Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Movie Review Recap 2008

32 Movies Screened this year and here they are in a nutshell
One Missed Call 3/10
The Bucket List 7/10
Sweeney Todd    5/10
Untraceable   7/10
The Eye 6.5/10
The Bank Job 9/10
Horton Hears A Who?   5/10
Shutter 4/10
21   7.5/10
The Ruins 5/10
Prom Night  3/10
88 Minutes  7.5/10
Deception 5/10
The Strangers 9/10
Kung Fu Panda  4/10
The Happening 7.5/10
Get Smart  3/10
Hancock  5/10
Space Chimps  5/10
Babylon AD  2/10
Eagle Eye  8/10
Righteous Kill 7/10
How to lose friends and alienate people  6/10
Apalooza  5/10
Quarrantine 7/10
Midnight Meat Train  9/10
Saw V  7.5/10
Quantum of Solace  5/10
Punisher War Zone 6/10
The Day the Earth Stood Still 7/10
The Spirit 4/10
Bottom 3 movies of the year
Horrible Mention
Get Smart. 
Being a kid in the 80's and watching this on Nick at Nite and then watching the attempt of Steve Carrell to mirror Don Adams was a farce.  There was maybe one line that was fairly simmilar to the television classic but this one didn't do anything for me.
3. Prom Night. 
Come on now could we get any blood at all in this film?  No I guess not just acting along the lines of the Disney Channel.
2. One Missed Call.
 Can you believe there is a sequel on In Demand right now?!  I guess me having a cruel hatred for Cell Phones didn't help this one either to getting out of the gutter.  At least it had Leland Palmer.
1. Babylon AD. 
HORRIBLE.  Not along the lines of Bug or Freedomland, but still Vin Diesel spells JOBBER in this one big time.  Futuristic Action Film that fell flat on it's face.
Top 3 Movies of the year
Honorable Mention-
Midnight Meat Train. 
Unfortunatley was unable to screen this one in theatres and had to wait for it on Comcast In Demand but just too awesome to not review.  The virtual decapitation blew me away.
3. Eagle Eye. 
Really good Speilberg movie and non-stop action, I cannot believe it wasn't a summer release.
2. The Bank Job.
 I'm not a big fan of Jason Statham in the Transporter series but this film surprised the hell out of me and was really well done.
1. Strangers. 
Now despite buying this on DVD and realizing once you've seen it once there's no reason to see it again, screening this movie freaked me out pretty good which is always a plus and it was one I was looking forward to all year.

Bowling Scores 12/30/08

226, 179, 176  581 Series
What I am now calling the "600less streak" is now at 19 weeks.
We completely dominated in Game 1 beating down NorCal Construction with a season high team handicap series of 990-877.  And then they woke up and Kalkowski proceeded to roll a 733 series (255,238,240) We still managed to keep it close in game 2 and lost by a slim 6 pin margin 887-893.  I began the night with 17 consecutive marks which reminded me of the old school Dean Evans and I converted 100% of my single pin spares.  Then the wheels fell off in the 8th and 9th of the second game.  I left a bad split in the 8th and then I had some problems with my footing on the approach in the 9th frame and missed a makeable 6-9-10 spare completely.  I also began game 2 with Five 4 pins in the first six frames.  I struggled to strike this game until the 10th when I XXX'd out but it was too little too late. 
The third game I couldn't find that line I had in the 10th of the second game and sputtered my way to a 176 with a 9/5 to finish the night.  I believe that's the second straight week where my final ball was a pathetic 5 count.  This time being a 4-6-7-9-10 split. We lost 902-954 but took total pins on the night so we went 3-4.
With next week being position round our team, Alsco Irrigation stands at 38-25 for the second third and 84-49 overall.

9772 Total pins with an average of 180.96 through 19 weeks.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bowling Scores 12/23/08

148, 197, 199  544 Series
"200 games are overrated"
We lost the first game which put us on a 4 game losing skid but then we bounced back game 2 winning 971-956 and then controling and winning game 3 903-829.  We won total pins by a slim margin of 6 pins 2181-2175.  Despite leaving a combined twenty 10 pins as a team, we went 5-2 on the night and that should keep us in first place for the second third of the season.  Not that we need it after winning the first third.  As for my bowling game, you know it's been in a slide the last few years.  Tonight was no different as I started off really badly leaving splits and missing multi-pin spares that I would have no problem converting back in 2005. Even the third game my final ball was a pathetic 5 count, giving me the 199.
As a team though, we remain consistent and have the highest combined team average at 720.  The next closest team is 20 pins back at an even 700.  Amazingly and Horribly I only have 9 200 games 18 weeks into the season and 0 600 Series'.  I could get frustereated and angry but our team continues to win and winning equals more money at the end of the season.
On a side note, Kalkowski bowled another 300 game last week.  I think that's his 10th or 11th of his career.  Crazy.
Our team sits at 35-21 (81-45)

Duffy J has 9191 total pins with an average of 180.21 through 18 weeks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quick overdue movie reviews

Punisher- WarZone
One of the most violent movies I have ever seen.  Punisher- War Zone is action packed and the violence and killing doesn't stop.  I've never seen the previous one but this movie is pretty easy to follow and there's a flashback in there as well.  It's all about revenge on all the mobs of the city.  I really wish I had been tallying the kill count because it had to be second to only RAMBO.
The Day The Earth Stood Still
I confuse the title of this movie with The Day After Tomorrow and the Nine Inch Nails song- The Day the Whole World Went Away.  But nonetheless The Day The Earth Stood Still will hold your attention and it includes some classic Keeanu Reeves one liners.  My favorite scene is when this guy has a heart attack in the Airport Terminal and Keeanu who plays the alien just finishes up his tuna salad sandwich and walks away.  I hadn't seen the original of this movie either which debuted decades ago. 

7/10  Not bad, mild thumbs up.

Bowling Scores 12/16/08

12/9/08 Week 16 
154, 170, 165 489 Series.
7-0!  If you told me going into this night I would roll a near season worst 489 series and we would win all games, I wouldn't have believed it.
12/16/08 Week 17
169, 219, 197  585 Series
My drought for a 600 Series continues.  On top of that, tonight was a complete reversal of last week.  As a team we bowled pretty damn well tonight.  Aside from Bill having a couple of bad games we had a shot to win the first two for sure and possibly the third one as well.  The only problem was that everytime we would make a shot or go on a run of X's, our opponents would do the exact same thing.  And everytime they would faulter and give us a chance to get back in it we couldn't deliver.  The Second game came down to me beginning the 10th frame with a pair of XX, meaning their anchor had to convert a spare, which he did.  I needed a third X to TIE.  I blew it with a 7 count.  So we lost the second game 889-892.  These are high 8 team handicap games and still they had a couple of guys with lower averages that just went off.
Even still losing all games tonight, we remain in first place for the second third of the season at 30-19 with an overall season record of 76-43
8647 Total pins with an average of 180.14 through 17 weeks.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bowling Scores 12/2/08

