Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Madden 2007

Just like everyone else I was waiting forever for this year's NFL Madden series. As they promoted the game all over Television dedicating last tuesday as "Maddenoliday" Well after playing it for the first time on the PS2 Console I have to say that I am not impressed what so ever. Many that know me know that I like a good defensive football game and this game is far from it. I have played about 4 games with friends now and every game has been over 70 combined points and over 600+ yards of combined offense. The game just isn't fun when you cannot stop your opponent even when you pick a run defense and they run up the middle, bounce off 3 or 4 tackles and still get a 4 yard gain. Ridiculous. So anyone that was thinking about buying this game, take my advice and stick to Madden 2005 or 2004. (I never played 2006) The game is also way faster. The gameplay is just sped up and there are just so many additions you can make until a game becomes so damn complicated that you just don't care anymore. The same goes for Tiger Woods 2006. (Woods 2004 was the best by far, thanks for borrowing it and never returning it Funk) Anyways now I'm going off on tangents so I'm done.

On a side note: Everyone go out and buy BT's This Binary Universe which comes out tomorrow. I'm not listening to it yet but I will be within 24 hours, I haven't heard a BT album I haven't liked yet......

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Just purchased the McMahon DVD that came out today. It really is quite entertaining. I recommend picking it up if your a fan of Vince McMahon and all he has accomplished over the years. Here is a quick summary of all the documentary covers:
The original wrestling territories and how Vince bought out the AWA and began televising wrestling in the early 80's with the debut of WrestleMania.
The entire Austin vs. McMahon Feud
Buying out WCW and the positives and negatives of buying out your compitition.
The difference between Vince McMahon the WWE owner and Mr. McMahon the onscreen sick and twisted badass that fires people and makes wrestlers lives a living hell.
The rise and fall of the XFL
There is a bunch of other stuff including a few points I must make"
The reason Stone Cold Steve Austin left in 2002 is because he didn't want to put over Brock Lesnar in a King of the Ring Qualifier match on Raw.
A classic Hulk Hogan Quote: "If you have any friends in this business, your not making any money"
Stephanie McMahon reveals that Vince McMahon wanted to be revealed to be the father of her child in an Incest angle that she refused. At which point Vince asked if Shane McMahon would work instead. Stephanie refused.
Vince also wanted HHH/Stephanie to be married on PPV.
This is all on Disc 1
Disc 2 includes 7 + of Vince's best matches.
I haven't watched the matches yet but it is definately interesting and I recommend any wrestling fan to go out and pick up a copy.
It's interesting stuff unless you want to remain a complete and total mark like Andrew Piersons.

Duffy J-

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Someone is all about putting viruses through the internet....... Something happens and the dead end up coming through to our side. "They want what we have....They want life..." A bunch of people start dying when touched by the ghosts from the other side....
Anyways a cross between white noise, fear dot com... cry wolf... Saw.... and a bunch of other horror flicks just doesn't get it done son. Although there is this part towards the beginning with this pretty jacked up looking cat in the closet. But not worth your money or time. Not the worst movie I have ever seen... It was definately better than Freedomland or the Medallion but still..........


Friday, August 4, 2006

The Descent

Scary? Ohhhhhh Yeah.

The Decent is about a group of girls that decide to go cave exploring out in the middle of nowhere. Apparently the cave has been explored before but then later they realize it hasn't and they get stuck down there when a passage collapses.

The first 30 minutes your wondering why they are comparing this movie to the original Alien and why everyone is hyping it up so much in the advertising but then.... Holy shit everything goes crazy and well........Let's just say the group encounters some crazy cave monsters that look nuts. If you enjoy scary ass movies then this is definately one for the books. This movie was originally released last year in the UK and you can buy the UK version on DVD. Apparently they changed the ending to be a bit more "American Friendly" whatever that means. I'd like to see how the original version could be any less "happily ever after"


Duffy J-

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Bowling Update

Current mood:blah

Many may be wondering if I quit bowling due to my wrist injury. Well the answer is no but maybe I should. Or at least take a break. To be completely honest the last 3 weeks of bowling have been so outrageously horrible, that I am embarassed to even post my scores. I am past the frusterated stage and it continues to be me not caring at all about the outcome of each week. There are a couple of points to make about tonight's league night:

1. I witnessed 2 people bowl perfect games in the same night. Quite Impressive.
2. AMF Lanes recently refinished their approaches and many people are having a tough time adjusting. This would include 2 bowlers completely eating shit as their shoes stuck and they fell face first onto the lane. One of which could not continue. (Welcome to my world some 6 weeks ago...)
3. My future is up in the air at this point. I know I have many options: A- Enter Winter league left handed and attempt to hold a 130-140 average until I can improve my mechanics. This would mean I would have to bowl every week (33 weeks) Left handed because in a sanctioned league you must enter left or right handed and it is illegal to switch, halfway through the league. B- Continue how I am going, maintaining a 170ish average at best and continue to roll the ball with my thumb in it, being completely inconsistent and unreliable as the Anchor of the team. Or C- Buy a brand new bowling ball for around $250 bucks, basically learn to bowl all over again with the thumb in the ball and roll the dice with which ball to purchase whether it be a ball for light, medium or heavy oil conditions.
There are 3 weeks left in Summer League, and Winter league starts in 4 weeks. I have no clue what the hell I'm going to do but I will let everyone know when I do........