Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movie Reviews 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D 7/10
The Unborn 6/10
Defiance 7/10
Inkheart 5/10
The Uninvited 9/10
Penny Dreadful 3/10
The Hamiltons 6/10
The Wrestler 8/10
The Last House on the Left 8/10
Push 5/10
Madea Goes to Jail 7/10
Watchmen 8/10
Knowing 10/10
Race to Witch Mountain 5/10
The Haunting in Connecticut 7/10
Fast and Furious 7/10
Obsessed 6/10
Up 5/10
The Proposal 8/10
Public Enemies 8/10
Ice Age 3 7/10
I Love you Beth Cooper 5/10
Orphan 8/10
Halloween 2 7/10
Sorrority Row 6/10
Jennifer's Body 3/10
A Christmas Carol 7/10
The Box 3/10
The 4th Kind 8/10
Paranormal Activity 6/10
The StepFather 5/10
Zombieland 8/10
Whip It 6/10
2012 5/10
Brothers 8/10
Transformers 2 3/10

Top 3 worst movies of 2009:

Horrible Mention-

Twilight-New Moon Negative -27/10

I was fortunate enough to avoid being
subjected to such garbage so it cannot be in
my top 3 but just the thought of the most
jobber movie of the year deserves a spot

#3 Transformers 2 3/10

Too many questions left unanswered and sick
of the lebeof/fox running all over the place
and remaining sparkly clean throughout the
film. The parents attempt at humor in this
one fails miserably as well.

#2 Jennifer's Body 3/10

Speaking of Megan Fox, this would be her
breakout feature roll that sadly falls flat.
Didn't expect much going in with all the
teenagers wanting to get a glimpse of Fox'
exposed will be sadly disappointed as the
director jobbed it up and slapped it with a
PG-13 rating.
and the worst movie of 2009 is.....

#1 The Box 3/10

The last 45 minutes of this movie left me
standing in an empty theatre at 2 in the
morning screaming at the top of my lungs at
the screen about how stupid the actors are at
the stupid decisions they quickly make in
regards to their predicament. I was into
this movie and it had a twilight zone feel to
it but then it just fell off the face of the
earth in quality.

Top 3 movies of 2009

Honorable Mention

Zombieland 8/10

Arguably the most kick ass opening credits
scenes in the last few years. Metallica's
For Whom The Bell Tolls rocks the viewer into
full attention. Woody Harrelson delivers
with a mix of zombie killing and twinkie
craving. M.V.P. Cameo of Bill Murray puts it
over the top.

The Proposal 8/10

Solid Comedy. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra
Bullock work well together. Throw in Betty
White and it's all good.

#3 The Wrestler 8/10

The movie is very well done and Micky Rourke
nails the lead role. I am a fan of pretty
much all of Aronofsky's films and this one
was no different. The ending left me wanting
a bit more though, but that's just because
I'm a wrestling fan.

#2 The Uninvited 9/10

While this one will probably end up on
Lifetime Network, it surprised me with it's
suspense that actually made me jump if I
remember correctly. Good twist that caught
me off guard at the end.

and the top movie of 2009 is...

#1 Knowing 10/10

While many people have mixed reviews of this
one. I am taking Ebert's review:


and agreeing 100%. I must have cranked
auditorium #3 extra loud during the viewing
as well. The Plane Crash actually got me
leaning forward in my seat and marking out.
I thouroughly enjoyed every aspect of this
one during my initial viewing of it. Many
people didn't like the ending of this one
either. But in Duffy's world it's movies
that end like this (I.E. The Mist, Jeepers
Creepers) that leave me satisfied when I
leave the theater. When movies end happily
ever after it gets predictable.

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