Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bowling Scores 12-27-05

242, 152, 177 571 Series

Top 3 Averages after Week #19:

1. Matt 208.5
2. Duffy J 204.5
3. David 195.6

Team won 2 of 3 games for 4 points putting us at a season best 79 wins and 54 losses.
I thought I had posted this last tuesday but I guess I didn't publish it so here ya go.

Duffy J-

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bowling Scores 12-20-05

Current mood:sick

188, 213, 226 627 Series

I'm not one to get sick much but these past two days have been hell. Luckily I made it through bowling without any problems and got my 600 series for the week keeping a lock on the second highest average on league.

Tuesday I got home from Bowling and seriously I have been sleeping pretty much the entire time since then. Pounding Headache pretty much the whole time and it has taken me until now to post my Bowling scores from Tuesday.

A few notes from Tuesday would include ending the third game with 6 strikes in a row before missing my final shot. My first frame of the third game was a 7-10 split leave (1 of 3 on the night) I came soooo close to picking up that 7-10. the 10 bounced out of the pit and came up just short of kicking out the 7. I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow feeling a little better. Concidering work, and the fact that Friday morning is Swingin For Santa 3 (A wiffleball Reunion) followed by the infamous 3rd annual Clint Wattenberg Tacos De Burrito eating contest. www.wiffleball2k.com for more info.

Back to the NyQuil and more rest............

Duffy J-

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Current mood:drained

Buzzards don't buzz. But if they did, and one was to buzz only once, would that make it a non-plural Buzzard?

A random thought brought to you by
Quartet Boxes-

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Subway Monkey Hour


Current mood:awake

I definately recommend this DVD as it is a must for any Tom Green fan. I won't go into any details but Tom Green runs a muck over Japan and it is quite hillarious!! Run out and Pick it up today!
"It makes a great stocking stuffer!"
Duffy J-

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bowling Scores 12-13-05


Current mood:tired

160, 218, 252 630 Series

1. "That's why I don't play the card game"
2. "The slump is over bitches!"

Going into the night here are the top 3 averages on league:

Matt- 211.0
Dean- 204.7
Robert- 204.6

Ha! so those few pins I gained did matter. Anyways to go into detail for a minute. Everyone at the alley has a card game and it's a dollar buy in. One Strike you get a card, two spares you get a card. Pick up a split get a card and XXX in a row you get 4 cards and every X after that you get 2 cards. Well I never play but tonight I gave it a shot. Let me tell you how the first game went. I opened in 4 of the first 6 frames and had like a 54 in the 5th. I strung together a couple of XX to make it not completely embarassing. I end the game with my first spare of the entire game. I turn to my dad and my team and I say "that's why I don't play the card game." Seriously, I would rather be down by 29 pins and have to XXX out in the 10th frame that play a jobber card game. In case you were wondering I ended up with a pair of 9's. Yay!

Lanes were super oily tonight and I left 10 pins mad crazy style. 2nd game I opened the game with XXXX in a row and then proceded to spare out right ending with a 218 and an all mark game.

The third game: 9/XXXXXXXX62

Yeah 8 in a row and then I rushed it in the tenth frame for some reason. Opening in the tenth kills me inside but at least I'm out of the slump of the 600less month and a half. I have firm control of 2nd highest average now as we move on.
We won 5 of 7 and sit at 28-21 for the third and 72-47 on the season. Like I said before we already one the first third so we are already in the playoffs and guarenteed at least 4th place out of 10 teams. I don't want this shit to go down like it did summer league though. We dominated the entire season and then got swept in the playoffs. Can someone say Wiffolution?

Duffy J-

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Bowling Scores 12-6-05

211, 180, 189 579 Series

The 600 series mocks me.

I made it in time for one practice shot! Yes! Followed that up with 4 strikes in a row to open the first game. Something about fast starts. Then I really lost it in the 5th and 6th opening in both frames. Followed by 2 more strikes as this is this "Spares who needs em" game. Opened in the 9th and finished with 9/X to end the 10th frame.

