Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bowling Scores 10/28/08

191, 243, 156  590 Series.
Position Round this week meaning 1 seed plays 2, 3 vs. 4, and so on.  Here's how we stood going into the night in case you forgot:
Caparello Painting 43-20
Alsco Irrigation   41-22
So basically we needed to go 5-2 on the night to win the first third and gain a playoff spot come March.
Despite being down a bowler this week, that is exactly what we did.  Bill hurt his leg earlier in the week so it was myself, Dana, and Ben.  Game 1 came down pretty close in the end but Caparello couldn't get it together and missed some spares giving us the win 870-841.  And then the second game began
And we went off like a fucking machine.
Ben- 199
Dana- 214
Duffy J- 247
We destroyed the team that two weeks ago destroyed us.  It was a complete reverse in fortune as two weeks ago, everything was falling for them and nothing for us.  This week we were hitting the pocket but there were also a lot of shots that weren't and everything was falling.  I ended the second game with a XXXXXX9 with an all mark game unless you want to count my final 9 count as an open.  Anyways in a nutshell total domination as we won game 2-   993-774.
Game 3 was pretty much stress free concidering we just needed to win total pins on the night and going into game 3 we were ahead +248 pins.  They won game 3 920-853. 
On a downer note though, for the second consecutive week I screw myself over on a 600 series by opening in the tenth frame.  I threw 3 opens in the last game.  Twice failing to convert a 3-6-10 spare.  The final frame my ball came in high and I left my only split of the night a dreaded 4-9.  Unbeleivable. 
 I did roll 65 pins over my average so I may be a contender for bowler of the week.  The lanes just dried out crazy style the third game and the ball was really moving.

5404 Total pins with an average of 180.1 through 10 weeks.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Browns Valley Disc Golf 10/26/08

BrownsValley Disc Golf
Front 18 (Old 1996 Innova Baskets)
Back 18 (New Innova Baskets)
So we played 56 holes (3 rounds 2 front 1 back)  Seeing how it's been a couple of days there's no way I'm going to be able to bust out with every single shot I threw here it would be a ridiculously long blog and I'm sure much of it wouldn't be accurate.
Front 18  Round 1 - Duffy J +6 IOS -4

My putting struggled most of the day and I was unable to consistently put any streak of pars together.  I had a couple of Birdies but also a lot of bogeys and a few double bogeys as well.  This course is much more difficult than Oroville but also a lot better in the aspects of elevation changes, technicality and scenery.  Really amazing.

Back 18- Duffy J +11 IOS +10
Many more elevation changes on the back course and much tougher.  I do enjoy the newer Innova baskets though because you have two layers of chains to putt at and a larger diameter basket.  The front 18 has only one layer of chains for the disc to grab onto.
I was doing really well and on the front 9 I think I was at +1 but it all came apart on the final 9 holes with hazard shots.  I landed in the water twice having to take penalty shots.

 The highlight of this round was actually my approach shot (for par) after landing in the water above.  I forehanded my Starfire and it landed under the basket.
I shot a +10 on the back 9 and it actually all came apart on 17 as I had a 12 footer for bogey and it hit the metal and rolled all the way down this hill turning into a 40 footer for double bogey and I almost made it on the uphill putt. but it hit chains and fell out.+3 for that hole alone.
Lunch at A&W/KFC
Front 18- Duffy J +4 IOS +4
Best round of the day by far.  We ended up playing a few playoff holes to break the tie but we were tired and decided to call the third round of the day a draw.  I hit a downhill birdie putt on this shot

Longest putt made on the day and for birdie.
Overall probably the best disc golf course I've ever played and it was good to get out on the course for the first time since 2002.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saw V