11/25/08 Week 14-
174, 167, 189  530 Series
We swept Cabral Orchards giving us a 6 game and 14 point win streak.  This also put us into first place for the second third of the season with a record of 21-7 and 67-31 overall.
12/2/08 Week 15
190, 171, 205  566 Series
The winning streak came to an end as Caparello Painting went off with a 918 Team Handicap game 1 and an 880 Game 2.  I wasn't about to get swept as we have managed to avoid that all season so I fired up a 205 the third game and we barely won 855-843.  The 205 was a no-tap 300 going into the final frame but the other team had already finished so there was no pressure for me to XXX out.  I blew it and left a 6-10 that I was unable to convert. I chopped the 10 leaving the 6, frusterating.
7573 Total pins with an average of 180.30 through 15 weeks.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bowling Scores 11/18/08

200, 146, 199    545 Series
Go ahead and mark this night down as my worst night for single pin spare conversions of 2008.  I missed approximatley 5 single pin spares on the night, the majority of them occuring in the second game.  Two 10 pins and a 4 pin in the second frame of the third game, that was when I had to take a walk. So I walked down to the arcade area to mentally clear my head of these missed oppertunities. I returned shortly later and finished the third game strong with a XXX in the tenth.  We played the "special" team tonight and this being a handicap league we had to spot them 183 pins before the first ball was thrown down the lanes.  It didn't matter though and despite my horrible 146 game in the second, our team stepped it up once again with Dana and Ben going off with 205 and 209 games in game 2.  Game 3 we were down by nearly 200 pins in the fifth frame and had the comeback of the year finishing strong with Bill and Ben rolling 214 and 215 respectively. 

Here's the full 3 games w/handicap for each team
Forgot to mention I came through as the anchor in Game 1 and rolled a strike in the 10th giving us the win by 7 pins.
It was a clean sweep for Alsco Irrigation on this night and we move to 14-7 record for the second third of the season and 60-31 overall.
6477 Total pins with an average of 179.91 through 13 weeks.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace is the first James Bond film that I have screened so I didn't really know what to expect.  I've never been a huge fan of the series in fact I don't thing I've ever seen any of them.  This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that knows me though because you'll also know I've never seen Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or any other movie series that everyone marks out over.  The exception being The Matrix Trilogy.
The movie overall was average at best.  Daniel Craig does play the part well, I never had a chance to see Casino Royale but I heard that one got pretty good reviews.  While a lot of the fight scenes were cool, I found myself comparing them to unrealistic films such as Transporter 2 and The Marine.  At one point Bond and the Girl he's with jump from an airplane and catch each other in midair with one parachute.  Then they proceed to fall to the earth, just to pull the cord at the last second to avoid death.  Bond still slams into the earth at a pretty good impact. He walks away not even limping.
I know I give a lot of crap to unrealistic films, but some films if done right can get away with being unrealisitc, like Eagle Eye, which I was more into than this film. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bowling Scores 11/11/08

167, 182, 179  528 Series
After missing last week where our team went 2-5 to start the second third of the season, I returned to a mediocre night.  Again I've been struggling in the tenth frames lately and tonight was no different.  I missed a 4 pin spare conversion in the second game to end my shot at a 200 and in the first game I missed the head pin twice on lane 31 leaving a 1-2-4-10 both times and unable to convert.  Never got anything going tonight, I had a couple doubles XX and a bunch of spares.  The approach on lane 31 became sticky and I nearly hyperextended my knee in the 10th frame of the first game and I mentally broke down on that lane the rest of the night as I became extra cautious on every throw on that lane.  Luckily my teammates stepped it up with 215 and 217 games in the third game. 
Despite Matt Kalkowski rolling a ridiculous league high 707 series, we took 2 of 3 games and total pins on the night (5-2).
We are 7-7 for the second third of the season and 53-31 on the season.

5404 Total pins with an average of 179.75 through 12 weeks

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bowling Scores 10/28/08

191, 243, 156  590 Series.
Position Round this week meaning 1 seed plays 2, 3 vs. 4, and so on.  Here's how we stood going into the night in case you forgot:
Caparello Painting 43-20
Alsco Irrigation   41-22
So basically we needed to go 5-2 on the night to win the first third and gain a playoff spot come March.
Despite being down a bowler this week, that is exactly what we did.  Bill hurt his leg earlier in the week so it was myself, Dana, and Ben.  Game 1 came down pretty close in the end but Caparello couldn't get it together and missed some spares giving us the win 870-841.  And then the second game began
And we went off like a fucking machine.
Ben- 199
Dana- 214
Duffy J- 247
We destroyed the team that two weeks ago destroyed us.  It was a complete reverse in fortune as two weeks ago, everything was falling for them and nothing for us.  This week we were hitting the pocket but there were also a lot of shots that weren't and everything was falling.  I ended the second game with a XXXXXX9 with an all mark game unless you want to count my final 9 count as an open.  Anyways in a nutshell total domination as we won game 2-   993-774.
Game 3 was pretty much stress free concidering we just needed to win total pins on the night and going into game 3 we were ahead +248 pins.  They won game 3 920-853. 
On a downer note though, for the second consecutive week I screw myself over on a 600 series by opening in the tenth frame.  I threw 3 opens in the last game.  Twice failing to convert a 3-6-10 spare.  The final frame my ball came in high and I left my only split of the night a dreaded 4-9.  Unbeleivable. 
 I did roll 65 pins over my average so I may be a contender for bowler of the week.  The lanes just dried out crazy style the third game and the ball was really moving.

5404 Total pins with an average of 180.1 through 10 weeks.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Browns Valley Disc Golf 10/26/08

BrownsValley Disc Golf
Front 18 (Old 1996 Innova Baskets)
Back 18 (New Innova Baskets)
So we played 56 holes (3 rounds 2 front 1 back)  Seeing how it's been a couple of days there's no way I'm going to be able to bust out with every single shot I threw here it would be a ridiculously long blog and I'm sure much of it wouldn't be accurate.
Front 18  Round 1 - Duffy J +6 IOS -4

My putting struggled most of the day and I was unable to consistently put any streak of pars together.  I had a couple of Birdies but also a lot of bogeys and a few double bogeys as well.  This course is much more difficult than Oroville but also a lot better in the aspects of elevation changes, technicality and scenery.  Really amazing.

Back 18- Duffy J +11 IOS +10
Many more elevation changes on the back course and much tougher.  I do enjoy the newer Innova baskets though because you have two layers of chains to putt at and a larger diameter basket.  The front 18 has only one layer of chains for the disc to grab onto.
I was doing really well and on the front 9 I think I was at +1 but it all came apart on the final 9 holes with hazard shots.  I landed in the water twice having to take penalty shots.

