

"Number 5 is going to tailwrap." -Walter

"Choose one making you better feeling!" Tom Green-

"Everything upstairs runs on pigeon heads." I don't remember this one.

"HA!" -Sipple
"hah..." -Felix

"Those Five Years were gonna suck anyway." Walter-

"BACK WITH THE REST OF EM!!! BOOOOO BOOOOOO!!!!!" Walter dominating Floyd-

"Celebrate the dump on your face, it keeps me dancing." Walter's remix of Daft Punk's One More Time-

"Non-soy Otter Fat"

"Sit on the Rainbow"

"Convenience breeds impatience"

"You can't take it from Granite because grane is not a word."

"Rubber Robot Groundhog Mask"

"Everytime I start to be productive I have to take a break"


"The Job is complete. How Fast? Half-assed."

"I'm drinkin Rolling Rock on the Rollin Rocker! Rolling Rock. Rollin Rocker. Yeahaha!"

"If I slit my wrists while on the clock and fail, do I have to fill out an accident report?" Duffy J-

"When I was a young boy I asked my grandfather, "why must I watch the sheep die?" He struck me with his staff and shouted "Why must the sheep watch you live?" -Jack Schnitzler-

"I got a pool table in my bladder"

"Guacomole Orangutans and Beef Stew Flavored Chalk"

"Pickled Wombat Water"

"Putt the Polecat and don't you come back no more no more no more no more... (Putt this way!)"

"Now listen recklessly, I'm gonna say this a dozen times"

"Facebook Suicide"

"He's so ugly that when he was a kid he had to trick or treat over the phone" Jerry Lawler-

"He's white? That's unfortunate."

"The Pirates didn't want Bibles."

"Sewage Rootbeer"

Bowling Scores 2/22/11

162, 219, 193  574 Series

Strikes in Game 1- 1
Strikes in Game 2- 7

No clue what to do once again.  I began the night trying to throw the line I ended last week but with no consistency what so ever.  I couldn't get the ball outside the 10 board which was the only place it would come back strong to the pocket. 10-14 boards soaked and rolling anywhere near there and you've got a pretty good chance of a washout-missing the head pin completely.  Luckily the rest of my team came through and we won game 1 850-844.

I finally got things together in game 2 for a bit.  Went back to the bread and butter of my stance at the 19-20 board and finally started getting the ball outside and slowing it down.  Unfortunatley we lost the 2nd game by a measly 2 pins 835-837.  I needed to XXX out to tie and was only able to XX8.  It didn't help that my only open frame in game 2 was in the 9th when I missed a 7 pin.  For 7/12 strikes a 219 is pretty weak.

Third game everyone exploded for deuces except me.  A 210,212,213, and 193.  We steamrolled game 3 949-841. 

I believe this marks the first time in the third third of the season that we have won more than we have lost.  We still sit in last for this third at 18-31 but for the season we are knocking on the door of 100 wins at 99-90.  Still not a whole lot of confidence in my game as each week I'm just experimenting with stuff, trying to keep it clean as best I can and claw my way to hopefully a series that can get my team the W.

15,676 total pins and an average of 200.97 through 78 games.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Raw Thoughts 2/14/11

Until the finish the Eve Natalya match was shaping up to be the best women's match on Raw in a long time. 

Miz/Bryan put on a great match.  I just wished Miz would have sold a bit more post match during his mic segment but I guess that would have made him look weak as champ.  How many times did Bryan kick him in the chest?  Great Agressive Stuff that we rarely see in the PG era. 

Speaking of Agressive stuff, John Morrison's work on Monday Night was very well done.  I had glimpses of him soon being at the top of the ladder in the main event scene.  He's been walking that tightrope from mid-card to Main eventer for quite some time now and his on screen effort truly showed his passion for the business.

Now for the buzzkill of the night that comes in the form of David Otunga.  Aside from some decent mic work, I have to say Otunga may be the new MVP as in most boring wrestler to watch.  I really think they should have had Otunga get kicked in the head and still have Harris in the group.  Nothing stands out for Otunga.  He's not a diciple of his father or has wrestling in his blood or anything like that.  He should be sent back down to FCW and be re-packaged with some sort of gimmick that works. 

Sheamus/Orton was ok, clean finish out of nowhere was a good changeup. 

2.21.11- Wow, what a failure at keeping Smarks and marks alike guessing.  Few will agree with me but I think Undertaker should have retired years ago.  And spoiling his return by showing his face this week was disappointing to say the least. 


