Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movie Reviews 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D 7/10
The Unborn 6/10
Defiance 7/10
Inkheart 5/10
The Uninvited 9/10
Penny Dreadful 3/10
The Hamiltons 6/10
The Wrestler 8/10
The Last House on the Left 8/10
Push 5/10
Madea Goes to Jail 7/10
Watchmen 8/10
Knowing 10/10
Race to Witch Mountain 5/10
The Haunting in Connecticut 7/10
Fast and Furious 7/10
Obsessed 6/10
Up 5/10
The Proposal 8/10
Public Enemies 8/10
Ice Age 3 7/10
I Love you Beth Cooper 5/10
Orphan 8/10
Halloween 2 7/10
Sorrority Row 6/10
Jennifer's Body 3/10
A Christmas Carol 7/10
The Box 3/10
The 4th Kind 8/10
Paranormal Activity 6/10
The StepFather 5/10
Zombieland 8/10
Whip It 6/10
2012 5/10
Brothers 8/10
Transformers 2 3/10

Top 3 worst movies of 2009:

Horrible Mention-

Twilight-New Moon Negative -27/10

I was fortunate enough to avoid being
subjected to such garbage so it cannot be in
my top 3 but just the thought of the most
jobber movie of the year deserves a spot

#3 Transformers 2 3/10

Too many questions left unanswered and sick
of the lebeof/fox running all over the place
and remaining sparkly clean throughout the
film. The parents attempt at humor in this
one fails miserably as well.

#2 Jennifer's Body 3/10

Speaking of Megan Fox, this would be her
breakout feature roll that sadly falls flat.
Didn't expect much going in with all the
teenagers wanting to get a glimpse of Fox'
exposed will be sadly disappointed as the
director jobbed it up and slapped it with a
PG-13 rating.
and the worst movie of 2009 is.....

#1 The Box 3/10

The last 45 minutes of this movie left me
standing in an empty theatre at 2 in the
morning screaming at the top of my lungs at
the screen about how stupid the actors are at
the stupid decisions they quickly make in
regards to their predicament. I was into
this movie and it had a twilight zone feel to
it but then it just fell off the face of the
earth in quality.

Top 3 movies of 2009

Honorable Mention

Zombieland 8/10

Arguably the most kick ass opening credits
scenes in the last few years. Metallica's
For Whom The Bell Tolls rocks the viewer into
full attention. Woody Harrelson delivers
with a mix of zombie killing and twinkie
craving. M.V.P. Cameo of Bill Murray puts it
over the top.

The Proposal 8/10

Solid Comedy. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra
Bullock work well together. Throw in Betty
White and it's all good.

#3 The Wrestler 8/10

The movie is very well done and Micky Rourke
nails the lead role. I am a fan of pretty
much all of Aronofsky's films and this one
was no different. The ending left me wanting
a bit more though, but that's just because
I'm a wrestling fan.

#2 The Uninvited 9/10

While this one will probably end up on
Lifetime Network, it surprised me with it's
suspense that actually made me jump if I
remember correctly. Good twist that caught
me off guard at the end.

and the top movie of 2009 is...

#1 Knowing 10/10

While many people have mixed reviews of this
one. I am taking Ebert's review:


and agreeing 100%. I must have cranked
auditorium #3 extra loud during the viewing
as well. The Plane Crash actually got me
leaning forward in my seat and marking out.
I thouroughly enjoyed every aspect of this
one during my initial viewing of it. Many
people didn't like the ending of this one
either. But in Duffy's world it's movies
that end like this (I.E. The Mist, Jeepers
Creepers) that leave me satisfied when I
leave the theater. When movies end happily
ever after it gets predictable.

36 Movies Screened/Reviewed this year...

And into twenty-ten...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Movie Ratings Medley

A Christmas Carol-  7/10 

Solid with Polar Express animation but crazy scary for a PG film.  Not recommended for children under 8.

The Box-  3/10

Really good until the last 30 minutes which infuriated me and killed it.  Twilight Zone remake I believe.  Really should have went with a different ending.

The 4th Kind- 8/10

 Solid.  I was building this one up crazy style ever since I saw the trailer and while it wasn't mind blowingly incredible it is worth a viewing. 

Paranormal Activity- 6/10

Was bored with this one until the last 30 minutes and an excellent ending IMO saved it from being total garbage.  Exorcist meets Blair Witch in a nutshell.

The StepFather-  5/10 

Nothing special here.  Insta-Lifetime Network hit.

I hope they serve beer in Hell-  5/10 

Pretty much the top of the mountain when it comes to a movie degrading women.  I guess this was a comedy... toilet humor thrown in at the end that wasn't necessary.

Zombieland  8/10- 

Pretty much the coolest intro involving a Metallica song ever.  Held up strong.  Bill Murray Cameo makes this one top notch.

Whip It-  6/10

"that girl from Juno" does a decent job.  I was expecting complete manure with this one and was surprised to find none in this one.  One could say this is the greatest Roller Derby movie of all time.... Drew Barrymore's directorial debut doesn't do so bad.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bowling Scores 11/3/09

Week 11   11/3/09

206, 173, 249 (AMG)  628 Series

Craziest night on the season.

I can't ever remember bowling on lanes that were oiled the way they were tonight. Ridiculously dry on the back end between the 1-10 boards and wet everywhere between the 15 boards.  I had to throw hard and aggressive all night.  Kind of like how I finished with six X last week.  Basically if I didn't throw hard and outside I paid for it.  Well, until game 3. 

Keep in mind we had to spot our opponents 163 pins this week.  The most by far on the season. (Pretty much like bowling 5 bowlers vs. 4 bowlers in a scratch league)

The closest matchup of the season went as follows:

Team Stats on the night

Game 1 843-830 (W) (+13 total pins)

We were losing by over 50 pins going into the 10th frame and then our team went off and I was able to come through with XX to save it for us. 

Game 2 838-850 (L) (+1 total pins)

Teammate missed a 10 pin in the 10th and I was unable to come through with any X's to close it out.  Also, Our Opponent's Anchor came through with a X.

