Friday, December 31, 2010

Disc Golf PR's

Chico Front -7
Chico Back +1
Oroville Riverbend Park -3
Paradise Lava Creek -1
Emma Wilson 9 Holes E

Career Aces:

Chico Front #4, #11, #14
Riverbend Park #14

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monday Night Raw Quotes 2010

"My 5th grade graduation video is superior to The Marine so what's your point?"  -Cody Rhodes on John Cena

"I am here because the Packers are in the playoffs... The Vikings are in the playoffs and the Packers are going home" -John Cena

"I don't believe in second chances because I've been perfect my entire life."  -The Miz

"You can put diamonds on a dog but it's still a mutt"

"Those aren't calves those are steers"  -Lawler on Mark Henry

"Don't you know if you have a kid with him it would be Grand Master Sexay, a total screw up!"  -Santino Murella

"She caught a brown cow once so she could have chocolate milk."  -Lawler

"What festers in the vile pigsty that is the mind of CM Punk." -Matt Stryker

"Bullfrog Splash" -Stryker on Vickie Guerrero

"Parasidic Troglidites"  -Jericho

"Palmed his head like a basketball." -Cole "More like a bowling ball" -Lawler racial comment of the night

"I got two words for ya... Katie Vick."  -CM Punk

"The undefined diva's champion" -Alicia Fox, Diva's Champion

"Pat Patterson is rolling in his grave" "He's not dead." "I think that just killed him"  Lawler and Cole

"I heard he was so ugly, when he was a kid he had to trick or treat over the phone."  -Lawler

"This is going to be better than Mae Young's autographed copy of the bible." -Lawler

"The following will determine the finals of the king of the ring tournament." -Ms. USA

"It's a good thing a DUI is job security."  CM Punk on Alex Riley

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Movie Reviews 2010

Daybreakers 7/10
Extraordinary Measures 7/10
Shutter Island 9/10
The Crazies 8/10
From Paris With Love 5/10
Wolfman 6/10
Green Zone 7/10
Repo Men 4/10
Nightmare on Elm Street 7.5/10
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 9/10
Marmaduke 7/10
The Karate Kid 8/10
Toy Story 3 8/10
The Last Airbender 2/10
Inception 9/10
Dinner For Schmucks 7/10
Piranha 3D 8/10
The Last Exorcist 6/10
Resident Evil After Life 4/10
The Legend of the Guardians 5/10
Let Me In 8/10
Paranormal Activity 2  5/10
Saw 3D The Final Chapter 7/10
The Road 8/10
The Girl Who Played With Fire 8.5/10
Amusement 5/10
Black Swan 8.5/10

I tally 27 movies screened/watched/rated this year (down from 36 last year) and to be honest it will continue to decline as we expect to be a full digital theatre by the end of next summer so there will be fewer and fewer oppertunities or needs to screen films at 2 in the morning.  (That and "I don't watch movies")

Horrible Mention

Twilight-Eclipse  -Negative Eleventy Billion

Somebody please take Stephanie Meyer and Robert Pattenson out behind the shed and put'em down Old Yeller style.

Bottom 3
#3. Resident Evil-Afterlife 4/10

I haven't seen any in the series so this one was quite ridiculous and I'm just not a fan of movies based off of games. Hell I'm not even a fan of games.  This movie was over the top ridiculous and not in a cool Pirahna 3D kind of way either.

#2. Repo Men- 4/10

Renting people organs and then repossessing them if they can't make the payments? Original Concept I suppose but aside from a couple of cool kills it was just all over the place.  The swerve at the end was interesting but almost a year later I can't remember it being mindblowing or anything.

#1. The Last Airbender- 2/10

Was this movie supposed to be serious? I was laughing at all the cheezy facial expressions as the different elements of the earth were stirred up to use as weapons. (When we were in the Gulf War did we use butter as weapons?) Terrible worst movie I screened all year.

Enough of the bad on to the good...

Honorable Mention-

Pirahna 3D 8/10 Hillarious over the top movie that did just what I hoped it would do.  While the 3D wasn't really necessary, this Spring Break Slaughter was just what the projectionist ordered.

