Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Late Movie Reviews

Obsessed- 6/10 Not bad but I was disappointed with the buildup to Beyonce's huge fight scene that didn't pay off because it was a PG-13 Film

Up- 5/10 Nothing special here, Surprisingly sad when his wife dies, best scene for me is when he blasts the guy outside his house with his cane and makes him bleed.  Blood in a PG film? Interesting.

The Proposal 8/10  I didn't laugh once for the first hour until Betty White stepped in to save us all.

Transformers 2- 4/10 Too many plot holes to count and just a huge pile of garbage action that seemed ridiculously forced at the audience.  Way longer than it needed to be.

Public Enemies- 8/10  Good Gangster flick.  Depp delivers.

Ice Age 3-  7/10  -1 point for the cell phone reference.  Also the undertones seems kind of jacked up to me.