Saw V "You won't believe how it ends"
The catchphrase didn't deliver for me because I've seen Hostel II which should never be watched more than once. 
Saw V picks up exactly where Saw IV left off and if you haven't seen the first 4 movies going into this one you will be confused as shit. 
FBI Agent Mark Hoffman is seen as the hero who brought Jigsaw to justice and the Jigsaw Murders are offically over... so everyone thinks.  In reality, this movie is filled with flashbacks to all 4 of the previous movies.  Someone killed Hoffman's sister years ago and for revenge, Hoffman did a copycat murder of the guy who killed her with an evil contraption of his own.  The only problem is, the "game" he creates is impossible to survive from.  This angers Jigsaw so Mark Hoffman gets kidnapped by Jigsaw and he explains once again how he's never killed anyone and always gives them a choice.  Hoffman becomes the second accomplass to Jigsaw (this occurs before the recruiting of Amanda in Saw II)  All the while in real time agent Strahm is on to Hoffman and tracks him to  prove Hoffman has been an accomplass to Jigsaw's murders.
 Also throw on the side, Jigsaw's ex-wife who recieves a mystery box present from her late ex-husband.  What's inside the box?  We all want to know but we may just have to wait for SAW VI.  Not so scary, but keeps you thinking and if your not paying attention 100% your not going to understand as much.  Gore factor is definately there too with the sawing of fingers and tendons, decapitations, electrocutions and more.  Not bad, I'd put this one on par with the 4th one.
If you've never seen any of the Saw movies but your interested, I would recommend sticking with the first 2.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bowling Scores 10/21/08

211, 203, 180  594 Series
With help from a cheering gallery this week, I roll my high series of the season.  I only opened 3 frames with a missed 10 pin in the first game, a 8-10 split in the second game and chopping a 74 spare conversion in the 10th frame of the third game to ruin my run at a 600 series.  We won 2 of 3 and total pins on the night but we still trail Caparello Painting by a single game as they too went 5-2 on the night and next week is position round so we will play Caparello and if we can repeat what we did tonight we will have won the first third of the season. 
Caparello Painting 43-20
Alsco Irrigation   41-22
My ball was flowing into the pocket nicely most of the night, I did have a couple of bad shots but picked up the multi-pin spares where I needed them.  To be honest I was tired as shit coming into the night after laying tile at the theater for about 10 hours before hand.  I also wasn't really paying attention for most of the night.  Maybe that's something to build on and I should be as unfocused as possible next week. 
4814 Total pins with an average of 178.2 through 9 weeks.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Midnight Meat Train

A Photographer is attempting to shoot New York City the way it's never been shot before and show the real side of the city.  He saves a girl from getting mugged and shoots some pictures while doing so of the attempted mugging.  The next day the girl goes missing and he begins to investigate and track down a killer.  His journey takes him to a train that runs 24 hours a day but weird things happen in the wee hours of the morning.
    Vinnie Jones (The Condemned) plays the killer and does a damn fine job in my opinion.  He slaughters people on this train once most everyone has departed for the night.  His murder weapon is a meat tenderizer which is unique and awesome.  Some people might think the cgi gore was too much but I thought it fit right in perfectly. 
Most movies have an ending that is somewhat predictible but this one I was nowhere near guessing it.  Not going to ruin it but the ending is bustin for sure. 
My favorite part of the movie were the camera angles during many of the scenes.  The one in particular would be this girl who gets decapitated but the camera angle that is used is one that is from her perspective of it happening.  So in essence you get to see yourself get decapitated!  Pretty wicked awesome.  I marked out for that one and had to rewind.
9/10  Really good horror/gore flick. 
I really think this one would have done well had the film company ever released more than 100 prints in America.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


A Television Reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) is doing a cover story on the local Fire Fighters of Los Angeles.  They get a call to an apartment complex and at first it just seems to be a disturbance from an elderly lady.  However the firefighters arrive and the lady is foaming at the mouth.  She attacks one of the firemen by biting him in the neck and the disease spreads and the Quarrantine begins. 
The rest of the movie is pretty much Angela and her cameraman moving from floor to floor trying to figure out why they are unable to leave the complex. As the plot (if you want to call it that) continues, more and more people are getting sick and becoming infected.  The entire movie is shot with a handheld camera and if you get sick easily I would pass on this one.  I never got a chance to see Cloverfield but I'm guessing this one was kind of in the same "reality" style.  Pretty scary I jumped 4 times I think and some of the deaths were interesting enough.
The last 20 minutes or so were kind of a letdown and reminded me a lot of The Blair Witch Project.
Definitley not like the last Jennifer Carpenter movie I screened (Exorcism of Emily Rose) where the movie brainwrapped literally at 3am and the film flipped itself upside down in the brain)  Now that was the scariest screening I've ever experienced.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bowling Scores 10/7/08