The Black Swan 8.5/10

Aronofsky's first film since he did the Wrestler doesn't disappoint.  You'll never look at Ballet the same again.

The Girl Who played with Fire 8.5/10

The second movie based on the Swedish book series by Steig Larson.  Lisbeth Salander is a great character that merged well from story to on screen. Subtitled yes, but worth looking into.  Make sure you begin with the first movie though or you'll be confused.

Top 3
#3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 9/10

Ah yes what I was just talking about.  The first movie was just slightly better than the second.  I've also read the trilogy so that may also influence my rating here.  I suggest checking both the book and movie out.

#2. Shutter Island 9/10

Another one that I remember the trailer for a holiday release just for it to get pushed back to February so I read the book as well as I couldn't wait for it to come out.  Amazing performance by Dicaprio and company.  Well done.

#1.  Inception 9.5/10

Great year for Dicaprio as Inception is one of those movies where you have to pay attention the entire time and it actually makes you think what the hell is going on in the juggle of Dreams and Reality throughout. What's the cliche comment here? ah yes a real MindF*ck of a movie.  So if your idea of a great movie is sitting drugged out through a Seth Rogen comedy where you zone out and drool on your shirt sleeve for 2 hours while texting your BFF then this movie wouldn't be for you but then again none of these movies I've mentioned would be. 

Good Night. 

If it doesn't make any sense then it's done it's job.

"I have a kid so I can't work that much"

"Taste the Rainbow. Smoke the Rainbow." SPW Fan-

"Walk the dog. That sounds good. Does that have the yellow sauce on it?" Father-in-law-

"What did you do on your honeymoon? We went to the dentist!"

"Less of a fit, more of a convulsion" Duffy Senior-

"Limit yourself to reach your full potential" Lenny-

"Wanna know how to make some money? Pigeons!" Dale Spainhower-

"Tasty Burgers."

"I didn't brush my teeth..." "That's ok we're about to eat."

Dream of Execution- Pinkerton-

"I'm willing to die at Wrestlemania" -Floyd Mayweather-

Autistic Piss/Elk Piss

Nasty Boys Energy Medley *Salsbury Steak Flavor*

"Party like a Sasquatch" Duffy J-

"Who's a Cookie Monster?" Tank Toland to Bobby Dempsey-

"Why don't you just dye Ric Flair purple and go as the California Raisin" Duffy J-

"This pen is worthless it doesn't write on anything but paper." Duffy J-

"Heath Ledger died." "Did he finish batman first?" Wangberg-

"I'm fat if I don't eat I will die" Eiffel 65 and a half- Walter-

"I threw my back out playing too much Heroquest." Duffy J-

"I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt on this one." General Manager-

"About 35 feet." Walter-

"Get in Butch."


"Will you sign my son? Will you rub my baby?" Oroville Fan to Brian Cage

"How's the bust factor on a scale of Play It Again John Denver to my Dad?" Duffy J-

"Go mow the dishwasher."

Tamale Ice Cream

"Crayons and Coloring Books? That shit costs money!" Duffy J-

"I feel like my skin is too tight for my fat."

"Deaf in one eye."

"When are you getting the batteries pulled from the genetic jackhammer?" Duffy J-

"Take a look, it's in a book, Rubber Dog Mask" Duffy J-

"Work together, and knock the shit off" Anonymous Yuba City Construction Worker

"I got your horoscope right here!"

"Death to Davis! You know you want to say it! You know it's True! Death to Davis!"

"Kick a field goal! Janikowski! Kick a Field Goal!" Drunk Raider fan when Oakland began every single drive.

"You come in here wearing that jersey? I hope you get the Business! Welcome to Oakland."

"Actually I only listen to Black Metal." Duffy J talking to magazine salesman
"I got some Incubus."

"I like to dip my hands in a port-a-potty before I take a bite of MY sandwich." Duffy J

"Limp wristed yellow bellied sissy."

"Nothing says tickling your fancy like cleaning sand urns."

"Holy shit!"
"Yeah, holy shit he bit a fuckin blood capsule."

"I steal your mom's little rascal to get to my limo."

"Little Richard is coming over and I gotta take care of him."

President Milk Outside

Oroville's little secret

"We're all born terminal."

