Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bowling Scores 6-27-06

134, 200, 185, 173 692 Series

It's getting past frusterating and downright hillarious. We lost all of our games for the second straight week making us 0-18 for the second half of the season thanks to me. The first game was me attempting to get the ball to move which didn't work the whole game. The next 3 games was me chucking the ball at the pins with no gameplan what so ever. My wrist is better for everyday living but I can't hold a 16 pound ball with no thumb. No bowling next week as it's the 4th of July. I have nothing else to say. My average going into the night was a 195 and will be even lower in 2 weeks.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bowling Scores 6-20-06

191, 182, 188, 170 731 series

Yep, that seems about right. Average is continuing to decline, going into the night with a 197 average, my wrist is still jacked up and I can't throw without my thumb in the ball. We lost all 4 games thanks to me. and 7 of the last 8. If I was a team player I wouldn't bowl at all and just take my average. But I still want to bowl and it is so damn frusterating to know I am better than I am bowling but can't do a damn thing about it. I can't get the ball to hook with my thumb in the ball and about halfway through the third game my thumb was throbbing cause it's not used to being used every single shot. There's really not much else to tell, I'm disgusted by my current situation and I don't know if it's going to get any better anytime soon. We didn't bowl last week thanks to the power outage of about a 1/3 of Chico. We won't bowl on July 4th either so after next week I get another week to see if my wrist is going to heal or if I'm screwed for life. I don't expect our team to win any more games this summer.....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tom Green Live!

I know that most of you are not a fan of Tom Green. But I must promote Tom Green Live! Which goes Live Thursday June 15th @ 8pm on TomGreen.com and ManiaTV.com. It is the first ever online live talk show. You yourself can call in to talk to Tom as this Talkshow will be live worldwide. So tune in and behold the awesomeness that is Tom Green and the Ultimate Classic Supreme Rockin Bockus! 

The Show will then air weekly on Thursdays Online at 8pm.

Friday, June 9, 2006


Cars is the first big summer release from Disney/Pixar. I challenge anyone to tell me this film wasn't a solid movie. All the reviews have been good and I totally agree. The only thing holding this film back is the fact that it is 122 minutes in run time. Concidering that it is rated G and the fact that many kids can't sit still for 2 + hours may lose some of those people that were wanting to see it. Then again, maybe not. Good Cartoon, Good Story, Good Movie. I would almost go so far as to say I would pay to see it, no nevermind, I haven't paid for a movie in 9 years......

Duffy J-

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Phone Problems

Current mood:pissed off

Dammit! So it's 12:40am and I just got dominated. I decided to call up Tom Green on his live TV show. I get through and the guy asks me what my question is which was "Are you going to bring back Big Monster Spectacular Friday!" The guy tells me to hold for a second and then my phone battery dies!


Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The Omen

The son of the devil is brought to earth in this horror flick. Damien, an adopted child at birth is brought up by his adoptive parents. Then people start dying including freak accidents (some final destination style) and some suicide. The adoptive father is encouraged to kill the child by a priest. Can he do it? Watch to find out.

I was actually not disappointed in this movie. The first 20 minutes drag a bit and there are a couple other moments that could have been shorter but overall this movie will make you jump. I guarentee it. At least twice if not more. I never saw the original so I can't compare this one to anything. Thumbs up for me.

Bowling Scores 6-6-06

140, 178, 200, 176 694 Series

Top League Averages going into the night:

1. 208
2. 206.2
3. Dean Evans 203.1
4. 202.7

This is the last time you will see me in the top 4 averages for a while to come. I get to the bowling alley and attempt one regular shot in practice with my spare ball. When I say regular I mean without my thumb in the ball because that's the way I've thrown my shots for about 5 years. Not gonna happen tonight cause I felt it in the wrist and I mean badly.

So I adjusted and pretty much threw jobber shots all night. The first game I was confused and had no Idea how I was going to make it threw the night. I couldn't get my ball to move at all and I can't count how many times I missed the head pin let alone the "pocket".

Second game I decided to attempt to throw my strike ball (16 lbs.) When I put my thumb in the ball and pretty much throw a straight ball, my wrist holds up ok. The night was a joke though because I had no game plan the entire night. Game 3 was a bust because I strung together some slop strikes (some of the worst you'd ever see) but they all look the same on paper. I was actually shocked I threw a 200. I caught myself intentionally aiming to go brooklyn because I got more pin action on that side than anywhere else. I caught myself caring more about Florida Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson schooling Barry Bonds at the plate than any attempt at concentrating on a game-plan.

We lost 3 of 4 (mostly thanks to me not reaching my ungodly average of 203.1) and I'm pretty sure we have dropped out of first place. Going into the night we were 38-16 and second place team was 35-19.
I'm back. Albeit a shell of my former dominant self and I don't know when the wrist will be well enough for me to go back to my old way of throwing with no thumb. It's frusterating I tell you, but I will attempt to adjust and hopefully my team can have a strong run towards the playoffs.....................

Monday, June 5, 2006

Injury Update


It will have been 14 days since my wrist injury when I go to the Bowling Alley tomorrow. I am thinking I'm going to give it a run. If this were baseball or football I would currently list myself as Questionable, but in my mind I am probable to start. I didn't update last week cause well, I didn't bowl. We were in first place going into last week despite me missing the final 3 games the previous week. We ended up splitting the 4 games 2 wins, 2 losses. And took total pins. I don't know if we are still in first or not but I am optimistic.

As for my wrist, I continue to wear that splint. I went to a doctor last week who wouldn't help me and said I needed clearance from some other doctor at which point I busted out, snapped and walked out. I haven't been back cause I'm a stubborn bastard and I wouldn't have gone to the doctor anyway if I didn't have medical insurance now. Do you think Leonard Kowalski went to the doctor after he allegedly fractured his wrist in 2001? No. Anyways, I have full movement of all my fingers now and can type with no problems at all. The only time I really feel it is if I put a lot of weight on my wrist when I stand up or trying to open a bottle of soda or a pickle jar... forget it, not happening. My plan is to only throw my spare ball which is 12 lbs. Hoping it will strengthen my wrist a bit. I know if I try to throw my strike ball 16 lbs, I'm just going to re-injure my wrist.

I'm optimistic about being able to bowl but not so much about busting the 200 mark and maintaining my 203 average. We will see.....................
Duffy J-