Monday, December 31, 2007

A Random Bockus to end 2007 on

The following was turned into the box office today as we were directed to fax a copy to The Boston Globe:
Att: FBI/secret Service/CIA/Memphis Tennesee/P.D/L.A.P.D/C.B.S/4+5 (Denver Colorado)Mt. Dept. of Justice/State Police:
Re: "The follow up notes:  Re: The estate of Miriam L. White.  The warren rpt. Both Assassinations in 1968/John Wilkes Booth, op Iraqi Freedom * Spy rings, England, US revolutionary war- The Boston Tea Party, etc.
Dear Editor "The boston globe,
1. Note- In touch "this morning" with your "news desk" (national/forign) in regards to the word "camsel" - and to cells of spy's dianetics- scientology (R)  and narconon's use of "E-meters", which wiltige two "cans" that you hold in your hands, and to- cancelling stamps, "The Stamp Act"  and the "Boston Tea party"  (and the stamp mill from the san francisco iron works in auburn, california with a hinsley on it ( this semi-in touch person(on writing) at the courthouse, copy to the "auburn journal"- this year)  in direct regards to the assasination attempt on president ronald regan; and to U.S.P.O, Postage meters (n-meter maids; lovely rita by the beatles;and "pom international" Parking meters (this series) as well as to "the new adventrues of Mary Kate and ashley" (the case of camp pom-pom)- "this series.  All of the above in regards to england.  In regards to scientology and "dianetics" their saint hill org. , and to the tv series"I spy" in regards to the "net" in the game of tennis, race, and to my grandmother (this estate)'s missing eye, the state of missouri- and the treaty ending world war II being signed september 2nd 1945, and to my birthday of september 3rd 1950.
 Note: The "boy scouts of america" in regards to their founder and england, and to B.S.A Troop 8 in paradise, Calif. to which I and my brother craig russel brooner belonged,  and to russel brooner; the old utah mine on sawmill peak, and to utah- "the beehive state", as well as to the u.s.s. utah, and to utah beach in the D-Day invasionof france in World War II that was named "operation overload"  and note overland drive in boise, Idaho in regards to the boise idaho temple and the morman church.  Their headquarters in salt lake city, utah-  and to the "Jeeps" that were drove or drivenby an G.I.'s during the D-Day invasion of france- the rest of the W.W. II that were invented by J.P. Getty for G.M.C. and to "Jeep cams"  (add cancer/sirhan sirham in regards to both assassinations in sluggo and baseball/cricket and playing cricket (fair)
2.  Note- The above all Re: "Slygo" in the adventures of long john silver- and to long gone silver, treasure and to england's Plate Fleet- "Slygo" in the episode - "the necklace"  and to lacy peterson's murder in Fresno, Calif.  by scott Peterson, and (this series) the sept 3rd 2007 attack on scott Peterson by Richard Ramierez at San Quentin State Prison's Death Row (see T.F.U.N.'s 12.30.07 to"the new mexican" santa fe, New mexico, otehr T.F.U.N's in regards to it and the 12.10.2007 issue of "Globe" magazine- note I "am" in touch by phone and fax on this with "camstar" and the "globe+mail" in canada)
3. Note- Re "camsel" and "cancer" (above) - the book (this series) "amazon pamotts" by Paul R. Paradice c 1979.  and to Paul Leonard (berkley/Paradise, calif) and the amonon drug abuse program founded by maj. mark jones (u.s. army and ret.)and to "jonestown"/peoples temple at jonestown, guyana in 1979.  The above in regards to siagon in the viennam war, and the battle of the alamo and gen. Santa ana  fo mexico, and to "op iraq freedom".
4. Note- Conflicting dog storys Re: the quote from william shakespeare on "the dogs of war" and "st des" and "red dog" beer, as well as to "chinese fire dogs", fire irons, rustling, and to "L.S. Air"(jun Mt.,W,VA.)- "This
 series" re"Jun mt. Leathers" and aero union in Chico, Calif and the 9.11.2001 assalt on America.  Jet terrorist attacks. 
5. Note- Quote from Hubert Pieriott (on ridicule) on P.212 in the new websters library of practical information- thenew website quotatium dictionary c 1987.
Respectfully Submitted,
Terry Dale Brooner
Page 2 would include a fax cover sheet from FedEX Kinkos directed to the boston globe and also have written notes on the Chris Benoit murder in atlanta georgia.
Hope everyone has a good new years, here's to many more bockuses, busts, and rocks in 2008

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Movie Review Recap 2007

So when it's all said and done, 33 movies screened/reviewed this year give or take a few I never blogged.   Here they are in a nutshell.
The Messengers   3/10
The Hitcher  8/10
The Hills Have Eyes 2  8/10
Premonition    8/10
Dead Silence   3/10
Bug   0/10
Pirates At World's End  9/10
28 Weeks Later  9/10
Transformers  9/10
The Condemned  6/10
Hostel Part II  6/10
Halloween  7/10
Mr. Bean's Holiday 3/10
Inland Empire  7/10
Rush Hour 3    5/10
Underdog  5/10
I Know Who Killed Me 4/10
Eastern Promises 8/10
310 to Yuma  9/10
The Brave One  6/10
Saw IV   8/10
The Darjeeling Limited 4/10
The Heartbreak Kid 4/10
The Gameplan  7/10
Michael Clayton  7/10
30 Days of Night 7/10
Bee Movie  7/10
P2   8.5/10
The Mist  9/10
Awake   5/10
The Golden Compass 3/10
I Am Legend  6/10
National Treasure 2 9/10

Saturday, December 22, 2007

National Treasure 2

National Treasure 2 is more of the excitement from the original.  Some of it is a bit far fetched sure but isn't that what Jon Turtletaub is all about?
Nicolas Cage is back on a mission, this time to prove that his family wasn't responsible for the death of Aberham Lincoln.  That and to find the city of gold. 
The movie is nearly 2 and a half hours long but it is very fast paced and kept me awake at 3am.  The plot moves through different missions to find clues to unlock the location of the city of gold. 
As in the trailer, the president of the united states gets kidnapped as we need to know the location of The President's secret book. 
Solid movie for families and should finish 2 in overall box office sales behind the monster hit of I Am Legend.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bowling Update

Week 16-  196, 177, 182  555 series
Week 17-  188, 204, 181  573 series
Average through 16 weeks-  184
I continue to tread water and my teammates pick me up.  We continue to win games.
7-0 tonight and all alone in first place
37-12 (75-44)
We don't bowl again till January 7th..

Bowling Scores 12-19-06

Week 17

Average going into the night- 190

204, 239, 248 691 Series

The most dominating performance of the season and I'm talking as a team. Second game our team rolled a season high 1003 combined scratch game. We won all 3 games (7 points). Our team looked solid for the first time all season.
The most classic thing of the night would have to be my 11 strikes in a row! I ended the second game with 5 in a row and began the 3rd game with 6 in a row. My 7th shot in the third game hit the pocket light and left a 10 pin. Giving me the "unofficial 299 game"
691 is the highest series I have rolled in months and it places as the third highest series rolled during winter league. What made it even better is the fact that we were playing "Kalkowski's" team.
The third game should have been better but I got dominated in the 10th frame. Sooo close to a 700.
Overall a great night-

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Am Legend

"Castaway meets 28 Days Later."
I Am Legend Stars Will Smith in another attempt to save the world movie.
Robert Neville (Smith) is the last man on Earth looking for others and an antidote for this wicked spreading disease.
 This all happened when a scientist finds a cure for cancer only to have it turn horribly wrong, into a lethal intoxication that leaves 99% of the population as bloodthirsty zombies.
Neville's only friend is his dog and the many manaquins that he's set up around New York City to talk to.  It's been 3 years and he's losing his mind.  He leaves traps to catch these zombies who can only come out at night and does tests and experiments on these zombies and rat zombies as well.  Will he find a cure or will the Zombies finally track him down and kill him ending the human race.
Watch to find out. 
The first half of the movie was pretty good and held my interest.  There's a few flashbacks to how this all went down but it's quite short and they could have told a little more back story in my opinion.  The zombies were disappointing and were too computerized for my taste.  A definate step down from the Vampires in 30 days of night which I thought were done quite well.  The movie just kind of ends and it seemed like the writers ran out of story and just quickly made up an ending. 
Still, entertaining and a good movie to come on out and see to kill a few hours.  People here in Chico seem to like it at least on opening day, Most Shows sold out.
6/10  Mildly recommended

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Golden Compass

This one was a forced screening so let me get straight to it...
I wasn't paying attention the first 15 minutes as I was finishing up some other things around the theater.  Then.. bam!
A bunch of Children who get abducted by some other people.
A bunch of really annoying accents.
A bunch of Demon pets for each of the kids and adults alike. 
100's of witches flying around in the sky
The gravedigger from GhostRider flying around in a baloon/plane type thing.
A Polar Bear Drunk off whiskey and depressed that he lost a battle and his armor. 
Polar bears battle each other for supremacy and to see who is king.
Nicole Kidman with a pet monkey
The 007 guy running around in the snow only to get captured.
oh yeah and somewhere along the way there's a golden compass... Imagine that.
I'll agree with Nathan, Confusing as hell and unless you've read the books I've no clue.  But we're all in luck!  This is apparetnly gonna be a trilogy!
Well all the Harry Potter freaks can crawl out from under a rock and get their fix...
In the words of Watler... "It's Craptastic!"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bowling Update 12-4-07

Week 13-  204, 174, 178
Week 14- 167, 189, 154
Week 15- 160, 268, 178
Current Average- 183
Aside from a breakout game this week, the slump continues...
Amazingly enough though, our team has gone 14-0 the last 2 weeks.  25-10 for the second third of the season and 63-42 overall...  Sitting somewhere around 2nd place

Friday, November 30, 2007


Awake mildly kept me in that such state.  A young man whose father has died and left him half the city because he's wealthy, has a bad heart.  On top of that he's a very rare blood type so he's been on a donors list for over a year.
Finally a heart comes through and there's an arguement that ensues between him and his mother about who should perform the surgery.
His friend who already saved his life once, or the best surgeon money can buy. 

