Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye stars Stephen Speilberg's Mancrush, Shia LeBeouf as Jerry Shaw, an everyday kind of guy who works at a local Copy Cavana paper store.  Jerry struggles to get by with barely enough money for rent.  Until he arrives at an ATM and finds 750,000 dollars in his checking account.  He goes back to his crummy apartment to find it filled with Weapons and Chemicals.  He's being framed as a terrorist. Shortly after being questioned by Agent Thomas Morgan (Billy Bob Thorton) Shaw gets one phone call but the call is interrupted by a womans voice that instructs him to lay on the floor.  Seconds later he's broken out of custody and is on the run.  He has no idea where he's headed and ends up meeting up with Michelle Monogahn (Rachel Hollowman) in a Black car and they both have no Idea what's going on.  Later they find out they're both being framed for terrorism and the only way to survive is to continue listening to this voice on the other end of the phone.
Completley Un-realistic but a true action packed thrill ride that has minimal downtime at any point in the movie.  I recommend this one for sure, going into it I wasn't expecting much, this one delivered.  Only thing I can say is towards the end the storyline became somewhat similar to that of Get Smart.  I'll leave it at that.  We also get witness to the
"Flight of the Navagator 5000" super computer.
Other noted Movies screened but not reviewed:
Righteous Kill   7/10

