Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The B.B.R. and other quotes

If it doesn't make sense, then it's done it's job.

Classic Quotes, Experiences, etc.

"I have a kid so I can't work that much"

"Taste the Rainbow. Smoke the Rainbow." SPW Fan-

"Walk the dog. That sounds good. Does that have the yellow sauce on it?" Father-in-law-

"What did you do on your honeymoon? We went to the dentist!"

"Less of a fit, more of a convulsion" Duffy Senior-

"Limit yourself to reach your full potential" Lenny-

"Wanna know how to make some money? Pigeons!" Dale Spainhower-

"Tasty Burgers."

"I didn't brush my teeth..." "That's ok we're about to eat."

Dream of Execution- Pinkerton-

"I'm willing to die at Wrestlemania" -Floyd Mayweather-

Autistic Piss/Elk Piss

Nasty Boys Energy Medley *Salsbury Steak Flavor*

"Party like a Sasquatch" Duffy J-

"Who's a Cookie Monster?" Tank Toland to Bobby Dempsey-

"Why don't you just dye Ric Flair purple and go as the California Raisin" Duffy J-

"This pen is worthless it doesn't write on anything but paper." Duffy J-

"Heath Ledger died." "Did he finish batman first?" Wangberg-

"I'm fat if I don't eat I will die" Eiffel 65 and a half- Walter-

"I threw my back out playing too much Heroquest." Duffy J-

"I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt on this one." General Manager-

"About 35 feet." Walter-

"Get in Butch."


"Will you sign my son? Will you rub my baby?" Oroville Fan to Brian Cage

"How's the bust factor on a scale of Play It Again John Denver to my Dad?" Duffy J-

"Go mow the dishwasher."

Tamale Ice Cream

"Crayons and Coloring Books? That shit costs money!" Duffy J-

"I feel like my skin is too tight for my fat."

"Deaf in one eye."

"When are you getting the batteries pulled from the genetic jackhammer?" Duffy J-

"Take a look, it's in a book, Rubber Dog Mask" Duffy J-

"Work together, and knock the shit off" Anonymous Yuba City Construction Worker

"I got your horoscope right here!"

"Death to Davis! You know you want to say it! You know it's True! Death to Davis!"

"Kick a field goal! Janikowski! Kick a Field Goal!" Drunk Raider fan when Oakland began every single drive.

"You come in here wearing that jersey? I hope you get the Business! Welcome to Oakland."

"Actually I only listen to Black Metal." Duffy J talking to magazine salesman
"I got some Incubus."

"I like to dip my hands in a port-a-potty before I take a bite of MY sandwich." Duffy J

"Limp wristed yellow bellied sissy."

"Nothing says tickling your fancy like cleaning sand urns."

"Holy shit!"
"Yeah, holy shit he bit a fuckin blood capsule."

"I steal your mom's little rascal to get to my limo."

"Little Richard is coming over and I gotta take care of him."

President Milk Outside

Oroville's little secret

"We're all born terminal."

"I think Steve-o could take Cena."
"That's the stupidest thing you've ever said."

"Billy! You know Grandmother has allergies what are you doing cutting the grass on Saturday?" Duffy J-

"I hope it's you" Duffy J-

"Ow! My Heart! No Seriously, My heart!" Walter

"Maybe they could write something else on the bag..."

"The green one's suck."
"You Suck!"

"I think I got all five of em'" Anonymous Employee

"What's the T in Dust stand for?" Anonymous Employee-

"Chinese Earthquake Response" Walter

"Stab that knife into the table again and I'm gonna kick you in the face." Sipple to Havens

"This kinda hurts my hand."


EXTREME High Fives

Aligning he bulb in five with a hand near the tap settings...
"IS IT CLEAR YET!" Walter-

"I'm shaking like fucking Michael J Fox." Walter-

"Fuck that." Walter-

"I don't wanna steal your chickens, I just wanna know if you have any." Midnight Cowboy-

"There's nothing wrong with the street." D-Fens

"Greenhouse gasses!" DMX/Carly the Cardinal remix

"Outsourcing OHHHHHHHH" Vader-

"ELMER HOWLETT!!!! What happened to your car?!!!" Mr Crowley remix-

"Number 5 is going to tailwrap." -Walter

"Choose one making you better feeling!" Tom Green-

"Everything upstairs runs on pigeon heads." I don't remember this one.

"HA!" -Sipple
"hah..." -Felix

"Those Five Years were gonna suck anyway." Walter-

"BACK WITH THE REST OF EM!!! BOOOOO BOOOOOO!!!!!" Walter dominating Floyd-

"Celebrate the dump on your face, it keeps me dancing." Walter's remix of Daft Punk's One More Time-

"Non-soy Otter Fat"

"Sit on the Rainbow"

"Convenience breeds impatience"

"You can't take it from Granite because grane is not a word."

"Rubber Robot Groundhog Mask"

"Everytime I start to be productive I have to take a break"


"The Job is complete. How Fast? Half-assed."

"I'm drinkin Rolling Rock on the Rollin Rocker! Rolling Rock. Rollin Rocker. Yeahaha!"

"If I slit my wrists while on the clock and fail, do I have to fill out an accident report?" Duffy J-

"When I was a young boy I asked my grandfather, "why must I watch the sheep die?" He struck me with his staff and shouted "Why must the sheep watch you live?" -Jack Schnitzler-

"I got a pool table in my bladder"

"Guacomole Orangutans and Beef Stew Flavored Chalk"

"Pickled Wombat Water"

"Putt the Polecat and don't you come back no more no more no more no more... (Putt this way!)"

"Now listen recklessly, I'm gonna say this a dozen times"

"Facebook Suicide"

"He's so ugly that when he was a kid he had to trick or treat over the phone" Jerry Lawler-

"He's white? That's unfortunate."

