Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Season Statistics

Bowling Finale

I didn't even update last week because we bowled so terribly. We lost all games and 6 of 7 heading into the playoffs. I had 6 strikes the entire night. Then a week later, I threw that many in the first 7 frames:

266/167/178 611 Series

I finally returned to mid season form to rock my highest game of the entire season in a line that looked like this X X X X 7/ X X X X X9/.  After the first game we threw a 944 handicap game for our team and was sitting in first place. Having the league championship in our sights was unchartered territory for sure with the history of our team.

Then things began to fall apart game 2.  I lost my line and agressive bite to the pocket.  I had back to back open frames mid game and then threw a split in the 10th frame.  A 99 pin differential between Game 1 and 2 is no good.  We fell hard and ended game 2 with an 831 team game.  So we now fell back into the pack trailing by 20 pins going into game 3 and then the unthinkable happened and I began game 3 with back to back open frames and I was not able to recover.  I had a few strikes here and there but couldn't put anything together.  It didn't help that our opponent went off Game 3 and threw a 950 series.  The MVP of the night went to one opponent who had a 160 average and threw a 222/173/201 596 series which when handicap is involved averages out to an extra 116 pins.  That put us out of the championship and we were feeling very deflated as the final game came to a close.  I turn to my teammate and quote"

"Nobody...circles the wagon... like the Buffalo Bills."

We ended about half a game ahead of the other two teams in the playoffs but I assumed we would take 3rd or 4th place as we normally do.  Then the unthinkable happened and my teammate Bill said we got 2nd.  Second place is new ground for our team and a huge 180 turn around from completely missing the playoffs last year. Alsco Irrigation won't be our sponsor next year as Ben quit his job after 100 years of service. Our rumored sponsor next year will be Courtesy Motors as Bill got a promotion to Sales manager there.  So that will put a fresh look to our team. 

Onto the awards of the season and the night.  For tonight's sweepers week I won a little extra cash for high game (266) and high handicap game (284).  For the season I won high scratch series (729) and what I'm most content with was league high average (199.5).  Unfortunatley I couldn't keep that 200 as I failed in the last 3 games of the season. 

So now comes the off season, I don't plan on bowling much until late August.  However if I do throw here or there perhaps I'll do an update.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Raw Thoughts 3.21.11

Opening Segment with H3 was solid build to Mania.  Dibiase was the perfect guy to squash considering he hasn't won a match on Raw since July.  After the pedigree I got a laugh out of the random fan "Put him in a body bag yeahhh!" 

Sheamus/Bourne was short and to the point but ok.

Maryse/Eve leads for worst women's match of the year IMO.  I don't know if they were supposed to be that bad due to the continuance of putting Cole over as mega heel but it was bad.  It's unfortunate too because just a few weeks ago I was putting Eve over for her continued hard work in the ring.  Her match with Natalya was good.

Corre/Santino Kozlov not terrible but could someone tell Justin Gabriel to get back to doing the 450 the way he was doing it when he was in FCW?  It seems like the way he's hitting it now is more of a fall off the top rope than a jump.  I don't watch Smackdown but it seems like ever since he botched that one with Orton he's timid up there.

Ziggler/Laycool/Vickie vs Morrison/Trish not great.  The finish drove me absolutely batshit.  Since it was an intergender handicap match one of the rules is that the women have to wrestle the women and vice versa.  Well this was all fine and dandy until the finish wasn't Dolph pinning J Mo but instead a tag to Vickie and she covers for the win?  Isn't that against the rules?  I would have been fine with this if the intergender rules weren't focused on in the match by not only the referee but the commentary as well. It's things like this that make me want to stop watching WWE.

The Wrestlemania Rewind concept in years past has been pretty cool and brought some fresh matchups to Raw.  However tonight we only get one match?  Orton/Rey was good until the finish which was terrible.  Yeah it gives CM Punk the revenge factor and all and builds to Mania but I thought it was worthless. 