 The highlight of this round was actually my approach shot (for par) after landing in the water above.  I forehanded my Starfire and it landed under the basket.
I shot a +10 on the back 9 and it actually all came apart on 17 as I had a 12 footer for bogey and it hit the metal and rolled all the way down this hill turning into a 40 footer for double bogey and I almost made it on the uphill putt. but it hit chains and fell out.+3 for that hole alone.
Lunch at A&W/KFC
Front 18- Duffy J +4 IOS +4
Best round of the day by far.  We ended up playing a few playoff holes to break the tie but we were tired and decided to call the third round of the day a draw.  I hit a downhill birdie putt on this shot

Longest putt made on the day and for birdie.
Overall probably the best disc golf course I've ever played and it was good to get out on the course for the first time since 2002.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saw V

Saw V "You won't believe how it ends"
The catchphrase didn't deliver for me because I've seen Hostel II which should never be watched more than once. 
Saw V picks up exactly where Saw IV left off and if you haven't seen the first 4 movies going into this one you will be confused as shit. 
FBI Agent Mark Hoffman is seen as the hero who brought Jigsaw to justice and the Jigsaw Murders are offically over... so everyone thinks.  In reality, this movie is filled with flashbacks to all 4 of the previous movies.  Someone killed Hoffman's sister years ago and for revenge, Hoffman did a copycat murder of the guy who killed her with an evil contraption of his own.  The only problem is, the "game" he creates is impossible to survive from.  This angers Jigsaw so Mark Hoffman gets kidnapped by Jigsaw and he explains once again how he's never killed anyone and always gives them a choice.  Hoffman becomes the second accomplass to Jigsaw (this occurs before the recruiting of Amanda in Saw II)  All the while in real time agent Strahm is on to Hoffman and tracks him to  prove Hoffman has been an accomplass to Jigsaw's murders.
 Also throw on the side, Jigsaw's ex-wife who recieves a mystery box present from her late ex-husband.  What's inside the box?  We all want to know but we may just have to wait for SAW VI.  Not so scary, but keeps you thinking and if your not paying attention 100% your not going to understand as much.  Gore factor is definately there too with the sawing of fingers and tendons, decapitations, electrocutions and more.  Not bad, I'd put this one on par with the 4th one.
If you've never seen any of the Saw movies but your interested, I would recommend sticking with the first 2.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bowling Scores 10/21/08

211, 203, 180  594 Series
With help from a cheering gallery this week, I roll my high series of the season.  I only opened 3 frames with a missed 10 pin in the first game, a 8-10 split in the second game and chopping a 74 spare conversion in the 10th frame of the third game to ruin my run at a 600 series.  We won 2 of 3 and total pins on the night but we still trail Caparello Painting by a single game as they too went 5-2 on the night and next week is position round so we will play Caparello and if we can repeat what we did tonight we will have won the first third of the season. 
Caparello Painting 43-20
Alsco Irrigation   41-22
My ball was flowing into the pocket nicely most of the night, I did have a couple of bad shots but picked up the multi-pin spares where I needed them.  To be honest I was tired as shit coming into the night after laying tile at the theater for about 10 hours before hand.  I also wasn't really paying attention for most of the night.  Maybe that's something to build on and I should be as unfocused as possible next week. 
4814 Total pins with an average of 178.2 through 9 weeks.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Midnight Meat Train

A Photographer is attempting to shoot New York City the way it's never been shot before and show the real side of the city.  He saves a girl from getting mugged and shoots some pictures while doing so of the attempted mugging.  The next day the girl goes missing and he begins to investigate and track down a killer.  His journey takes him to a train that runs 24 hours a day but weird things happen in the wee hours of the morning.
    Vinnie Jones (The Condemned) plays the killer and does a damn fine job in my opinion.  He slaughters people on this train once most everyone has departed for the night.  His murder weapon is a meat tenderizer which is unique and awesome.  Some people might think the cgi gore was too much but I thought it fit right in perfectly. 
Most movies have an ending that is somewhat predictible but this one I was nowhere near guessing it.  Not going to ruin it but the ending is bustin for sure. 
My favorite part of the movie were the camera angles during many of the scenes.  The one in particular would be this girl who gets decapitated but the camera angle that is used is one that is from her perspective of it happening.  So in essence you get to see yourself get decapitated!  Pretty wicked awesome.  I marked out for that one and had to rewind.
9/10  Really good horror/gore flick. 
I really think this one would have done well had the film company ever released more than 100 prints in America.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


A Television Reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) is doing a cover story on the local Fire Fighters of Los Angeles.  They get a call to an apartment complex and at first it just seems to be a disturbance from an elderly lady.  However the firefighters arrive and the lady is foaming at the mouth.  She attacks one of the firemen by biting him in the neck and the disease spreads and the Quarrantine begins. 
The rest of the movie is pretty much Angela and her cameraman moving from floor to floor trying to figure out why they are unable to leave the complex. As the plot (if you want to call it that) continues, more and more people are getting sick and becoming infected.  The entire movie is shot with a handheld camera and if you get sick easily I would pass on this one.  I never got a chance to see Cloverfield but I'm guessing this one was kind of in the same "reality" style.  Pretty scary I jumped 4 times I think and some of the deaths were interesting enough.
The last 20 minutes or so were kind of a letdown and reminded me a lot of The Blair Witch Project.
Definitley not like the last Jennifer Carpenter movie I screened (Exorcism of Emily Rose) where the movie brainwrapped literally at 3am and the film flipped itself upside down in the brain)  Now that was the scariest screening I've ever experienced.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bowling Scores 10/7/08

149, 145, 233  527 Series
My first two shots in the first game hit the pocket flush leaving solid 10 pins. I thought it was going to be a good night but from the third frame on I struggled horribly to the point where mentally I was becoming completley unfocused and just mentally giving up.  Check these stats:
Total Strikes Games 1 and 2-  2
Total Strikes Game 3- 8
It's amazing that I even got two strikes through twenty frames.  As one of them was chopping the headpin and getting lucky and the other one hit pocket high and barely tripped the four pin. 
My horrible game 2 was overshadowed by my teammate Bill coming within 3 strikes of a perfect game.  Unfortunately he opened in the 10th and ended with a 264. 
The third game began with only my third XXX of the season.  I went back to the basic line I was throwing at the beginning of game 1 and finally found a correct release point keeping my ball right around the 15 board and not getting it so far outside.  I can't tell you how many shots I threw and missed the headpin Tuesday night.  In fact that pretty much sums up the season.  I bet If I had kept track of every shot from 2008 and 2005 that I have missed the head pin more times this year through just 7 weeks as I did the entire 30 week season 3 years ago.  Game 3 ended up being an all mark game and the rest of the game went like this 7/ X 9/ 9/ X XXX.  I ended it with a four bagger and all of the strikes this game were in the pocket!  For the first time all season I was hitting the pocket with consistency!  If I can only remember my release point for next week.
Despite going 3-4 last week our team remained on top of the leaderboard at 29-13.  Just call me the anti-anchor this season as I finished game one with a 9/7 in the tenth.  We lost game 1 by a measly 3 pins 812-809. 
Game 2 we won thanks to Bill's 264 and Game 3 we won with my 233 and surprisingly high game on the season of 216.  So we go 5-2 on the night and sit at 34-15 staying if first place.  If we can keep it up for another 3 weeks we will have won the first third of the season and guarentee ourselves a playoff spot come March. 
Top 4 high games through 7 weeks
1. Bill 264
2. Matt 251
3. Fred 244
4. Dean 233 (unless I was unaware of someone else's game tonight)
Top 4 Averages
1. Matt 208.2
2. Dana 183.3
3. Hal  181.0
4. Fred 180.9