"The Pirates didn't want Bibles."

"Sewage Rootbeer"

Bowling Scores 2/22/11

162, 219, 193  574 Series

Strikes in Game 1- 1
Strikes in Game 2- 7

No clue what to do once again.  I began the night trying to throw the line I ended last week but with no consistency what so ever.  I couldn't get the ball outside the 10 board which was the only place it would come back strong to the pocket. 10-14 boards soaked and rolling anywhere near there and you've got a pretty good chance of a washout-missing the head pin completely.  Luckily the rest of my team came through and we won game 1 850-844.

I finally got things together in game 2 for a bit.  Went back to the bread and butter of my stance at the 19-20 board and finally started getting the ball outside and slowing it down.  Unfortunatley we lost the 2nd game by a measly 2 pins 835-837.  I needed to XXX out to tie and was only able to XX8.  It didn't help that my only open frame in game 2 was in the 9th when I missed a 7 pin.  For 7/12 strikes a 219 is pretty weak.

Third game everyone exploded for deuces except me.  A 210,212,213, and 193.  We steamrolled game 3 949-841. 

I believe this marks the first time in the third third of the season that we have won more than we have lost.  We still sit in last for this third at 18-31 but for the season we are knocking on the door of 100 wins at 99-90.  Still not a whole lot of confidence in my game as each week I'm just experimenting with stuff, trying to keep it clean as best I can and claw my way to hopefully a series that can get my team the W.

15,676 total pins and an average of 200.97 through 78 games.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Raw Thoughts 2/14/11

Until the finish the Eve Natalya match was shaping up to be the best women's match on Raw in a long time. 

Miz/Bryan put on a great match.  I just wished Miz would have sold a bit more post match during his mic segment but I guess that would have made him look weak as champ.  How many times did Bryan kick him in the chest?  Great Agressive Stuff that we rarely see in the PG era. 

Speaking of Agressive stuff, John Morrison's work on Monday Night was very well done.  I had glimpses of him soon being at the top of the ladder in the main event scene.  He's been walking that tightrope from mid-card to Main eventer for quite some time now and his on screen effort truly showed his passion for the business.

Now for the buzzkill of the night that comes in the form of David Otunga.  Aside from some decent mic work, I have to say Otunga may be the new MVP as in most boring wrestler to watch.  I really think they should have had Otunga get kicked in the head and still have Harris in the group.  Nothing stands out for Otunga.  He's not a diciple of his father or has wrestling in his blood or anything like that.  He should be sent back down to FCW and be re-packaged with some sort of gimmick that works. 

Sheamus/Orton was ok, clean finish out of nowhere was a good changeup. 

2.21.11- Wow, what a failure at keeping Smarks and marks alike guessing.  Few will agree with me but I think Undertaker should have retired years ago.  And spoiling his return by showing his face this week was disappointing to say the least. 


After 7 long years the Rock returns and will Host Wrestlemania 27.  A small part of me was hoping there would be a Rocky Sucks chant but alas even when heels have been away for as long as the Rock has you know he's going to get a roof blowing off the place type of ovation.  However no ovation will ever compare to the one Hogan got on Smackdown years ago.  That one was damn near 15 minutes and they had to go to a commercial break. 

While I was disappointed last week when they scrapped the Vince McMahon Coma angle just to have him make an announcement for this week, I was glad to see that it was high profile and not something disappointing like Bob Barker.  It seems Vince knew that this year's road to Wrestlemania was shaping up to be a boring one with Edge/Del Rio not really getting much interest.  He shouldn't be surprised though, they haven't pushed someone this hard this fast since Kurt Angle IMO.

Rock's Promo was great and I'm glad they decided to set aside the PG rating for the overrun.  Rock stating that he's here to stay and not going anywhere still has me skeptical because that could mean what he's been these last seven years, an entertainer. The burying of Cena was great because it confused the shit out of Aneheim for a while and I think I even heard some mixed boos for the Rock.  I would say the chances of the Rock ever wrestling another match in WWE are about as good as Austin wrestling one.  I do think it would be a strong move to keep The Rock as an on air character no matter the capacity. 

An entertaining way to end Raw as we look ahead to Wrestlemania it's looking like Del Rio/Edge and Miz/Cena is evident.  The rest of the card is up in the air.  Wouldn't it be nice if the Intercontinental Title could be defended at Mania?  That title hasn't had any prestige since Kurt Angle held it and broke down what Intercontinental meant.  Another great promo might I add.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bowling Scores 2/15/11

166, 170, 224  560 Series

I don't know how I pulled a 224 out of my ass but it happened.  I've been non-existent for the last month.  This would be the point in the blog where I lie and tell you that I'm sandbagging for the playoffs. When in actuality I am not and have lost my groove compeltely.  Went into the night with a 201.9 average and it should decrease a bit more.
I'm missing spares that I shouldn't be missing.  Through two games tonight I think I had five strikes total.  Thankfully I finished the night with a five bagger and the only reason I did that was trying a line I haven't tried all season.  Threw 5 board and stood 15, additionally I lofted the ball quite a ways onto the lane with medium speed. 

We only took the first game and we sit in last place for the third third of the season at a miserable 13-29.  94-88 for the year. 

Last week's scores were abysmal:  157, 187, 172 516 Series.

And the week before that I was in Sacramento for Clutch so I didn't even bowl but I guess you could say I threw my average- 609 series! hah.

I guess it's a sandbag type of third.  We have a few more weeks before playoffs but the lines I were throwing in weeks 11-20  are in no way working like they should be.  I guess it's time to get creative and try some different stuff out.  There's no way to know how the lane conditions are going to be for the playoffs so the more lines to the pocket I can work on the better.