In the middle of all this is his love interest played by Jessica Alba who he's been engaged to for 6 months but his mother doesn't know.
moving forward to the surgery, a giant conspiracy is going on and after they put him under annestisia, he's still concious but paralyzed and can't do anything about it. 
There's a somewhat predictable swerve towards the end but I'll leave that to the imagination.  Not really scary but if you had a hard time watching the opening scene in SAW IV then you may have a hard time watching a lot of scenes in this movie.  Not really scary aside from the thought of being awake and able to feel pain during an open heart surgery.
Average at best,

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Mist

Quite possibly one of the best endings to a film... ever.
Just my opinion of course.
The Mist is the second Stephen king movie to come out this year and I am a huge fan of his movies and books so obviously I'm going to screen this one.
The Mist is about exactly that and what it brings.  Terror.
Basically a government project gone terribly wrong as a dimension is opened and a bunch of crazy looking creatures come through into our world killing along the way, but at all times within the mist.  Octopus/Elephant creatures, Spiders, and giant locusts with robot skull faces.  Ok yeah, it took me a while after first seeing them but they grew on me and I accepted them for what they were in this movie.  The spiders shoot acid webs that burn your skin off on contact, the locusts attatch to your neck and your face swells up and you die, and the giant elephant has tentacles that look like the same creatures from Dreamcatcher if you ever had a chance to catch that movie.
The majority of this movie takes place in a supermarket where after a certain matter of time this one lady goes crazy and preaches the word of god saying it's the day of reckoning, etc. etc.  And in time she brainwashes a good 90% of the people in there that is in fact what is happening.  That's not where the story revolves though it revolves around a father and his son, along with a few others that think things thorough and attempt to get out.
Who will survive?  Who will die? How will it end?  Go check it out to find out, if your a stephen king fan you won't be disappointed.
8.5/10  (I take off half a point only because the preaching lady of god got annoying after a while, but that was her characters job and it delivered)

I didn't get a chance to write a review for P2 and it broke the years record for fastest movie to come and go but it was a solid film as well.  Rent it when it comes out on DVD
P2-  8/10

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bee Movie

Another Dreamworks film starring a random animal this time a Bee.
Jerry Seinfeld voices a bee that fall for a human and then finds out that the humans are stealing all of the honey from the hardworking bees to market. 
So what happens?  He sues the humans and takes them to court.  What a great thing to teach kids.  Sue the hell out of people.  Get in a fender bender?  fake a neck injury and suck as much money out of others as you can. 
Anyways, back to the story...
There's actually some really funny stuff in this movie and the human character of KEN is the MVP of the movie hands down.  What makes it even better is he's voiced by the guy who played puddy on Seinfeld, Patrick Warburton.
"Why do you always have to make yogurt night so difficult!!!"
Had me cracking up actually.  I would have reviewed American Gangster if it wasn't 3 hours long which would have me leaving at 6am.
A good family film and I think it will be the busiest weekend in about 8 weeks.
So in a nutshell the storyline is ridiculously far fetched but the characters and the humor make up for it to a point.
Recommended for Families and Children.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bowling Scores 11-6-07

155, 176, 157   488 series
Shitty night, 10 open frames,   that is all.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bowling Scores 10-30-07

190, 220, 181 591 Series

Took 2 of 3 games and total pins on the night our team was in the zone and second game we hit a high team handicap series busting the 1000 mark with a 1018.

A step down from last week but I think I might have settled in a little more and I converted all single pin spares. In fact the night would have been way better if not for leaving splits at key times in all 3 games (9th, 5th, 5th) If your gonna leave an open frame it's probably best to do it as soon as possible like in the 1-3 frames. Splits are no fun but our team still put it together and we now sit at 38-35 right in the middle of the pack. Tonight was the end of the first third of the season and even though we didn't win and are not yet guarenteed a spot in the playoffs, we still progressed well. Our 2nd teammate has been battling a wrist injury all season and his average is a bit down as is everyones. I entered the night with a 186 average up 5 pins from last week. We'll see if I can get it back to the 195-205 place where I've been for the last 5 years or so.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Saw IV brings us back to how Saw III ended. With an autopsy of Jigsaw and we find another tape in his stomach that informs us that just because he's dead doesn't mean it's over. His work will continue and the games have just begun.

Not for the weak of stomachs as it's a detailed autopsy cutting him open nicely. The story then shifts back to "John" before he became jigsaw and shows his ex wife who is being interrogated for the murders that have continued. A cop wakes up in a bathtub full of ice and he's in the game to make a choice of which lives to save as he weaves his way through a series of twisted tourtures and decisions.
Saw IV definately explains the back story of John a bit more and gives you an idea of why he became the way he is. I recommend this for anyone that "SAW" any of the first 3. I heard they are contracted to do 9 of these damn things and even though we won't be as shocked as in the first one,
Keep em coming.

Saw Series Recap (I think)
Saw 10/10
Saw 2 9.5/10
Saw III 7/10
Saw IV 8/10

The Darjeeling Limited

Back at 9:30 am to screen a print that came in late as we welcome The Darjeeling Limited
Written by Wes Anderson ( Royal Tenenbaums),

 DL tells us a story of 3 brothers who come together to take a train ride through Saudi Arabia. The 3 brothers had not seen each other in years and Owen Wilson plays the one brother to try and make everything right. Dry, Dark Humor exactly like the stuff you saw in Royal Tenenbaums. In fact there are a few of the same people in this movie as there were in Tenenbaums.
I was dead tired screening this so it came off a bit boring to me, I laughed maybe once. I guess in a nutshell I would compare this to Tenenbaums and if you liked that movie then maybe give this one a shot but if you hated it then avoid this one at all cost.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bowling Scores 10-23-07

218, 213, 226 657 Series

Dean Evans 2006 decided to show up.

Finally had a breakout week and it comes at a good time for everyone else in the league because we ended up sweeping the first place team which happens to be the "special" team. With a ridiulous handicap for them we had to spot them 165 pins before the first ball was thrown.
No problem. My entire team had a good night and we put the petal to the metal. The ball was moving good for me into the pocket all night. I did have a few bad shots at bad times (9th frame 1st game) But I didn't miss any single pin spares and I believe my only open frames were splits.
Next week is sweepers night, the end of the first third of the season and we sit at 33-30 which isn't too bad but nowhere near the top of the leader board.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

30 Days of Night

Not a big fan of Josh Hartnett he wasn't that impressive in Black Dalhia Murder. Anyways this movie has some wicked looking vampires and probably the coolest ones I've seen in a long time. They have a vampire language that is subtitled during the movie but that's pretty cool two. Have to go with
Human- "please god!"
Vampire- "God? god."
as the best line in the movie.
Based in the northrn arctic these vampires arrive in town and destroy all humans they can. If you like decaptiations then you'll like this one. At least 4 or 5 of them that I can think of. There's also a sweet camera angle from above at one point where you get the contrast of blood and snow with this clan of vampires just annihilating everyone.
Storyline wise though towards the last 1/4th of the movie I wasn't that impressed with. Still though a good horror flick to see with your friends if your into these kind of movies.


Next review- Saw IV

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bowling Scores 10-16-07

158, 213, 172 543 series

Current Average through 8 weeks= 181

The slump continues....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Michael Clayton

This movie is really hard to explain as there's a bunch of stuff going on with Clayton and then an attempted murder on Clayton by car bomb that he barely escapes by pure chance. Then it goes back 4 days and explains how it lead up to where he is now.
is he a lawyer? is he a cop? he's Michael Clayton and he's here to clean up the big ballers messes and mistakes.

George Clooney plays this character well and this is a movie that is not easily followed as you have to pay attention to what's going on. Basically Clooney works for this company (although not on the payroll) called U North and they specify in treatments with pesticides and such for farms and crops. They are a million dollar corporation and everything is going fine until one of their members strips down nearly naked during a business meeting and proclaims that the company's product is not safe and causes human growth defects, etc. He's gonna sue the company but will he be able to make it that far or will the big shot's shut him up?
Find out.

Mildly recommended if you are a clooney fan...

It kept my interest

Ah... The countdown to Saw IV...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bowling Scores 10-9-07

I took last week off because I needed a break from the worthlessness. My teammate decided to give us new shirts which didn't help much because the team we bowled was in the zone. 10 of 12 games of our opponents were over 200. We bring out the best in people and the worst in ourselves. At least early on.

158, 196, 217 571 Series

A minor breakthrough. Still no rhythm though and the third game I had a couple of brooklyn strikes that shouldn't have been. We lost all the games which knocks us below .500 going into the night we were 21-21 tied for 5th place.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Heartbreak Kid

Shawn Michaels.