149, 145, 233  527 Series
My first two shots in the first game hit the pocket flush leaving solid 10 pins. I thought it was going to be a good night but from the third frame on I struggled horribly to the point where mentally I was becoming completley unfocused and just mentally giving up.  Check these stats:
Total Strikes Games 1 and 2-  2
Total Strikes Game 3- 8
It's amazing that I even got two strikes through twenty frames.  As one of them was chopping the headpin and getting lucky and the other one hit pocket high and barely tripped the four pin. 
My horrible game 2 was overshadowed by my teammate Bill coming within 3 strikes of a perfect game.  Unfortunately he opened in the 10th and ended with a 264. 
The third game began with only my third XXX of the season.  I went back to the basic line I was throwing at the beginning of game 1 and finally found a correct release point keeping my ball right around the 15 board and not getting it so far outside.  I can't tell you how many shots I threw and missed the headpin Tuesday night.  In fact that pretty much sums up the season.  I bet If I had kept track of every shot from 2008 and 2005 that I have missed the head pin more times this year through just 7 weeks as I did the entire 30 week season 3 years ago.  Game 3 ended up being an all mark game and the rest of the game went like this 7/ X 9/ 9/ X XXX.  I ended it with a four bagger and all of the strikes this game were in the pocket!  For the first time all season I was hitting the pocket with consistency!  If I can only remember my release point for next week.
Despite going 3-4 last week our team remained on top of the leaderboard at 29-13.  Just call me the anti-anchor this season as I finished game one with a 9/7 in the tenth.  We lost game 1 by a measly 3 pins 812-809. 
Game 2 we won thanks to Bill's 264 and Game 3 we won with my 233 and surprisingly high game on the season of 216.  So we go 5-2 on the night and sit at 34-15 staying if first place.  If we can keep it up for another 3 weeks we will have won the first third of the season and guarentee ourselves a playoff spot come March. 
Top 4 high games through 7 weeks
1. Bill 264
2. Matt 251
3. Fred 244
4. Dean 233 (unless I was unaware of someone else's game tonight)
Top 4 Averages
1. Matt 208.2
2. Dana 183.3
3. Hal  181.0
4. Fred 180.9

Duffy J 176.2  with 3,701 total pins.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Ed Harris is Virgil Cole and his deputy Everett Hitch (Virgo Mortensen) come to the small town of Appalooza where the law enforcement is weaksauce and  the town is suffering at the hands of a rancher named Randall Bragg that means to own everything in it.  Cole and Hitch are hired as the top law enforcement to keep everyone in line and they don't take any bullshit.  You break the law, you go to jail.  You resist going to jail your shot dead. 
Decent Western here but slow moving a lot of the time with lots more dialogue than actual action and shootouts.  Throw in an out of town widow (RenĂ©e Zellweger) to complicate and distract Virgil Cole from doing his job and there's your dash of love story to this film.  Basically the battle between Virgil Cole Keeping peace and Randall Bragg (not flagg from The Dark Tower) trying to take over things.
It didn't help that I'd been up for 20 hours before watching this one and it nearly put me to sleep.  Thumbs in the middle.  3:10 To Yuma was a lot better.
5/10  Probably a good film for the older generations.
Next potential review-  Quarrantine

How to lose friends and alienate people

Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) plays Sidney Young as a disillusioned intellectual who both adores and despises the world of celebrity, fame and glamour. His alternative magazine, Post Modern Review, pokes fun at the media obsessed stars paparazzi style. Suddenly Sydney is offered a job at the diametrically opposed conservative New York based Sharps magazine. It seems Sharps editor Clayton Harding (Jeff Bridges) is amused by Young's disruption of a post-party shinanigans disguised and with a pig posing as Babe. Thus begins Sidney's descent into success - his gradual move from outsider to confidante of starlet Sophie Maes and a love affair with colleague Alison Olsen (kirsten dunst), that will either make him or break him.
Pretty good movie for an early fall release.  I laughed a few times and the quote of the movie for me was at a post party get together with big shot directors and writers and Sydney strikes up a conversation with:
 "In your opinion what's the greatest movie of all time?  I'll tell you........it's Con Air."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Disc Golf 10/1/08

