Friday, April 27, 2007

The Condemned

Starring Nathan Jones! and some guy called Steve Austin.
The Condemned begins with 10 criminals on Death Row that are dropped on a remote island and told they have 33 hours to kill or die. One of them will survive and be set free.
This "game" so to speak is a creation of this guy who has set up hundreds of cameras on the island and is going to broadcast it over the internet hoping to hit SuperBowl like numbers at 40 million viewers.
Steve Austin has a showdown with Nathan Jones that puts any wrestling fans hopes of an Austin/Jones fantasy wrestling matchup to bed.
There's some good fight scenes in this movie but some stuff is seriously violent and hard to watch for the squeemish viewer. Steve Austin isn't the worst wrestler turned actor so it kept me interested.
If your a fan of action, violence and explosions then this movie will keep you entertained. I'll rate it slightly above average at 6/10.

As John Cena's Marine (PG-13) is for the 14 year old girls...

Steve Austin's The Condemned (R) is for the more mature adult audience.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bowling Scores 4-24-07

214, 221, 248, 217 900 Series

Welcome Back.

PBA Tour Oiled Lane Average in Reno- 172.88

AMF House Oiled Lane Average- 225.0

Hmmm... So much for having a handicap after one Week in summer league. I believe we rolled on lanes 15 and 16 tonight and wow what a difference. I could get my ball to do pretty much whatever I wanted it to do. The first game I had to adjust anc actually start throwing the ball hard outside the 10 board and the lanes were dry and my ball was moving really nicely into the pocket. I only missed one 10 pin and it came on my final shot after a X in the 10th frame so no big loss.

This league is a bust cause it's 2 man teams again and 4 games.
Alsco Irrigation makes up for almost half the league as all 4 of us are bowling summer league. Probably not a good idea to bust out my first week and start with a 225 average but I don't care cause I'm there to bowl my best not to sandbag and establish a respectable average with handicap.
Who knows where it will go from here (probably down a bit no?)
I XXX'd out in the 4th game to shoot a 900 even. What a bust.
one of my teammates actually beat me in series with a 906 series. His high game was a 255.
I think it's gonna be a good summer...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

USBC Open Championships Reno, NV Day 2


USBC Open Championships Reno, NV Day 2

So we got totally screwed for a timeslot and didn't end up bowling Tuesday night until about 11:30 pm which is so damn late if there were black lights and fog machine I would have thought we were at Rock n Bowl.
Me and Kalkowski had 3 doubles games to kick off the night and It was my best series of the 3 which still wasn't much.
188, 201, 167 556 Series.
At least I can say I rolled a 200 game in Reno. The lanes ended up being a bit less oily than the night before because
1. They re-oil the lanes daily
2. They don't oil the lanes again between groups of bowlers and we were the last group of the night.
Still tough as hell though. The oil would move around on the lane so even if you hit your mark consistently, the other bowlers that may have a mark one board left or one board right, may move the oil onto your mark and change your ball movement.
I got this USBC program book that explains the different oil patterns and ours seemed to be the scorpion pattern.
Scorpion- A scorpion is dangerous and unpredictible, like this pattern. If you can't find the right groove on the lanes, you'll be stung!
Cheezy as it sounds it was exactly what was happening as well as the shark pattern:
Shark- This pattern forces bowlers to play deep inside the center of the lanes, like sharks that troll the depths of the ocean.
Meaning inside the 10 board so to speak.
Anyways I actually bowled better than Kalkowski in Doubles which meant our team really didn't have a shot at placing that high on the leaderboard.
Following that we moved 2 lanes to the left and got no practice shots as we headed into Singles play.
159, 180, 141 480 Series
I was dead by the last game and towards the end I won't say I gave up but I definately wasn't concentrating as hard. I opened in the 10th with a 6- count and missing the head pin consecutively.
All in all though it was a good experience and it will be a relief to get back to the oil conditions here in Chico which are so much more basic and easy to adjust to. USBC Championships return to Reno in 3 years so I'll probably be back....
Tuesday Night Men's League starts this week and the Summer League Blogs Begin...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

USBC Open Championships Reno, NV Day 1

The most difficult lane conditions I have ever bowled on. Let me start with that. Monday night as I prepared for the 5 man team event, balls were weighed in as this was some serious and professional stuff. You only got a couple of practice shots before we start and I kick off my first game with a 5 count. Yes!

153, 172, 195 (all mark game) 520 Series

The first game was to shake off the jitters so to speak. Let me tell you though these were the most oily lanes I have ever bowled on. Anyone that threw anything outside the 10 board wasn't hitting the head pin. I saw so many 1-2-4 leaves I can't count how many. Second game in it was all about slowing it down and I mean slooowing it down. Still struggling through the night and averaged about 2 strikes per game on the night. Bad. As the third game started I knew it was all about "Playing for Par" or "Keeping it Clean." Meaning no open frames and convert on all spares. Something I miraculously did in the third game and shot an all mark game. Still though with only 2 strikes I couldn't bust 200.
The first night was awesome though aside from the frustration and the difference between PBA Tour Oil Conditions and the Oil Conditions at AMF Orchard Lanes is gargantuously different. Tuesday League starts up next week and I will never complain about the house conditions again. It will be nice to get back to the basics.
Of all the Chico teams there we had the highest scratch total so at least we wound up being the best of Chico. Everyone struggled let me tell you.
Day 2 Blog coming soon......