Tuesday, April 29, 2008


An accountant, Jonathan McQuarry (Ewan McGregor) is introduced to a mysterious sex club known as The List by his lawyer friend, Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman). But in this new world, he soon becomes the prime suspect in a woman's disappearance and a multi-million dollar heist.
What's with me screening these movies with ex-Dawson's Creek stars?  Michelle Willaims plays one of the sex club members named "S" but Jonathan ends up falling for her and wants a relationship and not just sex.  Wyatt ends up double crossing him and just wants him to complete a multi million dollar transaction and tells Jonathan he will kill "S" if he doesn't finish the transaction by 6pm.
Average Thriller film, wasn't bad but I wouldn't call it good either. 
5/10 on this one, pass unless your desperate to see former DC stars or are a mark for McGregor or Jackman.  Thriller/Romance/Drama

Disc Golf 4/29/08

Oroville at Riverbend Park
Tee Time 6:30pm
In The Bag and what holes Drives were thrown on
Beast 1,6,15,16,
Monster 7,8,17,18
Firebird 5,13
Orc 10
Eagle 2,3,4,9,11,12,14,
Soft Challenger- Putting all holes except 2 (Borrowed Aviar)
Getting a full 18 in tonight was a bit iffy concidering the overcast weather conditions.  Don't know how fast the wind was blowing but from the first drive off 1 but it was way harder than the last round in oroville.
All 3 off us kicked off the round with a bogey.  +1's all around.  From there I kept things together for the remainder of the front 9.  IOS and Derek however would struggle with wind conditions including IOS losing his Champion Orc on 3.  I would par out 2-9 with some good drives, some not so good drives but good aproach shots and putting. 
Highlights from the front 9 would include IOS' Ace Run on 5 where he just missed it bouncing a Roc off the back off the basket and having the disc rim out.  Extremely close.
I also had the par save of the round on 7 when I sunk a 40 footer after a horrible approach shot. 
10 I tomahawked my Orc not my normal shot but I apparently left my Firebird on hole 5 and had to run back to get it.  Par.
11 the nemesis hole as my last two rounds have been double bogey.  My drive wasn't great and it was way short but it was IN the fairway.  My approach shot for the distance it was, was great leaving me a 12 footer for par.  Something got in my head I guess as I came up short and hit the front of the basket giving me bogey as I now sat at +2.
12 bounce back with a great drive and hit a putt from slightly farther than my drive on 11 for my first birdie in 30 holes. +1
IOS and Derek were getting dominated on their shots on a lot of drives I don't know what their scores were at this point but I think they sat at or around +5.
13 would be the last hole that IOS and Derek would play as the mosquitos were out if full effect and bothering them quite severely.  I parred out 13 and told them I'd meet them back at the car, I wanted to finish the round. 
It's amazing how much faster you can play a round by yourself and the rest of this round couldn't have taken more than 20 minutes.
14- Par- bad drive off the tee but up and down no problem.  Also found a KC Cheetah disc laying in the fairway.
15- Par-  Threw the beast and hit the small gap again, not as good a drive as my last 2 but kept it in the fairway and good approach shot.
16- Par- I threw the beast way too far and the old pin placement I probably would have had a birdie put but I was left under a bush and could just play for 3.
17- Birdie! One of my best drives on 17 which happens to be one of the shortest holes on the course but wooded fairway makes it difficult.  Sunk a 12 footer putting me back to Even.
18- Par.  Horrible drive, I threw the wrong disc (Monster) backhand with a headwind and with too much hyzer.  I got up and down after an awkward approach shot under some brush.  
Finishing the round with an (E) was pretty awesome concidering the wind conditions and all.  This is my 2nd best round ever at Riverbend Park.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Disc Golf 4/26/08

