Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bowling Scores 3-27-07

190, 200, 169 559 Series

We were in the running for the championship until the third game. I stunk it up pretty much all night. The lanes were as dry as they could possibly be. From my first shot of the night where I left a 6-7-10 split to my last shot of the third game leaving a 8-10 split (5 total on the night) My teammates bowled well and at times we showed some promise (second game all 4 of us rolled in the 200's) but when it was all said and done all that it got us was a 3rd place finish.

3rd place puts us one spot above where we finished last year. We got 5th in total wins (106-104). We made it over .500 which was a goal in the middle of the season. 559 is better than the miserable 511 series I bowled last year to finish the season but still very disappointing. We got back pin money and cash for 3rd place as well.
Hidden in all the competitiveness was Fred Walter who became the second bowler to roll a perfect 300 game this season.
Last year I know I listed all my games from week 1 to week 30 but I'm not going to do that this year. I'll just summerize a few things:

Top 4 Averages for 2006/07 season-

1. Matt - 208.0
2. Dean - 197.3
3. David - 194.3
4. Chuck - 193.9

Dean Evans Jr.

High Game Scratch- 290
High Series Scratch- 691
High Game Handicap- 311
High Series Handicap- 772
Games over 200- 41
Series' over 600- 13
Entering Average- 202
Final Average- 197
Now look forward to the Reno Nationals that I will be competing in on April 16th and 17th...
Summer League will also start up soon...
Stay Tuned.....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Hills Have Eyes II


Going into this sequel I figured it was probably going to be a lot less of an impact than the first Hills Have Eyes.

Boy was I wrong. The brutality just continues.......

United States National Guard Training team is set out to a destination but before they can get there they have to stop off in Sector 16 with supplies. when they arrive they find everyone is dead and or dying. Some of the most gruesome kills you will ever see. Some of them down right hillarious as one guy gets his arm lopped off at the elbow and the hills monster uses it to wave goodbye as the guy falls off the cliff and to his death. Some of the stuff is way over the top and borderline NC-17 but then again I'm not the MPAA so I can't make that call.
Without giving anything away I'll just leave this movie slightly below the first one and that's only cause I knew going in that this time it was gonna be brutal.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bowling Scores 3-20-07

9/ X X X X X X X X XXX 290 game

My shot in the first frame hit the pocket and left a solid 7 pin.

I followed that up with XX more to start the second game putting me at 13 strikes in a row and my second unofficial 300 game ever. 290 tops my 287 game I rolled a couple years ago as my high game ever.

I knew we had to bowl well to have a shot at making the playoffs. Last week I think I said we had to sweep to win the third third of the season. In all actuality we had to win 2 of 3 and total pins to go 5-2 on the night. We won the first game and by quite a few pins as I definatley picked a good time to bowl my ass off crazy style.
Second game my teammates were in a slump and we ended up losing the second game by 30 pins despite my 217. So it all came down to winning the third game. One game, one playoff spot, one chance...
Not the best time to fall flat on my face with a 161 game. Blah. Luckily one of my teammates stepped up with a 224 and the third game ended anti-climatic as the team we were playing were already in the playoffs and I can't say for sure or not but frames 8-10 it seemed like they began to sandbag. Part of me is pissed at this cause I wanted it to end in dramatic fashion but another part is not concidering the team that we kept out of the playoffs was Mountain Mike's Pizza who had won the championship the last 2 or 3 years in a row.

290, 217, 161 668 series

A new champ will be crowned next tuesday night as the 3 teams that won each third of the season... and the wildcard team (best overall record) will all compete against one another.

Any other season 290 would have been good for best overall high game but this season my teammate decided to roll a 300 so 290 is only second best, but still better than Kalkowski. Every season me and Kalkowski end up 1-2 in overall average although this year he had me by a good 10 pins (196-206)
Next week is the final week and we have a shot to win the championship so stay tuned boys and girls.....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dead Silence

This is coming a week late but here goes...

Dead Silence is a story about ventriliquist dolls that come to life and haunt cutting out peoples tounges if they scream. Mary Shaw was a ventriliquist from the 1950's but when she died she wanted all her dolls buried with her. The town teased and ridiculed her over the years so now she haunts the town and is back.
Somebody please tell the MPAA that there was no possible reason why this movie was rated R. Nothing other than some mild blood makes this movie anything worth an R Rating. Mark Wahlberg's brother is in the movie and plays a cop investigating the murder of the main character in the movie's wife.
This movie's scary moments are tagged by about 20 seconds of silence followed by the part that jumps out at you. There are maybe 3 or 4 scary moments but for the most part not so scary. I'm still waiting for a movie equivelent to Exorcism of Emily Rose to scare the hell out of me. This week it will be Hills Have Eyes 2 but I'm not getting my hopes up. That one will probably just have the gore factor.
The director/writer desperately tries to save the movie at the end as it swerves everyone Saw style but instead of a 7-10 minute segment that explains the swerve, It's about 60 seconds and then credits.....


