Friday, February 27, 2009

The Wrestler

The story about a huge superstar wrestler from the 1980's who twenty years later is struggling just to make the rent for his trailer.  Truly an emotionally moving movie, especially for each and everyone of those indy wrestlers out there who bust their ass each and every day to put on a great performance in the local high school gym.  Their were some really good scenes in this movie including the trip to the dollar store to buy random objects to use as weapons in matches.  I'm thinking to myself "Hey!  I've done that exact same thing!"  I was surprised at the exposure they gave to CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) a promotion based on the east coast.  Necro Butcher played Randy The Ram Robinson's Opponent in a brutal hardcore match which has been CZW's staple over the years. Not only is The Ram working shows on the weekends, he has to work a deli counter during the week just to make it by and sometimes even that's not enough as he's sleeping in his Van on some nights.  Ernest Miller plays The Ayatollah who is The Ram's biggest opponent and who sold out Madison Square garden in 1989.  Twenty years later, The Rematch occurs.
Mickey Rourke's performance in The Wrestler is excellent. Maybe it's because I'm a huge wrestling fan but this movie left me wanting a bit more.

 There were a bunch of sub-plot storylines that they could have gone into including his interaction with Marissa Tomei's character. However I don't think that is what this movie was about. Darren Aronofsky was going more for showing everyday people the difficulty of a Professional Wrestler and that even though Wrestling is scripted and storylines are carried out, Professional Wrestling is far from "Fake".  From that stand point,  this movie delivers.
I recommend this one to anyone.
And now I will await Wangberg's way more in depth review of The Wrestler.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Hamiltons

A family's Mom and Dad have mysteriously passed away and the brothers and sister attempt to survive but keep having to move from town to town because they feed on the flesh and blood of humans to survive.  They look out for one another and want to be just like me and you.  They also need a lot of blood.  A LOT.

Good changeup here in horror flicks go.  One of the Eight films to die for on Comcast FearNet, this one was just above average for me.  Decent film.

Penny Dreadful

Ok so Penny's parents died in a car accident when she was younger and miraculously she was pulled from the wreckage and survived.  Unfortunately now she has a fear of riding in cars period.  Her psychiatrist, Orianna is helping her to cope and to face her fear by driving with her to the scene of the accident.  But then they hit a stranger in the street.  He seems to be ok and they give him a ride into town.  Mistake!  They drop the guy off in a deserted campground after no conversation at all in the car and he's dining on Raw skewered meat in the back seat.  Yummy.

 Shortly after they find that their tire is shot and they can't get back to the highway.  Orianna tells Penny to stay in the car as she's going for help.  But Penny freaks out and goes running after her, tripping hitting her head on a rock and then waking up back in the car with Orianna in the driver's seat, dead from multiple stab wounds. 

Penny's stuck in the car for the majority of the movie unable to get out.  I found this one to be rather boring actually with the stranger/stalker coming back to get Penny as the main draw in the movie and the long suspenseful buildups were not worth the payoff.  I almost fell asleep actually towards the end.

Pass on this one.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disc Golf 2/4/09

Disc Golf at Riverbend Park, Oroville, CA
Approx. Teetime 3:20 PM
 In the Bag-
Soft Challenger
Quick warmup of putting 10 minutes

#1- Bogey (+1)  Really undeserving bogey here as my drive with the Destroyer was probably one of my best forehand drives on this hole ever, however it landed right on the cartpath which is concidered a hazard.  So penalty stroke here.

#2- Bogey (+2)  Missed a very makeable putt here grazing the chains and falling out.
#3- Double Bogey (+4)  Probably my worst drive ever on this hole.  I hit a tree to the right and my disc caromed way off course up the side of the hill.  I had to basically play a safe shot back into the fairway before I could even think about getting to the basket.

#4- Par.

#5- Par.  Long tee position here and my best drive to within 15 feet.  However my putting game was off once again and a missed oppertunity.

#6- Birdie! (+3)  Holy shit!  My best drive ever with a backhand firebird and I didn't lose a disc.  I made a pretty long downhill putt with difficult footing. This coming after IOS' drive went left into the water just like mine did the last time we played a round at the end of 2008.

#7- Bogey (+4) I played the safe route here with a tomahawk just onto the fairway.  My approach shot wasn't very good though and I left a long putt for par that I hit the front of the basket on.

#8- Bogey (+5)  Man, another fairly easy approach shot that I just botched.  Landing the disc shorter than I wanted to.  Missed a fairly makeable par putt.

#9- Birdie (+4) The shorter pin position here to the right.  I threw a forehand with my Eagle and it went directly towards the basket before hitting a tree just before it.  An awkward anhyzer putt here from the knees and I nailed it.

#10- Par.  Poor Tomahawk shot gave me no chance at birdie here.

#11- Par.

#12- Birdie (+3) Straight ahead pin placement here and I made it through to the right.  Made an average length putt here.

#13- Par. From the teepad here we see a guy with one arm and his dog right in the middle of the fairway.  He motions for us to go ahead and play through.  IOS strikes up a conversation with him and asks him if he ever gets out on the course to play. Hillarious.

#14- Par. Another makeable long putt here and again I come up just short hitting the front of the basket.

#15- Par. Wow, barely Par here as I hit the chains too far left but the rim of the basket gave me some love.

#16- Par. Bad drive off the tee here with a backhand firebird.  Amazingly I made it through all the trees and drove the distance of the basket but way to the right.  I had to split the gap to give it a run at a birdie and I almost did but hit a tree late giving me a par putt that wasn't easy.

#17- Par.  Too much snap on my backhand with a firebird put me way left but I was able to throw a decent approach shot to give me the par save.

#18- Birdie. (+2) Vanessa Williams style here as we both landed our discs under the basket . 

Front 9-  +4
Back 9-   -2
Final Score +2  (IOS +3)

Not a bad round after a very bitter start going +4 on the first three holes.  And I didn't lose any discs for the first time in a while.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bowling Scores 2/3/09

177, 164, 173  514 Series.

Talk about struggling.  Tonight goes down as our teams worst night ever combined.  Combined Team Handicap game of 776 in Game 1.  I couldn't buy a strike through the first game and a half.  I had 2 strikes in 15 frames to start the night.  Ouch.  The highlight of the night came when I picked up a 6-7 split in the 9th frame of the first game.  It didn't matter though as for the third week in a row we were only able to salvage one of three games going 2-5 on the night.

Alsco Irrigation stands at 9-16 for the third and 93-75 for the season.

12,572 Total pins with an average of 182.20 through 22 weeks.