Game 3 884-862 (W) (+23 total pins)

The Worst Best game aka the sloppiest 249 I've every bowled went as follows:

DEJ    X X X X X X 9/ X 7/ SX8/  249

The ridiculous thing about it is that I probably threw 2 clean pocket strikes the entire game.  Strikes on the left lane were coming in light and I was carrying the 7 pin, and I also had 2 brooklyn strikes on the right lane.  What makes it even more of a bust is my spare in the 9th was a 1-2-10 washout conversion and then I end the night with a 6-7 split conversion to save my all mark game.  Ridiculous and people were busting.

We took total pins going 5-2 for the second week in a row. on the night and beginning the second third of the season at 38-39 overall.

Duffy J's stats:

6,479 total pins through 33 games (11 weeks) with an average of 196.33.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bowing Scores 10/20 & 10/27/09


199, 187, 162  548 Series

We lost all games putting us at 28-35 with position round next week.  0-14 (0-6) the last two weeks.

Couldn't string anything together, it was the  X,X,Open Frame all night.


184, 188, 224  596 Series

This night began very similar to last week. All 3 games this week started with XX in a row but then a split or an open frame followed.  I was unable to get anything going again until game 3 where halfway through I started throwing very hard and getting my ball outside near the 10 board.  I finished with XXXXXX in a row to end the night.

Team Stats on the night

Game 1 868-835 (W)
Game 2 824-898 (L)
Game 3 938-816 (W)

We also took total pins going 5-2 on the night and ending the first third of the season at 33-37, right in the middle of the pack. 

Duffy J's stats:

5,851 total pins through 30 games with an average of 195.03.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bowling Scores 10/13/09


206, 183, 213   602 Series

We couldn't keep our winning streak going as tonight we got swept for the first time this season.  Our opponents were hitting the pocket and carrying 7 and 10 pins all night, while we were leaving them solid.  Opponent rocked a 269 game (highest on league so far this season) and threw a 660 series. 

While I threw a 6, my path to the pocket was sparadic on the night and I was coming in light quite a bit.  4 open frames this week which is an improvement from last week but 2 of them were back to back in game 2.  My teammates this week were a bit off but I'm not sure it would have mattered.  (Maybe in game 1) 

Well going into the night we were in third place but now we fall back into the middle of the pack with a 28-28 record.  It's going to be really difficult for us to win this first third without running the table from here.  We will see but our main focus should be on getting as many wins as possible. 

Week 8 results

Lost Game 1  859-878
Lost Game 2  954-877
Lost Game 3  865-882
Duffy J's stats:

4,707 total pins through 24 games with an average of 196.1.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bowling Scores 10/6/09


Week 7

207, 213, 156   576 Series

We played Ed's team tonight "The Big Dawgs" and I kept the momentum for our team going and got into the other team's head a little bit with my "Randy Orton is God" comment as "The Big Dawgs" are huge John Cena fans and your standard wrestling marks.  They were telling me how Orton cheated to win the title and I was trying to explain it's really quite impossible to cheat in a hell in the cell match.  Anyways, I believe it helped us get our first sweep of the season.

Game 1  918-828
Game 2  904-867
Game 3  897-831

It seems like every game over the last few weeks we have a shot at hitting a 900 series. Tonight we bowled a 2365 team scratch series!
That's a combined 197 average on the night.  Good stuff.  We remain the team with the highest team average at 745 (186.2).  Going into the night we were sitting at .500 (21-21) ending the night at 28-21 and definitely guarenteed somewhere in the top 3 with 3 weeks till roll off for the first third champion.

Only down side for me is that my third game was by far my worst game of the season.  Check these stats:

Game 3 frames 1-9:  4 open frames, one strike.  And I still managed to throw a 156!  Thanks to XXXing out in the 10th after we already had the sweep locked up with Bill and Dana both throwing a 245 and a 214 respectively. 

Confidently clicking on all levels right now. 
As for Duffy J's stats:

4,105 total pins through 21 games with an average of 195.5.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bowling Scores 9/22/09 It's a good one


Week 5

221,212, 244   677 Series.

Holy Shit.  Went off like a fucking cannon tonight.  In fact my entire team rocked it pretty much all night. Check these team handicap games:

Game 1   974
Game 2     911
Game 3   996

If 3 900+ has happened in one night for our team before, I sure don't remember it.

We were clicking ridiculous style.  And still only went 5-2 on the night because the team we were playing rocked these handicap games:

Game 1   935
Game 2   998
Game 3   875

I had 3 open frames and they weren't splits they were easily makeable.  I opened in the 4th frame of game 1, the 3rd frame of game 2 and the 1st frame of game 3.  I was stringing strikes together like I haven't done since 2005.  Nothing more than XXXX in a row but they were coming in bunches and the third game I XXX9'd out for that 244.  New ball hit the pocket flush on a lot of shots and even when it was coming in light I was carrying.  A couple pocket shots were too perfect, and one even left a solid 8 pin with the gallery's jaws dropping. "A Minus"

677 is my highest series in probably 3 years. It looks to be good enough for second highest series this season just behind Fred's 683.

I've been tracking my games since the 07-08 season and I don't have anything that high. My last significant 6 came on 10/23/07 when I rolled a 657. 

Our team came into the night in second to last place for the third.  We are now 16-19 on the year and back in the middle of the pack just halfway through the first third. 

2,947 total pins through 15 games with an average of 196.5

Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Movie Reviews- Some Late, Some Recent, etc.

I Love You Beth Cooper  5/10
Nothing special nothing horrible.

Orphan 8/10
Really dug the ending. classic finish.

Halloween 2   7/10
Classic Rob Zombie film but too much flashing gave me a headache by the finish.  Don't watch if you have epilepsy.

Sorrority Row 6/10
Horribly Awesome.

Jennifer's Body  3/10
Horribly not awesome and you have to suffer through some whino/screamo/emo song the entire film.

Ah the September Releases!  Can't wait for Vanilla Gorilla!  Wait that's been pushed to November and Shutter Island pushed to Feburary.  Bah!

On a side note, Shutter Island- THE BOOK was really good.

Carry on...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bowling Scores 9/15/09

183,211,148  542 Series.