Ben Stiller remains in the rut he's been in for his entire career playing the same style character he always does.
Heartbreak Kid stars Ben Stiller who is having a hardtime finding a relationship. Then one day this girl gets mugged on the street and he trys to stop the guy but gets maced in the face. He falls for this girl and then in a few weeks she says she's transfering to europe for her job. He finds out the only way they won't make her leave is if she's married. So they get married but soon after he realizes he's dominated cause he doesn't know the girl at all. Stupid humor throughout the movie. I laughed once.
the mexican band that plays over and over in the movie gets old fast and the ben stiller bust out "dudududataa!!! dudududataa!" has already been seen in the trailer so it wasn't so special either.
Not Recommended. Go see The Gameplan with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Heartbreak Kid- 4/10
The Gameplan- 7/10

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bowling Scores....

Current mood:pessimistic

The last 2 weeks have been the worst slump of my bowling career. I am physically and mentally drained and I may or may not know why.
sub 500 series' yes sub 500 series' the last 2 weeks. This is not fun and I don't know if I'm having fun anymore. Dax this will pass but right now I feel worthless as a bowler.
161, 154, 147 462 Series
Last Week-
I don't even remember. I salvaged a 198 the third game but the first 2 games I seem to remember being in the 140's.
Duffy goes on.......

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Late Movie Reviews

Eastern Promises- 8/10 Good Movie. Wicked Sauna Fight Scene towards the end. Naomi Watts plays a good role.

310 to Yuma- 9/10. I didn't quite catch the storyline from the beginning due to there being a giant splotch on the screen from some punk kids probably. Then again these are the things I'm looking for when screening them.

The Brave One- 6/10 Typical Jodie Foster film ala panic room/flight plan. This one's a bit more ruthless at times. Some things just didn't add up for me though.

Yeah... That's the last 3 I've screened in a nutshell.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bowling Scores 9-11-07

161, 197, 224 582 Series

I got Bowler of the Week for my 256 last week, only because my average was like a 176 after week 1.

9-5 after 2 weeks as apparently we won all games last week even though I couldn't tell cause the handicap wasn't figured in cause someone was absent.

We swept again this week putting us at 18-5 on the season somewhere near the top of the leaderboard. This week was eerily similar to last as I completely sucked it in the first game not putting together anything and then improving each game and finishing strong. Took until the end of the second game for me to leave a 10 pin, which I didn't convert. 3rd game was stronger and I did convert a 10 pin as well as some other spares. Our team has come up with this side game where if you don't strike and the other 3 do, then you have to put $2 into a side pot that will be used to take our team out to dinner at the end of the season. Subconciously I think it's a bit of a distraction from the true focus which should be on getting the W. But whatever. This week I didn't get burned so $0 dollars into the pot from me. I don't know if I'll be so sure next week though... Being the anchor of the team though I control my own destiny...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bowling Scores 9-4-07

160, 204, 256 620 Series

Enter second week with a 174 average. I couldn't really find a groove, in fact the 1st game was just a continuation of that miserable 145 I rolled last week. Missing single pin spares all night long. Seriously frusterating. Then I just have to tell myself it's early in the season and we went 2-5 last week which means we earned our first win 4 weeks sooner than last season so we are already having a better start than last year.

Second game I strung a few strikes together and managed to get my first 2.

Third Game:

X X X X X X X X 90 X81 256

Apparently Spares are overrated. I missed a 7 pin in the (surprise) ninth frame. I came in high on the headpin and actually glad I didn't leave a split but then couldn't convert a 7 pin! Worthlessly Frusterating.
Don't know how many games we won or lost but my average will be a bit higher next week and hopefully continue to climb back up to the mid 190's which is where I ended last season (197)
Till next week...
Duffy J-

Friday, August 31, 2007


Michael Myers as a child and the horrible environment he grew up in, who wouldn't want to kill their entire family?

The first 30 minutes of this movie and you know Rob Zombie directed it. The crude and I mean CRUDE language and other stuff right away reminded me of the devil's rejects. You know the stringy haired dead beat white trash dad and the mother is a stripper of course. Mikey is ignored as a child and noone will take him trick or treating. So he snaps and shit goes crazy.
Later on it jumps forward 20 years and he ends up breaking out of the asylum he's been in for so many years and comes back to kill the only sibling left alive, his baby sister from so many years ago.
It's a remake of the first one but way more brutal. I think I counted 16 kills which definatley makes this one a slasher film. The music is pretty cool too (not just the original theme) Not a bad film, I jumped twice but slasher films don't scare me the way some others do.
It's worth a look if you liked any of the other halloween's and definately better than Halloween H2o.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bowling Scores 8-28-07

Winter League Week 1

186, 192, 148 526 series.

For once I don't bowl my ass off week 1 and screw myself over for the season. Starting with a lower average will actually give our team some handicap and maybe this year we can win a game a little sooner than week 5 and not lose 26 straight points. We ended up placing 3rd last year even after a horrible start, quite impressive in my opinion.
I missed like 4 single pin conversions which on any other night would be unacceptable but tonight was the night to sandbag to a certain degree. Plus I injured my finger playing tennis about 10 days ago and it still hasn't fully healed. It should be good to go by next week.
Don't know how many games we won or lost cause nobody had handicap figured into the computer.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Ah yes, some of those I knew in high school would categorize this as a "Dean Movie" all the more reason to screen it last Thursday Night.
Before we get to that let's review "Dean Movies" from 1997:


If any of you (terry) can think of any others feel free to throw them on the blog.

Bean's Holiday Adventure returns us to the weird and in some ways humorous to some, antics of Rowan Atkinson. While this movie busted 200 million across seas, it only did 10 mil in the U.S.
Bean is on a vacation with a handheld camera and the movie moves through different places, a fancy restaurant where they serve snails, raw shrimp, etc. You've all seen the trailer I'm sure. Well the trailer is pretty much the first 20 minutes of the film.
There's hardly any dialogue in the entire movie and Bean's main quote would be...
"I'm going to the beach."
There are a few mildly funny parts but overall not a good film.
But definatley fits into the "Dean Movie" category from 1997.
The highlight of the film had to be the Wilford Brimley lookalive on the Mo-ped.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Inland Empire

Inland Empire.... wow. I don't know how to describe this one so I'll just cut and paste the plot outline from IMDB:

A blonde actress is preparing for her biggest role yet, but when she finds herself falling for her co-star, she realizes that her life is beginning to mimic the fictional film that they're shooting. Adding to her confusion is the revelation that the current film is a remake of a doomed Polish production, 47, which was never finished due to an unspeakable tragedy.
This is by far the most confusing and yet interesting film for any lynch fan to see. Weirder than Blue Velvet, more confusing than Mulholland Drive. Yes basically David Lynch pulls together a bunch of side projects (including the shorts "rabbits") and pulls off making a 3 hour film.
Hard to follow? Yes.
But for some reason you keep watching not knowing what the hell is going to happen next. The furthest thing from predictible imaginable.
Want to twist your brain around and around?
Go Buy Inland Empire. It's on sale right now at Best Buy for 17.99.
I'm a Lynch fan since the days of Twin Peaks so I give this one a 7/10. If it made sense to the majority of people it would have scored higher.


This Synopsis seems better to me-
A wealthy debutante finds herself, inadvertently and without her accord, by way of an ancient Eastern European witch's magic curse, in a movie about a girl in the movies ... and yet trying to get out -- all while living two lives, per rules of David Lynchian reality paradigms: one as a nobody in suburban America, possibly a part-time prostitute, just trying to get by; and one as a nobody in Eastern Europe, again possibly a prostitute (and all the while watching some strange sit-com / soap-opera / talk-show about rabbits, or humanoid-rabbits, with an awful, chilling laugh track), just trying to get by -- until she later discovers that we are all in the movies, and that Hollywood is indeed the end of the Yellow Brick Rode, and that the laugh track that we hear is all in our minds; and that at the same time there is the Sinister and Evil aspect behind the whole drama being the knowledge now gained: that everyone is a prostitute in some weird way, just trying to get by.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bowling Scores 8-14-07

Sweepers week and the end of Summer league. We didn't make the playoffs so tonight was just for fun.

203, 188, 180, 109 (behind the back)

final stats:
Average- 205
200 Games- 34
Average by game
Game 1- 204.3
Game 2- 204.5
Game 3- 203.0
Game 4- 209.4
Winter League Starts in 2 Weeks...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3 aka the career of Chris Tucker.

Seriously what's his last 3 movies? Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3.

Chan and Tucker meet up again this time in Paris, not New York. This movie gives you all the stuff you got from 1 and 2. Comedy, Martial Arts, and a guy that looks like he's 8 feet tall. It's been a few days since I screened it so I won't summarize the plot. Basically entertaining stuff but nothing special. I laughed maybe 3 times which is one more than I did for UnderDog.
In a nutshell not a terrible movie just average.

and while we're at it so I don't have to knock out 2 blogs...
Underdog- 5/10

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bowling Scores 8-7-07

Once again my comptuer fucked up and I've been without one for like a week. You never know how much of a crutch the internet is until your without it. Thank god I'm not strapped with a cell phone.

222, 171, 221, 191 805 Series

The night started off well and I didn't leave any open frames in game 1 until the last ball of the 10th frame. The 10th frame became a curse tonight. Second game I hit the pocket and leave a 5-7 split. ruining any chance of a 2. Third game should have been much better as well and the 4th game I leave the exact same split with the first ball in the 10th. 5-7 split city. I failed to convert these and had to settle with just above a 800 series tonight.

As for our team we are not contending or even near the playoffs. This was position night and next week is the sweeper week which we will not be playing for anything so it's just a week to relax and bowl.
As I said before my computer crashed and I didn't post scores from last week but here they are just for the hell of it 2 weeks late:

206, 196, 215, 205 822 Series.

