Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bowling Scores 10-31-06


Ha Ha Ha, ok before I get to the scores on the night let me tell you about the bust of the night. Well I decide to dust off the old Leonard Kowalski costume for Halloween and I wore it to work today and to the bowling alley. So here's the busting quote of the night:

"I like your shirt."

Now you may have needed to be there to hear this one and the story behind it, or so what I think may have been constrewed. So there's this guy on my league, I've mentioned him before... Matt. Anyways he's pretty much a pro and I've witnessed him roll at least 3 perfect games if not more. Anyways the bust is the fact that his last name is Kalkowski. So those that were in the TWA remember my shirt that has Kowalski Kliq on the front of it. Anyways I think he thought it said Kalkowski Kliq. WHAT A FUCKING BUST. Anyways I just played along and then later I couldn't stop laughing. On to the scores on the night...

164, 184, 190 538 Series

Strikes per lane through 25 frames:

Lane 35- 0
Lane 36- 8

Super dry tonight which is good to a point with a violent reactive ball like the black widow. But I found myself shouting out:


Pretty much the whole night. I am suprised those scores were what they were because I didn't find my line the entire night until the 9th frame of the third game and I ended up XXXXing out in the 3rd game for a 190. On top of that I XXX'd the second game to roll a 184. Tells you how shitty of a night it was. Our team lost all games and all 7 points.
Tonight was the last week of the first third of the season putting our team who has ran the table in the Cellar Week 1- Week 10 at 22-48 on the season. What's even funnier is we have the second highest team average at 723.
Next week we start the second third. I'm not very confident we can bounce back at this point. Going into the night my average had jumped to a 188 but it will dip below that after tonight. Until next week......

Friday, October 27, 2006


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Back for another movie in the series that is becoming a cult classic... well maybe not to go that far yet.
Saw III picks up right where Saw II left off which was really cool and the opening scene is very good with the detective guy getting dominated (I won't go into any details to avoid the spoiler) and gave me a good feeling that this one was going to be awesome. Unfortunately it turned out to be not so awesome. Good yes, but not great.

The third movie revolves around Jigsaw and how he is dying of cancer. His protoge' , Amanda, that survived the first one, kidnaps a doctor and she is forced to keep Jigsaw alive long enough for someone else to finish "the game". If Jigsaw dies, she dies basically cause of this wicked contraption around her neck. In the meantime this other guy has to pass a series of tests to reach the person that ran over and killed his son, so he can have vengeance.

This movie was all over the place for the first 30 minutes. I had no clue where the plot was going for a while. I do give credit for some of the flashbacks to the first Saw and explaining a bit more of the character of Jigsaw and Amanda. There were some good gore in this movie some which I would say are more gruesome than the first 2 in the series. But I was a bit disappointed in some of the torture devices even though their effects were ruthless.

If you have seen the first 2 Saw's and liked them, then I mildly recommend this one. If your into the gore movies and go to Gwar Concerts on a regular basis then I strongly recommend this one.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bowling Scores 10-24-06


258, 181, 212 651 Series

The lanes were the complete opposite last night from a week ago. Very Dry and they became drier with each passing game. The First Game went like this:

9/ 9/ X X X X X X X 9/ X

Giving me my first No-Tap 300 in a long time. In fact the 258 is my highest game since hurting my wrist way back when. Second game the lanes got so dry I had a hard time finding a line to the pocket. With my ball being an Agressive Reactive coverstock, I knew this when i bought it and told myself I would just have to adjust when the lanes were super dry and I did. Also only left 2 open frames the whole night. One 10 pin missed in the 2nd game and I chopped a botched 1-3-9 leave in the first frame of the 3rd game. Overall a pretty good night concidering my average is still sitting at a measly 184. Oh and our team is still in the cellar but we managed to win 2 of 3 and total pins giving us 5 of 7 points.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brian Pillman- Loose Cannon

Just got The Pillman DVD in the mail as I had to special order it cause it's not available anywhere around chico. Along with the new BT CD/DVD as well.