I probably had a full game of open frames on this night but was able to post somewhat decent scores the first two games thanks to XXXX out in game 1 and finishing strong in game 2 after starting with two open frames.  Game 3 fell apart.

We went 5-2 on the night and threw a season best team handicap game of 1001.

Still toward the bottom of the pack I think we are something like 10-18 but hopefully things are coming together for a strong comeback after a not so great start to the season.

2270 total pins through 12 games with an average of 189.1

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bowling Scores week 2 and 3

Week 2

211,205,204  620 Series

Only takes two weeks to throw my first 600 series? That sounds more like the 05' Evans. 
We lost all games though as one bowler was still establishing an average. 

2-12 through the first two weeks

My average through 6 games sits at 200.

Week 3

159,184,181  524 Series

In the words of Ozzy

"Back on Earth"

While my first game was the worst on paper, it came down to me maintaining the anchor position and needing a X and 8 pins to win game 1.  That's exactly what I did and we won by 1 pin.  Good stuff concidering the other team had a guy telling me "no pressure" before my shot. 

Game 2 and 3 were also all over the place and sparadic on my part.  I was nowhere near the pocket for a majority of the time and then the times I did hit the pocket I was leaving solid 10's or 7's.  Missing one of each of those didn't help either.  1/2 on 10 pins.

Through 3 weeks we are 6-15 and near the bottom of the pack.  It still beats our record worst start ever where we began a season 0-26 a few years ago.

1728 total pins through 3 weeks and an average of 192

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Winter League 09-10 begins

All new equipment including the Brunswick Venom 16lb strike ball and a White Dot Blue/Black/Silver spare ball.

Week 1

210, 170, 204     584 Series 

27/30 frames converted

2 missed 10 pins

4-6-7-9-10 split

194.66 average thru 3 games

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Late Movie Reviews

Obsessed- 6/10 Not bad but I was disappointed with the buildup to Beyonce's huge fight scene that didn't pay off because it was a PG-13 Film

Up- 5/10 Nothing special here, Surprisingly sad when his wife dies, best scene for me is when he blasts the guy outside his house with his cane and makes him bleed.  Blood in a PG film? Interesting.

The Proposal 8/10  I didn't laugh once for the first hour until Betty White stepped in to save us all.

Transformers 2- 4/10 Too many plot holes to count and just a huge pile of garbage action that seemed ridiculously forced at the audience.  Way longer than it needed to be.

Public Enemies- 8/10  Good Gangster flick.  Depp delivers.

Ice Age 3-  7/10  -1 point for the cell phone reference.  Also the undertones seems kind of jacked up to me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

2009 Monday Night Raw Draft Analysis

Rey Mysterio defeats Evan Bourne. This was really good but I wish they could have been given more time and they could have cut down the record 11 matches on the card tonight and given these two more time.Raw Drafts MVP in the second worst move of the night. Seriously is there anything more boring than an MVP match?  He has the mic work and entertainment factor but lets face it, MVP is a boring wrestler in a body suit because he can't stay in shape.
Kane defeats Brian Kendrick in a squash that leads to Raw Drafting The Big Show.  0-2 Raw Roster, I've seen my share of Big Show matches I don't need a helping on a weekly basis.
Natalya/Michelle McCool/Maryse defeat Melina/Mickie James/Kelly Kelly.  Resulting in Women's Champ Melina going to Smackdown.  Now Smackdown has both Women titles.  Yay.

John Cena defeated Jack Swagger.  
Better than I expected aside from a scary botched DDT by Swagger.  this resulted in 2 draft picks coming to Raw.  Matt Hardy and HHH.  Well it was just a matter of time don't you think? Now Raw has Both World Titles.

Great Khali defeats Santino Murella
in a squash leading to Smackdown drafting CM Punk.  FUCK!  What the fuck is this shit?  Ok the MITB Winner now is on a brand with no World Title.  I know he can challenge for any one of the 3 World titles but it would make sense storyline wise to have some sort of tease as to which title he's going to go for.  I guess they want to do the whole shock factor of Cashing it in like they did last year and like when Edge did at the Elimination Chamber a couple years back. Still a huge disappointment.

Kofi Kingston defeats The Miz via
DQ.  Raw Drafts The Miz!  This random draft is seemingly not so random.  So much for the dirt sheet as Miz hits Morrison with lights out (kneelift neckbreaker)

Edge wins the 15 man battle royal
and Smackdown gets Kane, positive, and in the worst move of the night they also get Chris Jericho.  Worthless.

Christian Defeats Shelton Benjamin
and ECW finally gets a draft pick, Vladamir Kozlov.  Well I guess creative didn't have anything left for him on any other brand after the impressive unbeaten streak was put to an end by Michaels and Taker just before mania.  So I see him going to ECW and becoming World Champ sometime in the next year.

Matt Hardy defeats CM Punk by DQ
after Jeff interferes.  Leading to Raw Getting the Divas Champion Maryse.  So they swap women's championships probably because Gail Kim, the most overrated women's wrestler of all time, didn't think the diva's championship was worth a dime.  In my opinion, Gail Kim is one of the worst female wrestlers of all time. I'd rather watch a Bull Nakano match.

Chris Jericho defeats Tommy Dreamer
(holy shit he's still employed?) leading to Smackdown drafting Rey Mysterio.  Not Bad if they are trying to push the IC Title to a new level by making it the Premiere title on Smackdown but I see something going down either during the supplemental draft on Wednesday, or more likely Cena dropping the title to Edge at Backlash.

So let's review and Grade each

Raw Draft Picks

MVP, Big Show, Matt Hardy,Triple H, The Miz, Maryse
Grade- C
Hardy, HHH, and Miz are all + but MVP, Show, and Maryse are - as well as Raw losing Rey, Punk, and Jericho

Smackdown Draft Picks
Melina, CM Punk, Kane, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio.
Grade- B-
While Smackdown currently has no World Title, they did pick up the IC Title and Women's Championship which has more prestige that the joke that is the Divas Title.  Punk, Jericho, and Mysterio are nice pickups (Jericho/Punk matches are usually solid)  and Rey never really found his calling on Raw he was stuck in the horrible feud with Kane.  Rey was always a bigger star on Smackdown anyways.  Smackdown is only effected by the loss of HHH and Matt Hardy.  