Not much different.
Winter league starts not too much longer after summer league gets over. I'll keep on rollin...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Know Who Killed Me

Who else was gonna screen this potential jobber of a movie?
After Lindsay Lohan was found yet again with Cocaine and a 42nd DUI, the following weekend her BLOCKBUSTER- I know who killed me comes out.

Lohan plays Aubrey Fleming a young writer who gets abducted and tortured. Dry Ice comes into play and since we never got Captivity I guess I can accept watching this instead. Anyways when a passer by on the road finds her body in a ditch she is still alive but with one arm and one leg missing. She winds up in a hospital but when she awakes she tells the doctors that she is not Aubrey but instead Dakota Moss, a young stripper at a gentelman's club.
The story goes from there where Dakota insists she is not Aubrey and soon after realizes she has an identical twin that is still out there with the killer and dying. She attempts to save her twin before she dies because of some stigmata myth/story she will die as well if Aubrey dies.
There's a couple of things towards the end that really made me laugh on the count of cheeziness but overall it wasn't the worst movie of the year. Concidering the last two movies I've screened are Transformers and Bug (0/10) I'll rank this one just below good.
Definatley deserving of the rated R though as there is an extended sex scene (with lohan as a parapeligic total bust), violence, tourture and language.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bowling Scores 07/24/07

236, 226, 190, 152 806 Series

Our opponents didn't show up this week so it was pretty much bowl 4 games with no time to sit down or rest between shots and I think that's why it was a decrease with each passing game. Normally I tend to increase my scores as has been proven the last couple years and they break down average by game.
I heard from someone on our league that the team we played this week (which happens to be the other half of our 4 man team during winter league) had already pre-bowled the week before. So I have no Idea if we won or lost this week.
Good thing I didn't play the money game this week as the guy who won it bowled a 237 the first game.
I would have lost by one freakin pin. The 4th game could have been a lot worse concidering I XXX'd out in the 10th. A lot of splits that's all I will say. I missed a couple single pin conversions as well which isn't ever good.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bowling Scores 7-17-07

256, 193, 169, 218 836 series.

So I got in on a little cash game this week. $1 dollar for high game scratch. So 4 bucks in all. Straight up dominated in game 1 and thought I won the pot till kalkowski snookered himself the win with a 268. Bastards!
Pretty much downhill from there as I left a couple of splits in the second game and a ridiculous 4 splits in the 3rd game.
4th game I got back on track and ended with a solid series that shouldn't have my average slip any. We took 2 of 4 games as we still hover around .500 for the season. I think we are 57-60 on the season and sitting in 4th place.
I stuck around and rolled 3 more games as I have been doing that lately...

202, 221, 162 (behind the back)
The 162 was a total bust because I only threw 2 X's but converted many spares.
This one guy bowling to my right was busting and was like:
"Wow, I could watch that all night..."
Bust Factor.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bowling Scores 7-10-07

Top 4 Averages after 11 Weeks

James- 213.2
Sean- 208.9
Matt- 206.0
Dean- 203.6

209, 213, 228, 256 906 Series

Rolling right along.... I opened in the 10th frame of the first game which was very upsetting cause it should have been a lot better. The lanes were very similar to the ones that I rolled on 2 weeks ago and I was hitting the pocket nicely pretty much all night. I was 2/2 in 10 pin conversions but I did miss a 2 pin somewhere in the second game which was inexcusable. Almost as embarassing as missing a 5 pin.
The 4th game 10 strikes/2 spares. in fact I ended the third game with 5 in a row and started the 4th with 5 in a row putting me at 10 and just when I realized that, I throw a 9 count in the next frame.
Unfortunately I only managed to win our team 1 game cause my teammate wasn't here this week and the team we played had already bowled the previous week for this week cause they were out of town and the guy Sean, blasted a 965 Series.

Kalkowski threw a 289 game leaving a 4 pin in the 10th frame of the second game.
19-17 we sit for the second half of summer league and 53-55 for the season. 5 weeks left.

Post League Games-

184, 241, 268 693 Series

The first game (5th game of the night) I was going to try some different/new things to see how my ball would react. I left 3 10 pins in the first 5 frames and went a ridiculous 0/3. I had a pathetic score come round the 6th frame but I bounced back and did what I did the previous games throwing the same line. I XXXX'd out to salvage a 184.

2nd and 3rd games were a whole lot of XXXing here and there. The 3rd game was a total bust cause that guy sean decided to stick around and roll 3 more too on the same lanes (12/13). He rolls 10 in a row for a 289 leaving a 4 pin just like Matt, and I bust out a 268 for a combined 557 doubles scratch game.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bowling Scores 7-3-07

So apparently we didn't have league night this week but noone told me and a few others. Something about the 4th of July being tomorrow? I guess they went over that at the meeting at the beginning of the summer season. Oh yeah, I was in Reno. I still stuck around and rolled 3 games with my Teammate Ben, and Kalkowski was there too.

155, 237, 233 625 Series

Not really any practice tonight as we just rolled 3 games recreation style. The lanes were dry and my ball was moving good at times but not great like last week.
League night picks back up next Tuesday.
Everyone have a good 4th.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bowling Scores 6-26-07

My computer's been down for nearly 2 weeks so I missed last week's post and really nothing to talk about. I rolled a league low 690 something for 4 games and really just a week to be forgotten. It sunk my average down to a clean 200 even going into tonight:

169, 258 (no tap 300), 259, 247 933 Series

I missed high series by 17 pins so I sit at #2. The first game I wasn't into as my mind has been swirling the last couple of days in regards to the local kid Troy McClean who took the 80 foot jump at salmon hole and killed himself. Concidering I bowled with him for 33 weeks last winter. On top of that the whole fucking Chris Benoit tragedy has thrown me for even more of spin and I haven't even begun to understand the shit. Perhaps a blog will come later in regards to that. Good thing I have bowling to distract myself.

We won all 4 games taking the sweep and putting us back above .500. I was so pumped after the 4 games I decided to stick around and roll another 3 games cause I do get 3 free games a day all summer, I just don't ever utilize them
256, 160, 106 (behind the back) so I do believe my high series ever for a 4 game block would be tonight as a 258, 259, 247, 256 puts me at a 1020.
My ball was just moving right tonight. Funny, the team we played were getting wasted the whole time and getting seriously pissed at me cause I just wouldn't stop striking.

I had fallen out of the top 4 averages but something tells me I'll be back in in next week...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bowling Scores 6-12-07

192, 169, 204, 199 764 Series.

Bad night. No Rhythm. Don't feel like summarizing this week. We still took 3 of 4 games and sit around .500 and 4th place...

Monday, June 11, 2007

WWE Draft 6-11-07

So as for the Raw Draft it was showcased really stupid in my opinion as far as how the picks were selected at "random" I was hoping for what they did in past drafts and have the GM from each brand make selections throughout the show. 
Instead, they have 9 matches of interpromotional matches with the winner getting a random pick for their brand. So onwards to the picks for each brand:


#1- The Great Khali. About friggin time they got that piece of shit off of Raw. The equivelent of Nathan Jones but without any english. They built him up just to get squashed by Cena so good riddance.
#2- Torri Wilson. Jerry Lawlers pissed. JBL is Happy. Yawn.
#3- Chris Masters. Truely saw this one coming as I went back over the Raw's from all of 2007 and Masters has just one win in a singles match. Send him to Smackdown and rebuild his character.
#4- Ric Flair. Meh, Sure I'll miss the bustin whoo on Raw but not a big loss in my opinion. Smackdown needs more 90 year old men anyway.

Grade- D


#1- Boogeyman. Great gimmick for the 80's but how will this fit in on Tuesday Nights? Terrible Wrestler but that doesn't always effect the entertainment factor.
#2- Chris Benoit. Good move as I'm tired of seeing Benoit Job to Edge, Cena, and M.V.P.
Grade- B


#1- King Booker. Excellent choice in my opinion. Booker has the wrestling ability and the talent to execute hillarious backstage segments as well.
#2- Bobby Lashley. Fuck. Well not much of a change on Raw really concidering the number of boring Lashley matches I've had to endure recently. Oh and Coach strips Lashley of the ECW world title. Benoit/Marcus Cor Von are my choices to win the tournament or battle royal or whatever match they choose to decide a new champion.
#3- Snitzky. I don't watch ECW but apparently Gene Snitzky got a whole new gimmick and is now a bald insane badass. I haven't seen that one in a while...
#4- Ken Kennedy. Not a big fan of Kennedy but his mic work is as solid as Val Venis so I have a feeling his character and ring work could grow on me.
Grade A-

As we close Raw Vince has still lost his mind and acting weird. Then he gets in his limo and it explodes. Killing Vince Mcmahon.
Ok I didn't see that one coming. Seriously. So now we get the "Who killed Vince" storyline that could last a good 6 months if they package it right. Biggest bust to begin a storyline that I have seen in a long long time.
This is definately Russo style...

Friday, June 8, 2007

Hostel Part II

"The most shocking ending in horror movie history"

Or so that's what the trailer was advertising.
Hostel Part II starts where Hostel I Left off. The one guy that escaped is alive... for a while and then gets decapitated. This is like the first 5 minutes of the movie or so.
Then it continues to pretty much the same storyline as the first one as 3 girls this time, not guys, are on vacation in Rome and they meet up with this one girl who suggests they all go to the place in Europe with the Hostel hotel cause the natural saunas there are amazing. So they get there and meanwhile Business men from all over Europe bid on these american women to see who gets to torture and kill them. Once they do they get the Rubber Dog Mask Tattoo (hillarious) and are a part of the cliq/gang.
They party it up one night and then soon after they realize what hell they are in. All 3 of them get tourtured and there's some really sick stuff in this movie but the "shocking ending" was only due to one thing and without ruining it I'll just say two words...

