Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bowling Scores 9-20-11

140/161/182  483 Series

Seven counts on the night-  11

Wow. Worst series of the season.  Even worse than the Week 1 490 which I talked myself into believing was me sandbagging.  Began the night trying the same line I started with last week as the lane conditions were very similar.  Although this week I couldn't get my ball to move into the pocket no matter how far outside I began my line.  I was coming in super thin game 1 and literally didn't have anything higher than a 7 count for the first 6 frames and the 2-4-5 leave was a theme on the night:

71 7/ s72 63 72 7/ X 9/ X s81 140

I tried changing some things around but it didn't matter.  Even when I did get the ball to bite in later in the night I was then chopping the head pin and leaving either splits or 3-6-10's or 3-6-9-10's.

Everyone was struggling game 1 and I don't believe a single bowler cracked 200 through the first 10 frames. 

Game 2 was much of the same. With the lane conditions beginning to dry out, many bowlers were adjusting properly and starting to figure it out.  I was not one of them.  Definitely frusterated and if this was 1998 I would have done something immature and kicked the ball return or punched the scoring machine but instead I quietly shook my head. 

Game 3 I finally started to figure things out but even then, my two best pocket shots on the night left a solid 7 pin on one and a solid 8 pin on the other.  It went from frusteration to shock to hillarity.  I had an all mark game going albeit with only 2 strikes up until the 6th frame where I would chop a 6 pin on a 6-10 conversion attempt. 

X 7/ X 9/ 9/ 81 X 8/ 9/ 9/8 182

If I can take anything positive away from this attrocious night it would be the fact that I was 3/3 in converting 10 pins including back to back frames Game 3. 

7 Strikes, 8 Opens on the night you know your not hitting even a 500 series. Funny I've only thrown 1 series in the 500's through 5 weeks.  Maybe I'll just stay in the 600+ or -500 range.

8/18 on 10 pins through 5 weeks

2763 total pins through 15 games and an average of  184.2

On another side note, looking at the stat sheet it states that I have thrown 2 600 series' but only 1 200 game.  Um... What?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TWA History Season 2 2001

TWA History Season Two - 2001

TWA The Second Season!
House Show 1
Cedar Hall-
January 14th, 2001

The Real Deal McNeal (Debut) d. The Black Ghost with The Done Deal (Full nelson face buster)
J-Money (debut) d. Da Wigga by DQ when Johnny Stitch Interferes.
Leonard Kowalski d. E-Dawg to win the TWA World Title for a 2nd time.
House Show 2-
Cedar Hall

J-Money wrestled Black Ghost to a No Contest when the Reaper returns to the TWA.
Leonard Kowalski Interview
Johnny Stitch (debut) d. Da Wigga by DQ when J-Money interferes.
Crackhead Creighton d. Captain Deez with the crack piledriver  in a 1 Contender triple threat match also involving E-Dawg.  This win gave Creighton a TWA title shot at Backyard Brawl 2001.
House Show 3-
Cedar Hall
March 11th, 2001

Bic Bickley announces Leonard Kowalski will not be wrestling tonight.
Black Ghost d. Johnny Stitch by DQ when Da Wigga interferes.
Crackhead Creighton and E-Dawg wrestled to a double count-out.
The Real Deal McNeal calls out Black Ghost and Reaper, a brawl ensues.
Captain Deez d. Da wigga by Disqualification to retain The Northern Title.
A Leonardo Adame Promo via satellite from Fresno......
House Show 4 Cedar Hall
Johnny Stitch Mic Time- Too many run-ins in his matches...
J-Money d. Johnny Stitch with the moonsault
The Reaper d. Da Wigga with the flatliner
Leonard Kowalski calls out Captain Deez.
Captain Deez d. Leonard Kowalski with the crunch through a box to earn a shot at the world title (If Kowalski is still champion) at King of the Trampoline 2001.
APRIL 8TH 2001

The Black Ghost and The Reaper d. The Real Deal McNeal in a handicap match.
Johnny Stitch d. Da Wigga and J-Money with a splash off the balcony onto Da Wigga.
E-Dawg d. Captain Deez with the cross-face to win the TWA Northern Title.
Leonard Kowalski d. Crackhead Creighton with the Kowalski Kutter to retain the TWA World Title.
House Show 5
Cedar Hall