ECW Draft Picks

Vladamir Kozlov
Grade- F

One pick?  Seriously?  I'm guessing
they get a bunch more on Wednesday but ECW got shafted tonight.  What are we getting to look forward to on Tuesday nights, that is if you even get the Sci-Fi network.  Kozlov vs. Mark Henry?  I'll pass.

Spot of the night was Benjamin taking the best Unprettier I have ever seen.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Duffy Yankovic- Tumors

I couldn't wait on Al so without further adieu, the greatest Parody never produced and what I've been working on for the last three hours:

Weird Duffy Yankovic

How do Tumors get started?
They're started by the wealthy
people and
they get mad about cell phones they
had, now somebody else is holdin

They tell me that the cancer is very
hard to resist
These wicked cell phones, oohh they
also cause cysts.
Maybe you think its cute, but sucka
Im not impressed
I tell you one time only with my
landline please dont mess

Look at all these tumors surrounding
me everyday
I just need some time some time to
get away from (cell phones)

From all these tumors I cant take it
no more
My best friend said did you hear
about 867-9304?

Did you hear about the hyena?
Some say it drank too much juice
That came straight as a reply bad
reception is just an excuse.

Did you hear that you can recycle?
Some say it must be okay
I tried to argue but they say  he's
way too late, the cancer don't move
that way.
Did you hear when I was cruisin?
In my brain I felt a squeeze
I'm in a U-Haul, six feet tall
I was knocked right to my knees..

Look at all these tumors surrounding
me everyday
I just need some time some time to
get away from (Cell Phones)

From all these tumors I cant take it

no more
My best friend said there's a new
one out now and I just about hit the

I cant go no place without someone
with a portable ringer
I cant show my face cuz when it
comes to tumors I'm on Jerry

It seems from tumors I just can't
get away
I bet there'll even be tumors
floatin' around the milky way.

I'll think I'll write my congressman
and tell him to pass a bill
For the next time they catch
somebody making cells it's time to

Will you look at all these tumors
surroundin' me every day
I just need some time, some time to
get away from (cell phones)
From all these tumors, I can't take
it no more
My best friend said there's one out
now, a blackberry with texting and

What's mine is mine, I ain't got
time for tumors in my life
I'm a man with a brain not a man
who's insane so please let me live
my life.

What's mine is mine, I ain't got
time for tumors in my life
I'm a man with a brain not a man
who's insane so please let me live
my life.

What's mine is mine, I ain't got
time for tumors in my life
I'm a man with a brain not a man
who's insane so please let me live
my life.

Will you look at all these tumors
surroundin' me every day
I just need some time, some time to
get away from
From all these tumors, I can't take
it no more
My best friend said there's one out
now, a blackberry with texting and

Look at all these Tumors surroundin'
me every day
I just need some time, some time to
get away from
From all these tumors, I can't take
it no more
My best friend said there's a new
one out now and I just about hit the

Stop spreadin' those tumors around
Stop spreadin' the ultimate demise
Stop spreadin' those tumors around
Stop (Stop) spreadin' the ultimate

Stop spreadin' those tumors around
Stop spreadin' the ultimate demise
Stop spreadin' those tumors around
Stop spreadin' the ultimate demise

Stop spreadin' those tumors around
Stop spreadin' the ultimate demise

Now someone please contact Mr. Yankovic, have him do the song (and the video) and give me some credit (or at least a cameo in the video)

Here's the original:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRte0S2a_dA

Friday, April 10, 2009

Invaders Must Die

I rarely buy CD's anymore there's only a handful of bands that I am a fan of that I buy the album when it comes out.  After surfing through the videos on Comcast In Demand I came across Invaders Must Die by Prodigy.  I had no idea they had recently released their 5th full album.  The song is solid so I drive out to Best Buy to purchase the album. It's probably the first CD I've bought in the last year.  While the employees at BestBuy had heard of Prodigy, it seemed that noone in the store had any idea what section it would be in.  Dance?  Industrial?  Rock?  Then some employee hands me a CD "Here it is."  Apparently there's a hip-hop artist called Prodigy as well.

So when it's all said and done, even though in their system it said they had copies available, noone could find one.  So I leave somewhat disappointed and go to Target and find it in five seconds.

I've been listening to Prodigy's Invaders must Die pretty much non stop for the last week or so and I have to say it's their best album since The Fat of The Land.

While other bands and artists tend to change it up as they progress, Prodigy sticks to their roots and the album delivers.  There are so many bands out there that I was into in high school that progress to something so ridiculously different (I.E. Silverchair, seriously go look up their video for Tomorrow from the mid 1990's and compare it to their most recent release) Sugar Ray's first album Lemonade and Brownies was really a metal album and we all know what they turned into.  I'm just thankful for those few bands that stick to the sound that made them turn out the hits back in the day and continue to do so.

If you enjoyed Fat of The Land back in the day then this album is for you.  Strongly Recomended.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wrestlemania XXV Thoughts and Predicitons

  Here is the WWE WrestleMania XXV card:

* Chris Jericho vs. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and Rowdy Roddy Piper w/Ric Flair For Chris Jericho to win, he has to defeat all three of the legends. For the legends to win, they have to defeat Chris Jericho just one time.

What a worthless payoff to the buildup of legends vs Jericho.  I would have rather seen Jericho/Austin or Jericho/Hogan or even Jericho/Tully Blanchard

Prediction: Jericho eliminates Snuka, then Piper, but then Flair/Steamboat talk strategy and they snooker themselves a win with the throwback crossbody press off the top rope! Winner- Ricky Steamboat!

* The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

Do you even have to ask?  I guarentee a win for the Undertaker bringing the mark to 17-0.  I would have rather seen Undertaker/Kozlov because at least then there was a small sliver of a doubt who would win.

* Extreme Rules Match: Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

It's hard to say this match wouldn't feature the bump of the night but with MITB also on the card they may tone this one down just a bit.  I know it's extreme rules but don't look for anything along the lines of a spear through a burning table.