John Bobbit.

With close up camera work. So yeah, ridiculous shit that nobody should really ever need to see but you will if you go see this one.
I prefer the first one. This one had some good stuff but towards the end there's a few things that just kill it. (no pun intended) And there is a swerve or two as in any classic horror flick. No need to see this one more than once...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bowling Scores 6-5-07

226 (NT 300), 214, 183, 205 828 Series

Top 4 Averages going into the night:

1. James Wikey 215.5
2. Sean Olschowka 209.7
3. Dean Evans Jr. 205.4
4. Matt Kalkowski 200.9

Had a good start and both games 1 and 2 had a good line to the pocket. I think I threw 18 straight marks before opening in the 9th of the second game. Lanes began oily but were drying out by game 3 and hence I totally lost my line and path to the pocket. I opened in the 9th frame in games 2,3, and 4 which frusterated me ridiculously. The 4th game should have been so much better but I ended with a missed 7 pin in the 9th and a chopped bucket (2-4-5-8) in the 10th.
On a lighter note I converted all 10 pins on the night. We won 3 of 4 and took total pins which puts us at 34-38 on the season and somewhere around 5th place.
Consistency on keeping it clean is so important. The equivelent to par in golf would be spare conversions in bowling...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bowling Scores 5-29-07

187, 202, 206, 198 793 Series

Night of the 9 count.

Burying the pocket on lane 15 but leaving every possible pin on the back row. 7 pins, 8 pins, 9 pins, and 10 pins. Good news is I converted all of my single pin conversions. Bad news is I threw a lot of bad shots. Especially the 4th game when I figured out the lanes and was hitting the pocket for some of my best strikes I can remember in a long time. In the third and 6th frame I should have backed off as I caught myself looking up about 2 lanes to my right. Shanked shots and left Identical washouts of 1-2-4-10. Didn't convert either although in the 7th frame of the 4th game I left a 4-9 split that I ended up converting without even really trying cause at that point I was disgusted. I could have struck out the last game with XXXXX in a row but the second ball of the 10th frame hit pocket clean but sounded dead and a ridiculous 8-10 split left me short of 200 and short of an 800 series.

Top averages going into the night:

1. James Wikey 211.3
2. Sean Olschowka 209.0
3. Dean Evans Jr. 206.8
4. Matt Kalkowski 203.0

We played the blind team tonight so all we had to do was get within 10 pins of our combined averages and we did that on 3 of 4 games. So we currently sit at 26-37 on the season and somewhere around 6th place.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I have found the equivelent to Fear Dot Com.

Ashley Judd plays a coked up drug addict who has a lesbian girlfriend who brings this guy from a bar back to their hotel room. Judd and this guy, who is equivelent to Billy Bob's Character from Slingblade, end up sleeping together. He convinces her that there are small bugs that the government injected into his bloodstream.
The movie drags along and Judd's Ex-boyfriend who looks a lot like Dallas Cowboys quarterback troy aikman shows up and wants her back but the story goes no where and nothing is ever explained.
So now there's bugs in both their blood and then some doctor shows up to try to tell Judd that slingblade guy is a schitzo and needs help but then the doctor gets stabbed and dies in their hotel room.
Then a pizza shows up on the doorstep and they tear it apart claiming it's infested with bugs too. I'm serious.
Judd and Slingblade guy both strip naked and drench themselves in gasoline. A match is lit and they burn to death.
Roll Credits.
I'm serious.
Worst movie of the year hands down.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pirates of the Carribbean- At World's End

Pirates 3 answers all the questions left from Pirates 2, it's very good and if you don't work at a movie theater and screen them then yes it's worth the long drawn out wait in line.
The movie is nearly 3 hours long so you get your money's worth and action packed with comedy and the characters everyone has grown to love from the first 2.
Yes it will break all the box office records, I guarentee it.
No there won't be a pirates 4.
Yes there's a scene after the credits are over.
No I'm not going to summerize the movie, I'll leave that for Wangberg.
Go see it, you'll enjoy it if you liked the first 2.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bowling Scores 5-22-07

Top Averages after 5 weeks:

Sean- 211.8
James- 211.0
Dean- 208.4
Matt- 197.3
Bill- 197.3

184, 224, 198, 196 802 Series

2 pins better than last week's series but did not find a line to the pocket for most of the night. Aside from the second half of the second game where I XXXXXX'd out to finish with a 224. I don't normally mentally break down but tonight I did and was getting very frusterated especially in game 1. I didn't double till the 10th frame in game 1 and also left open frames that I had'nt done since winter league. I missed 2 or 3 spares in the first game which is something I'm not used to as I said.
The third and 4th game I improved a bit but still could not string any strikes together and thus my slightly below average games. Nothing much more to say this week. I'll keep it short and sweet.
My teammate this week rolled a miserable 598 series (4 games, yes) and we lost all but one game to put us at 20-34 on the season.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Night Raw 5-21-07

Too Much Lashley.

Raw has gotten stale once again the last couple of weeks. I don't normally comment but a few things come to mind.
Lashley having 4 matches on Raw pretty much killed it for me. Raw is looking grim as HBK is set to have knee surgery soon so he'll be out of the storylines for a few months. HHH is not set to return yet as he too is recovering from knee surgery. Edge, although I'm not a fan is still entertaining to a degree on the mic and has gone to Smackdown to feud with Dave. So what does that leave on Raw? Orton is the only guy I would push at this point but hence Vince loves the big men and I'm destined to suffer through the Cena (never back down from a challenge blah blah blah)/ Great Khali segments for the next god knows how many weeks. Vince/Shane/Umaga stable is stale.
On a positive note, the recent improvement to the tag division has been a nice change as well and the WWE Referee's doing an extra nice job with the checking of the shoulders before counting the 3 count. I dig the Hardyz/Cade and Murdoc Respect/Handshake angle. I hope they drag it on for a while and don't do the turn anytime soon.
I still watch Raw no matter how bad it is, more cause of tradition since there's been 730 episodes of Raw since 1993 and I've probably seen about 720 of them.
WWE no longer has the big 4 from 1999-2002 (Rock/Austin/HHH/Foley) and they continue to attempt to make Cena the next Hogan and it just doesn't work for me.
Just some thoughts..........

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bowling Scores 5-15-07

234, 184, 165, 217 (no tap 300) 800 Series.

Back on lanes 15 and 16 this week and they started out good for me. I began game 1 with XXXX in a row and my ball was moving nicely into the pocket. 5th frame I threw a bad shot thus ending a 300 run but I finished with an all mark game.

I made it 14 consecutive frames with a mark until I left a 4-10 split in the 5th frame of the second game. From there I just completely lost it. The lanes were drying out by this point and my ball was moving too agressively into the pocket. This continued well into game 3 where I left a 6-10 3 consecutive frames. The third one I missed completely which was the only open that should have been converted on a regular basis on the night. All of my other open frames I think 4 in all were splits or wash outs. I had given up in the third game and ended with an open in the 9th and 10th.
4th game I totally changed my line and found a better one that was giving me a good (not great) line to the pocket. I was hitting the pocket at a lighter angle than in the first game and thus I was leaving 10 pins, 7 pins, and 8 pins. I converted them all and ended the last game with no tap 300.
I averaged 200 even this week so my average will drop a bit and I may lose my #1 league average to a guy we bowled this week.
Going into the night I had him edged by about 2 pins 211-209

Sadly we lost all but one and are well below .500 on the season.
A quick note as my 10th frame of the last game I left a 10 pin and when I went to convert it I hit the pin hard and knocked it 2/3 of the way down the alley towards me. We were on the end lanes so I walked down and picked the pin up and took it home.

Friday, May 11, 2007

28 Weeks Later

Yeah, this one is up there with Exorcism of Emily Rose. Maybe it was just because I'm screening it inside a dark auditorium alone at 2:30 in the morning but 28 Weeks Later was that damn scary.
The cinematography had a lot to do with it, as the fact that when you jump, you really jump cause it's loud.

If you have seen 28 days later then you know what is coming. The story begins as United States armed forces have entered London, England 24 weeks after the initial outbreak and insanity. All the zombies eventually died of starvation and the U.S. has confirmed that all carriers of the virus are dead. Or so they thought.

4 weeks later they begin to rebuild the city with certain zones and areas for people to begin living in again. Including children. Main character is a husband who is reunited with his children and explains that their mom died tragically due to the zombies. But the kids go back to their original house to see for sure and amazingly the son finds his mother still alive. She is taken by Armed Forces to be studied and she is apparently immune to the virus but still a carrier. Her husband who has access to all parts of the building ends up finding his wife and is overjoyed. He goes to kiss her and she spreads the virus to him and then all hell breaks loose.
I haven't seen a movie where so many people die in a while, this movie is really good and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good scare. Flippin Nuts at times. So anyways go see it and I challenge you to disagree with me. Meh, not really...


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bowling Scores 5-8-07

209 (No Tap 300), 214, 225, 235 883 Series

I believe I broke my record tonight for most consecutive marks. I began the night with 25 straight marks. Flippin crazy. I wasn't really thinking about it that much which is probably why I made it as far as I did. I don't believe I deserved it though because there were about 4 shots that I should have left splits but got some good pin action and some 9 counts. Only rolling a 209 the first game and it being a NT300 tells you how many 9 counts I had in that game. I couldn't string a pair of XX's together until the 10th frame that game.

