Monday, December 31, 2007

A Random Bockus to end 2007 on

The following was turned into the box office today as we were directed to fax a copy to The Boston Globe:
Att: FBI/secret Service/CIA/Memphis Tennesee/P.D/L.A.P.D/C.B.S/4+5 (Denver Colorado)Mt. Dept. of Justice/State Police:
Re: "The follow up notes:  Re: The estate of Miriam L. White.  The warren rpt. Both Assassinations in 1968/John Wilkes Booth, op Iraqi Freedom * Spy rings, England, US revolutionary war- The Boston Tea Party, etc.
Dear Editor "The boston globe,
1. Note- In touch "this morning" with your "news desk" (national/forign) in regards to the word "camsel" - and to cells of spy's dianetics- scientology (R)  and narconon's use of "E-meters", which wiltige two "cans" that you hold in your hands, and to- cancelling stamps, "The Stamp Act"  and the "Boston Tea party"  (and the stamp mill from the san francisco iron works in auburn, california with a hinsley on it ( this semi-in touch person(on writing) at the courthouse, copy to the "auburn journal"- this year)  in direct regards to the assasination attempt on president ronald regan; and to U.S.P.O, Postage meters (n-meter maids; lovely rita by the beatles;and "pom international" Parking meters (this series) as well as to "the new adventrues of Mary Kate and ashley" (the case of camp pom-pom)- "this series.  All of the above in regards to england.  In regards to scientology and "dianetics" their saint hill org. , and to the tv series"I spy" in regards to the "net" in the game of tennis, race, and to my grandmother (this estate)'s missing eye, the state of missouri- and the treaty ending world war II being signed september 2nd 1945, and to my birthday of september 3rd 1950.
 Note: The "boy scouts of america" in regards to their founder and england, and to B.S.A Troop 8 in paradise, Calif. to which I and my brother craig russel brooner belonged,  and to russel brooner; the old utah mine on sawmill peak, and to utah- "the beehive state", as well as to the u.s.s. utah, and to utah beach in the D-Day invasionof france in World War II that was named "operation overload"  and note overland drive in boise, Idaho in regards to the boise idaho temple and the morman church.  Their headquarters in salt lake city, utah-  and to the "Jeeps" that were drove or drivenby an G.I.'s during the D-Day invasion of france- the rest of the W.W. II that were invented by J.P. Getty for G.M.C. and to "Jeep cams"  (add cancer/sirhan sirham in regards to both assassinations in sluggo and baseball/cricket and playing cricket (fair)
2.  Note- The above all Re: "Slygo" in the adventures of long john silver- and to long gone silver, treasure and to england's Plate Fleet- "Slygo" in the episode - "the necklace"  and to lacy peterson's murder in Fresno, Calif.  by scott Peterson, and (this series) the sept 3rd 2007 attack on scott Peterson by Richard Ramierez at San Quentin State Prison's Death Row (see T.F.U.N.'s 12.30.07 to"the new mexican" santa fe, New mexico, otehr T.F.U.N's in regards to it and the 12.10.2007 issue of "Globe" magazine- note I "am" in touch by phone and fax on this with "camstar" and the "globe+mail" in canada)
3. Note- Re "camsel" and "cancer" (above) - the book (this series) "amazon pamotts" by Paul R. Paradice c 1979.  and to Paul Leonard (berkley/Paradise, calif) and the amonon drug abuse program founded by maj. mark jones (u.s. army and ret.)and to "jonestown"/peoples temple at jonestown, guyana in 1979.  The above in regards to siagon in the viennam war, and the battle of the alamo and gen. Santa ana  fo mexico, and to "op iraq freedom".
4. Note- Conflicting dog storys Re: the quote from william shakespeare on "the dogs of war" and "st des" and "red dog" beer, as well as to "chinese fire dogs", fire irons, rustling, and to "L.S. Air"(jun Mt.,W,VA.)- "This
 series" re"Jun mt. Leathers" and aero union in Chico, Calif and the 9.11.2001 assalt on America.  Jet terrorist attacks. 
5. Note- Quote from Hubert Pieriott (on ridicule) on P.212 in the new websters library of practical information- thenew website quotatium dictionary c 1987.
Respectfully Submitted,
Terry Dale Brooner
Page 2 would include a fax cover sheet from FedEX Kinkos directed to the boston globe and also have written notes on the Chris Benoit murder in atlanta georgia.
Hope everyone has a good new years, here's to many more bockuses, busts, and rocks in 2008