Prediction- I was going to take Jeff Hardy until I saw his entrance on Smackdown when he was lipsynching the words to his entrance music.  Anyone that does that deserves to lose every match from now on.

Winner - Matt Hardy

* 25-Diva "Miss WrestleMania" Battle Royal: Known Participants - Melina, Maryse, Mickie James, Gail Kim, Michelle McCool, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly, Maria, Eve Torres, Katie Lea Burchill, Beth Phoenix, Layla El, Rosa Mendes, Candice Michelle, Natalya Neidhart, Jillian Hall, Tiffany, Sunny, Torrie Wilson, Molly Holly, Victoria and Jackie Gayda-Haas

It makes absolutley no sense to have anyone win Miss Wrestlemania that isn't currently under WWE contract so that rules out a good 35% of divas.

Prediction- Santino Murella in a Russo style finish.

* Money in the Bank Ladder Match: CM Punk vs. Kane vs. Mark Henry vs. MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Christian vs. Finlay

The favorites in this one according to the IWC are Christian and Benjamin.

Prediction- Kofi Kingston gets the spot of the night in this match and Shelton Benjamin comes out on top the winner with Christian getting the snub.

* Winner Takes All – WWE Tag Team Titles vs. World Tag Team Titles – Unified Tag Team Title LUMBERJACK Match: The Miz and John Morrison © vs. Carlito and Primo Colon ©

Absolutley no reason to make this a lumberjack match.  This one has potential to be the match of the night pending the HBK/Taker match.

Prediction-  Miz and Morrison

* IC Title Match: JBL © vs. Rey Mysterio

Booking formula says Rey Rey won a non title match over JBL on Raw last Monday meaning JBL retains at Mania. Then he historically retires from the WWE as Champion.  Something that's never been done before!  Setting up the King of the Ring tournament on Raw to also crown the new IC Champ.

* World Title Match: Edge © vs. The Big Show vs. John Cena

I could care less about the Vickie Guerrero stuff and WWE probably came to some stupid conclusion that the reason 12 rounds isn't doing that good is because Cena isn't the champion.

Prediction- Box Office Failure John Cena

* WWE Title Match: HHH © vs. Randy Orton

I have a really bad feeling that if this match headlines Mania, there is zero chance of Orton walking out champion.  However if the triple threat match headlines mania I believe Orton has a very strong chance of walking out champion.

Prediction-  New WWE Champ Randy Orton and thus cementing and surpassing Jericho as the top heel in WWE.

Those are my thoughts.  Feel free to express yours.

Late Movie Reviews

Race to Witch Mountain 5/10

Dwayne Johnson's performance is good, but I couldn't get into this one.  Still a good family film however not as good as The Game Plan.

Knowing 10/10!

I was blown away by the effects during the airplane and subway disasters.  The plot was great and the ending was good.  I could not find anything bad or negative to say about this one. Best movie I have seen probably since Strangers.

The Haunting in Connecticut 7/10

Good horror film, some of it a bit far fetched in regards to the seances and the vomiting of ectoplasm which reminded me of Egon and Ghostbusters.  Still a few scenes made me jump a bit. Nothing truely terrifying though.

Fast and Furious 7/10

I'm not one to hang out at AM PM with blacklights under my hood and talk cars but this was an entertaining movie with much racing and car chases.  I don't think I've seen any others in the series besides the first one.  While highly unrealistic at times, entertaining.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bowling Finale 3/25/09

166, 176, 224   566 Series

Brand new shirts didn't mean a damn thing as we completely tanked in game 1 with a miserable 753 combined handicap series.  My teammate bowled 80 pins under his average and threw a 101.  Seriously.

We never got anything together as a team but in game 2 Bill bounced back with a 246!  I don't think I've ever in my life seen a 145 pin swing between two games.  I on the other hand continually did nothing to contribute.  In fact all 3 games began with an open frame for me.  I was able to hit X's here and there but nothing was strung together until game 3 where I threw frames 4-9 XXXXXX in a row and then proceded to end the Winter league with a 6-7-10 split.  Yeah, that about sums up my season.

Amazingly ending games 2 and 3 with 876 and 896 series' was enough for us to stave off last place in the roll off and we ended up getting third place by just a few pins.

I also watched Kalkowski bowl a 299 game with a broken hand.

So for the last four seasons now we've made the playoffs and each time alternating between a 4th and 3rd place finish (I think).

Maybe I'll look into getting a new ball.  The Black Widow is not getting the job done like it did when it was new.  I've had it a few years now.  Then again I think my main problem is my release with the fingertip grip.  I've even concidered going back to the no thumb style approach.  But then I don't know if my wrist would hold up and the last thing I would want is to re-injure it and be out of action for months.

Anyways to break down the final numbers on the season:

Final Average- 181.85
Total Games- 84
Total Pins-15,276
Games over 200-  18
600 Series'-  2

Average by Game

Game 1  179.0
Game 2  182.2
Game 3 184.3

A disappointing finish but there's always next year.  I'll be taking summer league off like I did last year so no bowling blogs until August.

Duffy J-

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bowling Scores 3/17/09

172, 153, 176  501 series

I used up all my strikes last week apparently.  As bad as my series was, I finally came through for my team and single handedly got the win in Game 1.  No strikes going into the 10th frame I turn the the opposing team's anchor and say

"Don't worry, I haven't thrown a strike all game"

I then proceed to XXX out in the 10th frame and our team wins by 5 pins.  827-822.  Amazing.  It only took me 29 weeks to come through.

I wasn't even thinking about winning, in fact I thought we had no chance.  Then again, I wasn't calculating exactly what I needed.
To XXX out and only roll a 172 tells you how bad this night was.
I missed multiple spares and my ball was diving into the pocket way too sharply leaving me at lease 3 splits I can remember.  Game #2 Bill stepped it up and threw a 245 and their team couldn't answer the call and we took the second game easily 866-788.