Threw 2 rounds on Chico Front course today, beginning at 6:45 pm.  Amazingly we got 2 rounds in, the second one was rather rushed
Only 16 holes on the first round cause we had to jump ahead of these jobbers so we skipped holes 5 and 6.  My opening shot seemed very close to an ace, I was blinded by the sun and just caught a glimpse of the champion orc missing it my inches.
Chico Front is a bit of a joke after playing Oroville for so many consecutive rounds.  However we didn't have enough daylight left to drive to oroville, and chico back course we probably wouldn't have finished either. 
Round One saw birdies on 1, 3, 7,11, and then on hole 12 total bust when I step up to the teepad to see people just laying in the fairway watching the sunset.  "go ahead man" the guy yells.  So we drive our discs over them.  I over threw the hole and managed a par. Birdie on 13 good forehand drive within 15 feet and I was putting very well thus far. I missed an easy birdie putt on 14 and got frusterated.
Entering hole 16 I sat at a -5 and then proceded to job it up with a horrible drive that I turned over and it never made it up the hill landing ridiculously short and a mid range second shot that I forehanded with the soft challenger left me in the bushes with a long putt that I missed giving me bogey back to -4. IOS made a long putt on 16 to put him in the lead at -5.  Threw just a bit long on 17 and missed a comebacker.  18 turned left and never came back putting me in the bushes on the far left off the fairway.  Up and down for par finishing 16 holes with a -4. 
We played a second round that was speed rushed and I shot a -3.  So overall a -7 for 34 Holes.
Then as it got dark we went to 20th street to get some putting in.  Don't know how many putts I threw in the range of 10-30 feet but guestimating somewhere around 300+ putts.  I'm drained and my arm is sore, so back on the course  in a few days till then...
Get out there and throw!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Disc Golf 4/23/08

Disc Golf at Riverbend Park. Oroville, CA
Didn't get a weather report this time but the winds were swirling pretty damn hard making today's outing somewhat frusterating.
Threw about 75 putts before the round.

Tee Time 5:00 pm.
In The Bag-
DX Beast
DX Firebird
Champion Orc
Champion Monster
Champion Eagle
Discraft Soft Challenger
Discraft Challenger
The majority of my drives today were done with the DX Beast and Champion Eagle.  Tomahawk shots saved for the DX Firebird.  Approach shots using the regular Discraft Challenger.
hole 1- par.  Bad tee off sailed to the right but good approach shot got up and down.
hole 2- bogey.  My drive off the tee looked halfway decent but my only backhand shot of the round just didn't have the distance and I got caught in the rough and had to nearly just lay up and play for bogey.  I missed a 20 footer.
3- par
8-par.  Got some ridiculous love on my approach shot which came up short but somehow threaded the needle through about 5 trees and landed within 10 feet of the basket.
10-par.  Missed a fairly makeable birdie putt, my tomahawk shot landed on the side of the hill and didn't roll down to the basket so I had an awkward putt throwing down towards the basket.
11-double bogey.  By god I get dominated by the 11 again!  This is just not my hole.  My drive was completely different than last time and I threw too far left.  My Eagle had little fade back towards the fairway and I was left with a difficult approach shot.  I landed about 20 feet behind the hole and missed my par putt, the disc rimmed off the side of the basket and proceded to land on edge and roll another 20 feet from the basket.  Terrible break here.  I then missed my bogey putt.  3 putting 11 frusterating as hell.
12-par.  another wormburner that never made it a foot off the ground but made it under the tree far enough to approach and leave with par.
13-par.  Tomahawk within 30 feet but with the wind today nothing even had a chance of going in.
14-par.  Threw my eagle again and it turned over never coming back. Left in the rough and my approach shot hit the base of the basket for a drop in par.
15-par.  This is eerily similar to my last round as I miraculously made it through the 6 inch gap and my DX Beast landed about 20 feet from the basket.  This is now my best drive ever on 15 but I couldn't cash in as I came up short on my putt just barely,  hitting the front of the basket.
16-par.  Really good drive in fact too good, I overdrove the hole with a forehand that turns left with the beast, getting that shot down which is good cause I can't backhand for distance at all. 
17-bogey.  Terrible.  Missed a very makeable putt putting me on tilt.
Final Round Score
Duffy J- 58  +4
IOS      56  +2
Derek  60  +6    
A lot more wind than we had been playing in before.  Putting is a whole new challenge when wind becomes a factor like it was today.
In fact none of us birdied any holes at all which is just ridiculous.  There were many oppertunities but nothing was going in.  The highlight of the day had to be Derek's long bogey on 15.  Probably about a 50 footer