Second game was much of the same and I didn't really find the pocket until later in the night. I was getting some good breaks on Lane 11 (Ha) and not striking so much on lane 12. Still, I was converting my spares and remained consistent.

6th Frame of the third game I knew I was in trouble from the moment the ball left my hand. I turned my back on the lane immediately and grimaced as I turned around to a 6-7-10 split. So the run was over and nothing left to do but continue to bowl. I finished strong with XXXX in a row.

4th game was a complete bust.

Split- 72 72 XXXXXXX 8/X 235 game

I opened the 4th game with 2 splits in a row. I turned to my teammate ben and called 10 in a row. 7 in a row made it close but my first shot in the 10th frame didn't travel far enough outside the 10 board and the violent reactive black widow bit into the pocket way too high risking a split but thankfully leaving just a 4,7.
We only won 1 game, Game 4. But our opponents were bowling their ass off and came into the night with an unbeaten record of 18-0.
We ended the night 2-7 (remember 2 points for each game and 1 point for total pins)
Putting us at 16-19 on the season.

Top Averages after 3 weeks and going into the night:

1. Dean Evans Jr. 206.5
2. James Wikey- 202.5
3. Jeremy Jones- 201.0
4. Sean Olschowka- 197.8
Looks like I'll remain on top for at least one more week.
Note: Kalkowski- 184.0 (after 1 week)
Till next week-

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bowling Scores 5-1-07

149, 193, 174, 236 (no tap 300) 752 series

Average After 2 Weeks- 206.5

Talk about all over the place tonight. We bowled on the same lanes we rolled on last night 15 and 16. The lanes were significantly different with 15 being a lot drier than 16. I couldn't get my ball to do anything and actually began the night with 3 opens in a row and a 4th on in the 5th frame. "Am I in Reno?" I think I had 2 X's the first game.

The second game was much of the same, leaving splits ridiculous style. I actally converted a 6-7-10 split in the 4th frame of the second game and got props from everyone for that one. I lost count of how many splits I left tonight but it was upwards of 6 or 7 of them. My ball was biting really badly on 15 and that's where I left most of the splits. We lost the first 2 games. With my sweet handicap of 0.

Third game still struggling and I opened in the 8th frame with a 5- Count. Pissed but still I ended up nearly striking out and giving our team the win.

The fourth game I moved over to the right on my stance and stood at the 10 board and shot at the 10 board as well. Normally I stand on the 15 board (center) and shoot at or outside the 10 board. This worked. Really well actually. I ended up hitting the pocket flush on 11 of 12 shots to the pocket. XXXX 9/ XX 9/ 90 XXX and a No Tap 300. I was so pissed my only bad shot was the one in the 9th frame where I left a 7 pin and couldn't convert. The worst possible place to leave an open frame. Still salvaged a 236 which keeps my average above 200 until next week.

All other bowlers that had top averages totally stunk it up tonight and they're averages will drop as well. I'll still be in the top 4 averages, it will be interesting to see where I stand...

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Condemned

Starring Nathan Jones! and some guy called Steve Austin.
The Condemned begins with 10 criminals on Death Row that are dropped on a remote island and told they have 33 hours to kill or die. One of them will survive and be set free.
This "game" so to speak is a creation of this guy who has set up hundreds of cameras on the island and is going to broadcast it over the internet hoping to hit SuperBowl like numbers at 40 million viewers.
Steve Austin has a showdown with Nathan Jones that puts any wrestling fans hopes of an Austin/Jones fantasy wrestling matchup to bed.
There's some good fight scenes in this movie but some stuff is seriously violent and hard to watch for the squeemish viewer. Steve Austin isn't the worst wrestler turned actor so it kept me interested.
If your a fan of action, violence and explosions then this movie will keep you entertained. I'll rate it slightly above average at 6/10.

As John Cena's Marine (PG-13) is for the 14 year old girls...

Steve Austin's The Condemned (R) is for the more mature adult audience.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bowling Scores 4-24-07

214, 221, 248, 217 900 Series

Welcome Back.

PBA Tour Oiled Lane Average in Reno- 172.88

AMF House Oiled Lane Average- 225.0

Hmmm... So much for having a handicap after one Week in summer league. I believe we rolled on lanes 15 and 16 tonight and wow what a difference. I could get my ball to do pretty much whatever I wanted it to do. The first game I had to adjust anc actually start throwing the ball hard outside the 10 board and the lanes were dry and my ball was moving really nicely into the pocket. I only missed one 10 pin and it came on my final shot after a X in the 10th frame so no big loss.

This league is a bust cause it's 2 man teams again and 4 games.
Alsco Irrigation makes up for almost half the league as all 4 of us are bowling summer league. Probably not a good idea to bust out my first week and start with a 225 average but I don't care cause I'm there to bowl my best not to sandbag and establish a respectable average with handicap.
Who knows where it will go from here (probably down a bit no?)
I XXX'd out in the 4th game to shoot a 900 even. What a bust.
one of my teammates actually beat me in series with a 906 series. His high game was a 255.
I think it's gonna be a good summer...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

USBC Open Championships Reno, NV Day 2


USBC Open Championships Reno, NV Day 2

So we got totally screwed for a timeslot and didn't end up bowling Tuesday night until about 11:30 pm which is so damn late if there were black lights and fog machine I would have thought we were at Rock n Bowl.
Me and Kalkowski had 3 doubles games to kick off the night and It was my best series of the 3 which still wasn't much.
188, 201, 167 556 Series.
At least I can say I rolled a 200 game in Reno. The lanes ended up being a bit less oily than the night before because
1. They re-oil the lanes daily
2. They don't oil the lanes again between groups of bowlers and we were the last group of the night.
Still tough as hell though. The oil would move around on the lane so even if you hit your mark consistently, the other bowlers that may have a mark one board left or one board right, may move the oil onto your mark and change your ball movement.
I got this USBC program book that explains the different oil patterns and ours seemed to be the scorpion pattern.
Scorpion- A scorpion is dangerous and unpredictible, like this pattern. If you can't find the right groove on the lanes, you'll be stung!
Cheezy as it sounds it was exactly what was happening as well as the shark pattern:
Shark- This pattern forces bowlers to play deep inside the center of the lanes, like sharks that troll the depths of the ocean.
Meaning inside the 10 board so to speak.
Anyways I actually bowled better than Kalkowski in Doubles which meant our team really didn't have a shot at placing that high on the leaderboard.
Following that we moved 2 lanes to the left and got no practice shots as we headed into Singles play.
159, 180, 141 480 Series
I was dead by the last game and towards the end I won't say I gave up but I definately wasn't concentrating as hard. I opened in the 10th with a 6- count and missing the head pin consecutively.
All in all though it was a good experience and it will be a relief to get back to the oil conditions here in Chico which are so much more basic and easy to adjust to. USBC Championships return to Reno in 3 years so I'll probably be back....
Tuesday Night Men's League starts this week and the Summer League Blogs Begin...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

USBC Open Championships Reno, NV Day 1

The most difficult lane conditions I have ever bowled on. Let me start with that. Monday night as I prepared for the 5 man team event, balls were weighed in as this was some serious and professional stuff. You only got a couple of practice shots before we start and I kick off my first game with a 5 count. Yes!

153, 172, 195 (all mark game) 520 Series

The first game was to shake off the jitters so to speak. Let me tell you though these were the most oily lanes I have ever bowled on. Anyone that threw anything outside the 10 board wasn't hitting the head pin. I saw so many 1-2-4 leaves I can't count how many. Second game in it was all about slowing it down and I mean slooowing it down. Still struggling through the night and averaged about 2 strikes per game on the night. Bad. As the third game started I knew it was all about "Playing for Par" or "Keeping it Clean." Meaning no open frames and convert on all spares. Something I miraculously did in the third game and shot an all mark game. Still though with only 2 strikes I couldn't bust 200.
The first night was awesome though aside from the frustration and the difference between PBA Tour Oil Conditions and the Oil Conditions at AMF Orchard Lanes is gargantuously different. Tuesday League starts up next week and I will never complain about the house conditions again. It will be nice to get back to the basics.
Of all the Chico teams there we had the highest scratch total so at least we wound up being the best of Chico. Everyone struggled let me tell you.
Day 2 Blog coming soon......

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bowling Scores 3-27-07

190, 200, 169 559 Series

We were in the running for the championship until the third game. I stunk it up pretty much all night. The lanes were as dry as they could possibly be. From my first shot of the night where I left a 6-7-10 split to my last shot of the third game leaving a 8-10 split (5 total on the night) My teammates bowled well and at times we showed some promise (second game all 4 of us rolled in the 200's) but when it was all said and done all that it got us was a 3rd place finish.

3rd place puts us one spot above where we finished last year. We got 5th in total wins (106-104). We made it over .500 which was a goal in the middle of the season. 559 is better than the miserable 511 series I bowled last year to finish the season but still very disappointing. We got back pin money and cash for 3rd place as well.
Hidden in all the competitiveness was Fred Walter who became the second bowler to roll a perfect 300 game this season.
Last year I know I listed all my games from week 1 to week 30 but I'm not going to do that this year. I'll just summerize a few things:

Top 4 Averages for 2006/07 season-

1. Matt - 208.0
2. Dean - 197.3
3. David - 194.3
4. Chuck - 193.9

Dean Evans Jr.

High Game Scratch- 290
High Series Scratch- 691
High Game Handicap- 311
High Series Handicap- 772
Games over 200- 41
Series' over 600- 13
Entering Average- 202
Final Average- 197
Now look forward to the Reno Nationals that I will be competing in on April 16th and 17th...
Summer League will also start up soon...
Stay Tuned.....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Hills Have Eyes II


Going into this sequel I figured it was probably going to be a lot less of an impact than the first Hills Have Eyes.

