Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bowling Scores 2-27-07

172, 189, 206 567 Series

The lanes were totally unpredictible all night long. On top of that I decided to go back to the ball I was rolling before I bought the black widow and use it as my spare ball. Since it fits my hand and I want less of a weight differential 15lbs/16lbs, than what I'm throwing now 12lbs/16lbs.
I XXX'd out in the second game or else it would have been even more pathetic. I salvaged a 200 the third game but nothing to be overjoyed about. We lost 2 of 3 and total pins which really puts a hurtin' on our chance of winning this last third of the season.
Last week without me, my team took 2 of 3 and total pins so 5-2 point wise on the night. Our overall record looks like this:
36-13 for the third, and 96-93 on the year. Going into the night we were tied for first place at 34-8 and I do know the team tied with us lost at least one game. We were done before they finished their last game.
My average going into the night stood at 196.5 second best overall. I won't be bowling this tuesday because of AFI playing at the Silver Dollar fairgrounds so I will post again in 2 weeks.......

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bowling Scores 2-13-07

205, 225, 204 634 Series

First shot of the first game hit the pocket solid, perfectly and I left a 10 pin. Followed that with XXX in a row but then couldn't string anymore together and was hitting the pocket just a bit too high and leaving 4 pins. towards the end I did get a couple more X's in but it was all for nothing cause I left a 10 pin in the 10th and failed to convert it.

Second game started off pretty bad and I left a 5-8 split that I miraculously converted when I threw a perfect shot. I got mild props for that one. The second game we were down by like 70+ pins going into the 10th frame and I was pretty sure it was over. Until my teammate XXXX'd out and the anchor on the other team left a split and opened in the 10th. I ended up having XXX in a row with one shot left and I look up and we're down by -8 pins. So I need 9 to win? What a bust I didn't think we had a shot. I finished it up with a X and we won by +2 pins.... Or so I thought. Turns out the guy on our team that bowled a perfect game last week decided not to show up and when one of your teammates doesn't show, they take 10 pins off their average and it wasn't factored into the computer. Bullshit! So a bunch of drama for nothing and we lost the second game by -8 pins. Moneybags Magnotta must have still been partying it up after his first career 300.

Third game again I was just a bit off and leaving single pin conversions that I didn't have any trouble with. We won the third game so we took 2 of 3 and total pins so 5-2 on the night. Going in we were tied for first place but the team that we were tied with ended up taking all 7. Still battling for a playoff spot theres about 6 weeks left I believe. I continue to have the second highest average on league at 195.9 exactly 10 pins behind kalkowski 205.9. Oh and someone bowled a 289 tonight as well. It seems more and more people are stringing them together these last couple of weeks...
There will be no bowling for me next week as I have a corporate meeting in Sacramento for the theater so see you in 2 weeks........

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bowling Scores 2-6-07

231, 202, 154 587 Series

Top Averages through 24 weeks

1. Matt 205.7
2. Duffy J- 195.9
3. Chuck 194.1
4. Fred 193.2

Tonight I paid my $90 bucks for the Reno Nationals in April so it's official.
Arrived late and just in time for practice to be over so no practice tonight. The last time I didn't get any practice and arrived late I started with 6 in a row and tonight wasn't much different. XXXXX in a row to start and in a groove. I botched my shot in the 6th frame leaving a 5 pin split and then proceeding to miss all 5 pins on the following shot. I followed that up with XXX more and then left a single pin conversion in the 10th and ended with a X and a respectable 231 that should have been much better.

Second game was a complete bust concidering the title of this Blog should be the night my teammate rolled a 300. Because that is exactly what happened. The guy in the #3 spot, Bill who is just above me dominated 12 in a row to roll his first ever career perfect game. When he had like 10 in a row I knew it was a definate possability. Kalkowski came over and told me he would do it and that is exactly what happened. I've seen Kalkowski roll like 3 perfect games but to see my teammate do it was definatley a shock and a moment for our team. With a 178 average the man rolled 122 pins over his average. And I'm supposed to follow that in the 10th? I ended up X8/ ing to finish with a 202.

Third game blew up as we were all talking about the 300 game and I rolled what was probably my worst game of the season and lost my line completely with a miserable 154 and missing a 600 series by 13 pins. But it didn't matter cause our team took all 3 games and all 7 points putting us at 22-6 for the last third of the season and 82-86 on the season just 4 points below .500. Going into the night we were in 3rd place, it remains to be seen what position we are now in. Making a last ditch effort to make the playoffs...
Till next week.....

Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Messengers

Going into this one I expected complete and total garbage. Well it was pretty much exactly that. 
It's your generic "family gets a great deal on this house out in the middle of knowwhere" storyline. With a mix of children who can see things that adults cannot. There's a bunch of small storylines within the movie that amount to absolutely nothing. The biggest bust was the Smoking man from the X-Files randomly showing up and telling the family that another offer has been made on the house and they would profit 15%. The family declines and they never explain anything about that.
The movie did have the scare factor which seemed to me a migration of the cave people from The Descent teleporting to this house and living in the walls and floors. They move super jerky style like in that one and like in the Grudge as well. It was somewhat freaky but definatley a movie that I'll forget about in a week. Go ahead and throw this one in with The Fog, Pulse, Grudge 2, and all your other standard horror films rated pg-13 that all the jr high and high schoolers will flock to.
Anyways I'll rate this one a couple points above FearDotCom....