Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Late Movie Reviews

I've totally been lagging it up on my reviews lately so here are a few quick ones in a nutshell.

The Unborn- 6/10

Decent movie, however slapping the PG-13 rating on this one didn't help it any.  I did enjoy the dog in the dream with the rubber human mask. As for the scare factor though there wasn't too much that wasn't predictable.  They tease the medicine cabinet scare almost to overkill.  Ending is decent but I didn't think the exorcism part of the movie was very well done at all.  I can't particularly say why, I just never got into it.  The "80 year old Bryce Havens" running backwards up the stairs and then having his head spin around 360 was also hillarious and a highlight of the film.

Defiance- 7/10

Good movie, but rather depressing going Schindler's List style here. This one is about rebel Jews who hide out in the forests and build an army to fight off and defend the Germans.  Daniel Craig plays a good role.  A bit too long though.

Inkheart-  5/10

Good fantasy family film.  I'm not a huge Brendan Frasier fan but this movie wasn't terrible.  Basically Frasier plays a guy who tells stories and they come to life but when characters come to life in our world, someone has to take their place in the storybook world.  This particular person being his wife and his daughter's mother.  This one is along the lines of The Golden Compass but slightly better.

Bowling Scores 1/29/08

Week 21-  217, 201, 179   597 Series
Now that the pressure is off from winning a third, I can relax apparently.  This would have to be my best series in about 3 months
My average currently sits at a 183 down 15 pins from last season (197) and 20 pins from 2 years ago (202).  However somehow we have the 3rd highest win total on the league (86-61) go figure.
Well starting off the last third of the season with a 5-2 mark.  We'll see how that continues.  As for my game on the night, still not consistent at all, I finally threw a couple XXX in a row.  Can't remember the last time I did that.  Still missing the headpin though on way too many shots and I missed a couple single pin conversions as well. 

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Diane Lane plays an FBI agent who busts online scam artists when she stumbles upon a new website where a house cat is seen drinking a bowl of milk.  Hours later the cat is dead. 
Then the killer begins kidnapping the humans as the movie's plot is basically Lane's character trying to figure out the puzzle of this guy's next move/location.
  Toruture devices in this one include poison being injected into the victims blood stream, Waist deep in cement and hundreds of heat lamps shine, and neck deep in water with a slow leak of acid into the water completes the torture trilogy.  Basically the more people who log onto the site the faster the fate of the victim.  Hence everyone is an accomplass to murder. While interesting and somewhat suspenseful, this movie is not scary at all.  Categorize this one as Crime/Suspense and just overall an average film.  If your one of those people who watch shows like CSI then maybe you'll enjoy Untraceable.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bowling Update

Week 19-  193, 201, 161  555 series
Week 20-  166, 182, 215  565 series
despite going 4-10 the last 2 weeks of the second third of the season, we managed to win one game tonight and guarantee us a spot in the playoffs in about 10 weeks.
We won the second third and I don't know how we did it, it definately wasn't me.  I haven't thrown more than 2 strikes in a row in about a month.  Scraping by though we continue to battle.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sweeney Todd

Due to a Thurday Night Midnight screening of Cloverfield to the public, I arrived to find out that Sweeney Todd wouldn't arrive at the theater until 4am.  Sweet.  So I left around 3am with no print to build up and came back at 8am to build it up and screen it before the first showing at 1pm. 
Benjamin Barker (Johnny Depp) returns from being out at sea to find his wife had been captured and forced to live a miserable life that is so horrible she poisons herself. 
Barker seeks revenge,(changing his name to Sweeney Todd as Barker is dead to him)  as he sings/talks musical style about how everyone deserves to and will die.  Well that's cool with me, let's get to the killing!  But alas there's some jobber love story that has to be thrown in to make me wait.
Todd meets up with a waitress who makes the worst meat pies in the city and above her restaruant is Todd/Barker's old barbershop.  He re-opens it and begins business again. 
Sooner or later they decide to use human bodies to put in the meat-pies since meat is so expensive these days don't you know.  Business picks up and people love the taste of humans.
The story goes from there as I won't ruin it for all you musical lover's out there.  So yes we, tinseltown, finally got Sweeney Todd so everyone is happy.
 On a side note, the film company that released the movie still never released more than 1,400 prints nationwide so that's a big reason as to why it wasn't playing in a lot of cities. 
I guarentee there wouldn't be this much hype around this movie if anyone other than Johnny Depp was in the starring role.  Sweeney Todd has the same accent as Jack Sparrow and wins the award for most consecutive scenes with the same expression on his face.
 Eleven Kills but suffering through a musical puts this one right at average.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Bucket List

Jack Nicholson plays Edwin a rich owner of a hospital with rules and regulations.
Two beds to a room no exceptions. 
Kind of sucks when he coughs up blood and finds out that he himself has cancer.  He's put in a room with Carter (Morgan Freeman).  He wants his own room but again, no exceptions.  Turns out they both have similar cancers that are spreading and have little time to live 6 months to a year. 
Edwin is a rickety old man who doesn't like anyone and is difficult to handle.  As time goes on and he begins Chemotherapy, he strikes a friendship with Carter and they make a list of things they want to do before they die.
The list includes:  Go Skydiving, Get a Tattoo, Witness something truely Majestic, Help out a complete stranger, laugh until you cry, dragrace, etc.
With Edwin's unlimited funds, they travel the world and do all the things they always wanted to.
This movie has a lot of dialogue and some humor.  Overall this movie is made for the older crowd who grew up watching these two actors in many films.  A mixture of Humor and Sadness but over all a solid film if your over 40. 
Next Potential Review:  CloverField