Duffy J 176.2  with 3,701 total pins.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Ed Harris is Virgil Cole and his deputy Everett Hitch (Virgo Mortensen) come to the small town of Appalooza where the law enforcement is weaksauce and  the town is suffering at the hands of a rancher named Randall Bragg that means to own everything in it.  Cole and Hitch are hired as the top law enforcement to keep everyone in line and they don't take any bullshit.  You break the law, you go to jail.  You resist going to jail your shot dead. 
Decent Western here but slow moving a lot of the time with lots more dialogue than actual action and shootouts.  Throw in an out of town widow (RenĂ©e Zellweger) to complicate and distract Virgil Cole from doing his job and there's your dash of love story to this film.  Basically the battle between Virgil Cole Keeping peace and Randall Bragg (not flagg from The Dark Tower) trying to take over things.
It didn't help that I'd been up for 20 hours before watching this one and it nearly put me to sleep.  Thumbs in the middle.  3:10 To Yuma was a lot better.
5/10  Probably a good film for the older generations.
Next potential review-  Quarrantine

How to lose friends and alienate people

Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) plays Sidney Young as a disillusioned intellectual who both adores and despises the world of celebrity, fame and glamour. His alternative magazine, Post Modern Review, pokes fun at the media obsessed stars paparazzi style. Suddenly Sydney is offered a job at the diametrically opposed conservative New York based Sharps magazine. It seems Sharps editor Clayton Harding (Jeff Bridges) is amused by Young's disruption of a post-party shinanigans disguised and with a pig posing as Babe. Thus begins Sidney's descent into success - his gradual move from outsider to confidante of starlet Sophie Maes and a love affair with colleague Alison Olsen (kirsten dunst), that will either make him or break him.
Pretty good movie for an early fall release.  I laughed a few times and the quote of the movie for me was at a post party get together with big shot directors and writers and Sydney strikes up a conversation with:
 "In your opinion what's the greatest movie of all time?  I'll tell's Con Air."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Disc Golf 10/1/08

Myself and Nolan drove on up the Disc Golf at Riverbend Park, Oroville CA today for a round:
Tee Time Approximatley 10:30am
In The Bag-
Champion Eagle
Soft Challenger
25 putts on Practice Basket to Start
Warm up Front 7-
1- Bogey. (+1) I get one drive with the brand new Wraith and the disc disappears in the Rough.  Me and Nolan looked for like 10 minutes and had to take a penalty shot.  Even though it's just practice
2- Par.  Good drive to within 20 feet.  Missed the putt
3- Par.  Too much Hyzer on my Starfire drive.
4- Par. 
5- Par.  Forehand Valkyrie flew past the basket on the left.
6- Par.
7- Par.
Front 7 Practice score of +1
Began on 10 for official round.
10- Par.  Jump putt slid down the side of the hill and I thought I was going to 3 putt.
11- Par.  Huge par save after bad up shot.
12- Par. 
13- Birdie. (-1)  Good forehand drive within 15-20 feet
14- Birdie. (-2) Forehand Eagle hit the gap and I made another nice medium length putt.
15- Par.
16- Birdie. (-3) Another nice medium ranged putt converted.
17- Birdie (-4) Somewhat awkward putt that I had to snap off low enough to clear branches hanging over my line to the basket.  I was pretty fired up over this one.
18. Par.  Average Drive but the length of this birdie putt wasn't much farther than any of the previous birdies.  It sailed a bit high though and bounced off the top of the basket.
Back 9 score and PR (I think) of (-4) 4 Birdies, 5 Pars.
Front 9-
1- Bogey (-3)  A real unfortunate break as my drive landed on the cartpath which lies across the fairway.  I had to take a penalty shot.
2- Par.  Decent birdie attempt but awkward footing on the putt.
3- Bogey (-2)  So much for my Starfire as I tried an S curve forehand drive but too much angle on the disc and it didn't fade back in time.  I heard it hit brush but once again I was looking for my disc for 10+ minutes and I had to take a penalty shot for losing another disc.
4- Par.  Good par save after mediocre up shot.
5- Birdie (-3) S Curved an Orc that I found earlier in the round and it landed 20 feet from the basket. 
6- Par.  Back to the shorter pin placement thankfully.
7- Par.  Big par save on a mid length putt.  My up shot was less than solid.
8- Double Bogey (-1) Arrrghhh.  I threw the Beast and it began to turn left but then straightened out at the end and I got maximum distance almost hitting this lady and her dog on the cartpath.  The disc skipped off the concrete and into the bushes.  When I first let it go I didn't give it a second thought but today was the day to lose 3 fucking discs and believe it or not NONE of them on 6 or 7. I had to take another drop and my approach shot was worthless.
9- Par. 
Front 9 Score (+3) 1 Birdie, 5 pars, 2 Bogeys, 1 Double Bogey (3 PENALTY STROKES)
Final Round Score (-1) 
5 Birdies, 10 Pars, 2 Bogeys, 1 Double Bogey
Nolan's first ever round at the Oroville course ended up being a (+4)
This goes down as the most frusterating round under par EVER.  5 Birdies has to be near a PR for me.  Losing 3 discs is unacceptable and I had help from Nolan looking for my discs but it's like they just disappeared.  two discs I lost were yellow which is the same color as a lot of the dead grass on the course so from now on I'm only buying red or blue discs.  Of course I put my name and number on all my discs but noone ever calls anyone any more and in fact one of the few calls I've ever gotten was a long distance message stating "I found your disc and I'm keeping that shit"  (No Joke this actually happened)
On the lighter side of things my putting was dead on today and I felt pretty confident on all my medium range putts.  Not too many metal kick outs for me today. 
I'll be ordering some more discs online so until next round......