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Disc Golf 4/20/08

Disc Golf at Oroville Riverbend Park
Weather- 54°F
Wind: NE at 2-7 mph
In The Bag
DX Firebird
Champion Monster
Champion Eagle
Champion Orc
DX Beast
Discraft Soft Challenger
Note: I don't know how long ago they started calling regular plastic DX plastic but that's what it's called. 
Round 1- 54  E
Going into the round with a slight breeze my intentions were to work more on my backhands and distance but I axed that shortly into the round, I just can't get the distance on the backhands.  We skipped 1 to jump ahead of this family playing super slow at their own pace so we started on hole 2 which I threw a pretty good drive (backhand) and got up and down for par.  Followed that one with a bogey though unfortunatley.  Hole 3 reminds me a lot of 10 from the front course back in the day but longer and more difficult.  Probably put this hole in the top 3 most difficult holes on the course.  Par for 4 and then with a tailwind I miraculously threw an awesome forehand that sailed beyond the hole on 5 within 10 feet.  Sunk that one for birdie and back to even on the round. 
Pars would continue for the rest of the front 9.  Actually had a really good drive on 9 and missed a 20 footer that would have been nice.  Going into the back 9 I tomahawked hole 10 and it was a sweet shot that landed directly within 10 feet and an easy tap in birdie putting me at -1. 
Then would come me getting dominated by the 11.  As I threw the Eagle on the following hole and hit a tree putting me in the deep rough.  I really had no shot at this point and the safe play would have been to lay up and get out with a bogey.  Unfortunately I attempted to man up and get lucky with a low percentage forehand which landed me in a tree about 30 feet in the air.  20 minutes of throwing rocks my disc finally came down and cost me a penalty stroke (anything higher than 6 feet)  I ended with double bogey (+1) 
Hole 12, one of my favorites and I can normally hit this low gap on the left side but I threw my disc too low and from the release it never made it a foot off the ground.  Par and Par on 13 as well.
Then came my favorite hole, well one because I aced it a few weeks ago and two cause I can always seem to hit the gap.  Except for today where I turned my wrist over and the forehand went left instead of straight.  I got lucky though and made it through some trees leaving about a 35 footer.  Up and down for par. 
Next comes the bitch hole 15 that is the worst designed hole on the course as there really is no consistent play.  You have to basically hit this six inch gap and get lucky.  Which is exactly what happened.  I threw my DX Beast which is so beat in from hitting trees that it turns left when forehanded correctly and holds a line.  Probably my best drive on that hole ever.  Leaving me a 25 footer and I went for it, running it past the basket farther than I wanted to.  I made the comeback putt though and moved on. 
Hole 16 again, forehanding the beast and an awesome drive coming up with about 10 feet to spare.  I banked in for birdie.  Back to (E)
for the round.
Hole 17 is deceiving because it looks rather easy but some small thin trees and branches make you have to play a pretty damn presise shot, that and it's a bit uphill.  For some reason I always through my Monster which is my most overstable disc forehand and I always think it's a horrible shot but end up with a pretty makeable birdie attempt.  This time I ended up on the side of a hill about 8-10 feet above the basket.  A bush in front of me I had to elevate a 15 foot putt which I did and got some ridiculous love from the basket and it bounced off the left side and barely stayed in.  Putting me at -1. 
Hole 18 is rather a disappointing finishing hole as it's wide open and downhill making it rather short as well.  I got up and down for par leaving hole 1 as the last hole. 
I jobbed up my drive which I threw with an eagle and overcorrected from my previous throw with the eagle (14) and put too much hyzer on it sailing my shot way to the right. My approach shot was poor leaving me with a 20 footer that I proceded to miss and end with a bogey putting me back at Even for the round. 
All in all a pretty solid round and I could have easily shot a -3 with the breakdown on 11.  I'm really missing my old Valkyrie though that disc is awesome forehand disc and I could throw it with confidence.  The Beast is replacing it right now.  I also have retired my Comet I never throw it. My shorter approach shots are occasionally forehanded as well with my putter, the soft challenger. 
We decided to throw a second round which was really bad and I won't go into detail but the front 9 I shot a +5 and back 9 a +1, ending a second round with a +6 my second worst round ever (+7).  However the last 3 holes I shot a -2 with a birdie at 16 and 18.  My best round ever is (-1).
I was shocked to find no drunken discers out playing today as normally the course is filled with them, especially on sunday but I just now realized as I type this that it's 4/20.  Ha.  Guess you can't hotbox outdoors.
I don't know if all my blog entries will be this in depth but this one is so if you've read the entire thing thanks for your interest and get out there and throw!!

