Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bowing Scores 10/20 & 10/27/09


199, 187, 162  548 Series

We lost all games putting us at 28-35 with position round next week.  0-14 (0-6) the last two weeks.

Couldn't string anything together, it was the  X,X,Open Frame all night.


184, 188, 224  596 Series

This night began very similar to last week. All 3 games this week started with XX in a row but then a split or an open frame followed.  I was unable to get anything going again until game 3 where halfway through I started throwing very hard and getting my ball outside near the 10 board.  I finished with XXXXXX in a row to end the night.

Team Stats on the night

Game 1 868-835 (W)
Game 2 824-898 (L)
Game 3 938-816 (W)

We also took total pins going 5-2 on the night and ending the first third of the season at 33-37, right in the middle of the pack. 

Duffy J's stats:

5,851 total pins through 30 games with an average of 195.03.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bowling Scores 10/13/09


206, 183, 213   602 Series

We couldn't keep our winning streak going as tonight we got swept for the first time this season.  Our opponents were hitting the pocket and carrying 7 and 10 pins all night, while we were leaving them solid.  Opponent rocked a 269 game (highest on league so far this season) and threw a 660 series. 

While I threw a 6, my path to the pocket was sparadic on the night and I was coming in light quite a bit.  4 open frames this week which is an improvement from last week but 2 of them were back to back in game 2.  My teammates this week were a bit off but I'm not sure it would have mattered.  (Maybe in game 1) 

Well going into the night we were in third place but now we fall back into the middle of the pack with a 28-28 record.  It's going to be really difficult for us to win this first third without running the table from here.  We will see but our main focus should be on getting as many wins as possible. 

Week 8 results

Lost Game 1  859-878
Lost Game 2  954-877
Lost Game 3  865-882
Duffy J's stats:

4,707 total pins through 24 games with an average of 196.1.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bowling Scores 10/6/09


Week 7

207, 213, 156   576 Series

We played Ed's team tonight "The Big Dawgs" and I kept the momentum for our team going and got into the other team's head a little bit with my "Randy Orton is God" comment as "The Big Dawgs" are huge John Cena fans and your standard wrestling marks.  They were telling me how Orton cheated to win the title and I was trying to explain it's really quite impossible to cheat in a hell in the cell match.  Anyways, I believe it helped us get our first sweep of the season.

Game 1  918-828
Game 2  904-867
Game 3  897-831

It seems like every game over the last few weeks we have a shot at hitting a 900 series. Tonight we bowled a 2365 team scratch series!
That's a combined 197 average on the night.  Good stuff.  We remain the team with the highest team average at 745 (186.2).  Going into the night we were sitting at .500 (21-21) ending the night at 28-21 and definitely guarenteed somewhere in the top 3 with 3 weeks till roll off for the first third champion.

Only down side for me is that my third game was by far my worst game of the season.  Check these stats:

Game 3 frames 1-9:  4 open frames, one strike.  And I still managed to throw a 156!  Thanks to XXXing out in the 10th after we already had the sweep locked up with Bill and Dana both throwing a 245 and a 214 respectively. 

Confidently clicking on all levels right now. 
As for Duffy J's stats:

4,105 total pins through 21 games with an average of 195.5.