Monday, August 27, 2012

Raw Thoughts 8.27.12

Thoughts on Monday Night Raw

Live from Milwaukee, WI.

In the words of John Cena "Home of PBR!"

The continued use of invisible children and snake puppets that are attracted to women is ridiculous.  My god you'd think that Vince Russo was booking again.

Opening Lawler/Punk segment and Ryback squash were fine but not having any quality matches in the first hour kind of sucked.

Vickie's quote of "I'm not asking I'm begging..." makes no sense.

I had fairly high hopes for the Daniel Bryan Anger Management segments and was disappointed after the first one however the last two were much better and the Kane confessions were classic.  Hey, was that Scorpio Sky?

HHH mic time was ok but Trips just can't pull off the emotional attatchment that I have seen in mic segments that Vince and HBK can pull off.  Not saying HHH can't act but it just doesn't come off as well as I have seen others do.  My favorite moment came when HHH was talking about the wrestlers in the back right before they hit the curtain and the thoughts that are running through their mind and then you hear a fan blurt out "I'm going to TNA!"  Good stuff.

The Ziggler/Del Rio vs. Orton/Sheamus finish was ridiculous.  Why are you putting Sheamus over heading into the PPV?  How is that finish getting more people to order the PPV?  Why not have Ziggler get the tainted finish with the MITB Briefcase shot?  Or hell have Del Rio beat Orton clean for the 2nd straight show to show his credibility to the World Title at Night of Champions. Orton just tapped clean for the first time in forever if not ever and he's leaving soon to film another $5 Walmart bin classic.

"I'll go to the papers if I have to."

Seriously though Sheamus is the new Super Cena.  Super Sheamus.  I can't remember the last time he lost clean or lost at all.  Imagine if Cena and Sheamus tagged on a regular basis?  They would be like Kobe Bryant at a hotel room in Colorado!

Do we really have to have the faces win 95% of the matches every single week? It makes my Raw picks not even picks anymore but robot responses.

Punk vs. Lawler main event was fine and I did enjoy the Andy Kaufman imitations from Punk throughout the first few minutes of the match. Punk getting busted open looks like they winged the finish with an immediate tapout. Get that towel on Punk's head to get all the blood off this is a PG show!  Oh and what's up with Cena?  Apparently the Cenation doesn't know how to climb a cage or forgot how.  That was stupid.  Oh and why is Raw still going 10 past the hour?  It's not a 3 hour raw it's a 3:10-3:15 of Rawfulness.

Michael Cole on solo commentary is even more dreadful than when he has a color commentator.

-End rant

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bowling Update 8.20.12

8/5/12 (9 Games)

203/155/254 612 Series

203/221/182 606 Series

127 (BTB)/81 (LH)/117 (Blind)

8/12/12 (10 Games)

194/203/227 624 Series

207/182/175  564 Series

134 (BTB)/145 (LH)/123 (Mixed)

298!  (X X X X X X X X X XX8)

8/19/12 (9 Games)

215/204/225 644 Series

192/266/247 705 Series

141 (BTB)/96 (LH)/255

And now my arm is thrown out for Winter league which starts this Tuesday night. Unless nobody shows up in which case the league is canceled.