Captain Deez Mic Time, Calls out Kowalski.
Leonard Kowalski mic time, Kowalski doesn't want to wait until the next PPV so it will be Leonard Kowalsk vs. Captain Deez for the TWA World Title tonight!
The Real Deal McNeal d. Johnny Stitch with help from The OG's
OG's try to recruit Mcneal, McNeal declines stating he doesn't want to associate with a bunch of "shopping mart gangsters"
Johnny Stitch and Real Deal team up on The OG's and share a beer afterward.
Taft Mic Time
Crackhead Creighton confronts Taft and tells him nobody wants him in the TWA.
Taft attacks Creighton, signs TWA Contract
E-Dawg d. The Reaper with a somersault plancha to retain the TWA Northern Title.
Bic Bickley announces there is no world title match tonight and that Kowalski has been laid out in the back.
Captain Deez hits Bickley with The Crunch twice, demands he still get his match at King of the Trampoline.  Bickley agrees.
Mr. Deviant chokeslams Deez.
House Show 6-
First Avenue Arena

Bic Bickley Announcement- Still upset at Kowalski and Deez for making matches without authority.
Tony Styles (debut) announces Johnny Stitch to the ring.
Stitch and Bickley Mic Time
Taft Mic Time
E-Dawg d. The Real Deal McNeal with a schoolboy pin to retain the TWA Northern Title.
Taft and Johnny Stitch wrestled to a no contest when Stitch's Mother abruptly ends the show with a "Andrew! what the fuck is going on?!!!"
House Show 7-
Franklin Arena

Tony Styles presents Johnny Stitch
Stitch calls out Bickley and they argue again.
Johnny Stitch d. Mr. Deviant (debut) with help from E-Dawg to gain a shot at the Northern Title at King of the Trampoline 2001.
Da Wigga Mic Time
Black Ghost d. Da Wigga with a small package.
E-Dawg d. Crackhead Creighton with help from Taft to retain the Northern Title.
Taft D. Captain Deez with help from Kowalski.

Gauntlet Match-
Da Wigga d. The Reaper with Da Wigga Drop
Da Wigga d. The Black Ghost with a sit down powerbomb
J-Money d. Da Wigga with the moonsault.
Triple Threat Northern Title Match-
Match Stipulation- If Johnny Stitch loses, he leaves the TWA.
E-Dawg d. Johnny Stitch and Real Deal McNeal when E-Dawg pinned Johnny Stitch after a Mr. Deviant Chokeslam.
Grudge Match-
Crackhead Creighton d. Taft with the Crack Piledriver
World Title Match-
Captain Deez d. Leonard Kowalski with The Crunch to win the TWA World Title.
House Show 8
Franklin Arena

Bic Bickley Mic Time

Northern Title Match
Taft d. E-Dawg with a full nelson slam to win the TWA Northern Title.

Da Wigga d. Nasty D (debut) with Da Wigga Drop.
Mr. Deviant d. The Black Ghost and The Reaper with a double chokeslam.

Taft d. Crackhead Creighton with a full nelson slam.

The World Title Triple Threat Match featuring Captain Deez, E-Dawg, and Leonard Kowalski did not take place due to Crackhead Creighton suffering lacerations, 17 stitches, and a trip to the hospital from his match with Taft.
There are some lost shows that I do not have results for including the show Crackhead Creighton losing the Northern Title to Captain Deez sometime following Winter Rumble 1999.  But like I said, I walked out on the company so if you want to know what happened you'll have to talk to someone that remained employed with that company till it went bankrupt the first time around.  Maybe Bic Bickley Knows?

