Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bowling Update

I was not going to post anymore on my bowling progress/de-progress until I had a decent night. Well let me just jump right into what's been going on.
I have still yet to buy a ball that I like, however I did have a 15 lb ball lying around the house that I had forgotten one of my old managers had given me. So a couple weeks ago I go get it drilled to actually fit my hand. The first time I have owned a ball that fits my hand since I was a kid. I threw a few games with it still learning the whole "put your thumb in the ball" routine. It's taking time but I'm realizing now that it's gonna be all about finesse and not power (Pennington not Favre) So moving on, I've bowled 2 weeks now with the new ball. Going into last night my average had dipped down into the low 170's. Ha.

215, 234, 183 632 Series.

The first 600 series I have seen since I hurt my wrist back so many months ago. There is good news and bad news though while the good news being I retained my anchor postition on my team, Our team currently sits at 0-21 after 3 weeks. Hillarious that we are in the doghouse concidering we have not bowled that badly. It just seems the team we have bowled 3 straight weeks have bowled their ass off and had career nights. I mean we are making our average and exceeding it on a regular basis but it just isn't enough. Oh and it doesn't get any easier as next week we bowl a team with an ungodly handicap and start each game already 190 pins in the hole. So I expect us to see our first win of the season sometime in Week 5.

As for buying a new ball that fits my hand and gives me a bit more hook. I'm still looking and perhaps will purchase the Brunswick Black Widow which retails at $169.99. Looks like a solid ball to me and I've talked to some of the pros at the lanes they say the same. Until then I take a more conservative approach each week with this new ball that doesn't hook much but each week I'm getting more comfortable with it.

I don't know if I'm going to do weekly bowling scores this year just because I really don't want to post those scores in the 130-150 range. Hopefully there won't be many. Ok Bowling fans until next time............
Duffy J-

Saturday, September 2, 2006

The Wicker Man

Nicolas Cage is a highway patrol officer who pulls over this car towards the beginning of the movie because this little girl in the back seat dropped her doll out the window. Well just as soon as he picks the doll up out of the middle of the road the car gets plowed by a semi truck.

Switch to later down the line as Cage (I don't remember his name in the movie at this time) is taking a few weeks off from work to recover from the accident. He gets a letter from his ex-fiance saying she has a daughter now and her daughter has gone missing. She thinks her daughter has been kidnapped and needs his help.

Anyways the story goes from there as Nicolas Cage goes to investigate the disappearance where she lives on this Island where all the people there seem a little strange.
This movie was good throughout until you get to the end which pissed me off to a great extent. I'm sitting there and I'm like, "is this movie really gonna end this way? Oh my god it is. What a bunch of bullshit."

So I suggest walking out of the movie about 20 minutes before it ends and with a good imagination you can come up with a better ending. Then again that would be pointless and a waste of money for most of you so, no I won't suggest you see this movie.


Go see Beerfest instead, which I have yet to do a review on but perhaps I will at a later time.....