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Disc Golf 9/24/08

IOS and Myself headed on out to Oroville Riverbend Disc Park for a round.  Tee time approximately 3:30pm:
In the Bag-
Champion Eagle
Soft Challenger
Had a 9 hole warm up on the front course before heading to the back and actually met up with another discer, Jimmy.  He played the full round with us. 
Front 9 Warm Up
Hole 1- Bogey.(+1)  Valkyrie turned left, didn't come back.
Hole 2- Birdie.(E)  Solid drive with Starfire landing within 15 feet.
Hole 3- Birdie (-1) Big Hyzer with Starfire and made 15 foot putt.
Hole 4- Birdie (-2) Near Ace run disc skipped over past the hole but I made a real nice uphill putt that was far from easy. 
Hole 5- Par.  IOS had the most ridiculous shot ever.  As the disc slowed in speed and faded left I thought it was going to hit the tree but it ended up being past the tree and the disc LANDED IN THE BASKET AND BOUNCED OUT.  Unbelievable ace run, unfortunate it didn't stick. 
Hole 6- Birdie. (-3) Another nice big hyzer with the starfire landed under the basket.
Hole 7- Birdie (-4) Threw my Aviar off the tee as this one is a short downhill hole.
Hole 8- Par.  Hit the brush laying in the center of the fairway.  Jump putt landed close enough for an easy par.
Hole 9- Par. I missed a fairly easy birdie oppertunity.
Probably my most solid front 9 ever with 5 Birdies, 3 pars and a bogey. (-4)
Now to the official round, we started on hole 8 this time.
Hole 8- Bogey (+1)  Decent drive but horrible approach shot landed in the brush on the right giving me really no chance for par save.  It was also back to the long pin placement.
Hole 9- Bogey (+2)  Unbelievable.  I took a gimmie par for granite and putted just a fraction too high and it hit the top metal and fell down below the basket.  Mental Mistake.
Hole 10- Par.  New pin placement stood directly in front of us instead of down the hill to the right.  Interesting.  I threw a forehand with my starfire landing it on top the hill.  Just like last time, my putt hit chains and bounced out, however this time it wasn't as flush on the chains.
Hole 11- Par. Forehand Valkyrie turned left and would have been tap in birdie for other pin placement.  Still a decent birdie oppertunity and my disc came up just short hitting the front rim of the basket.  A reoccurring theme of this round as you will see.
Hole 12- Birdie.  (+1)  Far left pin position  this time so my disc selection was to forehand the beast.  It turned left and went past the basket.  Awkward putt from the rough but I hit the gap through bushes and made the putt.
Hole 13- Par.  Probably one of my worst drives, I forehanded the starfire but put way too much angle on it and it went way right.  Up and down.
Hole 14- Par. The magic of my Champion Eagle shot back in April I am unable to match.  Forehand landed right.  Solid approach shot, tap in par.
Hole 15- Par.  Back to the long straight pin locations and a horrible drive hit a tree and kicked my way right.  THE APPROACH SHOT OF THE DAY with the beast landed me close and a par save worth remembering.
Hole 16- Par.  The longer pin placement again
I forehanded the beast to turn left and it began to but didn't hold the line and I sailed past the basket to the left.  I ran my birdie shot a bit farther past the basket than I wanted to.  My par wasn't a gimmie but still converted.
Hole 17- Par.  Longer pin placement, The Champion Eagle avoided the first set of brush and trees but then went to the right.  I had a jump putt for birdie that hit metal but didn't stick.  Make that 3 birdie putts that have hit metal today.
Hole 18-  Par- Seems I continually throw a big hyzer on this hole and come up short.  My putt once again hit metal (Number 4), This time my challenger almost landed on top of the basket, which would have counted.  Tap in par
Hole 1- Bogey (+2)  Longer pin location to the right, I forehanded my Valkyrie but it turned right and I landed in a really bad spot where my only shot selection was a tomahawk with the firebird.  Whenever I tomahawk short distances, bad things usually happen.  The disc never turned over and landed way right in a bush.  Very awkward par putt never had a chance.