Third game was a different story as the complete opposite happened and I leave a horrendous 3-6-10 split that I thought was justa 6-10 until the last possible second and I stepped off the approach to discuss the spare with my team.  I knew the only way I was going to pick this one up was with my spare ball and a backward spinning shot coming in from left to right.  I threw a decent shot but I hit the 3 too far to the right and left the 6 pin behind.  We lost 799-806.

Still took total pins and go 5-2 on the night and 12-2 over the last 2 weeks to close out the season with an overall record of 113-97.

Next week is the rolloff and it all comes down to this.  A fatal fourway so to speak with all 3 teams that won each third + the wildcard (team with next best overall record)

Alsco Irrigation vs. Al's Concrete vs. Mountain Mike's Pizza vs. Norcal Construction.

Winner take all.

Ending the season with 15,276 total pins and an average of 181.85.

A measly 18 200 games rolled and just 2 600 series'

Let's hope I saved it all for the playoffs.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late Movie Recaps

Other noted movies that I opted not to do extended reviews on are:

Push  5/10

 I couldn't get past the unrealistic storyline and the fact that the way it ends they were looking at leaving room for a sequel  but it came off as "We ran out of money so lets roll the credits"

Madea Goes to Jail 7/10 

I haven't had the pleasure of watching any of the Tyler Perry movies up to this point and I was actually surprised this one was funny and I laughed on multiple occasions.

Watchmen 8/10 

Yeah, this one deserves a review but not by me.  Maybe Tomich can write one.  Good movie but I had no backstory or knowledge of any of it as many people read the comics over the years.  A dark adult superhero movie for sure.

Last House on the Left

Kate and Paige get kidnapped by a family that's wanted for murders already. During a struggle to attempt to get away they end up wrecking their vehicle in the middle of the woods. Paige is killed and then Kate tries to escape after getting raped by swimming across the lake but gets shot in the back.  The murderous family think she's dead. A huge storm rolls in as they find a house (which happens to be Kate's parents weekend getaway).  Kate survives finds her parents and then the revenge ensues. Her dad is a doctor and finds out she's not only been shot in the back but also raped.  And then he snaps and all hell breaks loose in some awesome revenge.  "by any means necessary"

Let me point out that this movie has the most brutal rape scene I have ever seen in a movie. Customers complained about the rape scene in Hills Have Eyes, well this one is more graphic and extended way longer guarenteed to get complaints.   If you can get past that, the rest is pretty good and the revenge factor of the parents on the murderous family is looked forward to as your watching it. Brutal kills and the ending is actually pretty good too.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bowling Scores 3/10/09

224, 216, 184  624 Series.

Leave it to me to wait until week 29 to throw my high series of the season.  Hopefully this is a good thing and we can get hot with only one week left until playoffs.  We swept this week going 7-0 for the first time since sometime in the second third of the season.  We stand at 24-39 for the last third of the season and at 108-95 overall.

I have to say there were six X's that were just ridiculous and I didn't deserve but I figure these breaks have been accumulating over the last several weeks and now they finally all came at once.  I don't mind.  The third game was a struggle as for 4 consecutive frames I had 7 counts and missed the headpin.  I regain my composure and finished strong to cement only my second 600 series of the season.  It's truely been an off year but hopefully we can win it this season as the last three seasons have ended with 2 4th place finishes and one 3rd place.

I stand at 14,775 total pins and an average of 182.4 through 29 weeks

Monday, March 9, 2009

Raw Thoughts 3/9/09

Edge's sell everytime Cena's music hits is awesome.

Finish to 6 man tag was a throwback to WCW Mysterio.

Interested to see how they book Jericho but right now it's looking bleak with Flair/Lawler as potential opponents. Still holding out hope  he faces Austin at Mania.

If MVP wins MITB I stop watching wrestling.

Cena/Show/Edge Triple Threat w/ added Russo drama is entertaining to most fans but to me is pointless.

HBK/Taker- I guarentee 17-0.

The main event segment was also a throwback and awesome.  Props to Orton for the window spot.  Reminded me of Austin/Pillman revisited and pushing the envelope of that TV PG rating.

Duffy J's quote of the night-

"If Cody wasn't a Rhodes he'd be kickin it with Kizarny."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bowling Update

195, 170, 165  530 Series.
I've been lagging it up in the bowling blogs lately.  Nothing special to report.  Our team continues to go 2-5 on a regular basis in this the final third of the season.  I hyperextended my elbow at work last Tuesday and missed bowling last week.  I was still feeling it today but decided to give it a go tonight and didn't do terrible.  I was throwing about 50 percent so no speed on my shots.  A few shots hit the pocket clean but I couldn't string anything together.  I'll keep everyone updated on my injury status.
As for my scores from the previous week, I forget and I'll have to wait another few weeks before I get my season stats up.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Wrestler

The story about a huge superstar wrestler from the 1980's who twenty years later is struggling just to make the rent for his trailer.  Truly an emotionally moving movie, especially for each and everyone of those indy wrestlers out there who bust their ass each and every day to put on a great performance in the local high school gym.  Their were some really good scenes in this movie including the trip to the dollar store to buy random objects to use as weapons in matches.  I'm thinking to myself "Hey!  I've done that exact same thing!"  I was surprised at the exposure they gave to CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) a promotion based on the east coast.  Necro Butcher played Randy The Ram Robinson's Opponent in a brutal hardcore match which has been CZW's staple over the years. Not only is The Ram working shows on the weekends, he has to work a deli counter during the week just to make it by and sometimes even that's not enough as he's sleeping in his Van on some nights.  Ernest Miller plays The Ayatollah who is The Ram's biggest opponent and who sold out Madison Square garden in 1989.  Twenty years later, The Rematch occurs.
Mickey Rourke's performance in The Wrestler is excellent. Maybe it's because I'm a huge wrestling fan but this movie left me wanting a bit more.

 There were a bunch of sub-plot storylines that they could have gone into including his interaction with Marissa Tomei's character. However I don't think that is what this movie was about. Darren Aronofsky was going more for showing everyday people the difficulty of a Professional Wrestler and that even though Wrestling is scripted and storylines are carried out, Professional Wrestling is far from "Fake".  From that stand point,  this movie delivers.
I recommend this one to anyone.
And now I will await Wangberg's way more in depth review of The Wrestler.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Hamiltons

A family's Mom and Dad have mysteriously passed away and the brothers and sister attempt to survive but keep having to move from town to town because they feed on the flesh and blood of humans to survive.  They look out for one another and want to be just like me and you.  They also need a lot of blood.  A LOT.

