Saturday, March 1, 2014

The worthless shit that should be thrown in a ditch and burned list

Warning:  These views are intended to offend because I'm a stubborn bastard.  All offense is intended because I'm a 36 year old human that doesn't own a cell phone and never will.  Accepting the reality that I'm an endangered species and have nothing to lose.  If the following could be eviscerated from the planet my life would be complete.

1. Cell Phones/cellular devices/texting/blue tooth
2. The worthless smell of marijuana and potheads across the world
3. Corona
4. Subway sandwich spokesman Jared Fogle
5. October 12th, 2017
6. The most unfunny television personality of all time Jimmy Fallon
7. Panda Express
8.Starbucks/Dutch Bros.
9. Snapchat
10. All Reality Television
11. Bulldog face Miley Cyrus
12.American Idol
13. Kid Rock
14. Craig's list
15. The phrase "Onesies"
16. Alien face Kim Kardashian and the rest of her relatives
17.Country Music
18. Dubstep
19. The phrase "Selfie" and Selfie Sticks
20. Glenn Beck
21. Borat and Bruno movies
22.Twilight series including Stephanie Meyer and every actor and actress ever involved with the series.
23. Guitar Hero and Rock Band
24. Star Wars
25. Lord of the Rings
26. Harry Potter
27. Julianne Moore
28. Tony Romo
29. Taking Back Sunday
30. Linkin Park
31. Any FM Radio post 2000
32. Sublime
33. Bob and Tom
34. Dora the Explorer
35. Japanese Animation
36. The Jonas Brothers
37. AC/DC
38. Zac Efron
39. Jersey Shore
40. The song "I Made It" by Kevin Rudolf and anyone driving around blasting it out of their car
41. Lady Garbage
42. IPad's
43. "Apps"/acronyms in general.  In particular the fact the backside of Application gets no respect
44. Justin Bieber
45. VH-1
46. Kesha and A-Dell (computer?)
47. Nancy Grace
48. Peyton Manning
49. Burger King