Hole 2- Par.  Left pin location, Threw my Starfire but no power and it hit a tree.  My approach shot was extremely difficult, I threw my comet for an anhyzer forehand with extreme angle. It stuck within 20 feet.  I was amazed.  I made the longer par putt.
Hole 3- Par.  My forehanded Valkyrie landed on the hill to the right,  Making for another extremely difficlult up shot to the pin.  I threw a extreme angle forehand from probably one of the most awkward stances I can remember. Landed it within 10 feet.  This is the round of the par save.
Hole 4- Par.  Valkyrie backhand didn't come back into the fairway.  Walking up on my disc, I thought I was going to have to just lay up into the fairway and accept a bogey.  Damn near doing the splits and from my knees I pulled out an Aviar and snapped an anhyzer putt that broke through some thin branches and then hit the base of the pin!  Wow.  Another amazing par save that probably won't be remembered months from now but these approach shots are extremely difficult.  If I could only hit fairways!
Hole 5-  Par.  All three of us tried the forehand S curve to this longer pin position.  We all ended up way left as the discs never turned back to the right.  Forehand approach with soft challenger made for an easier par save than the last two holes.
At this point I asked "What's everybody at?"  All 3 of us were at +2 with 2 holes to play.  The hell holes might I add.  Why we have to end on the two most hated holes on the course I don't know, it just ended up that way.
Hole 6-  Double Bogey (+4)  "Yeah it's the longer pin position at 440 feet" Jimmy proclaims.  Great. That makes for an even more confident drive.  I forehand the Valkyrie and it turns right and into the rough.  Well I guess that's better than being to the right where I've lost 5 of my discs.  Unfortunatley my blind ass can't find my drive and I'm looking for my disc for like ten minutes until IOS and Jimmy come over and point it out in like 5 seconds.  My approach shot is still farther from this pin position than the shorter location.  I choose to lay up and just play for bogey but alas my next shot lands to the right and I miss a fairly makeable putt.  Blah!
Hole 7-  Par.  I backhand my Valkyrie and get somewhat lucky with a gap in the tree to the right.  Disc doesn't go very far but lands out in the open and my next shot I just treat like a forehand drive with my Starfire that lands within tap in range.  IOS' approach shot is memorable as he bounced the Orc off the top of the basket and it took a bad skip into the rough.  He proceded to 3 putt and double bogey to end his round at +4. It didn't help that he was eating an orange while putting.  Jimmy didn't finish the final hole as he met up with some friends back on hole 8. 
IOS-    +4
Duffy J-  +4
Jimmy-  +2 (DNF 7)
Well not a great round score wise but some memorable shots for sure with IOS' in and out basket ace run on 5, and a handful of my difficult approach shot par saves.
Since it ended in a tie we then drove on up to the Chico course to see how many playoff holes we could get in before dark.  When we started the round I completely forgot it was playoffs and I threw the entire round with a comet and a soft challenger.  We were kind of rushing along.  IOS threw the entire round with a regular plastic Challenger.  I have no power in my backhand so it was a frusterating round attempting to get any sort of a hyzer out of the oldest disc I own, The Ron Russell Comet. One of the straightest discs there is. We skipped over holes 12 and 13 due to a larger group that would have slowed us down.  I ended up shooting a +3 or +4 I kind of lost track towards the end because IOS dominated with a round of -5 with one disc, the Challenger!  IOS has a lot of HGH power in his backhands and can get way more distance out of a putter than me.  Apparently he also threw a -9 at the Chico Front 18 over the weekend.  That's the lowest round any of us have shot in the last few years. 
So IOS wins the playoff -5 to +3