88 Minutes

In Seattle, the successful forensic psychiatrist and college professor Jack Gramm is in evidence since he was responsible for the condemnation of the serial killer Jon Forster, influencing the jury to sentence him to the death row. Jon accuses Jack of manipulation, inducing one witness and sister of one of his victims to testify against him. On the eve of Jon's execution, Jack receives a phone call telling him that he has only eighty-eight minutes of life, while a killer is copycatting Jon, killing women with the same style and is investigated by Seattle  Task Force. With the support of his former wife and associated Shelly Barnes, the FBI agent and his friend Frank Parks and his assistant Kim Cummings, Jack investigate some weird and problematic students, a security guard of the campus and the woman with whom he had one night stand.
There are many twists and turns in this one and it's recommended.  There are a bunch of Jack's students that he begins to suspect may have something to do with the copycat murders so there is a lot of endings to try to predict.  I found myself guessing somewhat correctly on people involved but unless you've watched a ridiculous number of movies that have that twist towards the end it's probably somewhat difficult to predict. 
I'm gonna have to shave off a .5 percentage point here though just based along the fact that I hate cell phones and the majority of the movie has Jack Graham on one. 

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Disc Golf 4/13/08

83 Degrees Pt. Cloudy Wind 9 mph SSE
Played Chico back course today around 4:30pm. Warmed up on the front 9 and shot a -1 with 6 pars 2 birdies and a bogey.  Missed a bad short putt .. a terrible tee off. 
In The Bag:
Regular Plastic Innova Firebird
Regular Plastic Innova Beast
Champion Monster
Champion Orc
Champion Eagle
KC Pro Comet
Discraft Soft Challenger
I haven't played a full round of Chico back on about a year and a majority of the holes back there are uphill, especially the back 9. Front 9  7 pars, 2 Bogeys  29 +2
Back 9   7 pars, 2 Bogeys  29 +2
Final Round Score 58  +4
For those that are unfamilar with Disc Golf all holes are par 3 on any course anywhere, I have never heard of or played any disc golf hole that is par 4 or higher.
Wind was a factor on hole 9 as I threw a put with some hyzeer and it just fluttered horribly away from the pin.  Resulting in a bogey.  No ace runs, a couple long birdie puts but nothing that hit and birdieless on the back course.  The majority of my tee off disc selection was with the Champion Monster and Firebird (best overstable discs for windy conditions) 
The problem with my game is I would say 80% of my shots are forehand and I can throw way farther with a snap of my wrist on a forehand than a backhand that takes way more effort and occasionally will hurt my arm.  This is also the case on the occasional tomahawk shot.  I am also not as accurate on approach shots with backhand hyzer shots. 
Not a horrible round but definitely feeling it on the way back home.  Probably won't play again till Wednesday.
On a side note, we ran into some other discers on the back 9 and they asked if we were playing par 3's or par 4's?  Thats a bust

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Putting Session 4/12/08

Threw around 400 putts tonight out at 20th Street park, there was a nice grassy well lit area just outside of the tennis courts and IOS got his practice basket from Paradise so it was time to work on the short game.

Whammo 86 Softie (3)
Innova Soft Rhyno (1)

DisCraft Soft Challenger (1)

Threw from distances ranging from 5-35 feet in series' of five discs per length.  Between the distances of 5 and 15 feet working on the hyzer putt aiming just to the right of the basket allowing for a backend break.  Once outside 15 feet I switched to more of a snap putt, snapping my wrist with more of a line drive putt. 
Pretty accurate at 5 and 10 feet approximatley 90% moving back to 15 more like 75% and from there some difficulty ensued but getting a more repettitive motion down to gain accuracy for rounds to come. 
We would have putted longer but we were complemented on our putting accuracy and then told the park would be closing up around 10:45pm. 
Looking to play a round or two tomorrow in Oroville which happens to be the closest course that has baskets.  I don't count that new 9...er.. 7 hole childrens course they recently put into Hooker Oak Park, it's somewhat of a joke for any long holes and the only 2 holes that were anywhere near challenging were taken out due to "rattlesnakes".  What a joke.

Prom Night

Go ahead and put this one on par with One Missed Call as complete and total garbage.  In the words of a fellow manager:
"This is one of those films that you'll see in the bargain bin at Walmart in a year."
So some girl has a teacher in freshman year of highschool go psycho stalker style and obsess over her to the point where he breaks into her house kills her mother and then gets arrested and put in prison. 
Fast Forward 3 years to Senior Prom where it's supposed to be "the time of their lives."  according to the movie trailer but this teacher ends up breaking out of prison on the same night and is coming back to be with the one he so desperatley loves.  How sweet. 
Some rich girl in the school blows a shit load of money to make their Prom the greatest of all time at this huge fancy hotel and this guy happens to find out they are staying on the third floor.  Kill a maid and steal her key to gain access to their room and proceed to off her friends one by one so they can be alone and together. 
God this movie has so many of the played out scenes such as the
I'm upset over my boyfriend so I have to go to the bathroom to dry my eyes and open the medicine cabinet, just to close it a second later and the mirror reflect something scary staring from behind.  Written so bad, they ran out of Ideas and had to use this one twice.
Also sick of the Donna (Brittany Snow) reaction everytime she discovers her stalker/dead friends and puts both hands over her mouth.  Switch up the reactions cause the acting is getting repetitive.
Ok enough bashing of this one, avoid at all costs.  Mind you when screening it, it wasn't painful to sit through but unless someone is paying you to watch this one... pass.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bowling Scores Finale 4/8/08