TWA History Season 1 1997-1999

TWA History-Season 1- 1997-1999

TWA History Season 1 
1997-1999 Evans Garden/Anderson Park
House Show 1-
Evans Garden September 8th, 1997
Crackhead Creighton d. Leonard Kowalski via Board to the head.
Kowalski Interview-
Leonard Kowalski d. Bonecrusher with the Kowalski Splash
House Show 2 Evans Garden
Creighton Interview
Crackhead Creighton d. Leonardo Adame (credit:Black Ghost)
Kowalski Interview
Leonard Kowalski d. Pinkerton with Kowalski Splash
Evans Garden
Pinkerton d. Bonecrusher with the springboard splash
Black Ghost (debut) d. with powder to the eyes and sleeper
Leonard Kowalski d. Crackhead Creighton with a fisherman's suplex
House Show 3 Evans Garden
Leonard Micphone debuts the new world title belt and announces a tournament for the title.Triple Threat Match
Leonardo Adame d. Crackhead Creighton and The Black Ghost with the Lowrider on Creighton.
Pinkerton and Leonard Kowalski wrestled to a double count out. 
House Show 4 Evans Garden
Start of Tournament for TWA World Title
Crackhead Creighton d. John Sinclair (debut) with the Crack Piledriver
Leonard Kowalski d. Leonardo Adame by forfeit when Adame doesn't arrive to the arena.
Pinkerton d. The Black Ghost with the Crossbody Pinker-Pin.
House Show 5 Evans Garden
Bic Bickley debuts as the TWA Commishioner
Da Wigga (debut) d. The Black Ghost by countout when Black Ghost loses his mask!
Pinkerton d. Leonardo Adame with the crossbody pinker-pin and help from Kowalski.
Crackhead Creighton d. Leonard Kowalski with the crack piledriver to become the first TWA world champion. 
Rematch- The Black Ghost d. Da Wigga with the sleeper hold.
Strap Match- Leonard Kowalski d. Leonardo Adame when Kowalski touches all four corners of the ring.
Three Way Dance Elimination for TWA World Title- Crackhead Creighton d. Leonard Kowalski with the Crack piledriver and Adame was eliminated with the crack splash to retain the TWA World Title.
House Show 6 Evans Garden
Computer Man (debut) d. Da Wigga when Adame's plan backfires
Black Ghost defeated Leonardo Adame with powder to the eyes.
Creighton Interview interupted by Kowalski.
World Title Match- Pinkerton d. Crackhead Creighton by DQ when Kowalski interferes.
House Show 7 Evans Garden
Pinkerton and Kowaslki brawl after Pinkerton comes out for an interview.
Black Ghost d. Da Wigga with help from Dangerous Bob.
Leonardo Adame d. Crackhead Creighton by Count out.
Pinkerton d. Leonard Kowalski with a schoolboy pin.
Backyard Brawl 98' Day 1  Evans Garden
Referee Jeff Morrison Debuts
Dangerous Bob (debut) defeated Black Ghost with the 11:11 Jackhammer
Da Wigga d. Phreaker (debut) with Da Wigga Drop.
Leonard Kowalski d. Phreaker with the Kowalski Kutter.
Backyard Brawl 98' Day 2 Evans Garden
Dangerous Bob d. Da Wigga with the 11:11 Jackhammer and help from Black Ghost
Leonardo Adame d. Da Wigga with the lowrider to become the first TWA Northern Champion.
Pinkerton d. Crackhead Creighton with the crossbody pinker-pin to become the new TWA world champion.
House Show 8 Evans Garden
Leonard Kowalski and Phreaker wrestled to a double count out.
Leonardo Adame d. Dangerous Bob with the lowrider  to retain the Northern Title.
Pinkerton d. Crackhead Creighton and Black Ghost in a handicap match when Black Ghost gets counted out.
House Show 9 Evans Garden
Da Wigga d. Phreaker in a no DQ match with help from Adame.
Leonardo Adame d. Leonard Kowalski with the lowrider (credit Da Wigga run in)
Pinkerton d. Crackhead Creighton by DQ when Black Ghost interferes
House Show 10 Evans GardenLeonard Kowalski d. Crackhead Creighton with 3 Kowalski splashes.
Black Ghost and E-Dawg (debut) wrestled Da Wigga and Leonardo Adame to a no decision when E-Dawg turns on Black Ghost
House Show 11 Evans Garden August 18th 1998
E-Dawg d. Crackhead Creighton with help from Black Ghost
Leonardo Adame d. Black Ghost to retain the Northern Title
Leonard Kowalski d. Pinkerton in a 2 out of 3 falls match to win the TWA World Title
Captain Deez (debut) d. The Don Mega (debut) by DQ when Gunner runs in.
Da Wigga d. Gunner (debut) by DQ when Don Mega runs in.
Crackhead Creighton vs. Black Ghost is thrown out when masked man (later revealed as The Reaper) runs in.
Leonard Kowalski d. Leonardo Adame with the Kowalski Splash to retain the TWA World Title
House Show 12  Anderson Park
Bic Bickley debuts "Cooperate Adame" the future of the TWA.
Cooperate Adame interview
Da Wigga d. Black Ghost with DA Wigga drop and help from The Reaper.
Mr. Riptle calls out a challenge to anyone in the TWA to step up.
Captain Deez d. Mr. Riptle (debut) with The Crunch.
Leonard Kowalski d. E-Dawg by DQ when Da Wigga interferes.
House Show 13 Anderson Park
Winter Rumble Announced as TWA's 5th Pay-Per-View
Bic Bickley Announcement- Jeff Money Maker Morrison will have to wrestle against Cooperate Adame tonight.
Don Mega d. Black Ghost after the lights go out and Black Ghost is laid out.
Gunner d. Captain Deez after a board is broken over Deez' head.
Jeff "Money Maker" Morrison (debut) d. Cooperate Adame by DQ when Crackhead Creighton interferes.
Captain Deez reads a poem for Mr. Riptle
Kowalski Mic Time
Da Wigga runs in and attacks Kowalski, claims 1 contender for the Winter Rumble.
House Show 14 Anderson Park
Cooperate Adame Mic Time
E Dawg d. Black Ghost with front faced DDT.
Captain Deez and Crackhead Creighton wrestle to a Double Disqualification when Adame and Gunner interfere.
Cooperate Adame d. Da Wigga in a falls count anywhere match that ends with the Highroller to Da Wigga behind Round Table Pizza.
House Show 15
Captain Deez d. Da Brotha (debut) with The Crunch.
Leonard Kowalski d. Gunner with the Kowalski Splash.
WINTER RUMBLE 1999 Anderson Park
The DN Army d. The Devil Dogs
Crackhead Creighton d. Cooperate Adame with the Crack Piledriver to win the TWA Northern Title.
Leonard Kowalski d. Da Wigga to retain the TWA World title.
Cooperate Adame wins the Winter Rumble Match
Leonard Kowalski runs out and demands world title match right now.
Cooperate Adame d. Leonard Kowalski to win the TWA world title
Leonard Kowalski Quits the TWA. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bowling scores 9-13-11