Myself and Nolan drove on up the Disc Golf at Riverbend Park, Oroville CA today for a round:
Tee Time Approximatley 10:30am
In The Bag-
Champion Eagle
Soft Challenger
25 putts on Practice Basket to Start
Warm up Front 7-
1- Bogey. (+1) I get one drive with the brand new Wraith and the disc disappears in the Rough.  Me and Nolan looked for like 10 minutes and had to take a penalty shot.  Even though it's just practice
2- Par.  Good drive to within 20 feet.  Missed the putt
3- Par.  Too much Hyzer on my Starfire drive.
4- Par. 
5- Par.  Forehand Valkyrie flew past the basket on the left.
6- Par.
7- Par.
Front 7 Practice score of +1
Began on 10 for official round.
10- Par.  Jump putt slid down the side of the hill and I thought I was going to 3 putt.
11- Par.  Huge par save after bad up shot.
12- Par. 
13- Birdie. (-1)  Good forehand drive within 15-20 feet
14- Birdie. (-2) Forehand Eagle hit the gap and I made another nice medium length putt.
15- Par.
16- Birdie. (-3) Another nice medium ranged putt converted.
17- Birdie (-4) Somewhat awkward putt that I had to snap off low enough to clear branches hanging over my line to the basket.  I was pretty fired up over this one.
18. Par.  Average Drive but the length of this birdie putt wasn't much farther than any of the previous birdies.  It sailed a bit high though and bounced off the top of the basket.
Back 9 score and PR (I think) of (-4) 4 Birdies, 5 Pars.
Front 9-
1- Bogey (-3)  A real unfortunate break as my drive landed on the cartpath which lies across the fairway.  I had to take a penalty shot.
2- Par.  Decent birdie attempt but awkward footing on the putt.
3- Bogey (-2)  So much for my Starfire as I tried an S curve forehand drive but too much angle on the disc and it didn't fade back in time.  I heard it hit brush but once again I was looking for my disc for 10+ minutes and I had to take a penalty shot for losing another disc.
4- Par.  Good par save after mediocre up shot.
5- Birdie (-3) S Curved an Orc that I found earlier in the round and it landed 20 feet from the basket. 
6- Par.  Back to the shorter pin placement thankfully.
7- Par.  Big par save on a mid length putt.  My up shot was less than solid.
8- Double Bogey (-1) Arrrghhh.  I threw the Beast and it began to turn left but then straightened out at the end and I got maximum distance almost hitting this lady and her dog on the cartpath.  The disc skipped off the concrete and into the bushes.  When I first let it go I didn't give it a second thought but today was the day to lose 3 fucking discs and believe it or not NONE of them on 6 or 7. I had to take another drop and my approach shot was worthless.
9- Par. 
Front 9 Score (+3) 1 Birdie, 5 pars, 2 Bogeys, 1 Double Bogey (3 PENALTY STROKES)
Final Round Score (-1) 
5 Birdies, 10 Pars, 2 Bogeys, 1 Double Bogey
Nolan's first ever round at the Oroville course ended up being a (+4)
This goes down as the most frusterating round under par EVER.  5 Birdies has to be near a PR for me.  Losing 3 discs is unacceptable and I had help from Nolan looking for my discs but it's like they just disappeared.  two discs I lost were yellow which is the same color as a lot of the dead grass on the course so from now on I'm only buying red or blue discs.  Of course I put my name and number on all my discs but noone ever calls anyone any more and in fact one of the few calls I've ever gotten was a long distance message stating "I found your disc and I'm keeping that shit"  (No Joke this actually happened)
On the lighter side of things my putting was dead on today and I felt pretty confident on all my medium range putts.  Not too many metal kick outs for me today. 
I'll be ordering some more discs online so until next round......

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bowling Scores 9/30/08

166, 192, 197  555 Series
Before I even arrived to the Bowling Alley I had about 11 minutes to leave work, go buy some Band Aid Spray for an injury sustained on Monday at work.  Minor injury to my ring finger, (In all actuality it was just a deep paper cut) but I knew the way I hold the ball in my fingertips I would need something.  I arrived just in time to get about 2 practice shots in.
Game 1 began with a 5-7 split leave that I amazingly converted.  Followed that with 6 more spares before striking in the 8th frame.  Then Opened in the 9th and 10th frames and our team lost game 1 by 16 pins.
It only got worse for us as the second game I finished out with a XX in the 8th and 9th but then in the 10th I X7/ and we lost by A SINGLE PIN 858-859.  All I needed was a freakin 8 count on my second ball in the 10th but I couldn't get it done.
Third game I XXX'd late but the third strike was a ridiculous head pin chop and they all fell down.  We bounced back and won the third game 912-846 so we went 3-4 on the night putting us at 29-13 on the year.  Still probably near the top of the leaderboard.
Top 4 Averages through 6 Weeks:
Matt  206.2
Hal 184.8
Dana 181.0
Scott 180.7
Duffy J 176.3  with 3,174 total pins.