Boy was I wrong. The brutality just continues.......

United States National Guard Training team is set out to a destination but before they can get there they have to stop off in Sector 16 with supplies. when they arrive they find everyone is dead and or dying. Some of the most gruesome kills you will ever see. Some of them down right hillarious as one guy gets his arm lopped off at the elbow and the hills monster uses it to wave goodbye as the guy falls off the cliff and to his death. Some of the stuff is way over the top and borderline NC-17 but then again I'm not the MPAA so I can't make that call.
Without giving anything away I'll just leave this movie slightly below the first one and that's only cause I knew going in that this time it was gonna be brutal.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bowling Scores 3-20-07

9/ X X X X X X X X XXX 290 game

My shot in the first frame hit the pocket and left a solid 7 pin.

I followed that up with XX more to start the second game putting me at 13 strikes in a row and my second unofficial 300 game ever. 290 tops my 287 game I rolled a couple years ago as my high game ever.

I knew we had to bowl well to have a shot at making the playoffs. Last week I think I said we had to sweep to win the third third of the season. In all actuality we had to win 2 of 3 and total pins to go 5-2 on the night. We won the first game and by quite a few pins as I definatley picked a good time to bowl my ass off crazy style.
Second game my teammates were in a slump and we ended up losing the second game by 30 pins despite my 217. So it all came down to winning the third game. One game, one playoff spot, one chance...
Not the best time to fall flat on my face with a 161 game. Blah. Luckily one of my teammates stepped up with a 224 and the third game ended anti-climatic as the team we were playing were already in the playoffs and I can't say for sure or not but frames 8-10 it seemed like they began to sandbag. Part of me is pissed at this cause I wanted it to end in dramatic fashion but another part is not concidering the team that we kept out of the playoffs was Mountain Mike's Pizza who had won the championship the last 2 or 3 years in a row.

290, 217, 161 668 series

A new champ will be crowned next tuesday night as the 3 teams that won each third of the season... and the wildcard team (best overall record) will all compete against one another.

Any other season 290 would have been good for best overall high game but this season my teammate decided to roll a 300 so 290 is only second best, but still better than Kalkowski. Every season me and Kalkowski end up 1-2 in overall average although this year he had me by a good 10 pins (196-206)
Next week is the final week and we have a shot to win the championship so stay tuned boys and girls.....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dead Silence

This is coming a week late but here goes...

Dead Silence is a story about ventriliquist dolls that come to life and haunt cutting out peoples tounges if they scream. Mary Shaw was a ventriliquist from the 1950's but when she died she wanted all her dolls buried with her. The town teased and ridiculed her over the years so now she haunts the town and is back.
Somebody please tell the MPAA that there was no possible reason why this movie was rated R. Nothing other than some mild blood makes this movie anything worth an R Rating. Mark Wahlberg's brother is in the movie and plays a cop investigating the murder of the main character in the movie's wife.
This movie's scary moments are tagged by about 20 seconds of silence followed by the part that jumps out at you. There are maybe 3 or 4 scary moments but for the most part not so scary. I'm still waiting for a movie equivelent to Exorcism of Emily Rose to scare the hell out of me. This week it will be Hills Have Eyes 2 but I'm not getting my hopes up. That one will probably just have the gore factor.
The director/writer desperately tries to save the movie at the end as it swerves everyone Saw style but instead of a 7-10 minute segment that explains the swerve, It's about 60 seconds and then credits.....


I normally only do reviews on movies that I screen mid-week before they come out but I went and saw Premoniton on Friday night so thought I'd give some input...
The manager that screened Premoniton says it's "Deja Vu for women" I haven't seen Deja Vu with Denzel Washington so I couldn't tell you.
Sandra Bullock plays a wife that wakes up one day to a cop arriving at her house telling her that her husband died in a terrible car accident. She's devestated as now she has to raise two daughters on her own. When she wakes up the next morning though, her husband is back and there seems to be nothing wrong. Was it a bad dream? No. Yes. who knows?
The movie's plot goes through different days as each day her husband is dead and then alive again. Bullock tries to piece things together and figure out which day of the week it is each day she wakes up to attempt to stop her husband from dying before it's too late.
Psycological Thriller that ended up being pretty good and well put together. I believe it will end up being Bullock's biggest opening weekend ever. Good date movie and I would recommend it but would never pay for it. Then again I haven't paid for a movie in about 10 years......


Raw 3-19-07

Current mood:pissed off

I don't normally comment on Monday Night Raw but 2 things tonight were even more ridiculous than normal.

#1- Vince McMahon books himself in a match with Bobby Lashley next week 1 on 1. Now I know the unwritten rule of "anything longer than 3 months ago should be forgotten" when it comes to storylines but It makes it really stupid when Donald Trump challenges Vince to a match at Wrestlemania and Vince replies that his doctor has advised him to never wrestle again after his last match which happened to be in a Hell in the Cell. And this segment happened not much more than a month ago. Vince won't wrestle Donald Trump but he'll wrestle the ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley?
Who is booking this shit?
#2- Wrestlemania Reversal Match
John Cena vs. Chris Benoit
Good main event with good stuff but I am seriously fuming after the finish. Benoit counters the F-U and begins to apply the Crossface but then Cena slips out and slaps on the STFU and Benoit Taps out Clean?
What the fuck man? How many times has Benoit tapped out in his entire Career? Someone find that out and get back to me because I find it complete bullshit. Cena is already over heading into Wrestlemania and with HBK and Cena being face why did Benoit have to tap out. Let Cena win clean with the FU (fireman's carry... whatever) and get the pinfall but having Benoit tap out is a slap in the face of an incredible wresting career. Trust me when I say this as I have followed Benoit's career as the first match I ever remember him in was at Clash of the Champions back in like 1991 against Too Cold Scorpio on TBS. Somebody tell WWE Booking to wake the hell up and think about some things. Vince Russo just called he wants his job back...........

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bowling Scores 3-13-07

Top 3 teams going into the night:
1. Alsco Irrigation 41-15 (101-95 overall)
2. Al's Concrete 41-15 (114-82 overall)
3. Mountain Mike's 31-25 (107-89 overall)

We are Alsco. Going into the night I really had no idea how things would turn out and with only one more week to go before the final playoff night I knew we had to be solid.
We were the furthest thing from it. As a whole my team couldn't remain consistent around their average and I couldn't pull through as the anchor and roll something out of the water in the 220+ range.
On top of that the team we played who already made the playoffs bowled extremely well also. One of them broke out with a 245 the first game which was 65 pins over his average. Didn't help things. In a nutshell we lost all games and total pins putting us in a real hurt to have any chance next week. On a lighter note though Al's concrete lost 5 of 7 points to Mountain Mike's which keeps us one game back of them with one week to go.

209, 201, 192 603 Series

Hillariously, I didn't get my first spare of the night until the 6th frame of the second game. Trying out that new spare ball I was 2 for 6 in 10 pin conversions on the night which didn't help anything. I'm contemplating going back to the 12 pound ball for 10 pins. In fact the two 10 pins I did convert I did so with my strike ball. Bust factor.

Top 4 Averages going into the night:

Kalkowski- 207.0
Evans, Jr.- 196.2
Cabral- 194.5
Lesueur- 192.6

One week to go and our playoff chances are fading. One more thing to note as I had a string of 9 strikes in a row at one point ending the first game with 5 in a row and beginning the second game with 4 in a row. Probably the main reason I barely hit my 600 this week....

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bowling Scores 2-27-07

172, 189, 206 567 Series

The lanes were totally unpredictible all night long. On top of that I decided to go back to the ball I was rolling before I bought the black widow and use it as my spare ball. Since it fits my hand and I want less of a weight differential 15lbs/16lbs, than what I'm throwing now 12lbs/16lbs.
I XXX'd out in the second game or else it would have been even more pathetic. I salvaged a 200 the third game but nothing to be overjoyed about. We lost 2 of 3 and total pins which really puts a hurtin' on our chance of winning this last third of the season.
Last week without me, my team took 2 of 3 and total pins so 5-2 point wise on the night. Our overall record looks like this:
36-13 for the third, and 96-93 on the year. Going into the night we were tied for first place at 34-8 and I do know the team tied with us lost at least one game. We were done before they finished their last game.
My average going into the night stood at 196.5 second best overall. I won't be bowling this tuesday because of AFI playing at the Silver Dollar fairgrounds so I will post again in 2 weeks.......

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bowling Scores 2-13-07

205, 225, 204 634 Series

First shot of the first game hit the pocket solid, perfectly and I left a 10 pin. Followed that with XXX in a row but then couldn't string anymore together and was hitting the pocket just a bit too high and leaving 4 pins. towards the end I did get a couple more X's in but it was all for nothing cause I left a 10 pin in the 10th and failed to convert it.

Second game started off pretty bad and I left a 5-8 split that I miraculously converted when I threw a perfect shot. I got mild props for that one. The second game we were down by like 70+ pins going into the 10th frame and I was pretty sure it was over. Until my teammate XXXX'd out and the anchor on the other team left a split and opened in the 10th. I ended up having XXX in a row with one shot left and I look up and we're down by -8 pins. So I need 9 to win? What a bust I didn't think we had a shot. I finished it up with a X and we won by +2 pins.... Or so I thought. Turns out the guy on our team that bowled a perfect game last week decided not to show up and when one of your teammates doesn't show, they take 10 pins off their average and it wasn't factored into the computer. Bullshit! So a bunch of drama for nothing and we lost the second game by -8 pins. Moneybags Magnotta must have still been partying it up after his first career 300.