256/188/161   605 Series

Game 1-  X X 9/ X X X X X 7/ XXX

Going into the night following my 2nd of 4 530am-3pm shifts for the all digital install at the theatre and I was very tired.  In practice as well as into the first game I'm looking around and everyone is missing the head pin.  The lanes are super oily.  I move right to the 15 board on my stance and I'm lofting the ball out a ways landing it near the arrows and rolling outside the 10 board.  That was the line and I was able to stay consistent pretty much all of game 1.  Except one bad shot in the 9th frame where I had bowlers on both my left and right hit flush pocket hits and leave 10 pins.  I probably should have stepped off at that point as I through the ball too hard and barely clipped the head pin leaving a 2-4-5. 

Game 2 started with two more X's and I was looking at 12 of 14 to start the night and 8 in a row on Lane 34.  Then the lanes began drying out and I lost my line and started leaving pins.  3rd frame I left a 10 pin and tried a new approach to convert however the lanes were still oily way out there in 3-1 boardland and my ball eased right into the gutter 5 feet short.  Not even close.  3/13 on 10 pin conversions for the season at this point.  I clawed my way to a decent 188.

Game 3 began with a 7-10 split leave and two more splits would follow later on lane 34 which now was having my ball dive in too high on the head pin. I was semi-frusterated going into the 9th frame and started calculating out what I'd need to roll a six.  Not a good idea to leak that into my head as it's a good start to mentally break down.  I caught a break in the 10th frame and X on 34 with a light pocket hit and barely made it. 

I think being tired early on helped my game quite a bit as I really wasn't thinking at all just rolling my line.  We bowled the special team this week and Ed asks me early on "How many you got in a row?" in which I replied "I don't know man I just roll the ball."  Then after the end result he jokingly accuses me of lofting the ball at which point I instantly say he may have a point and break out the rule book in my bowling bag for the bust factor.  Now he thinks I'm angry but I'm actually just playing this out as much as possible.  Then I try to tell him that but he just didn't get it and I spent the rest of the night in between throws tallying how many times he kept apologizing to me.

Going into the night we were in 2nd place at 14-7 (even with only 3 bowlers) However we only took one game and went 2-5 on the night putting us at 16-12.  256 should be good enough for high game thus far on league as the previous high was 247.

Oh yeah, I converted 2 ten pins in games 2 and 3 with the same approach.  So 2/3 on the night and 5/15 through 4 weeks

2280 total pins through 12 games and an average of 190.0

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not your standard NFL fan. Jets/Panthers Explained

One of the top questions I always get asked is "How can you be a Jets AND a Panthers fan?" While many debate you can only have true love and passion for one team in any sport I'd like to sit here and tell you I am an exception to the rule. (I.E. I haven't been living under a rock just because I don't own a cell phone) I don't even know if that example relates but it just popped into my head so whatever. 

In 1984 I was 3 years old and would be over at someone's house being babysit by a neighbor.  I would sit in front of the Television and would be drawn into this sport called football.  For whatever reason I was then drawn to the color Green and it just so happens that over the years it became clear to me that I was a New York Jets fan.  Sure it could have been the Eagles or Packers and I could have seen "My team" win a Superbowl or at least make it to one but I chose the Jets and stuck with them through thick and thin.

