Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bowling Scores 12-27-05

242, 152, 177 571 Series

Top 3 Averages after Week #19:

1. Matt 208.5
2. Duffy J 204.5
3. David 195.6

Team won 2 of 3 games for 4 points putting us at a season best 79 wins and 54 losses.
I thought I had posted this last tuesday but I guess I didn't publish it so here ya go.

Duffy J-

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bowling Scores 12-20-05

Current mood:sick

188, 213, 226 627 Series

I'm not one to get sick much but these past two days have been hell. Luckily I made it through bowling without any problems and got my 600 series for the week keeping a lock on the second highest average on league.

Tuesday I got home from Bowling and seriously I have been sleeping pretty much the entire time since then. Pounding Headache pretty much the whole time and it has taken me until now to post my Bowling scores from Tuesday.

A few notes from Tuesday would include ending the third game with 6 strikes in a row before missing my final shot. My first frame of the third game was a 7-10 split leave (1 of 3 on the night) I came soooo close to picking up that 7-10. the 10 bounced out of the pit and came up just short of kicking out the 7. I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow feeling a little better. Concidering work, and the fact that Friday morning is Swingin For Santa 3 (A wiffleball Reunion) followed by the infamous 3rd annual Clint Wattenberg Tacos De Burrito eating contest. www.wiffleball2k.com for more info.

Back to the NyQuil and more rest............

Duffy J-

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Current mood:drained

Buzzards don't buzz. But if they did, and one was to buzz only once, would that make it a non-plural Buzzard?

A random thought brought to you by
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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Subway Monkey Hour


Current mood:awake

I definately recommend this DVD as it is a must for any Tom Green fan. I won't go into any details but Tom Green runs a muck over Japan and it is quite hillarious!! Run out and Pick it up today!
"It makes a great stocking stuffer!"
Duffy J-

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bowling Scores 12-13-05


Current mood:tired

160, 218, 252 630 Series

1. "That's why I don't play the card game"
2. "The slump is over bitches!"

Going into the night here are the top 3 averages on league:

Matt- 211.0
Dean- 204.7
Robert- 204.6

Ha! so those few pins I gained did matter. Anyways to go into detail for a minute. Everyone at the alley has a card game and it's a dollar buy in. One Strike you get a card, two spares you get a card. Pick up a split get a card and XXX in a row you get 4 cards and every X after that you get 2 cards. Well I never play but tonight I gave it a shot. Let me tell you how the first game went. I opened in 4 of the first 6 frames and had like a 54 in the 5th. I strung together a couple of XX to make it not completely embarassing. I end the game with my first spare of the entire game. I turn to my dad and my team and I say "that's why I don't play the card game." Seriously, I would rather be down by 29 pins and have to XXX out in the 10th frame that play a jobber card game. In case you were wondering I ended up with a pair of 9's. Yay!

Lanes were super oily tonight and I left 10 pins mad crazy style. 2nd game I opened the game with XXXX in a row and then proceded to spare out right ending with a 218 and an all mark game.

The third game: 9/XXXXXXXX62

Yeah 8 in a row and then I rushed it in the tenth frame for some reason. Opening in the tenth kills me inside but at least I'm out of the slump of the 600less month and a half. I have firm control of 2nd highest average now as we move on.
We won 5 of 7 and sit at 28-21 for the third and 72-47 on the season. Like I said before we already one the first third so we are already in the playoffs and guarenteed at least 4th place out of 10 teams. I don't want this shit to go down like it did summer league though. We dominated the entire season and then got swept in the playoffs. Can someone say Wiffolution?

Duffy J-

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Bowling Scores 12-6-05

211, 180, 189 579 Series

The 600 series mocks me.

I made it in time for one practice shot! Yes! Followed that up with 4 strikes in a row to open the first game. Something about fast starts. Then I really lost it in the 5th and 6th opening in both frames. Followed by 2 more strikes as this is this "Spares who needs em" game. Opened in the 9th and finished with 9/X to end the 10th frame.

Second game once again I started leaving 10 pins and then a 7-10 split towards the middle of the game. Couldn't find any X's this game until I struck out in the 10th. You can imagine what I would have rolled if I hadn't. Terrible play as I'm trying to stay calm.

3rd game I once again started fast with XXX in a row then once again perfect pocket hit and what? ANOTHER 7-10 split. Again I say.... the 600 mocks me as of late. Looking up I needed to end with XXXX to get a 602 but instead I lost my shot and ended with a 189.

The story behind the story is I entered the night with a 205.5 average as I now only have the 3rd highest average in the league. 205.6 we will call him Robert.... We played his team and I went head to head as we were both the anchors on our respective teams. His scores were as follows: 200,178,195 573 series. Narrowly beating him by 6 pins I don't think will give me back my spot at #2.
We went 5-2 on the night. Again 2 points for a win and 1 point for total pins.

Duffy J-

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Old School Music 1988-1993


That's right let's re-live the bands that I grew up with as a kid before CD's were CD's and I was buying cassette tapes at my local Sam Goody's at the North Valley Plaza Mall.

Kriss Kross, Salt n' Pepa, Queen Latifah, Onyx, Shaq Diesel, and Shanice, that's right I admit it! I bought a Shanice album! Busta!