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bowling Scores 9/30/08

166, 192, 197  555 Series
Before I even arrived to the Bowling Alley I had about 11 minutes to leave work, go buy some Band Aid Spray for an injury sustained on Monday at work.  Minor injury to my ring finger, (In all actuality it was just a deep paper cut) but I knew the way I hold the ball in my fingertips I would need something.  I arrived just in time to get about 2 practice shots in.
Game 1 began with a 5-7 split leave that I amazingly converted.  Followed that with 6 more spares before striking in the 8th frame.  Then Opened in the 9th and 10th frames and our team lost game 1 by 16 pins.
It only got worse for us as the second game I finished out with a XX in the 8th and 9th but then in the 10th I X7/ and we lost by A SINGLE PIN 858-859.  All I needed was a freakin 8 count on my second ball in the 10th but I couldn't get it done.
Third game I XXX'd late but the third strike was a ridiculous head pin chop and they all fell down.  We bounced back and won the third game 912-846 so we went 3-4 on the night putting us at 29-13 on the year.  Still probably near the top of the leaderboard.
Top 4 Averages through 6 Weeks:
Matt  206.2
Hal 184.8
Dana 181.0
Scott 180.7
Duffy J 176.3  with 3,174 total pins.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye stars Stephen Speilberg's Mancrush, Shia LeBeouf as Jerry Shaw, an everyday kind of guy who works at a local Copy Cavana paper store.  Jerry struggles to get by with barely enough money for rent.  Until he arrives at an ATM and finds 750,000 dollars in his checking account.  He goes back to his crummy apartment to find it filled with Weapons and Chemicals.  He's being framed as a terrorist. Shortly after being questioned by Agent Thomas Morgan (Billy Bob Thorton) Shaw gets one phone call but the call is interrupted by a womans voice that instructs him to lay on the floor.  Seconds later he's broken out of custody and is on the run.  He has no idea where he's headed and ends up meeting up with Michelle Monogahn (Rachel Hollowman) in a Black car and they both have no Idea what's going on.  Later they find out they're both being framed for terrorism and the only way to survive is to continue listening to this voice on the other end of the phone.
Completley Un-realistic but a true action packed thrill ride that has minimal downtime at any point in the movie.  I recommend this one for sure, going into it I wasn't expecting much, this one delivered.  Only thing I can say is towards the end the storyline became somewhat similar to that of Get Smart.  I'll leave it at that.  We also get witness to the
"Flight of the Navagator 5000" super computer.
Other noted Movies screened but not reviewed:
Righteous Kill   7/10

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Disc Golf 9/24/08

IOS and Myself headed on out to Oroville Riverbend Disc Park for a round.  Tee time approximately 3:30pm:
In the Bag-
Champion Eagle
Soft Challenger
Had a 9 hole warm up on the front course before heading to the back and actually met up with another discer, Jimmy.  He played the full round with us. 
Front 9 Warm Up
Hole 1- Bogey.(+1)  Valkyrie turned left, didn't come back.
Hole 2- Birdie.(E)  Solid drive with Starfire landing within 15 feet.
Hole 3- Birdie (-1) Big Hyzer with Starfire and made 15 foot putt.
Hole 4- Birdie (-2) Near Ace run disc skipped over past the hole but I made a real nice uphill putt that was far from easy. 
Hole 5- Par.  IOS had the most ridiculous shot ever.  As the disc slowed in speed and faded left I thought it was going to hit the tree but it ended up being past the tree and the disc LANDED IN THE BASKET AND BOUNCED OUT.  Unbelievable ace run, unfortunate it didn't stick. 
Hole 6- Birdie. (-3) Another nice big hyzer with the starfire landed under the basket.
Hole 7- Birdie (-4) Threw my Aviar off the tee as this one is a short downhill hole.
Hole 8- Par.  Hit the brush laying in the center of the fairway.  Jump putt landed close enough for an easy par.
Hole 9- Par. I missed a fairly easy birdie oppertunity.
Probably my most solid front 9 ever with 5 Birdies, 3 pars and a bogey. (-4)
Now to the official round, we started on hole 8 this time.
Hole 8- Bogey (+1)  Decent drive but horrible approach shot landed in the brush on the right giving me really no chance for par save.  It was also back to the long pin placement.
Hole 9- Bogey (+2)  Unbelievable.  I took a gimmie par for granite and putted just a fraction too high and it hit the top metal and fell down below the basket.  Mental Mistake.
Hole 10- Par.  New pin placement stood directly in front of us instead of down the hill to the right.  Interesting.  I threw a forehand with my starfire landing it on top the hill.  Just like last time, my putt hit chains and bounced out, however this time it wasn't as flush on the chains.
Hole 11- Par. Forehand Valkyrie turned left and would have been tap in birdie for other pin placement.  Still a decent birdie oppertunity and my disc came up just short hitting the front rim of the basket.  A reoccurring theme of this round as you will see.
Hole 12- Birdie.  (+1)  Far left pin position  this time so my disc selection was to forehand the beast.  It turned left and went past the basket.  Awkward putt from the rough but I hit the gap through bushes and made the putt.
Hole 13- Par.  Probably one of my worst drives, I forehanded the starfire but put way too much angle on it and it went way right.  Up and down.
Hole 14- Par. The magic of my Champion Eagle shot back in April I am unable to match.  Forehand landed right.  Solid approach shot, tap in par.
Hole 15- Par.  Back to the long straight pin locations and a horrible drive hit a tree and kicked my way right.  THE APPROACH SHOT OF THE DAY with the beast landed me close and a par save worth remembering.
Hole 16- Par.  The longer pin placement again
I forehanded the beast to turn left and it began to but didn't hold the line and I sailed past the basket to the left.  I ran my birdie shot a bit farther past the basket than I wanted to.  My par wasn't a gimmie but still converted.
Hole 17- Par.  Longer pin placement, The Champion Eagle avoided the first set of brush and trees but then went to the right.  I had a jump putt for birdie that hit metal but didn't stick.  Make that 3 birdie putts that have hit metal today.
Hole 18-  Par- Seems I continually throw a big hyzer on this hole and come up short.  My putt once again hit metal (Number 4), This time my challenger almost landed on top of the basket, which would have counted.  Tap in par
Hole 1- Bogey (+2)  Longer pin location to the right, I forehanded my Valkyrie but it turned right and I landed in a really bad spot where my only shot selection was a tomahawk with the firebird.  Whenever I tomahawk short distances, bad things usually happen.  The disc never turned over and landed way right in a bush.  Very awkward par putt never had a chance.
Hole 2- Par.  Left pin location, Threw my Starfire but no power and it hit a tree.  My approach shot was extremely difficult, I threw my comet for an anhyzer forehand with extreme angle. It stuck within 20 feet.  I was amazed.  I made the longer par putt.
Hole 3- Par.  My forehanded Valkyrie landed on the hill to the right,  Making for another extremely difficlult up shot to the pin.  I threw a extreme angle forehand from probably one of the most awkward stances I can remember. Landed it within 10 feet.  This is the round of the par save.
Hole 4- Par.  Valkyrie backhand didn't come back into the fairway.  Walking up on my disc, I thought I was going to have to just lay up into the fairway and accept a bogey.  Damn near doing the splits and from my knees I pulled out an Aviar and snapped an anhyzer putt that broke through some thin branches and then hit the base of the pin!  Wow.  Another amazing par save that probably won't be remembered months from now but these approach shots are extremely difficult.  If I could only hit fairways!
Hole 5-  Par.  All three of us tried the forehand S curve to this longer pin position.  We all ended up way left as the discs never turned back to the right.  Forehand approach with soft challenger made for an easier par save than the last two holes.
At this point I asked "What's everybody at?"  All 3 of us were at +2 with 2 holes to play.  The hell holes might I add.  Why we have to end on the two most hated holes on the course I don't know, it just ended up that way.
Hole 6-  Double Bogey (+4)  "Yeah it's the longer pin position at 440 feet" Jimmy proclaims.  Great. That makes for an even more confident drive.  I forehand the Valkyrie and it turns right and into the rough.  Well I guess that's better than being to the right where I've lost 5 of my discs.  Unfortunatley my blind ass can't find my drive and I'm looking for my disc for like ten minutes until IOS and Jimmy come over and point it out in like 5 seconds.  My approach shot is still farther from this pin position than the shorter location.  I choose to lay up and just play for bogey but alas my next shot lands to the right and I miss a fairly makeable putt.  Blah!
Hole 7-  Par.  I backhand my Valkyrie and get somewhat lucky with a gap in the tree to the right.  Disc doesn't go very far but lands out in the open and my next shot I just treat like a forehand drive with my Starfire that lands within tap in range.  IOS' approach shot is memorable as he bounced the Orc off the top of the basket and it took a bad skip into the rough.  He proceded to 3 putt and double bogey to end his round at +4. It didn't help that he was eating an orange while putting.  Jimmy didn't finish the final hole as he met up with some friends back on hole 8. 
IOS-    +4
Duffy J-  +4
Jimmy-  +2 (DNF 7)
Well not a great round score wise but some memorable shots for sure with IOS' in and out basket ace run on 5, and a handful of my difficult approach shot par saves.
Since it ended in a tie we then drove on up to the Chico course to see how many playoff holes we could get in before dark.  When we started the round I completely forgot it was playoffs and I threw the entire round with a comet and a soft challenger.  We were kind of rushing along.  IOS threw the entire round with a regular plastic Challenger.  I have no power in my backhand so it was a frusterating round attempting to get any sort of a hyzer out of the oldest disc I own, The Ron Russell Comet. One of the straightest discs there is. We skipped over holes 12 and 13 due to a larger group that would have slowed us down.  I ended up shooting a +3 or +4 I kind of lost track towards the end because IOS dominated with a round of -5 with one disc, the Challenger!  IOS has a lot of HGH power in his backhands and can get way more distance out of a putter than me.  Apparently he also threw a -9 at the Chico Front 18 over the weekend.  That's the lowest round any of us have shot in the last few years. 
So IOS wins the playoff -5 to +3

