Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Weekly Bowling Scores and more....


Today's games were as follows:

210, 206, 190

Just barely made my 600 this week ending with a 606 for those that can't add. This coming with no practice beforehand because I work every tuesday 10-6 and the league begins @ 6:15. On top of that I was coming off of a 24 hour period that included 600+ miles of driving + 2 miles of running at Frezno's Gold's Gym + Screaming, Yelling, and marking out at 2 Wrestling Shows in Redding, CA and Frezno, CA. All of this on 4 hours of sleep.

At the end of it all I have lost my voice, pounding headache, and around 100 dollar gas bill. It's all worth it for the wrestling business. Whether I be the Commishioner/Commentator of MWF, or just another WWE fan marking out 100 percent, Wrestling is above and beyond the best entertainment around.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Bust Volume 1.0 199...something


The following was written by yours truly nearly a decade ago. The original plan was to continue on this path of brilliance but unfortunately it was the one and only volume that was ever shared with everyone that has a curiosity about the bust in one of it's true written forms. So with no further adu...... I give you The Original Bustability from the mind of Dean Evans Jr.

The man with the garden full of top ramen plants came over today. He told me that Guacomole Orangutans are invading and they have come to suck the eyeballs out of our sockets. I told him he was wrong and then I
went blind. Ahhhhh! I screamed but in an instant my sight was back.

The man laughed and pulled pack the
skin from his face to reveal that of an orangutan. I started running very fast... past the refrigorators, crackerjacks, and icecream trucks. I took a left past the powdered dust mountain and took a ladder straight up to the cinnamon toast marbles. When I got to the
top I found a camel with very large eyes. I tryed to explain to it that Guacomole Orangutans were taking over the earth and to watch out cause they are coming to eat out your eyes. The camel spit at me and I got
mad. I charged the camel but he kicked me in the head and then squashed my skull. Everything went black and the last thing I remember is a faint laugh in the background.

The moral of the story is if a man(with a garden full of top ramen plants) tells you the world is being invaded by Guacomole Orangutans, believe him because if you don't, you will get your skull crushed by a
camel with really large eyes.

Friday, October 21, 2005



"If your gonna put mayonaise on a BLT you might as well call it an MBLT."

"Well then you might as well call it an BMBLT cause of the bread."

"No...... Bread, is a given."