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bowling Scores 9/23/08

146, 184, 171   501 Series.
Showed up about 30 minutes early this week to get my Black Widow ball looked at and the thumb hole re-drilled.  What ensued was the complete opposite of last week.  I was dropping the ball out of my grip too early and was trying to figure out how to adjust my release to gain some sort of consistency.  I think I opened in the first game like 4/10 frames.  A couple of makeable spares and a couple splits as well. 
Second game began with a missed 4 pin but then I bounced back to start hitting the pocket on lane 36 but I kept leaving 4 pins on lane 35 all night.  Still only one string of XXX and that was that 5 bagger a few weeks ago during my one and only 230+ game. 
Same occurred in the third game.  I did end the night with a pocket strike.  Amazingly our team continues to roll and I beleive we took all games and total pins this week.  Going into the night we were tied for first place at 19-9.  (all other teams sat at .500 or worse)  So we should be in first solo unless Al's Concrete swept their matchup as well.
We are Alsco Irrigation at 26-9.
Total pin count through 5 weeks 2,619  average 174.6.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Disc Golf 9/17/08

Myself, IOS and Derek drove on down to Oroville for some Disc Golf at Riverbend Disc Golf park.  Before that though I had to stop off at Play it again sports who I must say has a WAY better selection of discs than Sports LTD.
I picked myself up a DX Plastic Valkyrie, DX Plastic Starfire (again) and a discounted Discraft Cyclone.  I haven't thrown a Cyclone in like 5 years. 
Alright here we go:
In the bag and actually used during the round:
DX Starfire
DX Valkyrie
Discraft Cyclone
DX Firebird
DX Beast
DX Teebird (168 g)
Discraft Soft Challenger
We began with a few warm up holes on the front course.
And the round began
Hole 10- Par. Tomahawk shot with the firebird as usual, didn't end up on top of the hill and got my shot within 20 feet, then I hit the chains squarely and the disc rimmed out.  Horrible break to start the round.
Hole 11- Par.  Lucky break on the approach shot and made the comeback putt.
HOle 12- Bogey.(+1)  My forehand approach shot sailed on me and I hit the tree trunk that crosses the fairway.  I don't normally do that.
Hole 13- Birdie (E)  Good forehand with the starfire landed within 15 feet.
Hole 14- Par.  Even though this is my hole, I went for the safe shot of a tomahawk, something we've been testing out lately.  However it released from my hand too far to the left and hit some branches.
Hole 15- Par.  Missed Birdie oppertunity within 20 feet
Hole 16- Par.  Forehand Beast shot turned left like I wanted it to but no luck and hit a tree way up top.  Approach shot was less than solid but I made up for it with a huge par save from about 20 feet.
Hole 17- Bogey (+1)  Nothing to say here other than I just plain missed a near tap in par.  It was uphill but no excuses, just a bad shot.
Hole 18- Par.  Too big of a hyzer shot and  my disc came up short.
Back 9 score- +1 (1 Birdie,6 pars,2 bogeys)
  Man, if I can't get under par on the back 9, it doesn't look good.
Hole 1- Par- I threw my Valkyrie and it flew very straight but too far to the right.  Derek's shot landed in a tree more than six feet up and he had to take a penalty stroke.
Hole 2- Par- I tryed a tomahawk shot again but I didn't get it high enough and it hit some bushes.  I thought my shot was way worse than it actually ended up being.
Hole 3- Par.  Man did I have my second best drive ever off of this tee.  I forehanded my Valkyrie and damn if it didn't fly straighter than anything in my bag.  I had a jump putt and a good run but no dice.
Hole 4- Par.  That left pin position is much more difficult than the other one.  Threw my starfire with a hyzer shot, I got lucky didn't hit any trees and landed on the left of the pin.  forehand approach with the starfire as well went about 12 feet past that I converted.
Hole 5- Bogey.(+2)  Threw my Cyclone and I thought it looked good but I underestimated that I was throwing into a headwind and it came up way short and then a bad kick off the rocks made for a longer approach shot. Still landed within about 10 feet but missed the putt. Frusterating. rrr... 
(((enter the hell hole zone)))
Discs lost- 5 Penalty shots taken- 5+ who knows???
Hole 6-  Par.  Threw my 162 gram TeeBird but it left my hand way right and didn't come back much.  I got lucky though and landed in an open area and my approach shot was very good.
Hole 7- Par. I played it safe and just threw a tomahawk hoping to land in the fairway.  This hole must have gotten inside my head cause for the first time I ever remember I shanked a tomahawk left, and I thought "great there goes another one" but alas I guess my disc turned over and landed in a clearing near the fairway.  Up and Down for par.  We all agree that 7 is the 1 most difficult hole to birdie on the course.
Hole 8- Bogey. +3  The Starfire slipped out of my hand way early and went right and not very far.  I struggled to give myself any sort of par save but it was too late.
Hole 9- Par.  Threw a forehand Valkyrie but too much hyzer left me to the right and an awkward approach shot with no route in to the basket.  I even took extra time to concider my options because of how I birdied this one to finish last time.  No route though.
Front 9-  +2  7 Pars, 2 Bogeys
Final Scores:
IOS- +1
Derek- +4
Duffy- +3
Wind was a factor today and birdies were few and far between. 
There's a bunch of pics up as we are testing out IOS' new digital camera.  Some of them turned out pretty good. 
Until next Wednesday..

Closest Game Ever

And I'm gonna be venting over Desean Jackson's boneheaded premature celebration the rest of the season.  Only a league championship victory will erase the headache.
If you don't know the play I'm talking about:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bowling Scores 9/16/08

209, 183, 168  560 Series (28 of 30 Marks)
Tonight I came to realize that the thumb insert in my ball is no longer big enough.  I need to either have it removed before next Tuesday or throw a completely different ball. 
Game 1 started off ok but again, I haven't strung together XXX in a row this season outside of that five bagger a couple weeks ago.  What does that mean?  Well it means I'm getting my fair share of work in on spare conversions.  I'd say for the most part when my mechanics and release are on, I'm converting my spares 85-90% of the time.  Tonight was no different, in fact if you don't count the additional shot in the 10th frame I had 20 consecutive marks. 
The third game I missed the head pin (it happened a lot tonight when my thumb would stick) leaving a 1-2-4 and chopped it high for my first open frame of the night. I followed that one up leaving the 3-10 baby split in the 2nd frame.  Failed to convert that one for the first time this season. I think I'm 4/5 but don't quote me on it. 
Let me rewind for a minute to the second game.  It was a close matchup this week with Gary's Automotive and we were trailing by 28 pins following a missed 10 pin by my teammate.  I stepped up to the approach with 0 confidence and just threw the ball with a new grip that felt totally awkward.  The black widow hits the head pin high and I initially leave a 4-7-10 split but then a pin takes out the 4-7 leaving me with just the 10 pin.  I look up and now we're down by just 11 pins.  For some reason I calculated it in my head if I convert the 10 pin and strike we finish in a tie.  I convert the 10 pin and I look up to see a -8 pins we are down by with one ball to go.  I throw my final shot and it actually moves towards the pocket... the pins explode and I'm left with a solid 10 pin.  We win by 1- 875-874 (that's team handicap game) My team marks the hell out and we went on to win the third game as well and sweep Gary's Automotive.
Going into the night we were in third place at 12-9 and now we sit at 19-9 and likely in first place again.  I also am noticing that not just me, but everyone's averages and games are down 10-15 pins.  Look at the top 4 games through 4 weeks:
and top 4 averages:

Everyone seems to be struggling and I overheard some conversations that they are using a new kind of oil on the lanes down on the back end, kind of reminds me of pro tour oil in Reno.  Not that difficult but as last season you could hit a board width of about 5 outside the second arrow, your ball would react and return to the pocket.  This season it seems that width narrowed to about 2.
My total pin count through 4 weeks is 2,118 with an average of 176.5

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Disc Golf 9/14/08 w/pics!

Today was the second round of disc I've played in Oroville at Riverbend Disc Course since before summer.
First Round Last Week shot a +5 and lost yet another disc, Starfire. The lone highlight of last week's round was my birdie of hole 15, although it was a different pin placement.
Today's round went something like this:
We warmed up on the front course front 7 holes.  I shot a +1 and then began the back course on Hole 10
Hole 10- Par (E) Tomahawk shot landed way above the hole leaving a difficult downhill putt that I bulleted just wide to the right.

Hole 11- Birdie! (-1) Threw an Orc forehand and it landed within 12 feet of the basket.  I don't think I've birdied 11 before, although this one too was the pin placement on the right.
Hole 12- Par.  Forehand release was too high and I hit that a tree limb about halfway down the fairway.
Hole 13- Par.  If it was the other pin placement (straight ahead) it would have been a tap in birdie but the pin placement was on the right.
Hole 14- Par. Forehand Eagle turned over left and I thought I may have lost my ace disc, but I found it and got up and down.
Hole 15- Birdie. (-2) Forehand shot landed right of the basket about a 10-15 foot putt wobbled out of my hand but hit the chains flush.
Hole 16- Par.
Hole 17- Birdie. (-3) Not a good drive off the tee but I had a 20 foot putt uphill and I threw a lobbing arch of a putt that dropped in!  Huge putt.
Hole 18- Par.  Tried a huge hyzer off the tee but it wasn't a clean release.
Back 9 total- 6 Pars, 3 Birdies. (-3)
Hole 1- Par. Horrible teeshot that landed in some deep rough.  Amazingly I got it close and then made a medium length Par save.
Hole 2- Par.  Frusterating miss of an easy birdie oppertunity. 
Hole 3- Par. Average tee shot, Excellent approach shot.  Tap in.
Hole 4- Bogey (-2) I really thought my tee shot was gonna be solid and then the disc hit a limb about 50 feet up in the middle of the fairway.  Bad approach shot and even with playing for bogey, my approach shot hit a tree again because with the left pin placement and being on the right I had no route to the basket.  My bogey putt was RIDICULOUS.  I throw a snap putt and just before it hits I yell "get in!" and it hits flush and BOUNCES OUT OF THE BASKET. Amazingly somehow the disc remained clinging to the outside of the basket!