Speaking of worthless, on the same night we see the worst diva's match of the year we also see the worst acting job.  Never question if that really was Randy Orton's wife because that was the most pathetic attempt I've ever seen.  "someone get some help." after your husband has just been beaten down in the parking lot by another man with a wrench I think you'd be a bit more hysterical than that.

On a more positive note, Vice President of Corporate Communications is a nice touch.

I semi-marked out when I realized what was happening during the Miz' main event mic segment.  Hoping that a new belt would be unveiled.  But alas it's the same damn belt (and it is a belt not a fucking championship) just with the logo turned upside down.  Hey Miz, when you finish with your "I'm awsome" quote with the mic turned upside down it's back to the WWE logo.  Just a heads up.  Here's another piece of advice Miz- You know your defending the WWE Title against John Cena at Wrestlemania 27 so you must be studying all of Cena's matches.  So let's say hypathetically at some point in that match Cena blasts you with back to back flying shoulder tackles.  It would probably be a good idea to NOT THROW A CLOTHESLINE.  That is all.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bowling Scores 3.8.11

207, 172, 226  605 Series

My first 600 since January 11th.  Rather than talk about how the lane conditions are and how I bowled tonight.  I'd like to switch things up and talk about the drama that built to an explosion halfway through game 3.  We bowled Mounatin Mike's tonight and halfway through the second game one of their bowlers threw a ridiculous slop strike that was extremely questionable whether the rack came down and knocked over a pin.  Rather than calling it in and having to wait for a re-spot our team was nice enough to call it a strike.  Then because the computer scored it as a 9 count there needed to be an adjustment made to fix it to a X.  Well nobody on their team immediately went over and fixed it.  I'm sitting there wondering if any of them are going to.  Finally my teammate Bill asks me if I can fix that.  I turn to him and say "but they're the enemy."  In years past this is the team that gets all technical and shit when things like this happen and this is also the team that questioned if the replacement bowler for my Dad would be able to bowl enough weeks to establish an average and qualify to be able to bowl for us in the playoffs.  I did not realize how much of a premonition this was.

Halfway through game 3 my other teammate Scott bowls in the fifth frame and his shoe sticks and he trips, stumbling over the foulline but not hitting the actual foul line causing a foul.  He ends up getting a strike.  Nobody says anything then Bill goes and throws a stike as well.  All of a sudden their leadoff bowler Bob proclaims that if he touched over the foul line then it's a foul and that his score needs to be erased and he needs to throw again.  Which heats up Bill because he now assumes his strike did not count and then has to throw again. 

"Well then the fuckin rack hit your strike last game."

Ohhh shit it's on now.  Arguements ensue and it gets heated.  I'm pissed as well and before any decisions are made I say screw it and I go bowl to finish out the fifth frame. Thinking the farther we move past the questionable frame the more likely they would let it go.  But Bob wouldn't.  I wasn't near the heated conversation but it turns out the compromise would be Scott would take a zero first ball and throw a second ball.  While Bill's strike that followed would count.  Bill didn't even realize I had bowled so my score would not count.  I wasn't complaining as I had a 9 count and when I re-threw I winded up with the same thing.  The rest of the night was awkward as shit to say the least. Bob who began the whole thing moved all of his equipment a lane down so he wouldn't have to talk to us much the rest of the night. 

Maybe I would understand all the seriousness if this was a scratch league but come on I've bowled on this league for nearly 10 years and I've never really seen it categorized as much of a compettitive league.  I also think another reason Bob was complaining and what not is because their team is used to being in the playoffs every year and this year they are struggling to even hit the wildcard spot.  With one week to go they need a lot of help to get in. 

On the night we lost two of three and total pins so we sit at 27-36 for the third third and 108-95 overall.  Next week is position round which doesn't concern us because we are already in the playoffs in two weeks.  16,833 pins through 84 games.  Clinging to a 200.39 average through 29 weeks.