Good changeup here in horror flicks go.  One of the Eight films to die for on Comcast FearNet, this one was just above average for me.  Decent film.

Penny Dreadful

Ok so Penny's parents died in a car accident when she was younger and miraculously she was pulled from the wreckage and survived.  Unfortunately now she has a fear of riding in cars period.  Her psychiatrist, Orianna is helping her to cope and to face her fear by driving with her to the scene of the accident.  But then they hit a stranger in the street.  He seems to be ok and they give him a ride into town.  Mistake!  They drop the guy off in a deserted campground after no conversation at all in the car and he's dining on Raw skewered meat in the back seat.  Yummy.

 Shortly after they find that their tire is shot and they can't get back to the highway.  Orianna tells Penny to stay in the car as she's going for help.  But Penny freaks out and goes running after her, tripping hitting her head on a rock and then waking up back in the car with Orianna in the driver's seat, dead from multiple stab wounds. 

Penny's stuck in the car for the majority of the movie unable to get out.  I found this one to be rather boring actually with the stranger/stalker coming back to get Penny as the main draw in the movie and the long suspenseful buildups were not worth the payoff.  I almost fell asleep actually towards the end.

Pass on this one.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disc Golf 2/4/09

Disc Golf at Riverbend Park, Oroville, CA
Approx. Teetime 3:20 PM
 In the Bag-
Soft Challenger
Quick warmup of putting 10 minutes

#1- Bogey (+1)  Really undeserving bogey here as my drive with the Destroyer was probably one of my best forehand drives on this hole ever, however it landed right on the cartpath which is concidered a hazard.  So penalty stroke here.

#2- Bogey (+2)  Missed a very makeable putt here grazing the chains and falling out.
#3- Double Bogey (+4)  Probably my worst drive ever on this hole.  I hit a tree to the right and my disc caromed way off course up the side of the hill.  I had to basically play a safe shot back into the fairway before I could even think about getting to the basket.

#4- Par.

#5- Par.  Long tee position here and my best drive to within 15 feet.  However my putting game was off once again and a missed oppertunity.

#6- Birdie! (+3)  Holy shit!  My best drive ever with a backhand firebird and I didn't lose a disc.  I made a pretty long downhill putt with difficult footing. This coming after IOS' drive went left into the water just like mine did the last time we played a round at the end of 2008.

#7- Bogey (+4) I played the safe route here with a tomahawk just onto the fairway.  My approach shot wasn't very good though and I left a long putt for par that I hit the front of the basket on.

#8- Bogey (+5)  Man, another fairly easy approach shot that I just botched.  Landing the disc shorter than I wanted to.  Missed a fairly makeable par putt.

#9- Birdie (+4) The shorter pin position here to the right.  I threw a forehand with my Eagle and it went directly towards the basket before hitting a tree just before it.  An awkward anhyzer putt here from the knees and I nailed it.

#10- Par.  Poor Tomahawk shot gave me no chance at birdie here.

#11- Par.

#12- Birdie (+3) Straight ahead pin placement here and I made it through to the right.  Made an average length putt here.

#13- Par. From the teepad here we see a guy with one arm and his dog right in the middle of the fairway.  He motions for us to go ahead and play through.  IOS strikes up a conversation with him and asks him if he ever gets out on the course to play. Hillarious.

#14- Par. Another makeable long putt here and again I come up just short hitting the front of the basket.

#15- Par. Wow, barely Par here as I hit the chains too far left but the rim of the basket gave me some love.

#16- Par. Bad drive off the tee here with a backhand firebird.  Amazingly I made it through all the trees and drove the distance of the basket but way to the right.  I had to split the gap to give it a run at a birdie and I almost did but hit a tree late giving me a par putt that wasn't easy.

#17- Par.  Too much snap on my backhand with a firebird put me way left but I was able to throw a decent approach shot to give me the par save.

#18- Birdie. (+2) Vanessa Williams style here as we both landed our discs under the basket . 

Front 9-  +4
Back 9-   -2
Final Score +2  (IOS +3)

Not a bad round after a very bitter start going +4 on the first three holes.  And I didn't lose any discs for the first time in a while.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bowling Scores 2/3/09

177, 164, 173  514 Series.

Talk about struggling.  Tonight goes down as our teams worst night ever combined.  Combined Team Handicap game of 776 in Game 1.  I couldn't buy a strike through the first game and a half.  I had 2 strikes in 15 frames to start the night.  Ouch.  The highlight of the night came when I picked up a 6-7 split in the 9th frame of the first game.  It didn't matter though as for the third week in a row we were only able to salvage one of three games going 2-5 on the night.

Alsco Irrigation stands at 9-16 for the third and 93-75 for the season.

12,572 Total pins with an average of 182.20 through 22 weeks.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Uninvited

Going into this one with low expectations.  I can't remember why, I think it was word of mouth about how this movie will wind up on Lifetime Network sometime down the road.  But then we remember it's by the same people that made The Ring.

For a PG-13 movie this one delivered for me.  The camera angles and music made this one extremely suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Have to say this movie is probably the best since Strangers.  While I can totally agree this one could end up on Lifetime (ala Glass House, Emily Rose style) it still delivers.

Can't remember the actress' name at this time but Miri (from Zach and Miri) does a really good job as the psycho main squeeze of the husband.  Showing she can not only play a comedic role but a serious psychopath as well.  Good Stuff.  I don't want to give anything away in regards to the content of the plot or the ending.  Don't talk to anyone who has seen it, don't ask about the ending, just go watch it with an open mind and you will enjoy this one.