During the next eleven years it was rare to find a Jets game on television living on the west coast but I still caught the highlights on weekly wrap up shows and such.  85 wins,  105 losses, 3 playoff appearances and only one playoff win left me wondering why my team didn't seem to be going anywhere. Much of the Jets success from the mid 80's I can't remember now. As I recall the day was at Mervyn's where there was a display of the two new NFL expansion teams with apparel.  Hats and shirts, etc.  I lay eyes upon both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers logos.  I was immediately drawn to the Panthers logo and thought it looked really unique and cool. Maybe I'll follow another team as well as the Jets I thought to myself. So I bought a Carolina Panthers hat many months before the team had even formed completely let alone played an official NFL game.

This photo was taken in March of 1994 over a year before Carolina would play it's first game in the Hall of Fame Game where they defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars on July 29th 1995.

The 1995 NFL season was great.  Not only did I pick a team that would go on to break the record for number of wins for an Expansion team (7-9), I lucked out and the Carolina Panthers fell into the NFC West division alongside the San Francisco 49ers.  So this meant I would get to see at least 2 televised Carolina games a year when they would face the 49ers.  One of my biggest mark out moments of my entire life occured on November 5th, 1995.  Upstart Carolina traveled to 3Com Park to face the defending super bowl champion San Francisco 49ers. Carolina pulled the miracle upset forcing five turnovers and Tim McKyer's 96 yard interception return sealed the deal. For a 14 year old kid it was AMAZING to say the least.  So first ever Expansion team to beat the previous years' Superbowl champion, as well as first to have a 4 game winning streak.  (Ironically Carolina's first regular season franchise win was against the New York Jets)

The New York Jets would go 1-15 in 1995 their worst record in the history of the franchise and in retrospect this may have been the moment when I did begin to lean a lot heavier on my love for the Panthers than for the Jets. 

So for the next 6 years I would sport Carolina Hats at School and it became my "gimmick".  I haven't kept count of how many Panther hats I have bought over the years but If I had to guess I'd say at least over Thirty.  That's not an exageration either.  Funny one night downtown at Panama's Bar and Grill just a few years ago I saw an old High School collegue for the first time in years and his greeting was "wait...turn around.  yep, still wearing the panther hat."  Hah.

I can say I have much more Panther Apparel than I do Jets. (I.E. 5 Carolina Jerseys to 2 Jets) I got back into the Jets during the Vinny Testaverde resurrection in 2000 and was a huge Pennington fan the entire time he was with the organization. (One of the jerseys is his however I may try finding someone who can have the Jersey re-screen printed to say Holmes)

Other sports I'm not a fan of teams, just players.  If this justifies me liking more than one team in the NFL is debatable. At least the franchises are in different conferences.  Some may ask who I go for when Carolina plays the Jets which has occured on a handful of occasions over the last 15 years.  Honestly a lot of the games have occured when both teams have been really bad at the same time and the games are rough to watch when it comes to exciting entertainment.  I usually watch them without going for either and just for both teams to come out of it injury free.  As for if it came down to my Dream Superbowl I can't answer that question unless that situation were to arise.

So in conclusion I am a passionate fan for both New York and Carolina. The standard reasoning for being a fan of teams in the NFL or any sport for that matter does not apply to me. As I said in the beginning I am an exeption.   You may reside from that area or you have a relative/friend that has played for that team. My love and desire was conceived from Colors and Logos... And that is the sports nation known as Duffy J.

Bowling Scores 9-6-11

174/169/232 575 Series

0/3 on ten pins

Game 1- 6x 2s 3op

Game 2- 4x 2s 3op

Game 3- 9x 1s 2op   line- 9/ X X X X X  s71 90 X XXX  232

I opened in 8 total frames tonight once again super ulous.  The three ten pins I missed came in the first two games. Looking back, easily costing me a six.  I missed twice to the left and once to the right. 

Skipping to the third game we as a team threw a team 300 from the third to the 6th frames the scoreboard looked like this:


Officially it was 13 in a row (and 15 of 16) before I blew it in the 7th with a 4-6-10 split.  Then I blew it even more in the 8th by missing a 3 pin.  I finished with XXXX in a row to salvage a decent series I guess, however it makes that missed 3 pin that much more frustrating.  My teammate threw a 242 which is the highest game I've ever seen him bowl. 23 combined team strikes game 3.

We didn't play anyone this week as there is an odd number of teams on our league (7).  You have to bowl within 40 pins of your average as a team to get the win and I think we did that 2 of 3 games so if I was to guess I'd say we went 5-2 on the night.  We are also short a teammate as this week we learned that Bill will not be able to get Tuesday nights off from his job so we are still looking for a teammate. 

My focus when it comes to spares has to be as bad as it's ever been.  Now not only struggling with ten pins but pretty much any single pin spare that isn't the five pin. 

3 for 12 on 10 pins through 3 weeks

1675 total pins through 9 games and an average of 186.11