Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bowling Finale 3/25/09

166, 176, 224   566 Series

Brand new shirts didn't mean a damn thing as we completely tanked in game 1 with a miserable 753 combined handicap series.  My teammate bowled 80 pins under his average and threw a 101.  Seriously.

We never got anything together as a team but in game 2 Bill bounced back with a 246!  I don't think I've ever in my life seen a 145 pin swing between two games.  I on the other hand continually did nothing to contribute.  In fact all 3 games began with an open frame for me.  I was able to hit X's here and there but nothing was strung together until game 3 where I threw frames 4-9 XXXXXX in a row and then proceded to end the Winter league with a 6-7-10 split.  Yeah, that about sums up my season.

Amazingly ending games 2 and 3 with 876 and 896 series' was enough for us to stave off last place in the roll off and we ended up getting third place by just a few pins.

I also watched Kalkowski bowl a 299 game with a broken hand.

So for the last four seasons now we've made the playoffs and each time alternating between a 4th and 3rd place finish (I think).

Maybe I'll look into getting a new ball.  The Black Widow is not getting the job done like it did when it was new.  I've had it a few years now.  Then again I think my main problem is my release with the fingertip grip.  I've even concidered going back to the no thumb style approach.  But then I don't know if my wrist would hold up and the last thing I would want is to re-injure it and be out of action for months.

Anyways to break down the final numbers on the season:

Final Average- 181.85
Total Games- 84
Total Pins-15,276
Games over 200-  18
600 Series'-  2

Average by Game

Game 1  179.0
Game 2  182.2
Game 3 184.3

A disappointing finish but there's always next year.  I'll be taking summer league off like I did last year so no bowling blogs until August.

Duffy J-

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bowling Scores 3/17/09

172, 153, 176  501 series

I used up all my strikes last week apparently.  As bad as my series was, I finally came through for my team and single handedly got the win in Game 1.  No strikes going into the 10th frame I turn the the opposing team's anchor and say

"Don't worry, I haven't thrown a strike all game"

I then proceed to XXX out in the 10th frame and our team wins by 5 pins.  827-822.  Amazing.  It only took me 29 weeks to come through.

I wasn't even thinking about winning, in fact I thought we had no chance.  Then again, I wasn't calculating exactly what I needed.
To XXX out and only roll a 172 tells you how bad this night was.
I missed multiple spares and my ball was diving into the pocket way too sharply leaving me at lease 3 splits I can remember.  Game #2 Bill stepped it up and threw a 245 and their team couldn't answer the call and we took the second game easily 866-788.

Third game was a different story as the complete opposite happened and I leave a horrendous 3-6-10 split that I thought was justa 6-10 until the last possible second and I stepped off the approach to discuss the spare with my team.  I knew the only way I was going to pick this one up was with my spare ball and a backward spinning shot coming in from left to right.  I threw a decent shot but I hit the 3 too far to the right and left the 6 pin behind.  We lost 799-806.

Still took total pins and go 5-2 on the night and 12-2 over the last 2 weeks to close out the season with an overall record of 113-97.

Next week is the rolloff and it all comes down to this.  A fatal fourway so to speak with all 3 teams that won each third + the wildcard (team with next best overall record)

Alsco Irrigation vs. Al's Concrete vs. Mountain Mike's Pizza vs. Norcal Construction.

Winner take all.

Ending the season with 15,276 total pins and an average of 181.85.

A measly 18 200 games rolled and just 2 600 series'

Let's hope I saved it all for the playoffs.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late Movie Recaps

Other noted movies that I opted not to do extended reviews on are:

Push  5/10

 I couldn't get past the unrealistic storyline and the fact that the way it ends they were looking at leaving room for a sequel  but it came off as "We ran out of money so lets roll the credits"

Madea Goes to Jail 7/10 

I haven't had the pleasure of watching any of the Tyler Perry movies up to this point and I was actually surprised this one was funny and I laughed on multiple occasions.

Watchmen 8/10 

Yeah, this one deserves a review but not by me.  Maybe Tomich can write one.  Good movie but I had no backstory or knowledge of any of it as many people read the comics over the years.  A dark adult superhero movie for sure.

Last House on the Left

Kate and Paige get kidnapped by a family that's wanted for murders already. During a struggle to attempt to get away they end up wrecking their vehicle in the middle of the woods. Paige is killed and then Kate tries to escape after getting raped by swimming across the lake but gets shot in the back.  The murderous family think she's dead. A huge storm rolls in as they find a house (which happens to be Kate's parents weekend getaway).  Kate survives finds her parents and then the revenge ensues. Her dad is a doctor and finds out she's not only been shot in the back but also raped.  And then he snaps and all hell breaks loose in some awesome revenge.  "by any means necessary"

Let me point out that this movie has the most brutal rape scene I have ever seen in a movie. Customers complained about the rape scene in Hills Have Eyes, well this one is more graphic and extended way longer guarenteed to get complaints.   If you can get past that, the rest is pretty good and the revenge factor of the parents on the murderous family is looked forward to as your watching it. Brutal kills and the ending is actually pretty good too.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bowling Scores 3/10/09

224, 216, 184  624 Series.

Leave it to me to wait until week 29 to throw my high series of the season.  Hopefully this is a good thing and we can get hot with only one week left until playoffs.  We swept this week going 7-0 for the first time since sometime in the second third of the season.  We stand at 24-39 for the last third of the season and at 108-95 overall.

I have to say there were six X's that were just ridiculous and I didn't deserve but I figure these breaks have been accumulating over the last several weeks and now they finally all came at once.  I don't mind.  The third game was a struggle as for 4 consecutive frames I had 7 counts and missed the headpin.  I regain my composure and finished strong to cement only my second 600 series of the season.  It's truely been an off year but hopefully we can win it this season as the last three seasons have ended with 2 4th place finishes and one 3rd place.

I stand at 14,775 total pins and an average of 182.4 through 29 weeks

Monday, March 9, 2009

Raw Thoughts 3/9/09

Edge's sell everytime Cena's music hits is awesome.

Finish to 6 man tag was a throwback to WCW Mysterio.

Interested to see how they book Jericho but right now it's looking bleak with Flair/Lawler as potential opponents. Still holding out hope  he faces Austin at Mania.

If MVP wins MITB I stop watching wrestling.

Cena/Show/Edge Triple Threat w/ added Russo drama is entertaining to most fans but to me is pointless.

HBK/Taker- I guarentee 17-0.

The main event segment was also a throwback and awesome.  Props to Orton for the window spot.  Reminded me of Austin/Pillman revisited and pushing the envelope of that TV PG rating.

Duffy J's quote of the night-

"If Cody wasn't a Rhodes he'd be kickin it with Kizarny."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bowling Update

195, 170, 165  530 Series.
I've been lagging it up in the bowling blogs lately.  Nothing special to report.  Our team continues to go 2-5 on a regular basis in this the final third of the season.  I hyperextended my elbow at work last Tuesday and missed bowling last week.  I was still feeling it today but decided to give it a go tonight and didn't do terrible.  I was throwing about 50 percent so no speed on my shots.  A few shots hit the pocket clean but I couldn't string anything together.  I'll keep everyone updated on my injury status.
As for my scores from the previous week, I forget and I'll have to wait another few weeks before I get my season stats up.