After 7 long years the Rock returns and will Host Wrestlemania 27.  A small part of me was hoping there would be a Rocky Sucks chant but alas even when heels have been away for as long as the Rock has you know he's going to get a roof blowing off the place type of ovation.  However no ovation will ever compare to the one Hogan got on Smackdown years ago.  That one was damn near 15 minutes and they had to go to a commercial break. 

While I was disappointed last week when they scrapped the Vince McMahon Coma angle just to have him make an announcement for this week, I was glad to see that it was high profile and not something disappointing like Bob Barker.  It seems Vince knew that this year's road to Wrestlemania was shaping up to be a boring one with Edge/Del Rio not really getting much interest.  He shouldn't be surprised though, they haven't pushed someone this hard this fast since Kurt Angle IMO.

Rock's Promo was great and I'm glad they decided to set aside the PG rating for the overrun.  Rock stating that he's here to stay and not going anywhere still has me skeptical because that could mean what he's been these last seven years, an entertainer. The burying of Cena was great because it confused the shit out of Aneheim for a while and I think I even heard some mixed boos for the Rock.  I would say the chances of the Rock ever wrestling another match in WWE are about as good as Austin wrestling one.  I do think it would be a strong move to keep The Rock as an on air character no matter the capacity. 

An entertaining way to end Raw as we look ahead to Wrestlemania it's looking like Del Rio/Edge and Miz/Cena is evident.  The rest of the card is up in the air.  Wouldn't it be nice if the Intercontinental Title could be defended at Mania?  That title hasn't had any prestige since Kurt Angle held it and broke down what Intercontinental meant.  Another great promo might I add.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bowling Scores 2/15/11

166, 170, 224  560 Series

I don't know how I pulled a 224 out of my ass but it happened.  I've been non-existent for the last month.  This would be the point in the blog where I lie and tell you that I'm sandbagging for the playoffs. When in actuality I am not and have lost my groove compeltely.  Went into the night with a 201.9 average and it should decrease a bit more.
I'm missing spares that I shouldn't be missing.  Through two games tonight I think I had five strikes total.  Thankfully I finished the night with a five bagger and the only reason I did that was trying a line I haven't tried all season.  Threw 5 board and stood 15, additionally I lofted the ball quite a ways onto the lane with medium speed. 

We only took the first game and we sit in last place for the third third of the season at a miserable 13-29.  94-88 for the year. 

Last week's scores were abysmal:  157, 187, 172 516 Series.

And the week before that I was in Sacramento for Clutch so I didn't even bowl but I guess you could say I threw my average- 609 series! hah.

I guess it's a sandbag type of third.  We have a few more weeks before playoffs but the lines I were throwing in weeks 11-20  are in no way working like they should be.  I guess it's time to get creative and try some different stuff out.  There's no way to know how the lane conditions are going to be for the playoffs so the more lines to the pocket I can work on the better.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bowling Scores 1/18/11

186/202/157  545 Series

My god were the lanes abysmal tonight. The league president/Patriots fan decided to no show it because he couldn't handle the ass whoopin his boy Brady took on Sunday. The League Secretary was there and mentioned at the end of the night that he believes the oil machine broke down. Also meaning instead of stripping off an old oil pattern and putting on a new one, The machine just oiled right over the top of an old pattern.  Everyone was struggling and I felt like I was either A: Back in the 2008 ProAm Reno tourney or B: Back in 2009 mode where the lanes were like this for much of the season.  On a normal night the more games that are bowled the more you can notice the oil moves around and the lanes change a bit, much of the time for the better.  Not Tonight.  My teammate mentioned to me that it seemed like a viper pattern where throwing a ball outside the 10 board with any kind of velocity and your not going to see it come back anywhere near the head pin let alone the pocket. While anything inside the 10 boards late is dry as a bone and your ball will take off on you diving into the headpin leaving splits all night long.

Through 22 weeks of the season I had never been more confused after a few throws in practice.  I started out trying my normal line of 20/10 meaning standing at the 20 board and throwing at the 10 board.  That didn't work worth a damn with speed so I slowed it down and then anything between the 10 and 20 board late was bone dry and diving in leaving splits for many myself included.  I then moved to the right and tried 15/10 line which worked in spurts but nothing consistent.  I also tried 15/15,20/15, and every other combination of speed and rotation I could think of.  Nothing worked.