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bowling Scores 9/23/08

146, 184, 171   501 Series.
Showed up about 30 minutes early this week to get my Black Widow ball looked at and the thumb hole re-drilled.  What ensued was the complete opposite of last week.  I was dropping the ball out of my grip too early and was trying to figure out how to adjust my release to gain some sort of consistency.  I think I opened in the first game like 4/10 frames.  A couple of makeable spares and a couple splits as well. 
Second game began with a missed 4 pin but then I bounced back to start hitting the pocket on lane 36 but I kept leaving 4 pins on lane 35 all night.  Still only one string of XXX and that was that 5 bagger a few weeks ago during my one and only 230+ game. 
Same occurred in the third game.  I did end the night with a pocket strike.  Amazingly our team continues to roll and I beleive we took all games and total pins this week.  Going into the night we were tied for first place at 19-9.  (all other teams sat at .500 or worse)  So we should be in first solo unless Al's Concrete swept their matchup as well.
We are Alsco Irrigation at 26-9.
Total pin count through 5 weeks 2,619  average 174.6.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Disc Golf 9/17/08

Myself, IOS and Derek drove on down to Oroville for some Disc Golf at Riverbend Disc Golf park.  Before that though I had to stop off at Play it again sports who I must say has a WAY better selection of discs than Sports LTD.
I picked myself up a DX Plastic Valkyrie, DX Plastic Starfire (again) and a discounted Discraft Cyclone.  I haven't thrown a Cyclone in like 5 years. 
Alright here we go:
In the bag and actually used during the round:
DX Starfire
DX Valkyrie
Discraft Cyclone
DX Firebird
DX Beast
DX Teebird (168 g)
Discraft Soft Challenger
We began with a few warm up holes on the front course.
And the round began
Hole 10- Par. Tomahawk shot with the firebird as usual, didn't end up on top of the hill and got my shot within 20 feet, then I hit the chains squarely and the disc rimmed out.  Horrible break to start the round.
Hole 11- Par.  Lucky break on the approach shot and made the comeback putt.
HOle 12- Bogey.(+1)  My forehand approach shot sailed on me and I hit the tree trunk that crosses the fairway.  I don't normally do that.
Hole 13- Birdie (E)  Good forehand with the starfire landed within 15 feet.
Hole 14- Par.  Even though this is my hole, I went for the safe shot of a tomahawk, something we've been testing out lately.  However it released from my hand too far to the left and hit some branches.
Hole 15- Par.  Missed Birdie oppertunity within 20 feet
Hole 16- Par.  Forehand Beast shot turned left like I wanted it to but no luck and hit a tree way up top.  Approach shot was less than solid but I made up for it with a huge par save from about 20 feet.
Hole 17- Bogey (+1)  Nothing to say here other than I just plain missed a near tap in par.  It was uphill but no excuses, just a bad shot.
Hole 18- Par.  Too big of a hyzer shot and  my disc came up short.
Back 9 score- +1 (1 Birdie,6 pars,2 bogeys)
  Man, if I can't get under par on the back 9, it doesn't look good.
Hole 1- Par- I threw my Valkyrie and it flew very straight but too far to the right.  Derek's shot landed in a tree more than six feet up and he had to take a penalty stroke.
Hole 2- Par- I tryed a tomahawk shot again but I didn't get it high enough and it hit some bushes.  I thought my shot was way worse than it actually ended up being.
Hole 3- Par.  Man did I have my second best drive ever off of this tee.  I forehanded my Valkyrie and damn if it didn't fly straighter than anything in my bag.  I had a jump putt and a good run but no dice.
Hole 4- Par.  That left pin position is much more difficult than the other one.  Threw my starfire with a hyzer shot, I got lucky didn't hit any trees and landed on the left of the pin.  forehand approach with the starfire as well went about 12 feet past that I converted.
Hole 5- Bogey.(+2)  Threw my Cyclone and I thought it looked good but I underestimated that I was throwing into a headwind and it came up way short and then a bad kick off the rocks made for a longer approach shot. Still landed within about 10 feet but missed the putt. Frusterating. rrr... 
(((enter the hell hole zone)))
Discs lost- 5 Penalty shots taken- 5+ who knows???
Hole 6-  Par.  Threw my 162 gram TeeBird but it left my hand way right and didn't come back much.  I got lucky though and landed in an open area and my approach shot was very good.
Hole 7- Par. I played it safe and just threw a tomahawk hoping to land in the fairway.  This hole must have gotten inside my head cause for the first time I ever remember I shanked a tomahawk left, and I thought "great there goes another one" but alas I guess my disc turned over and landed in a clearing near the fairway.  Up and Down for par.  We all agree that 7 is the 1 most difficult hole to birdie on the course.
Hole 8- Bogey. +3  The Starfire slipped out of my hand way early and went right and not very far.  I struggled to give myself any sort of par save but it was too late.
Hole 9- Par.  Threw a forehand Valkyrie but too much hyzer left me to the right and an awkward approach shot with no route in to the basket.  I even took extra time to concider my options because of how I birdied this one to finish last time.  No route though.
Front 9-  +2  7 Pars, 2 Bogeys
Final Scores:
IOS- +1
Derek- +4
Duffy- +3
Wind was a factor today and birdies were few and far between. 
There's a bunch of pics up as we are testing out IOS' new digital camera.  Some of them turned out pretty good. 
Until next Wednesday..

