Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bowling Scores 6-26-07

My computer's been down for nearly 2 weeks so I missed last week's post and really nothing to talk about. I rolled a league low 690 something for 4 games and really just a week to be forgotten. It sunk my average down to a clean 200 even going into tonight:

169, 258 (no tap 300), 259, 247 933 Series

I missed high series by 17 pins so I sit at #2. The first game I wasn't into as my mind has been swirling the last couple of days in regards to the local kid Troy McClean who took the 80 foot jump at salmon hole and killed himself. Concidering I bowled with him for 33 weeks last winter. On top of that the whole fucking Chris Benoit tragedy has thrown me for even more of spin and I haven't even begun to understand the shit. Perhaps a blog will come later in regards to that. Good thing I have bowling to distract myself.

We won all 4 games taking the sweep and putting us back above .500. I was so pumped after the 4 games I decided to stick around and roll another 3 games cause I do get 3 free games a day all summer, I just don't ever utilize them
256, 160, 106 (behind the back) so I do believe my high series ever for a 4 game block would be tonight as a 258, 259, 247, 256 puts me at a 1020.
My ball was just moving right tonight. Funny, the team we played were getting wasted the whole time and getting seriously pissed at me cause I just wouldn't stop striking.

I had fallen out of the top 4 averages but something tells me I'll be back in in next week...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bowling Scores 6-12-07

192, 169, 204, 199 764 Series.

Bad night. No Rhythm. Don't feel like summarizing this week. We still took 3 of 4 games and sit around .500 and 4th place...

Monday, June 11, 2007

WWE Draft 6-11-07

So as for the Raw Draft it was showcased really stupid in my opinion as far as how the picks were selected at "random" I was hoping for what they did in past drafts and have the GM from each brand make selections throughout the show. 
Instead, they have 9 matches of interpromotional matches with the winner getting a random pick for their brand. So onwards to the picks for each brand:


#1- The Great Khali. About friggin time they got that piece of shit off of Raw. The equivelent of Nathan Jones but without any english. They built him up just to get squashed by Cena so good riddance.
#2- Torri Wilson. Jerry Lawlers pissed. JBL is Happy. Yawn.
#3- Chris Masters. Truely saw this one coming as I went back over the Raw's from all of 2007 and Masters has just one win in a singles match. Send him to Smackdown and rebuild his character.
#4- Ric Flair. Meh, Sure I'll miss the bustin whoo on Raw but not a big loss in my opinion. Smackdown needs more 90 year old men anyway.

Grade- D


#1- Boogeyman. Great gimmick for the 80's but how will this fit in on Tuesday Nights? Terrible Wrestler but that doesn't always effect the entertainment factor.
#2- Chris Benoit. Good move as I'm tired of seeing Benoit Job to Edge, Cena, and M.V.P.
Grade- B


#1- King Booker. Excellent choice in my opinion. Booker has the wrestling ability and the talent to execute hillarious backstage segments as well.
#2- Bobby Lashley. Fuck. Well not much of a change on Raw really concidering the number of boring Lashley matches I've had to endure recently. Oh and Coach strips Lashley of the ECW world title. Benoit/Marcus Cor Von are my choices to win the tournament or battle royal or whatever match they choose to decide a new champion.
#3- Snitzky. I don't watch ECW but apparently Gene Snitzky got a whole new gimmick and is now a bald insane badass. I haven't seen that one in a while...
#4- Ken Kennedy. Not a big fan of Kennedy but his mic work is as solid as Val Venis so I have a feeling his character and ring work could grow on me.
Grade A-

As we close Raw Vince has still lost his mind and acting weird. Then he gets in his limo and it explodes. Killing Vince Mcmahon.
Ok I didn't see that one coming. Seriously. So now we get the "Who killed Vince" storyline that could last a good 6 months if they package it right. Biggest bust to begin a storyline that I have seen in a long long time.
This is definately Russo style...

Friday, June 8, 2007

Hostel Part II

"The most shocking ending in horror movie history"

Or so that's what the trailer was advertising.
Hostel Part II starts where Hostel I Left off. The one guy that escaped is alive... for a while and then gets decapitated. This is like the first 5 minutes of the movie or so.
Then it continues to pretty much the same storyline as the first one as 3 girls this time, not guys, are on vacation in Rome and they meet up with this one girl who suggests they all go to the place in Europe with the Hostel hotel cause the natural saunas there are amazing. So they get there and meanwhile Business men from all over Europe bid on these american women to see who gets to torture and kill them. Once they do they get the Rubber Dog Mask Tattoo (hillarious) and are a part of the cliq/gang.
They party it up one night and then soon after they realize what hell they are in. All 3 of them get tourtured and there's some really sick stuff in this movie but the "shocking ending" was only due to one thing and without ruining it I'll just say two words...

John Bobbit.

With close up camera work. So yeah, ridiculous shit that nobody should really ever need to see but you will if you go see this one.
I prefer the first one. This one had some good stuff but towards the end there's a few things that just kill it. (no pun intended) And there is a swerve or two as in any classic horror flick. No need to see this one more than once...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bowling Scores 6-5-07

226 (NT 300), 214, 183, 205 828 Series

Top 4 Averages going into the night:

1. James Wikey 215.5
2. Sean Olschowka 209.7
3. Dean Evans Jr. 205.4
4. Matt Kalkowski 200.9

Had a good start and both games 1 and 2 had a good line to the pocket. I think I threw 18 straight marks before opening in the 9th of the second game. Lanes began oily but were drying out by game 3 and hence I totally lost my line and path to the pocket. I opened in the 9th frame in games 2,3, and 4 which frusterated me ridiculously. The 4th game should have been so much better but I ended with a missed 7 pin in the 9th and a chopped bucket (2-4-5-8) in the 10th.
On a lighter note I converted all 10 pins on the night. We won 3 of 4 and took total pins which puts us at 34-38 on the season and somewhere around 5th place.
Consistency on keeping it clean is so important. The equivelent to par in golf would be spare conversions in bowling...