Second game once again I started leaving 10 pins and then a 7-10 split towards the middle of the game. Couldn't find any X's this game until I struck out in the 10th. You can imagine what I would have rolled if I hadn't. Terrible play as I'm trying to stay calm.

3rd game I once again started fast with XXX in a row then once again perfect pocket hit and what? ANOTHER 7-10 split. Again I say.... the 600 mocks me as of late. Looking up I needed to end with XXXX to get a 602 but instead I lost my shot and ended with a 189.

The story behind the story is I entered the night with a 205.5 average as I now only have the 3rd highest average in the league. 205.6 we will call him Robert.... We played his team and I went head to head as we were both the anchors on our respective teams. His scores were as follows: 200,178,195 573 series. Narrowly beating him by 6 pins I don't think will give me back my spot at #2.
We went 5-2 on the night. Again 2 points for a win and 1 point for total pins.

Duffy J-

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Old School Music 1988-1993


That's right let's re-live the bands that I grew up with as a kid before CD's were CD's and I was buying cassette tapes at my local Sam Goody's at the North Valley Plaza Mall.

Kriss Kross, Salt n' Pepa, Queen Latifah, Onyx, Shaq Diesel, and Shanice, that's right I admit it! I bought a Shanice album! Busta!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bowling Scores 11-29-05

178, 219, 169 566 series

Gameplan of the night "Remind me to follow through" and "Bowling is 77% mental."
Once again the lanes were super dry and once again no practice for me. I have nothing to say about tonights games other than I was never really into any of the games. The second game I strung together a couple of sets of X's and the high point of the night had to be striking out in the second game which won us the one and only game of the night.

We are currently at 18-17 for the second third of the season. We are 62-43 for the season. We won the first third of the season which automatically puts us in the playoffs in March. So we are still playing for every win because every win gives us more money, but other than that. The way the league works is that you cannot win more than one third of the season. If we were to win this third we are in now then the second place team would be declared the "winner" and qualify for the playoffs. Does this make any sense? It's easier to explain in person.

Went into the night with a 206.7 average...I continue to slide but it seems that every week is a pattern... 1 200 game and two 170ish games. Oh yeah I missed 10 pin tonight...Blah!

Duffy J-

Saturday, November 26, 2005

What a Bust! Jim Cramer

Mad Money with Jim Cramer.... I was introduced to this man who busts the hell out about stocks and such on CNBC during a commercial break on Raw on Monday Night. This is a classic Bust and the best is when he's answering calls regarding different stocks.
Bobby- "Bu..bu..bu..bu..bu..bu..bu BOOYA!!! Jim!!"
Jim "And a BOOYA! right back at ya!"
There's another segment called "Am I diversified" where people call in and tell Jim their top 5 stocks and he tells them whether or not they are diversified while busting the hell out and running around and screaming his head off. It's definately something to check out if you appriciate the bust as I do...........

Best Movie Credits to Clean to....

So today after surviving the "black friday" working the theater. I got to thinking about the busy days from back in the day and "hitting the zone" cleaning crazy style for so so long when it was "Movies 10 for life"
This brings me to the top 5 Movie Credits to clean to and the credits that pumped me up to sprint up and down aisles throwing trash away with super quickness. Without further adu I give you the top 5:

Ha! I just remember the cheezy Marky Mark song with the classic lyrics- "This is how we do it day to day, No doubt representin in the realist way. This is how it is comin out of here... Hardcore, like that, MotherFucker don't sleep"

I don't remember any of the songs from the credits, I just remember good hard rock songs that got me through those thrashed theaters....

Nothing beats an A.F.I cover of "TotalImmortal" by the Offspring. Except maybe it being followed by "Sweet Child O Mine" by Guns n Roses! Classic.

Ahhhh... The credits that introduced me to Electronica! I remember bands playing through these credits included: Apollo Four Forty, The Propellerheads, and Crystal Method. I also have to thank Dave Marabella for also introducing me to Electronica Music. Word up Movies 10 Alumni!