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Movie Review Recap 2007

So when it's all said and done, 33 movies screened/reviewed this year give or take a few I never blogged.   Here they are in a nutshell.
The Messengers   3/10
The Hitcher  8/10
The Hills Have Eyes 2  8/10
Premonition    8/10
Dead Silence   3/10
Bug   0/10
Pirates At World's End  9/10
28 Weeks Later  9/10
Transformers  9/10
The Condemned  6/10
Hostel Part II  6/10
Halloween  7/10
Mr. Bean's Holiday 3/10
Inland Empire  7/10
Rush Hour 3    5/10
Underdog  5/10
I Know Who Killed Me 4/10
Eastern Promises 8/10
310 to Yuma  9/10
The Brave One  6/10
Saw IV   8/10
The Darjeeling Limited 4/10
The Heartbreak Kid 4/10
The Gameplan  7/10
Michael Clayton  7/10
30 Days of Night 7/10
Bee Movie  7/10
P2   8.5/10
The Mist  9/10
Awake   5/10
The Golden Compass 3/10
I Am Legend  6/10
National Treasure 2 9/10

Saturday, December 22, 2007

National Treasure 2

National Treasure 2 is more of the excitement from the original.  Some of it is a bit far fetched sure but isn't that what Jon Turtletaub is all about?
Nicolas Cage is back on a mission, this time to prove that his family wasn't responsible for the death of Aberham Lincoln.  That and to find the city of gold. 
The movie is nearly 2 and a half hours long but it is very fast paced and kept me awake at 3am.  The plot moves through different missions to find clues to unlock the location of the city of gold. 
As in the trailer, the president of the united states gets kidnapped as we need to know the location of The President's secret book. 
Solid movie for families and should finish 2 in overall box office sales behind the monster hit of I Am Legend.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bowling Update

Week 16-  196, 177, 182  555 series
Week 17-  188, 204, 181  573 series
Average through 16 weeks-  184
I continue to tread water and my teammates pick me up.  We continue to win games.
7-0 tonight and all alone in first place
37-12 (75-44)
We don't bowl again till January 7th..

Bowling Scores 12-19-06

Week 17

Average going into the night- 190

204, 239, 248 691 Series

The most dominating performance of the season and I'm talking as a team. Second game our team rolled a season high 1003 combined scratch game. We won all 3 games (7 points). Our team looked solid for the first time all season.
The most classic thing of the night would have to be my 11 strikes in a row! I ended the second game with 5 in a row and began the 3rd game with 6 in a row. My 7th shot in the third game hit the pocket light and left a 10 pin. Giving me the "unofficial 299 game"
691 is the highest series I have rolled in months and it places as the third highest series rolled during winter league. What made it even better is the fact that we were playing "Kalkowski's" team.
The third game should have been better but I got dominated in the 10th frame. Sooo close to a 700.
Overall a great night-

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Am Legend

"Castaway meets 28 Days Later."
I Am Legend Stars Will Smith in another attempt to save the world movie.
Robert Neville (Smith) is the last man on Earth looking for others and an antidote for this wicked spreading disease.
 This all happened when a scientist finds a cure for cancer only to have it turn horribly wrong, into a lethal intoxication that leaves 99% of the population as bloodthirsty zombies.
Neville's only friend is his dog and the many manaquins that he's set up around New York City to talk to.  It's been 3 years and he's losing his mind.  He leaves traps to catch these zombies who can only come out at night and does tests and experiments on these zombies and rat zombies as well.  Will he find a cure or will the Zombies finally track him down and kill him ending the human race.
Watch to find out. 
The first half of the movie was pretty good and held my interest.  There's a few flashbacks to how this all went down but it's quite short and they could have told a little more back story in my opinion.  The zombies were disappointing and were too computerized for my taste.  A definate step down from the Vampires in 30 days of night which I thought were done quite well.  The movie just kind of ends and it seemed like the writers ran out of story and just quickly made up an ending. 
Still, entertaining and a good movie to come on out and see to kill a few hours.  People here in Chico seem to like it at least on opening day, Most Shows sold out.
6/10  Mildly recommended

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Golden Compass

This one was a forced screening so let me get straight to it...
I wasn't paying attention the first 15 minutes as I was finishing up some other things around the theater.  Then.. bam!
A bunch of Children who get abducted by some other people.
A bunch of really annoying accents.
A bunch of Demon pets for each of the kids and adults alike. 
100's of witches flying around in the sky
The gravedigger from GhostRider flying around in a baloon/plane type thing.
A Polar Bear Drunk off whiskey and depressed that he lost a battle and his armor. 
Polar bears battle each other for supremacy and to see who is king.
Nicole Kidman with a pet monkey
The 007 guy running around in the snow only to get captured.
oh yeah and somewhere along the way there's a golden compass... Imagine that.
I'll agree with Nathan, Confusing as hell and unless you've read the books I've no clue.  But we're all in luck!  This is apparetnly gonna be a trilogy!
Well all the Harry Potter freaks can crawl out from under a rock and get their fix...
In the words of Watler... "It's Craptastic!"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bowling Update 12-4-07

Week 13-  204, 174, 178
Week 14- 167, 189, 154
Week 15- 160, 268, 178
Current Average- 183
Aside from a breakout game this week, the slump continues...
Amazingly enough though, our team has gone 14-0 the last 2 weeks.  25-10 for the second third of the season and 63-42 overall...  Sitting somewhere around 2nd place