Closest Game Ever

And I'm gonna be venting over Desean Jackson's boneheaded premature celebration the rest of the season.  Only a league championship victory will erase the headache.
If you don't know the play I'm talking about:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bowling Scores 9/16/08

209, 183, 168  560 Series (28 of 30 Marks)
Tonight I came to realize that the thumb insert in my ball is no longer big enough.  I need to either have it removed before next Tuesday or throw a completely different ball. 
Game 1 started off ok but again, I haven't strung together XXX in a row this season outside of that five bagger a couple weeks ago.  What does that mean?  Well it means I'm getting my fair share of work in on spare conversions.  I'd say for the most part when my mechanics and release are on, I'm converting my spares 85-90% of the time.  Tonight was no different, in fact if you don't count the additional shot in the 10th frame I had 20 consecutive marks. 
The third game I missed the head pin (it happened a lot tonight when my thumb would stick) leaving a 1-2-4 and chopped it high for my first open frame of the night. I followed that one up leaving the 3-10 baby split in the 2nd frame.  Failed to convert that one for the first time this season. I think I'm 4/5 but don't quote me on it. 
Let me rewind for a minute to the second game.  It was a close matchup this week with Gary's Automotive and we were trailing by 28 pins following a missed 10 pin by my teammate.  I stepped up to the approach with 0 confidence and just threw the ball with a new grip that felt totally awkward.  The black widow hits the head pin high and I initially leave a 4-7-10 split but then a pin takes out the 4-7 leaving me with just the 10 pin.  I look up and now we're down by just 11 pins.  For some reason I calculated it in my head if I convert the 10 pin and strike we finish in a tie.  I convert the 10 pin and I look up to see a -8 pins we are down by with one ball to go.  I throw my final shot and it actually moves towards the pocket... the pins explode and I'm left with a solid 10 pin.  We win by 1- 875-874 (that's team handicap game) My team marks the hell out and we went on to win the third game as well and sweep Gary's Automotive.
Going into the night we were in third place at 12-9 and now we sit at 19-9 and likely in first place again.  I also am noticing that not just me, but everyone's averages and games are down 10-15 pins.  Look at the top 4 games through 4 weeks:
and top 4 averages:

Everyone seems to be struggling and I overheard some conversations that they are using a new kind of oil on the lanes down on the back end, kind of reminds me of pro tour oil in Reno.  Not that difficult but as last season you could hit a board width of about 5 outside the second arrow, your ball would react and return to the pocket.  This season it seems that width narrowed to about 2.
My total pin count through 4 weeks is 2,118 with an average of 176.5

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Disc Golf 9/14/08 w/pics!

Today was the second round of disc I've played in Oroville at Riverbend Disc Course since before summer.
First Round Last Week shot a +5 and lost yet another disc, Starfire. The lone highlight of last week's round was my birdie of hole 15, although it was a different pin placement.
Today's round went something like this:
We warmed up on the front course front 7 holes.  I shot a +1 and then began the back course on Hole 10
Hole 10- Par (E) Tomahawk shot landed way above the hole leaving a difficult downhill putt that I bulleted just wide to the right.

Hole 11- Birdie! (-1) Threw an Orc forehand and it landed within 12 feet of the basket.  I don't think I've birdied 11 before, although this one too was the pin placement on the right.
Hole 12- Par.  Forehand release was too high and I hit that a tree limb about halfway down the fairway.
Hole 13- Par.  If it was the other pin placement (straight ahead) it would have been a tap in birdie but the pin placement was on the right.
Hole 14- Par. Forehand Eagle turned over left and I thought I may have lost my ace disc, but I found it and got up and down.
Hole 15- Birdie. (-2) Forehand shot landed right of the basket about a 10-15 foot putt wobbled out of my hand but hit the chains flush.
Hole 16- Par.
Hole 17- Birdie. (-3) Not a good drive off the tee but I had a 20 foot putt uphill and I threw a lobbing arch of a putt that dropped in!  Huge putt.
Hole 18- Par.  Tried a huge hyzer off the tee but it wasn't a clean release.
Back 9 total- 6 Pars, 3 Birdies. (-3)
Hole 1- Par. Horrible teeshot that landed in some deep rough.  Amazingly I got it close and then made a medium length Par save.
Hole 2- Par.  Frusterating miss of an easy birdie oppertunity. 
Hole 3- Par. Average tee shot, Excellent approach shot.  Tap in.
Hole 4- Bogey (-2) I really thought my tee shot was gonna be solid and then the disc hit a limb about 50 feet up in the middle of the fairway.  Bad approach shot and even with playing for bogey, my approach shot hit a tree again because with the left pin placement and being on the right I had no route to the basket.  My bogey putt was RIDICULOUS.  I throw a snap putt and just before it hits I yell "get in!" and it hits flush and BOUNCES OUT OF THE BASKET. Amazingly somehow the disc remained clinging to the outside of the basket!