Aside from the Transyberian Orchestra's remedy of "Carol of the Bells" on Cinemark Movie tunes from 1999-2001, the best damn song I have ever cleaned to is the lasts song during The Jackyl's credits. You would understand how pissed I was when I bought the soundtrack and the last song during the credits wasn't even on the album! Dammit!
Anyways these are my top 5 Movie Credits to clean to. Ha! Now as a Manager I never get the chance to clean and hear all the songs during the credits but then again, all the songs these days are pretty worthless.....
Word Life.
Duffy J-

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bowling Scores 11-22-05

243, 174, 173 590 Series

I arrive to the bowling alley just in time for practice to end, so throw practice out the window. (What are we talkin bout? Practice. Now how silly is that?) I guess it didn't matter my first shot went brooklyn and I got lucky starting with a strike. Oh, the lanes are dry tonight.... Followed that with 4 more in a row but decided to hold off on the Spinarooni this time. The team we were playing some guy with a 165 average was also throwing a crazy game and keeping pace with me. The 6th through the 9th I spared losing my shot in the process. The guy on the other team rolls a 244 so I look up and I have to strike out to tie him. I double in the tenth and leave a 10 pin on my final shot. Dominated!

After that I never really got it going the rest of the night. I left opens in the second and third game although I did pick up a 3-4-6-7-10 split which got some pop from the league... Third game I tried what I did last week and set the ball down earlier not really paying attention to a line but it didn't work. Late in the 3rd game I needed three in a row to salvage a 600 but I came up just short.

It seems I've been on a trend lately where I bowl one really good game and two mediocre/terrible games. Going into the night I still had the 2nd highest average on the league with a 207.5 but my average continues to slide and I'm dangerously close to dropping to third cause the guy behind me has a 205.7 average.

Remember Bowling is more mental than Physical-

Duffy J-

Monday, November 21, 2005

A Bust called Rancor Keeper


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Music Generations

I remember the music I listened to in high school and I remember wondering why anyone wouldn't like the music I listened to. Older people... People who graduated maybe what? 5 years ahead of me? 10? But now I know what it's like to be those people. I look at the kind of music people are listening to nowadays and I'm flabbergasted? yeah flabbergasted at the jobber bands that are popular these days. Here's 10 bands I listened to in the late 90's:
Metallica, Alice In Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair, Clutch, Floater, Nine Inch Nails, AFI, Tool, Nirvana.

I don't know where to begin I mean some of these bands were around when I was in high school but seriously: Good Charlotte? Lickin Pork (I mean Linkin Park?) I honestly don't know a lot of these new metal bands because to me they all sound the same. Taking Back Sunday, Who?BAStank? come on what a jobber bunch of worthless music. Then again it's just my opinion. This goes for other music too I mean seriously would you rather listen to N.W.A or Little Jon? This has been another rambling by yours truly.......Dean Evans

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I must speak on this....

I'm sorry but I am watching the world series of poker and there is someone with a world series of poker tattoo. Could you be any more of a J-O DOUBLE B-E-R? Well I guess you could. You could have a Cinemark tattoo. Speaking of which I heard Bryce Havens verbally agree to getting a Cinemark tattoo if we each pay him 50 dollars. 

This also reminded me of the GWAR concert that I attended about a year ago. Nevermind the random bodily fluids that were sprayed on the crowd.... It was all about the freaks that were at the concert! Some guy with a Fear Factory tattoo across his chest and also a 400 pound guy that got carried out on a stretcher. Not to mention my old roommates brother who was so wasted that he fell down in the mosh pit like 8 times and ended up getting a black eye and blood streaming down his face. I tell you the money for the tickets was worth it and not for GWAR but for the bust factor and for getting to meet the guitarist from Dying Fetus and shaking his hand. He was wearing gloves! What a bust!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bowling Scores 11-15-05


150, 181, 256 587 series.