I normally only do reviews on movies that I screen mid-week before they come out but I went and saw Premoniton on Friday night so thought I'd give some input...
The manager that screened Premoniton says it's "Deja Vu for women" I haven't seen Deja Vu with Denzel Washington so I couldn't tell you.
Sandra Bullock plays a wife that wakes up one day to a cop arriving at her house telling her that her husband died in a terrible car accident. She's devestated as now she has to raise two daughters on her own. When she wakes up the next morning though, her husband is back and there seems to be nothing wrong. Was it a bad dream? No. Yes. who knows?
The movie's plot goes through different days as each day her husband is dead and then alive again. Bullock tries to piece things together and figure out which day of the week it is each day she wakes up to attempt to stop her husband from dying before it's too late.
Psycological Thriller that ended up being pretty good and well put together. I believe it will end up being Bullock's biggest opening weekend ever. Good date movie and I would recommend it but would never pay for it. Then again I haven't paid for a movie in about 10 years......


Raw 3-19-07

Current mood:pissed off

I don't normally comment on Monday Night Raw but 2 things tonight were even more ridiculous than normal.

#1- Vince McMahon books himself in a match with Bobby Lashley next week 1 on 1. Now I know the unwritten rule of "anything longer than 3 months ago should be forgotten" when it comes to storylines but It makes it really stupid when Donald Trump challenges Vince to a match at Wrestlemania and Vince replies that his doctor has advised him to never wrestle again after his last match which happened to be in a Hell in the Cell. And this segment happened not much more than a month ago. Vince won't wrestle Donald Trump but he'll wrestle the ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley?
Who is booking this shit?
#2- Wrestlemania Reversal Match
John Cena vs. Chris Benoit
Good main event with good stuff but I am seriously fuming after the finish. Benoit counters the F-U and begins to apply the Crossface but then Cena slips out and slaps on the STFU and Benoit Taps out Clean?
What the fuck man? How many times has Benoit tapped out in his entire Career? Someone find that out and get back to me because I find it complete bullshit. Cena is already over heading into Wrestlemania and with HBK and Cena being face why did Benoit have to tap out. Let Cena win clean with the FU (fireman's carry... whatever) and get the pinfall but having Benoit tap out is a slap in the face of an incredible wresting career. Trust me when I say this as I have followed Benoit's career as the first match I ever remember him in was at Clash of the Champions back in like 1991 against Too Cold Scorpio on TBS. Somebody tell WWE Booking to wake the hell up and think about some things. Vince Russo just called he wants his job back...........

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bowling Scores 3-13-07

Top 3 teams going into the night:
1. Alsco Irrigation 41-15 (101-95 overall)
2. Al's Concrete 41-15 (114-82 overall)
3. Mountain Mike's 31-25 (107-89 overall)

We are Alsco. Going into the night I really had no idea how things would turn out and with only one more week to go before the final playoff night I knew we had to be solid.
We were the furthest thing from it. As a whole my team couldn't remain consistent around their average and I couldn't pull through as the anchor and roll something out of the water in the 220+ range.
On top of that the team we played who already made the playoffs bowled extremely well also. One of them broke out with a 245 the first game which was 65 pins over his average. Didn't help things. In a nutshell we lost all games and total pins putting us in a real hurt to have any chance next week. On a lighter note though Al's concrete lost 5 of 7 points to Mountain Mike's which keeps us one game back of them with one week to go.

209, 201, 192 603 Series

Hillariously, I didn't get my first spare of the night until the 6th frame of the second game. Trying out that new spare ball I was 2 for 6 in 10 pin conversions on the night which didn't help anything. I'm contemplating going back to the 12 pound ball for 10 pins. In fact the two 10 pins I did convert I did so with my strike ball. Bust factor.

Top 4 Averages going into the night:

Kalkowski- 207.0
Evans, Jr.- 196.2
Cabral- 194.5
Lesueur- 192.6

One week to go and our playoff chances are fading. One more thing to note as I had a string of 9 strikes in a row at one point ending the first game with 5 in a row and beginning the second game with 4 in a row. Probably the main reason I barely hit my 600 this week....