Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bowling Scores 9/22/09 It's a good one


Week 5

221,212, 244   677 Series.

Holy Shit.  Went off like a fucking cannon tonight.  In fact my entire team rocked it pretty much all night. Check these team handicap games:

Game 1   974
Game 2     911
Game 3   996

If 3 900+ has happened in one night for our team before, I sure don't remember it.

We were clicking ridiculous style.  And still only went 5-2 on the night because the team we were playing rocked these handicap games:

Game 1   935
Game 2   998
Game 3   875

I had 3 open frames and they weren't splits they were easily makeable.  I opened in the 4th frame of game 1, the 3rd frame of game 2 and the 1st frame of game 3.  I was stringing strikes together like I haven't done since 2005.  Nothing more than XXXX in a row but they were coming in bunches and the third game I XXX9'd out for that 244.  New ball hit the pocket flush on a lot of shots and even when it was coming in light I was carrying.  A couple pocket shots were too perfect, and one even left a solid 8 pin with the gallery's jaws dropping. "A Minus"

677 is my highest series in probably 3 years. It looks to be good enough for second highest series this season just behind Fred's 683.

I've been tracking my games since the 07-08 season and I don't have anything that high. My last significant 6 came on 10/23/07 when I rolled a 657. 

Our team came into the night in second to last place for the third.  We are now 16-19 on the year and back in the middle of the pack just halfway through the first third. 

2,947 total pins through 15 games with an average of 196.5

Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Movie Reviews- Some Late, Some Recent, etc.

I Love You Beth Cooper  5/10
Nothing special nothing horrible.

Orphan 8/10
Really dug the ending. classic finish.

Halloween 2   7/10
Classic Rob Zombie film but too much flashing gave me a headache by the finish.  Don't watch if you have epilepsy.

Sorrority Row 6/10
Horribly Awesome.

Jennifer's Body  3/10
Horribly not awesome and you have to suffer through some whino/screamo/emo song the entire film.

Ah the September Releases!  Can't wait for Vanilla Gorilla!  Wait that's been pushed to November and Shutter Island pushed to Feburary.  Bah!

On a side note, Shutter Island- THE BOOK was really good.

Carry on...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bowling Scores 9/15/09

183,211,148  542 Series.

I probably had a full game of open frames on this night but was able to post somewhat decent scores the first two games thanks to XXXX out in game 1 and finishing strong in game 2 after starting with two open frames.  Game 3 fell apart.

We went 5-2 on the night and threw a season best team handicap game of 1001.

Still toward the bottom of the pack I think we are something like 10-18 but hopefully things are coming together for a strong comeback after a not so great start to the season.

2270 total pins through 12 games with an average of 189.1

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bowling Scores week 2 and 3

Week 2

211,205,204  620 Series

Only takes two weeks to throw my first 600 series? That sounds more like the 05' Evans. 
We lost all games though as one bowler was still establishing an average. 

2-12 through the first two weeks

My average through 6 games sits at 200.

Week 3

159,184,181  524 Series

In the words of Ozzy

"Back on Earth"

While my first game was the worst on paper, it came down to me maintaining the anchor position and needing a X and 8 pins to win game 1.  That's exactly what I did and we won by 1 pin.  Good stuff concidering the other team had a guy telling me "no pressure" before my shot. 

Game 2 and 3 were also all over the place and sparadic on my part.  I was nowhere near the pocket for a majority of the time and then the times I did hit the pocket I was leaving solid 10's or 7's.  Missing one of each of those didn't help either.  1/2 on 10 pins.

Through 3 weeks we are 6-15 and near the bottom of the pack.  It still beats our record worst start ever where we began a season 0-26 a few years ago.

1728 total pins through 3 weeks and an average of 192