What a bust of a bowling night seriously. The first game I was testing the lanes and I just couldn't find my line. The lanes were dry the lasts 10 feet and medium oil the rest of the way. I think I threw two strikes and 3 opens the first game.

The Second game, once again I was trying to adjust but it was just getting ridiculous. I spared them to death but only managed a 181.

Disgusted with myself and the lanes tonight going into The third game I had not yet even had a double(XX) well, I decided to not care and bust the hell out hardcore after every ball no matter what and throw my line and marks out the window. First frame I spared and celebrated like I had just bowled a 300. It was a bust trust me. Following that I ended up throwing seven in a row continuing to bust the hell out after every one. When I hit 5 in a row I did the Booker T just before he busts the Spinarooni. I spared in the 9th and Struck and left a 9-open in the tenth to end with a 256.

I'm glad the night was not a total loss although my average will slip once again probably down to a 206.

Duffy J-

Friday, November 11, 2005

11:11 Explained

11:11 Explained

Everyone knows I bust about 11:11 and it's more old school than new school as I have just come to accept the presence of the power of the eleven. Here are a couple of sites that explain it way more in depth than I ever could. Beginning with the eleven gates:


aparrently all the gates close on November 11th 2011.
Whether that means the world ends or what it means we have six years left starting today. Also on the platter would be the incredible number of references from the 9/11 terrorist attacks:


It's not just me busting about random sayings this time. I know everyone may ignore, not believe, or just not care about the power of the eleven but it will always be there... well at least another 6 years. After that..... Who knows?

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

German Deep Thoughts


You asked for it and I've got them! Now the following you may find hillarious/disturbing/or just a down right bockus. I have to credit my old roommates friend Chairun Combs with most all of these quotes he still leaves them on my answering machine randomly every few months......Picture the classic German accent when reading these quotes.

"Of the 49 Prisoners........I was the only musician.....this became a blessing, as it was only the gentile strumming of the loot that could keep the guards from killing again"

"It was a quiet night in Berlin......Music filled the streets... yet I could only dream of the American Woman....and the food upon her plate that bared my name.......

More quotes to come.......

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Bowling Scores 11-8-05


172, 231, 218 (no tap 300)
That's a 621 series which averages out to a 207 average. I pin below my average going into the night. I would like to add that the lanes were the dryest I have seen in a long long time. It took me a while to adjust as the first game I left 2 splits late (one in the 10th)
Second Game I started with a 5 bagger and then threw my only real bad spare shot of the night and opened in the 6th. Spared in the 7th and ended with strikes in the 8th, 9th, and one in the tenth following a spare.
Third game started out looking like a dutch. ( A dutch 200 is where you alternate strike and spare every frame which would end you with a 200 even) Then in the 5th I doubled and threw another double in the 8th and 9th. Ending with not only a 218 but a no-tap 300. (9 or a X in every frame)
Overall I was pleased with my ability to bounce back from the first game. Like I said, Bowling is mentally tough and I know 3 years ago I would have snapped, kicked a hole in the wall or went nuts. I converted all of my 10 pins tonight which may be the most positive result of all. Currently holding the 2nd highest average on the league, only behind the man who's thrown 5 perfect 300 games this year and I have witnessed 2 of them.

Duffy J-

Saturday, November 5, 2005

German Deep Thoughts part 2

"In Germany.....If you are lucky enough to catch a rabbit on a cold winters day...one must show their gratitude by coating a child's face in the rabbit's blood."

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Bowling Scores 11-1-05


213, 148, 201 ending with a 562 series.

First game I missed a 10 pin and left a 7-10 in the first 3 frames. Followed that with six in a row but fizzled out in the 10th frame and missed another 10 pin.

Second game I mentally broke down. I know how much of the game is mental and I let it get to me. I look back and know I could have spared in 2 or 3 frames in that game. Left another 2 or 3 splits in that game as I rolled my lowest game of the season. I was upset with myself for breaking down.
For those that know me and my importance I put on Guarentee's and your lifetime "Guarentee Percentile", you know I rarely throw them around because I take it pretty seriously.