I would love to say the dramatic putt that stuck was for birdie or par but it was a bogey save.
Hole 5- Par.  Tried to hyzer my comet but that damn thing just flies straight.
Hole 6- Bogey (-1) Another disc lost (Orc) and OB.  I had to take a drop so my long appoach shot was for par.  Forehanded my Comet that was an excellent shot landed under the basket.
Hole 7- Par. Losing so many damn discs on holes 6 and 7 the last few rounds of disc I played it safe and tomahawked my firebird so it landed in the middle of the fairway. Got up and down.
Hole 8- Par.
Hole 9- Birdie (-2)  My drive off the tee was decent, it was the shorter pin location and I thought I would have about a 15 footer.  As I walked up on my disc I found it to be about 10 feet longer and no direct route to the basket.  I was going to try a straddle putt forehand to my right but at the last moment I checked for an opening to the left and with an extreme step over (nearly doing the splits)  I saw an opening and didn't hesitate a snap putt that hit the small opening and crashed the chains flush.  Awesome. 
Front 9- 6 Pars, 2 Bogeys, 1 Birdie. (+1)
Final Round- (-2)  Today's round was a personal best for me.  It sucked to lose another disc but the record round made up for it.  Key points in this round have to be my Birdie on 17, Birdie on 9 and Bogey save on 4.
A few of the pin placements were at easier hole locations but still a really solid round.
Pics were taken and will be attatched soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bowling Scores 9/9/08

Apparently that 230 was good enough to be 67 pins over my average and grant me Bowler of the Week.  Beating out Kalkowski by a single pin.  And that's where the goodness ends on this night.
159, 173, 160 (no strikes)
So the 0 confidence in my strike ball continues.  The lanes were completely different tonight than they were the first two weeks of league, actually dry.  This wasn't the problem, the problem ended up being my mechanics of approach, release and follow through.  I totally came unglued in this department and was unable to string together anythng the entire night.  In fact in the first game I was missing single pin conversions horribly.  Not difficult ones either.  In fact I missed a 3 pin twice (seriously) and almost a third one in the third game.  The third game began with a gutter ball and from that point forward I started throwing more of a straight route to the pocket and less hook.  To no avail though as for the first time in forever I roll a game with no strikes.  To still throw a 160 with no strikes is somewhat respectable but I still opened in the 7th and 10th leaving splits.
The rest of my team struggled as well as high game of the night was a 189.  We lost 2 of 3 and total pins.  So going into the night we were 10-4 and in first place.  We'll now drop into the center of the pack with a 12-9 record. 
I also mis-calculated on my previous blog.  My average going into tonight was not a 192 but instead a 177.66.  And after tonight it sits at 173.11. 
I figure if I continue to have this low average around the 170 range, then when I do get hot and throw like a 250+ it will be 80+ pins over my average and bowler of the week awards will continue to come my way.  Not that they ever remember to announce it over the PA.
Meh, the season continues..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bowling Scores 9/2/08

174, 173, 230   577 Series
Hah the most pathetic 230 I've ever bowled.  A 230 nonetheless though. Also a near all mark game minus my last shot in the 10th.  3rd game looked like this:
9/ 9/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 9/ X X X XX8
Once again going into the night with little confidence as this will only be my 4th, 5th, and 6th games bowled since March.  What I lacked in Strikes in games 1 and 2, I made up for by converting pretty much all of my spares.  (I did miss one 10 pin in the second game 10th frame)  I left a couple of 6-7-10 splits and that one came up a lot tonight not just on our lanes.  Also converted two 3-10 splits which gave me more confidence on my accuracy for spare shots.
I'd say I hit the pocket for pocket strikes maybe 3 times tonight.  That five bagger in the third game was so pathetic.  The first two strikes were legit, then the third and fourth were brooklyn, and the fifth oh man what a thin hit of the head pin on the right leaving the 7-4-5 but just as I was about to turn away a miracle occurred as the pin action tripped all 3 remaining pins. So ridiculous but this gave our team the point for total pins and we took 2 of 3 going 5-2 on the night.  (remember how we score these right?) I hit heavy on my final ball leaving the 6-10 but it was enough, I look up to see my first 200 game in nearly six months.
Still no consistency at all on my strike shots, the lanes have been wet for the most part the first two weeks until game 3 when they dry out a bit.  Going into Week 3 my average sits at  192.33.  As odd as it sounds I hope to lower that one a bit next week until I can gain enough confidence on my strike ball to consistently find the pocket.