Friday, March 31, 2006



Ah, the dirty south. This movie stars Hip Hop star T.I. and one half of Outkast's Big Boi.
It's about living in Atlanta suburbs and the lifes of a group of friends. T.I's a talented artist who's younger brother gets into trouble and begins to deal drugs for Big Boi, the bling bling king of the streets.

Sunday nights everyone hangs out at this skate rink and they have a skate off to prove who has the best moves. One of T.I's friends is trying to get into college and drama ensues as he lies about where he's from just so he can get a letter of recommendation from a higher up.

This movie was ok as I went into it expecting total garbage. There were some funny parts as well when an arguement ensues about who has the best ribs shack in town and the quote of the movie that I had to write down as I was screening it:

"Her ass is fatter than a swamp possum with the mumps"

So thumbs in the middle on this one.
Oh yeah and you get to see T.I. and Big Boi throw bones at one point in the movie so if your a fan of them not only musically but acting wise, go check them out.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

David Lynch

So found this at BestBuy today decided to give it a shot even though there was no informantion on the DVD what so ever. Classic David Lynch style. Those that have rented or own Mulholland Drive know how annoying that DVD is. No chapters. So if you don't watch it through entirely you have to fast forward through the movie to cue it up. Annoying.

Anyways This DVD showcases 6 previously unreleased short films from David Lynch. Six Men Getting Sick was his first ever project that was done in the late 1960's. Other releases on this DVD are The Alphabet, The Grandmother, The amputee, The cowboy and the frenchman, and Lumiere.
It's that weird, psycological stuff that can make your brain hurt if you try to dissect it but it's so unique and interesting that you gotta love it.

If your a fan of David Lynch I suggest picking this up although it is $19.99 and all the movies put together probably equal about 70 minutes. Not worth it for the price but if you've got the $$ to blow go for it.

Oh and to add something I just discovered, they even have a chapter dedicated to callibrating your television. Setting your brightness, tint, color, etc. I guess so you can fully feel the film's effects.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bowling Scores 3-21-06

155, 174, 186 515 Series.

That's Right! Just like Summer league our team chokes in the playoffs. What can I say other than I left splits missed single pins and couldn't throw more than one X in a row the whole night. I decided to throw my 2nd worst series of the entire season tonight. After the second game I decided it was already pretty much over and we were guarenteed 4th place. I'm not going to whine and moan about the night. Cause I still got paid so booya! Yeah I'm pissed about how this shit turned out but here's a semi-highlight of the night:

My final shot in the third game was a 10 pin conversion behind the back. We were the last ones bowling and there was probably like 50 people watching. I got some props for that.

I got $20 bucks for rolling that 753 Series.
I got $25 bucks for our team coming in 4th place.
I got $91.10 for having 124 wins (most of any team) for the season.
So $136.10 eases the debacle to a degree.

Anyways it was fun and thanks to those who followed my winter bowling league. Fear not, and wipe those tears away, it isn't over!
Summer league starts in a few weeks and I will continue to post my progress on here for the entertainment of my fans.

Until then,

"Rock It To The Maxwell House" -Wesley Willis-

Duffy J-

Season Bowling Stats

Dean Evans Jr.

High Game Scratch- 287
High Series Scratch- 753
High Game Handicap- 294
High Series Handicap- 807
Games Bowled over 200- 47
Series' Over 600- 15
Entering Average- 193
Final Average- 202

Season Score Summary
Week 1- 224, 185, 198 607 Series
Week 2 -188, 238, 171 597 Series
Week 3- 256, 257, 240 753 Series
Week 4- 184, 192, 229 605 Series
Week 5- 209, 237, 224 670 Series
Week 6- 194, 182, 196 572 Series
Week 7- 247, 216, 190 653 Series
Week 8- 287, 192, 175 654 Series
Week 9- 203, 204, 201 608 Series
Week 10- 210, 206, 190 606 Series
Week 11- 213, 148, 201 562 Series
Week 12- 172, 231, 218 621 Series
Week 13- 150, 181, 256 587 Series
Week 14- 243, 174, 173 590 Series
Week 15- 178, 219, 169 566 Series
Week 16- 211, 179, 189 579 Series
Week 17- 160, 218, 252 630 Series
Week 18- 188, 213, 226 627 Series
Week 19- 242, 152, 177 571 Series
Week 20- 156, 224, 199 579 Series
Week 21- 184, 159, 168 511 Series
Week 22- 189, 221, 158 568 Series
Week 23- 202, 167, 177 546 Series
Week 24- 153, 189, 253 595 Series
Week 25- 248, 171, 209 628 Series
Week 26- 149, 209, 223 581 Series
Week 27- 203, 225, 238 666 Series
Week 28- 180, 190, 203 573 Series
Week 29- 217, 225, 226 668 Series
Week 30- 184, 235, 258 677 Series