175, 180, 194  549 Series
Our entire team completely sucked it.  My series was the Team High so that tells you how bad it was.  Our lead off bowler threw 10/30 splits (33% of the time)  I think half my team was busting too much over how much this night mattered cause it was the playoffs!
I on the other hand wasn’t really into it and wasn’t worried, I just bowled and let the chips fall where they may.  Not a good night we ended up taking 4th place which is what we took 2 years ago.  (Last year 3rd place)  I’m not surprised though as is usually the case ala Wiffolution 51 style. This was an off year as my average has been on the decline ending this year at a 186, last year ending at a 197 and 2005 my peak year ending at a 202. 
On a positive note, we did finish the year in 2nd place in wins overall at 125-75 and took home some cash for each win so that was nice.
So anyways like I said before, for the first time in about 4 years I’m taking a break from bowling.  I won’t throw again until August. So no more bowling blogs for a while, sorry fans, although maybe I’ll start blogging my Disc Golf rounds that I play in Oroville on a weekly basis.  Anyone down for that?  heh.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Ruins

A group of friends whose leisurely Mexican holiday takes a turn for the worse when they, along with a fellow tourist embark on a remote archaeological dig in the jungle, where something evil lives among the ruins.
That something evil that I thought would be scary turns out to be nothing more than a plant monster.  Yeah that’s right I just ruined the ruins.  I’d still throw it in the average mix of horror films that I’ve reviewed.  It wasn’t terrible and it was entertaining. 
The beginning is a bit slow but it has to be to build the characters toward some bloody violence and death.  Yeah!  Some sweet scenes for you horror fans to look forward include:
Close Up assasinations
Close Up Amputations with Rocks and a hunting knife. 
And a medley of other scenes including blood and pain.
So this one gets a 5/10 putting it right at average.  The ending is somewhat weak as most films are (excluding The Mist obviously)  but overall an ok film. 
again  5/10

Saturday, April 5, 2008


This one comes late but here you go...

That guy from Across the Universe  stars an an intelegent young man trying to get into Harvard University.  Unfortunatley he needs to come up with 300,000 and it doesn’t look like he’s qualifying for any scholarships anytime soon. So he shows he’s the smartest kid in his class and the teacher played by Kevin Spacey gives him an oppertunity to join an elite underground group.  This group goes to Vegas on Weekends counting cards and making a lot of money.  Reluctant at first, he finally gives in and goes to Vegas for a wild ride.  The movie moves well with the group dominating the tables.  Only problem with the movie is it seems like they always hit up the same casino. Morpheus (matrix style) the pit boss finally catches on and begins to figure things out.  Another thing that is super retarded is all of his winnings he takes back to his dorm and puts in the vents.  He has like 100 grand in cash just chillin up in the ceiling.  I found this to be extremely stupid when he could have just opened a bank account.  It ends up biting him in the ass anyway though, I won’t tell you how as to not spoil the entire movie. 
21 kept me interested the entire time and is worth a watch if you have nothing better to do.  They do try to tie everything together at the end in like a 5 minute span that became somewhat confusing.  Still good though.
Oh yeah, and there’s this one scene that just made me want Dennis Hopper instead of Kevin Spacey when he’s drunk with a glass of burbon yelling at the kids.  Flashbacks of Blue Velvet.  Heh.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bowling Scores 4/1/08

194, 177, 147  518 Series
The regular season ends, next week playoffs.
It would be awesome if I could roll a 2005 style Evans series.  Basically the way it works is the top 4 teams battle all at once and whoever rolls highest combined series for all 3 games wins the championship.  Last year we got 3rd, year before 4th.  Hopefully this is our year. 
We end the season at 125-85 which is by far our best season yet.  We kind of unintentionally threw the last game which didn’t matter for us but we did decide who was the 4th team in the playoffs and was decided we’d rather have the team we bowled this week in there rather than another.  Hence 147 final game.  Next week will be my last league night until september or october as I’m finally taking a break after years of bowling both summer and winter leagues which winds up being something like 46 weeks of the year.