It was a damn near miracle I was able to throw a deuce game 2. I strung together a couple of XXX's but a few of those were brooklyn hits.  I probably had almost a full game of open frames on the night with at least 4 splits I can remember. I also probably missed the headpin more tonight that the entire season combined. The only real highlight of the night was a 6-7-10 conversion in the 1st frame of the 2nd game. I did not realize how huge this conversion would become because it's the only game we would win on the night by the narrowest of margins, 840-838. 

Game 1 we lost 774-824 and Game 3 lost 781-829.  I looked everywhere for anyone that might be figuring these lanes out and there was noone.  The high game when I left was a 206.  I'll be interested to see what the high series is next week I can't imagine it will be much above 550ish.

I really hope this is just a one week thing and that the oil machine isn't going to constantly leave us with conditions like this.  It seriously isn't fun to bowl on at all. 

204.37 Average through 66 games and 13,489 total pins.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Thoughts on LOST

 So many mixed reviews of how the writers of LOST finished up the series.  Well it was damn difficult to go so long without hearing any spoilers. Alas, I was able to make it through Seasons 5 and 6 over the last couple months and thought I'd put forth some of my feelings in regards to the show.

The initial reviews that I kept overhearing were that the finish was just awful.  I can see how some would feel this way.  My initial take on the final season is fairly positve.  The whole flash sideways aspect was intriguing and not so bad.  Yes, I agree things could have been written differently (I.E. the realization of seeing you in another life, brotha)

My favorite episode of the final season by far is the back story of Richard Alpert in "Ab Aeterno".  I seriously caught myself during this episode saying aloud: "This is really good." I know there was no one else in the room but people who know me wouldn't question it. They know I'm crazy.  Really.  I felt myself immediately emotionally drawn to the character we never knew much about for five seasons and then in one episode making the audience feel so much closer to Richard is just amazing.  They did a damn fine job on this one.  I guess I'm not alone as while researching others reviews I came across this episode which cracked the top 15 TV episodes of 2010 on some website listings.

On the other side of the coin I'd have to say "Across The Sea" was the weakest of episodes in the season.  The back story of Jacob and The Man In Black just bored me and I couldn't get into it at all.  I didn't mind Jacob when he was talking to the candidates and guiding them around the island, but the back story of him growing up with his brother didn't deliver for me.

To back track for a moment, a couple of other things that kind of sat sour with me during Season 5 I believe, was when Sawyer wakes up as head of security for The Dharma Initiative he receives a phone call and runs out to the edge of the Island to see the Blue Volkswagen and the reuniting of Jack, Kate, and Hurley.  There was never any explanation of how they landed the plane on the Island or how it occurred that they were able to land during the same point in time, 1977.  I was kind of angry when I came to this point in the series.  Really? He just receives a call and BAM! they all reunite?  I thought they could have come up with something better here. This part lacked an explanation.

The cheesy quote of the series has to go to Sawyer when they are planning to hijack the plane and Kate asks him how they're going to fly the plane when they don't have a pilot:

"We're not taking the plane... We're taking the sub."

  Ok so Sawyer isn't qualified to fly a plane but we are to assume he can operate a Submarine?  A few episodes later this would be explained but I'm sure the majority of the viewers did not know this at the time.
The one character I thought was out of place most of the time during the series was Lapidus as there was never much of a backstory on him and he always seemed to me to be just sort of a goofball pilot (Kind of like the Jack Dalton character in MacGyver) I guess they needed someone that was a pilot and for that he does fit the part well.  However of all characters, Lapidus I feel the most detached from.
The final episode comes to a close and is aptly titled "The End".  It was a fine way to finish things up with your standard good prevails attitude.  I think a lot of people predicted something similar to what ends up happening, I know I did however with not so many twists and turns.  My only question and request is that they were to have an alternate final episode with all of the evil characters and what awaits them on the other side.  I'm talking about characters like Charles Widmore, Mr. Ecko, The Man in Black (perhaps in another timeline?), The guy who kills Linus' daughter, etc.  It would have been cool to find a little more about their fate.

I no longer have Cable as you may know and I'm not missing it.  However there are a few shows that come along every few years that I can get into.  LOST was one of them.  I'm not upset or disappointed with the finish I enjoy shows that are written like this where you have to actually think and not zone out and drool on yourself. So good job J.J. Abrams you kept me entertained for six solid seasons.

Now it will be a few more years before Stephen King's Dark tower series comes to life on the big screen and as a TV series thanks to Ron Howard and company.  So I count each passing day like a 12 year old Harry Potter/Twilight mark waiting for what happens next.