Third game again I was just a bit off and leaving single pin conversions that I didn't have any trouble with. We won the third game so we took 2 of 3 and total pins so 5-2 on the night. Going in we were tied for first place but the team that we were tied with ended up taking all 7. Still battling for a playoff spot theres about 6 weeks left I believe. I continue to have the second highest average on league at 195.9 exactly 10 pins behind kalkowski 205.9. Oh and someone bowled a 289 tonight as well. It seems more and more people are stringing them together these last couple of weeks...
There will be no bowling for me next week as I have a corporate meeting in Sacramento for the theater so see you in 2 weeks........

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bowling Scores 2-6-07

231, 202, 154 587 Series

Top Averages through 24 weeks

1. Matt 205.7
2. Duffy J- 195.9
3. Chuck 194.1
4. Fred 193.2

Tonight I paid my $90 bucks for the Reno Nationals in April so it's official.
Arrived late and just in time for practice to be over so no practice tonight. The last time I didn't get any practice and arrived late I started with 6 in a row and tonight wasn't much different. XXXXX in a row to start and in a groove. I botched my shot in the 6th frame leaving a 5 pin split and then proceeding to miss all 5 pins on the following shot. I followed that up with XXX more and then left a single pin conversion in the 10th and ended with a X and a respectable 231 that should have been much better.

Second game was a complete bust concidering the title of this Blog should be the night my teammate rolled a 300. Because that is exactly what happened. The guy in the #3 spot, Bill who is just above me dominated 12 in a row to roll his first ever career perfect game. When he had like 10 in a row I knew it was a definate possability. Kalkowski came over and told me he would do it and that is exactly what happened. I've seen Kalkowski roll like 3 perfect games but to see my teammate do it was definatley a shock and a moment for our team. With a 178 average the man rolled 122 pins over his average. And I'm supposed to follow that in the 10th? I ended up X8/ ing to finish with a 202.

Third game blew up as we were all talking about the 300 game and I rolled what was probably my worst game of the season and lost my line completely with a miserable 154 and missing a 600 series by 13 pins. But it didn't matter cause our team took all 3 games and all 7 points putting us at 22-6 for the last third of the season and 82-86 on the season just 4 points below .500. Going into the night we were in 3rd place, it remains to be seen what position we are now in. Making a last ditch effort to make the playoffs...
Till next week.....

Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Messengers

Going into this one I expected complete and total garbage. Well it was pretty much exactly that. 
It's your generic "family gets a great deal on this house out in the middle of knowwhere" storyline. With a mix of children who can see things that adults cannot. There's a bunch of small storylines within the movie that amount to absolutely nothing. The biggest bust was the Smoking man from the X-Files randomly showing up and telling the family that another offer has been made on the house and they would profit 15%. The family declines and they never explain anything about that.
The movie did have the scare factor which seemed to me a migration of the cave people from The Descent teleporting to this house and living in the walls and floors. They move super jerky style like in that one and like in the Grudge as well. It was somewhat freaky but definatley a movie that I'll forget about in a week. Go ahead and throw this one in with The Fog, Pulse, Grudge 2, and all your other standard horror films rated pg-13 that all the jr high and high schoolers will flock to.
Anyways I'll rate this one a couple points above FearDotCom....

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bowling Scores 1-30-07

194, 178, 257 (no tap 300) 629 Series

I throw one practice shot a piece on lanes 27 and 28 and I felt confident that the lanes were in good condition tonight. Well that all changed as the games started. I couldn't hit the pocket on lane 27 and kept coming in high leaving the 4 pin. Lane 28 was a bit different and I was more confortable on lane 28 but still only had 3 X's the first game. Luckily I converted all my spares and ended with an all mark game and a 194, 1 pin under my average.

Second game was again a game of inconsistency and I couldn't get my ball to move to the pocket. I kept coming in light and leaving buckets and it angered me. I began the second game with an open in the first frame just completly botching a pretty easy 3 pin conversion. We lost the first 2 games, the second game by a measly 8 pins but it was over before I stepped up in the 10th in clean up position. I XX9'd the 10th frame but I also opened in the 9th which absolutely kills. (remember 40 pin swing?) yeah.
The end of the second game I was finally finding a line to the pocket and became pretty confident in my release to give the ball a bit more movement and agression to the pocket. The third game went as follows:

xxx9/xxx9/xxx9 257

Other than a ball I threw in the 4th frame that came in a fraction high in the pocket and left a 4 pin, I hit the pocket clean on every other shot... perfectly. I was in the zone and nothing else mattered at that point except for me to continue to hit the pocket and dominate. After losting the first 2 games and being behind in total pinfall by 60 pins. I bounced back and our team ended up winning the third game and taking overall pins to salvage 3 of 7 points. This puts us at 15-6 for the third and 75-86 on the season. My goal is to get our team back to .500 by the end of the season. Another 600 series definately brings confidence to my game as I am getting more used to the thumb/fingertip grip. I'm also in a battle for the second highest average on the league-

Top 4 Averages after 24 Weeks-

1. Matt 205
2. Duffy J- 195.2
3. Chuck- 195
4. Fred- 193.9

Until next week-

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bowling Scores 1-23-06

202, 214, 227 (no tap 300) 643 Series

We played the "special" team this week which I never look forward to because they smell horrible and the one guy chews tobacco and has it drip down his grimy beard. We lost the first game by 77 pins. The highlight of the first game had to be my teammate Ben converting a 4-7-9-10 split which I haven't seen picked up before.

The second game we bounced back and won by 29 pins. This game was classic because it was actually really close and came down to the 10th frame where I needed a X to win. For some reason I was feeling quite confident at the time and turn to the other team before I roll and say, "So I just need one strike huh?" Which prompts the "specials" to bust and start heckling me. "just one strike junior, just one strike..." Until I stepped to the approach where of course the common bowler courtesy is to shut up. I throw my shot and convert the X which was hillariously followed by a "FUCK THIS SHIT!" by the tobacco spitter. This in turn got into his head and he bowled a 117 the third game.

About the 7th frame of the second game I found my shot and was hitting the pocket on a consistent basis the rest of the night. The third game we blew out the other team and took 2 of 3 games and total pins. Giving us a 5-2 point record on the night. That puts us at 12-2 as a record for the final 1/3 of the season. Back to the third game where I hit the pocket on every shot and left a ridiculous amount of 10 pins on the night. In fact the third game ended with a X9/ in the 10th frame which ended my night with a personal Record of 10, 10 pins left. A full game of 10 pins!!! Luckily my horrible conversion percentage of 10 pins didn't carry over from the previous week and I converted 9/10 for a 90% conversion percentage.

It's been confirmed that I will be rolling nationals in Reno, NV in April. 6 games total, 3 singles and 3 doubles. No Pressure......

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Hitcher

This couple is on a road trip and pick up a stranger at a gas station to give him a ride. He says his name is John Ryder and just needs a ride into town. Then all hell breaks loose as he is actually a killer and just wants to hear four words: "I....Want....To Die"

The movie moves well as John Ryder swerves it to where the couple he is trying to kill, he is also trying to frame to where they are the ones that have killed cops and other people. Plus the sweetest scene in the movie is accompanied by Nine Inch Nails' Closer which is a perfect song for the soundtrack.
Overall a pretty solid film that goes at the top thus far for 2007...


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bowling Scores 1-16-07

193, 205, 220 618 Series

Back in the saddle again. (I'm back!...)
We took all 3 games and all 7 points this week which is a good start to the third, 1/3 of the season. We have to win this third to make the playoffs. Cause I don't believe we are anywhere near a wildcard shot with our pathetic overall record which is still I believe 20 points below .500.
Honestly not a confident night on my part with the lanes. I stayed strong with my spare conversions and really never has a big run of X's together... Until the third game where I should have had 10 in a row but my best shots that hit the pocket solid were leaving 10 pins and I decided to mentally break I guess as I went 0/2 in 10 pin conversions in the third game which is the only reason my game was as low as a 220.

The bust of the night was Matt Kalkowski asking me If I wanted to roll Nationals in Reno, NV in April. It's $90 dollar entry fee which gets me into the singles and doubles amatur tournament. I decided why not? How many times will I get to go roll at the gargantuous bowling alley in Reno? Well I've been in that bowling alley back in May but haven't ever rolled any games on those lanes. It should be interesting to see how it goes.....
That is all......

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Bowling Scores 1-9-07

155, 180, 201 536 Series

My streak of 3 consecutive 600 series' has been broken. I could talk more about the night but seeing as how MySpace likes to jack up blogs and waste my time like it did earler this week I'll just let the pathetic series speak for itself...

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Bowling Scores 1-2-07

Average going into the night- 194

211, 179, 221 611 Series

3rd straight week rolling a 6. Lanes began somewhat oily this week but I'm learning to adjust well and put together some solid games. When I struggle to strike I still get my spares to keep myself in the running for a 200 game. The second game in about the 7th frame I fell apart and opened as well as in the 10th frame. A bit disappointing. Third game I finished with XXXXX in a row to roll a 221.
We only took 1 of 3 games as this week we bowled the team with the highest combined average 728. While we came in with the second highest team average at 724. Basically bowling scratch the whole night. My average of 194 has become good enough to be 2nd highest average on the league behind only Kalkowski who sits at around 207 or so.
Next week is the last week of the second third. We sit in second place but have no chance of catching first as the team in first has only lost like 7 points in the past 8 weeks.
Till next Week.........