Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Know Who Killed Me

Who else was gonna screen this potential jobber of a movie?
After Lindsay Lohan was found yet again with Cocaine and a 42nd DUI, the following weekend her BLOCKBUSTER- I know who killed me comes out.

Lohan plays Aubrey Fleming a young writer who gets abducted and tortured. Dry Ice comes into play and since we never got Captivity I guess I can accept watching this instead. Anyways when a passer by on the road finds her body in a ditch she is still alive but with one arm and one leg missing. She winds up in a hospital but when she awakes she tells the doctors that she is not Aubrey but instead Dakota Moss, a young stripper at a gentelman's club.
The story goes from there where Dakota insists she is not Aubrey and soon after realizes she has an identical twin that is still out there with the killer and dying. She attempts to save her twin before she dies because of some stigmata myth/story she will die as well if Aubrey dies.
There's a couple of things towards the end that really made me laugh on the count of cheeziness but overall it wasn't the worst movie of the year. Concidering the last two movies I've screened are Transformers and Bug (0/10) I'll rank this one just below good.
Definatley deserving of the rated R though as there is an extended sex scene (with lohan as a parapeligic total bust), violence, tourture and language.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bowling Scores 07/24/07

236, 226, 190, 152 806 Series

Our opponents didn't show up this week so it was pretty much bowl 4 games with no time to sit down or rest between shots and I think that's why it was a decrease with each passing game. Normally I tend to increase my scores as has been proven the last couple years and they break down average by game.
I heard from someone on our league that the team we played this week (which happens to be the other half of our 4 man team during winter league) had already pre-bowled the week before. So I have no Idea if we won or lost this week.
Good thing I didn't play the money game this week as the guy who won it bowled a 237 the first game.
I would have lost by one freakin pin. The 4th game could have been a lot worse concidering I XXX'd out in the 10th. A lot of splits that's all I will say. I missed a couple single pin conversions as well which isn't ever good.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bowling Scores 7-17-07

256, 193, 169, 218 836 series.

So I got in on a little cash game this week. $1 dollar for high game scratch. So 4 bucks in all. Straight up dominated in game 1 and thought I won the pot till kalkowski snookered himself the win with a 268. Bastards!
Pretty much downhill from there as I left a couple of splits in the second game and a ridiculous 4 splits in the 3rd game.
4th game I got back on track and ended with a solid series that shouldn't have my average slip any. We took 2 of 4 games as we still hover around .500 for the season. I think we are 57-60 on the season and sitting in 4th place.
I stuck around and rolled 3 more games as I have been doing that lately...

202, 221, 162 (behind the back)
The 162 was a total bust because I only threw 2 X's but converted many spares.
This one guy bowling to my right was busting and was like:
"Wow, I could watch that all night..."
Bust Factor.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bowling Scores 7-10-07

Top 4 Averages after 11 Weeks

James- 213.2
Sean- 208.9
Matt- 206.0
Dean- 203.6

209, 213, 228, 256 906 Series

Rolling right along.... I opened in the 10th frame of the first game which was very upsetting cause it should have been a lot better. The lanes were very similar to the ones that I rolled on 2 weeks ago and I was hitting the pocket nicely pretty much all night. I was 2/2 in 10 pin conversions but I did miss a 2 pin somewhere in the second game which was inexcusable. Almost as embarassing as missing a 5 pin.
The 4th game 10 strikes/2 spares. in fact I ended the third game with 5 in a row and started the 4th with 5 in a row putting me at 10 and just when I realized that, I throw a 9 count in the next frame.
Unfortunately I only managed to win our team 1 game cause my teammate wasn't here this week and the team we played had already bowled the previous week for this week cause they were out of town and the guy Sean, blasted a 965 Series.

Kalkowski threw a 289 game leaving a 4 pin in the 10th frame of the second game.
19-17 we sit for the second half of summer league and 53-55 for the season. 5 weeks left.

Post League Games-

184, 241, 268 693 Series

The first game (5th game of the night) I was going to try some different/new things to see how my ball would react. I left 3 10 pins in the first 5 frames and went a ridiculous 0/3. I had a pathetic score come round the 6th frame but I bounced back and did what I did the previous games throwing the same line. I XXXX'd out to salvage a 184.

2nd and 3rd games were a whole lot of XXXing here and there. The 3rd game was a total bust cause that guy sean decided to stick around and roll 3 more too on the same lanes (12/13). He rolls 10 in a row for a 289 leaving a 4 pin just like Matt, and I bust out a 268 for a combined 557 doubles scratch game.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bowling Scores 7-3-07

So apparently we didn't have league night this week but noone told me and a few others. Something about the 4th of July being tomorrow? I guess they went over that at the meeting at the beginning of the summer season. Oh yeah, I was in Reno. I still stuck around and rolled 3 games with my Teammate Ben, and Kalkowski was there too.

155, 237, 233 625 Series

Not really any practice tonight as we just rolled 3 games recreation style. The lanes were dry and my ball was moving good at times but not great like last week.
League night picks back up next Tuesday.
Everyone have a good 4th.