Average per game

Game 1 Average- 200.8
Game 2 Average- 201.3
Game 3 Average- 206.2

And now you have enjoyed a double helping of bowling stats via Dean Evans Jr. Good Night.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Quite Ludacris

I have to address the similarity between ESPN Analyst and host of "Quite Frankly" Stephen A. SmithStephen A Smith on the Quite Frankly TV Show on ESPN and Hip-Hop SuperStar Ludacris. Everytime I watch Quite Frankly or NBA Shootaround I say "Hey look, it's Ludacris. But noone agrees with me. Well now I've gone to the public and let my opinion be heard. If you don't see it then I guess I'm a buster.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bowling Scores 3-14-06

184, 235, 258 677 Series.

Average going into the night- 201.9

Damn! I thought this was the week of the playoffs but no..... it was just positional night. Which didn't matter to us because we were already in. Tonight just mattered for those competing to win the last third of the season and sneak into the playoffs. Annoncements were made for high game, series, handicap game and handicap series. I won high series 753 and could have gotten a trophy but I opted for the $$$. (Matt actually had a higher series 775, but you can only win one category and he won high game with a perfect 300)

Ok on to the night, well first game I left a couple of splits early on and recovered towards the end to roll a 184. Second game began with a 9- missing a single pin spare for the first time in how many weeks I can't remember. Followed by XXXXXXX in a row, opened in the 9th with a split and 8/X'd out for a 235. The third game was as follows"
X X 9/ X X X X X 9/ XXX
No Tap 300 and a 258. The bust of the third game is I wasn't really paying attention to the game concidering none of this mattered for my team and I was actually watching the Kings/Lakers game instead.

Our team won all 7 points this week putting our final regular season record at 125-86.
Next week is the last week and everything is on the line.... I'll either dominate or get dominated but one thing is for certain...... It's all about the "W".

Duffy J-

Thursday, March 9, 2006

The Hills Have Eyes


A bunch of miners that refused to leave a nuclear test site in New Mexico and end up becoming human defects who kill and feed on other humans? What more can you ask for!

I normally don't jump too many times in horror flicks. This movie is and exception. The Hills Have Eyes is scary, freaky and demented. Scariest film I have seen this year and with the most violence, killing, blood, and gore you will have seen in a long time. They also take full advantage of the surround sound factor which can make you flip out if your watching it at 2am. Luckily you won't have to. Leave the kids at home. If your a horror flick fan this movie delivers 100%.
I also await the arrival of "666 The Omen" this summer. Something tells me it's not a Pastor Arnold Murray documentary.

Duffy J-

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Bowling Scores 03/07/06

217, 225, 226 668 Series


No not the movie. Finished out the first 2 games with XXXXX in a row in each and a XXX in a row in the last game. Dedicated the 10th frame in the 3rd game to Eddie Guerrero (wearing cheat to win shirt as well)

We won all 3 games and total pins putting our win total for the season at 117-86 which I believe is the best. Next week begins the playoffs so going into the night with a 201.2 and rolling a 668 series doesn't help my handicap any but I don't care, it's all about the win but I also care about establishing a 200 average for 30 straight weeks for the first time in my bowling career.

The lows of the night were minimal, I left 2 open frames all night again, one was a missed 10 pin and the other one was a washout as I left the 1-2-4-10.

Rolling into the playoffs..............

Duffy J-

Friday, March 3, 2006

Dave Chappelle's Block Party

For those out there that watch Chappelle's show regularly and find it "Hillarious" and are looking for a gut splitting time, this movie doesn't deliver.
For those out there looking for a good documentary on Hip Hop music and bringing people together then yes this movie is for you.

Kanye West, Dead Prez, Erika Badu, Jill Scott, A Fugees reunion, and more. Dave Chappelle brought together a ton of people for a one time only concert in Brooklyn New York. Good hip hop stuff and some funny stuff so go out and watch a movie that isn't a movie at all.

Duffy J-