The Uninvited 9/10


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bowling Scores 1/27/09


201, 212, 193  606 Series

600less streak ends in Week 23. By game 3 I was definitely thinking about it.  A double in frames 8 and 9 after a mediocre start to game 3 gave me a chance to get my six.  All I needed to do was mark in the tenth frame and I converted a 6 pin to do just that.  9/X to finish out and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. 
As for the team play though, we continue to be in a funk.  We salvaged game 3 but this is the second week in a row now that we have gone 2-5 on the night and our mojo seems to be falling apart. 
The night began with me throwing a 53 open frame and I didn't figure to be in contention.  However I only opened once more until game 3.  I was pretty much throwing with less movement in my wrist tonight and letting the ball do more of the work.  I think that has been a large part of my problem this season.  I'm trying to get my ball to do more by having more tork on my fingertip release. 

600less streak is over!

Alsco Irrigation stands at 7-14 for the third third and 91-70 overall.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bowling Scores 1/22/09

165,186,188  539 Series

A season high 7 X's in a row between games 2 and 3 didn't help me much tonight as it was one of the worst performances as a team all season.  Ever since position round at the end of the second third we seem to have hit a wall.  I missed a ridiculous number of single pin conversions and if it wasn't for my strong finishes in all 3 games, there's no way I would have even hit a 500 series.  Game 3 I didn't get a spare until the 10th frame.
Miraculously we salvaged the third game 907-890 but got demolished the other two games.

600less streak 22 weeks and counting...

Alsco Irrigation stands at 5-9 for the third third and 89-65 overall.

10910 Total pins with an average of 181.83 through 21 weeks

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D

As a whole, if this movie was in 2D there was not much special about it at all.  However, the 3D effects make it worth your while.  I actually caught myself dodging the miner's pick ax when it was thrown at the audience. 
The movie does a lot but I think in the future there is much more that is left undone regarding the 3D effects.  They overkill the "gun pointing at you" effect but still cool. 
As for the storyline it's about average.  Tom  returns to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of the Valentine's night massacre where his father claimed the lives of 22 people in the coal mine. However, Tom finds himself suspected of committing the murders when they start happening again, and it seems like his old flame Sarah Palmer (Twin peaks reference right there hah) is the only one will believes he's innocent.  Tom gets in an arguement with Axel (Kerr Smith) in regards to where Sarah's heart really belongs.
The twist towards the end keeps you guessing on who is responsible for these murders that begin happening yet again 10 years later.  There are some good kills in this movie that remind me of Saw and they are pretty graphic.  There's also an enormous amount of nudity in this one so leave the kids at home.
5/10 for the movie... +2 for the 3D effects...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bowling Scores 1/13/09


151,170, 221 (AMG) 542 Series
Probably the sloppiest 221 game I have had in a long time.  I was confused the entire night.  Anything thrown outside early on wouldn't come back to the pocket unless you slowed it down conciderably.  Teammate Dana came through with a 617 series but the team we bowled did well and even though we took total pins, we only managed to win 1 of 3 games on the night.
On a side note, the team that we apparently "sandbagged" against last week bought drinks for everyone on our team this week.  Hah.
600less streak 21 weeks and counting...

Alsco Irrigation stands at 3-4 for the third third and 87-60 overall.
10913 total pins with an average of 181.88 through 60 games

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bowling Scores 1/6/09

200, 198, 201  599 Series
Let me repeat myself on that one:
599 Series
I'm dead serious on this one and what better way to bring in the new year than to roll my high series of the season. Go ahead and add to my 600 snub the fact that we lost all games for only the second time this season.  It's so strange that when I bowl decent, my team seems to struggle and lose but when I struggle to hit my 180 average, others step up and help us to win games. It didn't help that our leadoff bowler (169 average) threw a 130,128,178 and our second bowler threw a 108 the third game. 
To be completely honest, I was thinking about my first 6 a little bit going into the third game.  I started game three with a XX but then struggled, leaving 10 pins and 4 pins for a series of nine counts.  I had once again converted all single pin spares... until the 8th frame when I missed a 7 pin thus pretty much ruining my chance at a six.  Another 9/ in the 9th and I looked at my teammate Bill and said "I strike out I shoot a 599."  And that's exactly what I proceeded to do.
Nothing else to say really except for the fact that my 600less streak ridiculously continues.  20 weeks and counting...

Alsco Irrigation stands at 38-32 for the second third and 84-56 overall.

10371 Total pins with an average of 181.94 through 20 weeks.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Disc Golf 12/31/08

Disc Golf at Riverbend Park
Tee Time Approximately 2pm.
This would be my first round in months, since the Brownsvalley run.
In The Bag-
TeeBird 162g
Soft Challenger
The weather was crazy overcast and foggy with temperatures dipping into the low 40's
1- Bogey (+1)
2- Par
3- Bogey (+2)
4- Bogey (+3) Horrible teeoff backhand.
5- Bogey (+4) Horrible approach shot with the Comet.
6- Double Bogey w/OB (+6) Threw my Starfire into the water yet again but luckily was able to find it in the water.
7- Bogey w/OB (+7) My disc hit a bush and unluckily landed on the cartpath which in PDGA rules states as an OB area.  Horrible luck.
8- Par
9- Double Bogey (+9) Hit a tree 30 feet in front of me and then proceeded to miss a very makeable putt for Bogey.
Front 9 Score and worst ever +9
(2 pars, 5 Bogeys, 2 Double Bogeys)
10 Birdie (+8) At this point I was thinking about the biggest swing of an even round ever with a +9 on front 9 and -9 on back nine.
11 Par
12 Double Bogey (+10) I was really missing my DX Beast today as it's the forehand disc I can get to turn left. My first shot hit a tree again 20 feet in front of me and then I struggled to get back on the fairway
13 Par
14 Bogey (+11) Worst approach shot of the day
15 Par
16 Par
17 Par- Barely got the disc to stick on this uphill putt.
18 Birdie (+10) Best putt of the day hit a 20-25 footer
Back 9 Score +1 (2 Birdies, 5 pars, 1 Bogey, 1 Double Bogey)
Side Note- (IOS shot a +3)
Well I can say that this is my worst round ever at Riverbend Disc Park and the conditions didn't help any. A small victory was my final putt on 18.  I'm definitely out of practice and need to start playing at least once a week for my game to improve.