"I think Steve-o could take Cena."
"That's the stupidest thing you've ever said."

"Billy! You know Grandmother has allergies what are you doing cutting the grass on Saturday?" Duffy J-

"I hope it's you" Duffy J-

"Ow! My Heart! No Seriously, My heart!" Walter

"Maybe they could write something else on the bag..."

"The green one's suck."
"You Suck!"

"I think I got all five of em'" Anonymous Employee

"What's the T in Dust stand for?" Anonymous Employee-

"Chinese Earthquake Response" Walter

"Stab that knife into the table again and I'm gonna kick you in the face." Sipple to Havens

"This kinda hurts my hand."


EXTREME High Fives

Aligning he bulb in five with a hand near the tap settings...
"IS IT CLEAR YET!" Walter-

"I'm shaking like fucking Michael J Fox." Walter-

"Fuck that." Walter-

"I don't wanna steal your chickens, I just wanna know if you have any." Midnight Cowboy-

"There's nothing wrong with the street." D-Fens

"Greenhouse gasses!" DMX/Carly the Cardinal remix

"Outsourcing OHHHHHHHH" Vader-

"ELMER HOWLETT!!!! What happened to your car?!!!" Mr Crowley remix-

"Number 5 is going to tailwrap." -Walter

"Choose one making you better feeling!" Tom Green-

"Everything upstairs runs on pigeon heads." I don't remember this one.

"HA!" -Sipple
"hah..." -Felix

"Those Five Years were gonna suck anyway." Walter-

"BACK WITH THE REST OF EM!!! BOOOOO BOOOOOO!!!!!" Walter dominating Floyd-

"Celebrate the dump on your face, it keeps me dancing." Walter's remix of Daft Punk's One More Time-

"Non-soy Otter Fat"

"Sit on the Rainbow"

"Convenience breeds impatience"

"You can't take it from Granite because grane is not a word."

"Rubber Robot Groundhog Mask"

"Everytime I start to be productive I have to take a break"


"The Job is complete. How Fast? Half-assed."

"I'm drinkin Rolling Rock on the Rollin Rocker! Rolling Rock. Rollin Rocker. Yeahaha!"

"If I slit my wrists while on the clock and fail, do I have to fill out an accident report?" Duffy J-

"When I was a young boy I asked my grandfather, "why must I watch the sheep die?" He struck me with his staff and shouted "Why must the sheep watch you live?" -Jack Schnitzler-

"I got a pool table in my bladder"

"Guacomole Orangutans and Beef Stew Flavored Chalk"

"Pickled Wombat Water"

"Putt the Polecat and don't you come back no more no more no more no more... (Putt this way!)"

"Now listen recklessly, I'm gonna say this a dozen times"

"Facebook Suicide"

"He's so ugly that when he was a kid he had to trick or treat over the phone" Jerry Lawler-

"He's white? That's unfortunate."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bowling Scores 12/28/10

‎189/173/193 555 series. 

Reality Check. 2-5 on the night. Clinging to 1st place with 1 week to go.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bowling Scores 12/21/10

256/205/227 688 Series. 

Really came through tonight. I was one frame away from throwing a no-tap 900 series (9 or X in 29/30 frames). We took 2 of 3 games and total pins (5-2 on the night). Still in 1st at 39-17 for the second third of the season with 2 weeks to go. Average 205.7

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bowling Scores 12/14/10

‎221/228/187 636 series 

Only took 1 game on the night going 2-5. Still clinging to first place with just a few weeks before the end of the second third of the season.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bowling Scores 12/7/10

223/258/248 729 Series. Highest series I have ever bowled on league and 2nd highest series ever. I beat out high league series by 7 pins. Games 2 and 3 were no tap 300's. We took all games and total pins on the night. We remain in 1st place for the 2nd third of the season with a record of 32-10 with 4 weeks remaining.


I stand corrected. On 9/6/05 I threw a 753 series on league. So this past Tuesday was my 4th time cracking 700 and third highest ever.

1. 753
2. 737 (non-league)
3. 729
...4. 700

Monday, December 6, 2010


If you tell someone they have unlimited potential and that the sky is the limit, and that person turns out to be an astronaut, is it considered an insult?