Before the 3rd game I turn to my teammates and Guarentee a 200 game. Started with 2 strikes followed by 2 spares and then 2 more strikes only to miss a 10 pin (4th of the night) in the 7th frame. I looked up at the scoreboard and knew I could not afford any more mistakes. I struck in the 8th and 9th and left a 7 pin in the 10th. I looked up and knew I had to convert. I picked it up and needed 9 pins for a 200. I dominated and struck to end the night with a 201.

My average continues to slide a bit as going into tonight I had a 210.8 it will now dip below 210 but it's only a matter of time until I break out with a 250+ game.

Until next week,

Classic Quotes

"Well let me ask you a question. Do you have any kids? Oh 3 of them, well that's even better... cause I want their to be an audience when I come over there, drag you out into the street and beat the living bejesus out of you"

Duff- "Maybe we should use slingshots."
John- "A slingshot is not a real weapon."
Duff- "Oh a slingshot isn't a real weapon is it John? Well maybe you'd like to define the word weapon for me while this plastic baby smashes into your temple at 150 miles per hour"

"I wanna eat chicken burgers!"
"You'll eat that god damn roast beef or you'll go to your room."
"This is ridiculous. I'm twenty-eight years old, you think I could eat a chicken sandwich if I wanted one!"
"I saved the day Betty, looks like you guys have problems with Heroes around here"
"I'm so sorry I feel like I've ruined everybody's time.... Here, have a 40 watt lightbulb."

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Weekly Bowling Scores and more....


Today's games were as follows:

210, 206, 190

Just barely made my 600 this week ending with a 606 for those that can't add. This coming with no practice beforehand because I work every tuesday 10-6 and the league begins @ 6:15. On top of that I was coming off of a 24 hour period that included 600+ miles of driving + 2 miles of running at Frezno's Gold's Gym + Screaming, Yelling, and marking out at 2 Wrestling Shows in Redding, CA and Frezno, CA. All of this on 4 hours of sleep.

At the end of it all I have lost my voice, pounding headache, and around 100 dollar gas bill. It's all worth it for the wrestling business. Whether I be the Commishioner/Commentator of MWF, or just another WWE fan marking out 100 percent, Wrestling is above and beyond the best entertainment around.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Bust Volume 1.0 199...something


The following was written by yours truly nearly a decade ago. The original plan was to continue on this path of brilliance but unfortunately it was the one and only volume that was ever shared with everyone that has a curiosity about the bust in one of it's true written forms. So with no further adu...... I give you The Original Bustability from the mind of Dean Evans Jr.

The man with the garden full of top ramen plants came over today. He told me that Guacomole Orangutans are invading and they have come to suck the eyeballs out of our sockets. I told him he was wrong and then I
went blind. Ahhhhh! I screamed but in an instant my sight was back.

The man laughed and pulled pack the
skin from his face to reveal that of an orangutan. I started running very fast... past the refrigorators, crackerjacks, and icecream trucks. I took a left past the powdered dust mountain and took a ladder straight up to the cinnamon toast marbles. When I got to the
top I found a camel with very large eyes. I tryed to explain to it that Guacomole Orangutans were taking over the earth and to watch out cause they are coming to eat out your eyes. The camel spit at me and I got
mad. I charged the camel but he kicked me in the head and then squashed my skull. Everything went black and the last thing I remember is a faint laugh in the background.

The moral of the story is if a man(with a garden full of top ramen plants) tells you the world is being invaded by Guacomole Orangutans, believe him because if you don't, you will get your skull crushed by a
camel with really large eyes.

Friday, October 21, 2005



"If your gonna put mayonaise on a BLT you might as well call it an MBLT."

"Well then you might as well call it an BMBLT cause of the bread."

"No...... Bread, is a given."