Saturday, December 30, 2006

Black Christmas

Talk about a hillarious and horrible movie! Messed up childhood for Billy! (yeah that's his name in the movie) Hillarious if you know me well. He murders his mother and grows up to return to the same house he murdered in which now happens to be a sorority. In a nutshell lets just say whoever made this movie didn't shell out enough cash to digitally put in peoples breath when they are outside in freezing cold weather. Plus some hillarious kills and a few rip offs from See No Evil (taking peoples eyes). One lady dies from an Ice Cicle falling off the house (Ralphie look out) and another gets impaled on a christmas tree which just happens to continue to work and blink lights. 
The best had to be the Stomach Gut Cookies that Billy cut from his mother and baked in the oven. The cops arrive at the house and he's dipping stomach gut cookies in milk (2% I don't know)
Anyways this movie made me laugh really hard at times but do not waste your money on this pile of garbage.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bowling Scores 12-26-06

Average going into the night: 192.6

202, 238, 215 655 Series

Continuing to Improve and able to adjust to less dry lane conditions. Our team only took 1 of 3 though and total pins was won by a mere 3 pins...34-22 for the second third of the season but a disappointing 56-70 on the year. Here's to hoping we get back to .500 by the end of the season.....
I've rolled 22, 200 games on the season and 6, 600 series' through 19 weeks...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bowling Scores 12-19-06

Average going into the night- 190

204, 239, 248 691 Series

The most dominating performance of the season and I'm talking as a team. Second game our team rolled a season high 1003 combined scratch game. We won all 3 games (7 points). Our team looked solid for the first time all season.
The most classic thing of the night would have to be my 11 strikes in a row! I ended the second game with 5 in a row and began the 3rd game with 6 in a row. My 7th shot in the third game hit the pocket light and left a 10 pin. Giving me the "unofficial 299 game"
691 is the highest series I have rolled in months and it places as the third highest series rolled during winter league. What made it even better is the fact that we were playing "Kalkowski's" team.
The third game should have been better but I got dominated in the 10th frame. Sooo close to a 700.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Walmart Bockus

Current mood:tired

"Mmm! That smells delicious! What is that? Cinnamon?"

"No..... that's Mayonaise."

"Oh... My Mistake."

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mr. Bucket and the 4 pin

Bowling Scores 12-12-06

Average going into the night- 190

161, 214, 202 577 Series.

I haven't seen so many 4 pin leaves all season. As well as Buckets (2-4-5-8) First game nothing was working on lane 27. Somehow I was throwing strikes on Lane 28 but I opened like 3 or 4 frames. The second game in I changed my approach and went with a straighter ball with less break. It worked out and I had a solid 214. But the bigger bust of the second game was the amazing comeback my team had. We are down by like 70 pins going into the final frame. 3 of our 4 bowlers struck out in the 10th frame including me to win in dramatic fashion. It was awesome. Third game again I had a no-tap 300 going into the 8th frame where I threw my only bad shot of the game leaving a 4-6 split. Weak. But I finished somewhat strong for a 202. I was an idiot on my last ball of the night though as I left a 5 pin and proceded to throw a hook shot behind my back with my spare ball. I missed the pin and in the process fucked up my wrist again as it hurts pretty bad right now. Anyways we won 2 of 3 games but didn't take total pins because we lost the first game by over 100 pins.
We were tied for third place going into the night at 20-15 for the second third (still 42-63 overall)
We will probably remain in third going into week 17...

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Bowling Scores 12-5-06


193, 192, 238(no tap 300) 623 Series

Spares through 13 frames- 1

Average going into the night- 188

We dominated tonight as a team anyways. Took all 3 games and all 7 points. We were currently in 5th place out of 10 for the second third of the season. This is Week 15 and the mid point of the league. The first game I opened in the 10th frame just like last week only this week I left a 4-7-10 split and actually knocked down more than 4 pins when I hit the headpin. Ridiculously lame. Second game in went suprisingly similar to the first game as I sat at 76 in the 5th frame, where I sat at 80 in the 5th frame the first game.
My teammate rolled a no-tap 300 the second game and ended with a 228. I then followed it up with one of my own in the third game and a 238. Overall a good night that could have been better if not for the open in the 10th frame of the first game. Oh and I amazingly went 5/5 on 10 pin conversions this week.