Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bowling Scores 2/19/08

This one comes over a week late but I finally busted out a decent night:
189, 244, 204  637 Series
The 244 should have been way better I left a 5-7 split and opened in the 10th frame.  We took all 3 games and total pins on the night.  Whoo

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bowling Scores 2/12/08

211, 149, 188   548 series
5-2 on the night, my teammate rolled a 697 series with a 255, 187, 255. 
I remember when I used to be able to do that..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bowling Scores 2/5/08

171, 186, 208  565 series
2-5 on the night.  No rhythm most of the night, did finish second game and started 3rd game strong.  But ha, finished third game as follows 8/ 8/ 8/ 6/9.  So terrible.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bust to close 2007 returns

so my "unibomber friend" ha, returned with another message for us to forward on to the proper press.  This would be a continuation of a previous blog of the bust to close 2007.  This one is way longer and to translate will have to be broken up into 3 parts.  I don't know why I'm wasting my time converting the buster's thoughts into text document format, just spreading the word of the ultimate classic surpreme rockin bockus. And no I don't think this guy is threatening, he puts a photo copy of his California ID on the each page!  Ha.  Without further adu, enjoy volume 1....
We'll be calling this from now on... Brooner's Corner.
Welcome to Brooner's Corner Volume 2 (Part 1)
"The Reno Notes"
Re: The Estate of Miriam L. White (Butte Co.
Dear Reno Gazette-Journal,
1. Note- "Reiterating" since Craig Russell Brooner had a band named "Mt. Jam", and that Don Knauf was in it.  In regards to Ron Knauf who was in the butte co. Calif. Distrect attorney's office, and that the Butte Co. District attorney worked at the newspaper in oroville, calif.  with my father Russell Brooner and that hte county of butte has a probate department and that this is the legal phrase of "undue influence" and the lime of rustling- and in "that" regard note the safe I found in a flume when I was 12 years old in regards to the theft involved; the party's involved in it, The "paradise post", the butte co. Sherriffs dept; the towing co. that pulled it out of the flume. (w "the klansman" filmed in oroville ca and to the founding of the ku klux klan in pulaski, New York- and to pulga, calif. in butte county, calif. w- pulling out a gun and to the invention of Gun safes - The one johnny gilbert had at his and betty gilberts house in paradise, calif. in direct regards to johnny (the rod) Rodriguez, who judge vandeguift sent to bar o boy's ranch (garguit, calif)  the same day he sent me and to a "rod" being another name for a "gun" and to Butte co. superior court Judge Roger Gilbert on "this estate" Butte County superior court judge Lucian B. Vanderguift having sent me to Prison in 1975 and specifiying that I go to a prison not just the Prison "R.G.C.  and to that prison being "sierra conservation center" at jamestown, calif.  in direct regards to Roger Moore, who starred in "James bond, agent 007" in filmand to his "will"who is in Johnny (the rod) rodriguez- and to Eddie van Halen that looks like Tommy Vaneguift- and to "fast eddie" Johnson (Ra: Butte Co. Disposal/the butte co probate office) who looks like my ex cdc parole agent Ted fashion (and billy leon movies who killed david russo as well as to Mercury Movies of the "Miami Dolphins") in direct regards to the above "safe" being from the paradise high school - Which I later attended - as I did "ridgeview contiinuation high school" in direct regards to Lloyd Bridges and the submarine the SS "seaview" and to his estate; the film "the league of extraordinary gentlemen"  the submarine in it, it's star sean connery (who has also played james bond, agent 007) and to his estate; the film "fast times at ridgemont high" starring sean penn, and to his estate , and to "Seamounte", the ranch with part of the biggest "butte" in Butte co, calif.  my aunt and uncle lived at (fay + jewel jackson), the other member of  "Mt. Jam" - I want my preserve the hunting /Fishing preserve.  I'v eoutlined (this series) between first 4 feather river including the merchants bar mining camp.
Repsectfully submitted,
Terry Dale Brooner
added note to "tinseltown" (murder evidence) (truck w/ blockbuster)  film 3:10 to Yuma re: "Paradise casino"in yuma, arixona ; Russell crowe + the chiappelle Murders- chico, calif. "the black crow grill and taproom at eta chiappella, ser.  (chico, calif.) /dr. steven C. Crowson 1206 esplanade