Anyways, The Pillman DVD is a 2 disc set with the first disc being a look back at his career and life. From when he was a kid and nearly died from problems with his throat. He needed over 40 operations as a child and some nearly ended his life. It then goes into his football career in College and for a year with the Cincinatti Bengals. From there moving to Training at the Hart Dungeon and getting signed in WCW. The Hollywood Blondes with Steve Austin and how that dominant tag team that was getting over, got the axe because the higher ups were afraid of losing their spot. From there it talk of his take off as singles competitor and title runs as light heavyweight champion. The transformation from "Flyin" Brian Pillman to "The Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman. Then quitting WCW and actually walking out on a strap match with Kevin Sullivan which was quite interesting to say the least. Moved to ECW briefly turning heel and then his car accident which jacked up his ankle which would then become a struggle for the rest of his career.
I won't go into everything that is covered but another main reason this DVD is very well put together is because of the matches. Over 15 matches on this DVD including WrestleWar 91' and light heavyweight title matches against Jushin Thunder Liger and Richard Morton. It may be because between the years of 1988 and 1994 I was all about WCW and not so much WWF but this DVD has a lot of matches from when I was Pro- WCW and when I thought WCW was in it's prime, but this DVD is definately worth the price and I recommend it to any wrestling fan. It's good stuff and a bunch of extras as well including the infamous Austin/Pillman Gun pulling incident in 1996.
"Austin may be 3:16 but Pillman 9 Millameter Glock says......"

Again.... Very Good Stuff.

The Marine


Man, you wanna talk about a hillarious waste of 2 hours? Well I give you The Marine, starring John Cena. I'll throw out a guarentee and say that Cena will not be the next big thing in hollywood ala the rock. This movie was a joke from the very beginning. From the opening scene which is a close up of Cena's face as a Marine, To the ridiculous amount of explosions that Cena just happens to "dive" out of and into the water or onto the ground, this was a joke. I'm not even gonna go into the cheezy music that oversees much of the movie. I'll keep it short and say stay away from this one. The only thing it may have is what seemed like a no limit budget for blowing things up.


See No Evil was way better.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bowling Scores 10-17-06

149, 203, 203 555 Series

Average Going Into the Night- 184

The lanes were supremely oily tonight.........

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bowling Update

Hammer Black Widow
What are we Talking about?.........Practice.
I finally did it. I threw down 180 bones and got a ball of my own. The Hammer Black Widow. After Purchasing it I decided to throw a few games. 4 to be exact and the result is as follows:

176, 234, 224, 255 889 Series.

Whoa! 255 that is by far the best game since I injured my wrist way back at the beginning of summer. Let me tell you I got more pin action with this ball than I have seen in a long time. Pro Shop guy who sold it to me says newer balls are good for that about 40-50 games and then begin to wear down. Some other tips include remembering to wipe all the oil off of your ball before putting it back in your bag at the end of the night cause the oil will seep into your ball and shorten it's durability.
While I'm on the subject of Bowling I guess I'll inform everyone of how this league is going 7 weeks in. Well currently my average stands at a 184 (18 pins down from last year) And I've only rolled 5 200 games this season compared to averaging at least 1 every 3 games last year.
Now to my team this year who have the second highest combined league average (704) Yet we are dead last in the league at 15-41. It's to the point where we have so many solid single pin leaves that it jumps from hillarious to furious with each passing game. And as always the team we bowl each week decides to have their best week of the year.

Anyways, perhaps now that I have a brand new ball I will begin doing weekly reports of my season again. Until next Tuesday...........
Duffy J-

Friday, October 6, 2006

Texas Chainsaw Massacre- The Beginning

"They may not remember who we are, but by god they'll remember what we've done."

This was the prequel to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre as 4 teens are on one last road trip before 2 of them get shipped off to Vietnam for war. But this movie focused more on the Sherrif or should I say who became the sheriff after the town was evacuated. It also goes into Leatherface and how he grew up as a child. If your looking for some gore this movie definately has it.
Some early reviews are saying this is the scariest movie of the year. I don't agree with that but it is scary. I would put The Descent above this one for scare factor. I liked this movie because they definately utilize the chainsaw more than in the original re-make a few years ago. The ending scene is very good and although a lot of this movie was predictable concidering it's a prequel, it was good and had me yelling "BOOM!" at the screen like a complete mark.
If you liked the original, go check this one out it's pretty good.