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bowling Scores 1/08/08

114, (yes, 114) 161, 188   463 series
I've forgotten how to bowl.  This night ranks as the worst I've ever felt during a league night since I was a kid.  3 weeks off and I couldn't even walk up to the foul line correctly.  I couldn't slide at all and one time nearly blew out my knee and landed on the lane.  I'm not joking. 
5 open frames to start the night.  5 years ago I would have broken something and gotten thrown out of the bowling alley. (It's happened twice if I remember correctly)   But thus I held my tounge and laughed it off.... for a while.
Towards the end of the second game I was seriously concidering sitting out the third game and letting my team take my average of 184 instead of another let down.  But instead I trucked on and finally towards the end of the second game my teammates told me what I was doing wrong, breaking my wrist towards the end of my swing and not following through, thus no rotation and no movement to the pocket leaving washouts all night long (1-2-4-10's) that I couldn't convert to save my life.  We lost the first two games and went into the night in first place 37-12 (75-44 overall) the second place team was 7 games back at 30-19 but thus they won their first 2 games leaving us with just a 1 game lead.  (remember 2 points for a win, 1 total pins)  Third game I still was struggling just to get high counts, I missed another 10 pin late but amazingly we were within a few pins thanks to our leadoff bowler rocking a ridiculous 236 game (172 avg)  all coming down to the 10th frame and our third bowler leaves a 6-7-10 split.  We're up by 13 pins at this point with both anchors working on spares.  Other team throws first and leaves a split which wrapped up a win keeping us just barely in first with 2 or 3 weeks to go in the second third (this is 18th week in).  I'm just glad there was no pressure to mark in the 10th cause I left a 3-10 split, amazingly converted it (the lone highlight of the night) and followed with a 4-10 leave to end the ridiculous night on a shot that pretty much summed up the night.
Oh yeah there's some new team that joined the league and as I'm on the approach ready to throw, dude walks up and stands on the approach to my left.  Some jobber team that doesn't know anything about bowler courtesy.  I get pissed bust the hell out and slam my ball down and walk away.  Everyone gets all silent in an awkward moment.  Better than turning to him and saying "Could you have some fucking courtesy?"
Ah... next week should be interesting...... especially when we end up playing that team.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

TNA Wrestling

A few topics concerning TNA wrestling that I would like to cover.
Internet articles and wrestling analysts have talked about how poor TNA has been booked over the last year.  I couldn't agree more.  The signing of Adam "Pacman" Jones and having him win the TNA Tag Team titles without ever wrestling was on par with David Arquette winning the World Title in WCW.
TNA X-Division getting buried doesn't help things either.  Ex-WWE stars such as Dudleyz, New Age Outlaws, Kevin Nash, etc. just squashing the division.  Great move. 
Total Nonstop Angle?  Reminds me of a really painful episode of Raw where I had to suffer through 3 Bobby Lashley matches in one sitting.  Multiply that by 100. Don't get me wrong Kurt Angle is a great wrestler and athlete but you can only take so much of one wrestler on one 2 hour program.  You gotta mix it up. 
To switch it to Commentary for a minute, I Fucking hate Don West.  He would mark out and try to sell a midget match as the main event at a PPV.  Mike Tenay is ok, I respect his knowledge and whatnot but he needs a better color commentator. 
Ok, so on tonight's episode which will be the 2nd straight week that I've watched the replay on saturday night, Jeremy Borash is at AJ Styles house trying to get an answer from him about who he's going to remain allied with: Kurt Angle or Christian Cage.  They keep bringing in people from AJ's past to try to get him to answer the question (kind of like The Rock's This is your life segment) They're trying to be funny But it's not funny at all.  I'm hoping the X-Division gauntlet is next.
The Cons outweigh the Pros of TNA wrestling but let me switch to a few things I actually like in regards to TNA.
6-Sided ring.  Yeah at first it was weird but it's been around 3+ years now and I've gotten used to it. 
Motorcity Machine Guns.  Cool gimmick w/ good tag team of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin
Jay Lethal Black Machismo- Oh man, I think this may be the best Gimmick in years.  He actually plays the role of Macho Man Randy Savage and has the knowledge to cut above average promos.  Awesome.
Samoa Joe, Petey Williams, Elix Skipper, Sonjay Dutt and the rest of the X-Division.  They are continually held down by booking.  How many ****+ matches could these guys be putting on in Ring of Honor?
The Women's Division.  Even though I Hate Gail Kim as much as I hate Don West, they have way more talent than WWE's women's division and can put on a women's match that is actually mildly entertaining.
Yeah that's about it for the pros.  Still suffering through matches such as "Loser has to wear a reindeer suit" match. 
Just a few random thoughts on a saturday night while I watch the Impact! Replay....

Saturday, January 5, 2008

One Missed Call

Oh yeah this one's gonna be so good.
A Series of young teenage friends begin dying in freakish style accidents (Some final destination style)  But the catch is they keep recieving messages on their cell phones from the future.  They listen to their voices on the message and it's them right before they die. 
The main character, a jessica alba lookalike, begins to investigate what the hell is going on and throw in a local investigator to help her out cause he's the only one that believes her.  Stop me if you've heard this plot before...
Also right before the next victim dies they start seeing random peoples faces like porcelain masks (ala dead silence style).  They could have actually made this scary if instead of porcelain faces they went with the melting off your face with blackness in the eye sockets (Emily Rose) style.
Not one that made me jump and didn't seem scary at all.  Definatley directed at the 10-17 age range as it's PG-13. 
To sum it up and to score it I give One Missed call the following...
2 points for a sweet Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) appearance.
1 point for actually doing an exorcism on a cell phone.  And when you read the previous sentence I don't mean over the phone, I mean they have a phone sitting on the table and they are screaming for the demon spirits to exit it.  So ridiculous it gets a point.