Friday, February 1, 2008

Booking Wrestlemania

So with 2 elimination chamber matches at No Way Out with the winner of each getting a title shot at Wrestlemania, it basically spits in the face of the royal rumble match. Wasn't the Winner supposed to get a title shot at Mania? guess not anymore.
Now I'd like to talk about how they plan to book Wrestlemania's Main Event and here's the options I see:
1. John Cena vs. HHH
2. John Cena vs. Jeff Hardy
3. Randy Orton vs. HHH
4. Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy
5. Randy Orton vs. HHH vs. Jeff hardy
6. John Cena vs. HHH vs. Orton
Go ahead and eliminate options 2,4, and 5 because they aren't going to have a Money in the bank match without Jeff hardy. Hardy should win the money in the bank match and then cash it in against Edge on Smackdown! I'll me marking out for Shelton Benjamin cause we all know he'll be in MITB as he is every year.
So that leaves Option 1 which is the smart business move.  The smarter business move would have been to save the Orton/Cena match for Mania to continue that feud and just do a mixed tag match at NWO with Orton/HHH vs. Cena/Hardy. (Remember Orton is the one who put Cena on the shelf.)  They've done it in the past and helps to build the biggest show of the year. Option 3 isn't going to happen cause as much as people Love/Hate Cena, people still pay to see him.  Option 6 is possible if they try to recreate a classic ala wrestlemania 20 which sadly will be buried and never talked about again due to the Chris Benoit tragedy. 
I've also read some interesting views on having HHH vs. Cena as a grudge match meaning Orton retains at NWO and Hardy wins the elimination chamber match continuing their feud to mania.  While in theory a good idea, I will be shocked if this is even being concidered by the minds of the WWE Bookers.

I'll say HHH vs. Cena will headline WM24 but WWE likes to trick the online smarks ala the Cena Surprise at the Rumble.Hardy should win the money in the bank match and then cash it in against Edge on Smackdown! I'll me marking out for Shelton Benjamin cause we all know he'll be in MITB as he is every year. 

The Eye

Jessica Alba plays Sydney who lost her sight at 5 years old during a firecracker accident with her sister.  Her sister has tried to get her a new donor for so many years but Sydney's body continues to reject the donors, until now.
The surgery is a complete success according to the doctors but shortly there after Sydney begins to see things that couldn't possibly be there.  She's in the hospital and the lady in the bed next to her gets up and follows a strange shadow into the hall.  Sydney follows and the lady then haunts Sydney until the shadow takes her away. 
Sydney continues to see shadowy spirits and dead people and it's driving her insane.  Doctors tell her everything is fine and that it's just her mind not processing information properly since she hasn't had all 5 senses in like 20 years. Sydney insists that this isn't normal and she goes to Mexico to find out who donated the eyes that she is now looking through.  This person that passed on is trying to tell her something about how she died and important information that Sydney needs to find out. 
Going into this one I was expecting a piece of shit movie along the lines of One Missed Call.  I was somewhat surprised finding that my overall view of this one wasn't that bad.  While I hated Jessica Alba in Awake, and her acting is sub-par overall, she did an OK job in this one putting it at just about average.  2/3 of the way through this film I started thinking that this movie was in a lot of ways like the Character from Dean Koontz' character Odd Thomas and the Bodachs that he sees through his adventures.  If you haven't read the books then you have no Idea what I'm talking about.  It is a somewhat scary one and it will make you jump a few times. 
Mild Thumbs Up
Next Potential Review:  (fools gold/roscoe jenkins)  god help us all....  The product can't get any worse.