Friday, November 6, 2009

Movie Ratings Medley

A Christmas Carol-  7/10 

Solid with Polar Express animation but crazy scary for a PG film.  Not recommended for children under 8.

The Box-  3/10

Really good until the last 30 minutes which infuriated me and killed it.  Twilight Zone remake I believe.  Really should have went with a different ending.

The 4th Kind- 8/10

 Solid.  I was building this one up crazy style ever since I saw the trailer and while it wasn't mind blowingly incredible it is worth a viewing. 

Paranormal Activity- 6/10

Was bored with this one until the last 30 minutes and an excellent ending IMO saved it from being total garbage.  Exorcist meets Blair Witch in a nutshell.

The StepFather-  5/10 

Nothing special here.  Insta-Lifetime Network hit.

I hope they serve beer in Hell-  5/10 

Pretty much the top of the mountain when it comes to a movie degrading women.  I guess this was a comedy... toilet humor thrown in at the end that wasn't necessary.

Zombieland  8/10- 

Pretty much the coolest intro involving a Metallica song ever.  Held up strong.  Bill Murray Cameo makes this one top notch.

Whip It-  6/10

"that girl from Juno" does a decent job.  I was expecting complete manure with this one and was surprised to find none in this one.  One could say this is the greatest Roller Derby movie of all time.... Drew Barrymore's directorial debut doesn't do so bad.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bowling Scores 11/3/09

Week 11   11/3/09

206, 173, 249 (AMG)  628 Series

Craziest night on the season.

I can't ever remember bowling on lanes that were oiled the way they were tonight. Ridiculously dry on the back end between the 1-10 boards and wet everywhere between the 15 boards.  I had to throw hard and aggressive all night.  Kind of like how I finished with six X last week.  Basically if I didn't throw hard and outside I paid for it.  Well, until game 3. 

Keep in mind we had to spot our opponents 163 pins this week.  The most by far on the season. (Pretty much like bowling 5 bowlers vs. 4 bowlers in a scratch league)

The closest matchup of the season went as follows:

Team Stats on the night

Game 1 843-830 (W) (+13 total pins)

We were losing by over 50 pins going into the 10th frame and then our team went off and I was able to come through with XX to save it for us. 

Game 2 838-850 (L) (+1 total pins)

Teammate missed a 10 pin in the 10th and I was unable to come through with any X's to close it out.  Also, Our Opponent's Anchor came through with a X.

Game 3 884-862 (W) (+23 total pins)

The Worst Best game aka the sloppiest 249 I've every bowled went as follows:

DEJ    X X X X X X 9/ X 7/ SX8/  249

The ridiculous thing about it is that I probably threw 2 clean pocket strikes the entire game.  Strikes on the left lane were coming in light and I was carrying the 7 pin, and I also had 2 brooklyn strikes on the right lane.  What makes it even more of a bust is my spare in the 9th was a 1-2-10 washout conversion and then I end the night with a 6-7 split conversion to save my all mark game.  Ridiculous and people were busting.

We took total pins going 5-2 for the second week in a row. on the night and beginning the second third of the season at 38-39 overall.

Duffy J's stats:

6,479 total pins through 33 games (11 weeks) with an average of 196.33.