I would love to say the dramatic putt that stuck was for birdie or par but it was a bogey save.
Hole 5- Par.  Tried to hyzer my comet but that damn thing just flies straight.
Hole 6- Bogey (-1) Another disc lost (Orc) and OB.  I had to take a drop so my long appoach shot was for par.  Forehanded my Comet that was an excellent shot landed under the basket.
Hole 7- Par. Losing so many damn discs on holes 6 and 7 the last few rounds of disc I played it safe and tomahawked my firebird so it landed in the middle of the fairway. Got up and down.
Hole 8- Par.
Hole 9- Birdie (-2)  My drive off the tee was decent, it was the shorter pin location and I thought I would have about a 15 footer.  As I walked up on my disc I found it to be about 10 feet longer and no direct route to the basket.  I was going to try a straddle putt forehand to my right but at the last moment I checked for an opening to the left and with an extreme step over (nearly doing the splits)  I saw an opening and didn't hesitate a snap putt that hit the small opening and crashed the chains flush.  Awesome. 
Front 9- 6 Pars, 2 Bogeys, 1 Birdie. (+1)
Final Round- (-2)  Today's round was a personal best for me.  It sucked to lose another disc but the record round made up for it.  Key points in this round have to be my Birdie on 17, Birdie on 9 and Bogey save on 4.
A few of the pin placements were at easier hole locations but still a really solid round.
Pics were taken and will be attatched soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bowling Scores 9/9/08

Apparently that 230 was good enough to be 67 pins over my average and grant me Bowler of the Week.  Beating out Kalkowski by a single pin.  And that's where the goodness ends on this night.
159, 173, 160 (no strikes)
So the 0 confidence in my strike ball continues.  The lanes were completely different tonight than they were the first two weeks of league, actually dry.  This wasn't the problem, the problem ended up being my mechanics of approach, release and follow through.  I totally came unglued in this department and was unable to string together anythng the entire night.  In fact in the first game I was missing single pin conversions horribly.  Not difficult ones either.  In fact I missed a 3 pin twice (seriously) and almost a third one in the third game.  The third game began with a gutter ball and from that point forward I started throwing more of a straight route to the pocket and less hook.  To no avail though as for the first time in forever I roll a game with no strikes.  To still throw a 160 with no strikes is somewhat respectable but I still opened in the 7th and 10th leaving splits.
The rest of my team struggled as well as high game of the night was a 189.  We lost 2 of 3 and total pins.  So going into the night we were 10-4 and in first place.  We'll now drop into the center of the pack with a 12-9 record. 
I also mis-calculated on my previous blog.  My average going into tonight was not a 192 but instead a 177.66.  And after tonight it sits at 173.11. 
I figure if I continue to have this low average around the 170 range, then when I do get hot and throw like a 250+ it will be 80+ pins over my average and bowler of the week awards will continue to come my way.  Not that they ever remember to announce it over the PA.
Meh, the season continues..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bowling Scores 9/2/08

174, 173, 230   577 Series
Hah the most pathetic 230 I've ever bowled.  A 230 nonetheless though. Also a near all mark game minus my last shot in the 10th.  3rd game looked like this:
9/ 9/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 9/ X X X XX8
Once again going into the night with little confidence as this will only be my 4th, 5th, and 6th games bowled since March.  What I lacked in Strikes in games 1 and 2, I made up for by converting pretty much all of my spares.  (I did miss one 10 pin in the second game 10th frame)  I left a couple of 6-7-10 splits and that one came up a lot tonight not just on our lanes.  Also converted two 3-10 splits which gave me more confidence on my accuracy for spare shots.
I'd say I hit the pocket for pocket strikes maybe 3 times tonight.  That five bagger in the third game was so pathetic.  The first two strikes were legit, then the third and fourth were brooklyn, and the fifth oh man what a thin hit of the head pin on the right leaving the 7-4-5 but just as I was about to turn away a miracle occurred as the pin action tripped all 3 remaining pins. So ridiculous but this gave our team the point for total pins and we took 2 of 3 going 5-2 on the night.  (remember how we score these right?) I hit heavy on my final ball leaving the 6-10 but it was enough, I look up to see my first 200 game in nearly six months.
Still no consistency at all on my strike shots, the lanes have been wet for the most part the first two weeks until game 3 when they dry out a bit.  Going into Week 3 my average sits at  192.33.  As odd as it sounds I hope to lower that one a bit next week until I can gain enough confidence on my strike ball to consistently find the pocket.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Babylon AD

Veteran-turned-mercenary Thoorop (Vin Diesel) takes the high-risk job of escorting a girl, Aurora,  from Russia to America.  Thoorop is banned from America for Terrorism acts so this guy he knows gives him a new identity to shoot into his neck before he goes through customs.
I'm gonna go ahead and spoil this one for everybody because this is on par with One Missed Call for being the worst movie of the year.  Sure there's action but some of it is so ridiculous to the point of Transporter 2.  So Thoorop picks up Aurora at a house out in the middle of nowhere where she has been living with sister Rebecca.  Rebecca Has 3 rules before they get in the car
1. Don't speak to Aurora
2. Don't look at Aurora
3. No foul Language
and of course Thoorop's classic reply is that he only has one rule:
"Lady, don't fuck with me."
The oscar award winning dialogue continues throughout the rest of the movie.
They go to meet up with his friend at this Bar/Rave place and there's other people after Aurora as well.  Her father wants her back.  So the three of them get attacked in this bar and low and behold Aurora and Sister Rebecca just happen to be bad ass at martial arts and they jackie chan it to escape with Thoorop.
They get submarine passes from their friend and they're off to America.
Jump to Aurora, Rebecca and Thoorop's friend on one Snowmobile and Thoorop on the other speeding across the arctic plains.  Uh oh here come some weird flying machines with heat seeking missles and machine gun fire. 
They miraculously dodge all bullets and then in the most unbelievable scene in the movie, Thoorop takes his snowmobile off an embankment into a backflip as the missle goes underneath him. 
Later Thoorop's snowmobile explodes and we think he's dead but he just has a piece of metal stuck in his back.  No problem for Aurora who also happens to be a qualified doctor.  Thorop's friend then trys to kill him but Thorop beats him to the punch and kills him first.
"What did I tell you? Don't trust anyone"
I'll jump to the end because reading all of this is probably just as pointless as seeing the movie.  Aurora spoke 19 different languages when she was 2 years old and we find out her father created her as she is part human but also injected with Artificial Intellegence and a huge asset to which ever country ends up with her.  She also finds out she is pregnant with twins even though she's never been with anyone.  This has apparently been the experament all along according to her father. 
A big shootout winds the film down and some people die and are then brought back to life hours later.  Yes! 
Then there's some sort of ending with Thorop raising the twins.
And it's over!  It's over.
Roll Credits.
It wasn't as painful to sit through as say Freedomland or the worst movie of all time BUG (0/10)  But this one is bad.  Avoid at all costs.
Other notable mentions-
The House Bunny-  4/10
Mirrors  8/10

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bowling Scores 8/26/08

5 months off gave me just enough time to strain my left knee this last week while playing Tennis.  Leave it to me to play Tennis 3 out of 5 nights in a row and over do it.
So just an ace bandage wrap it up and get going...
150, 183, 156  489 Series  163 avg.
This is a perfect place to start actually.  How many seasons have I bowled my ass off in Week 1 and began with a 200+ average with nowhere to go but down.  Many a time that's how many.  ?
Actually the third game is kind of a crapshoot because I was rushing to get done because I had a fantasy football draft to get to at 8:45.  The league ran late and I missed the first 3 rounds:
Adrian Peterson
Andre Johnson
Braylon Edwards
Meh, not too bad I guess. Back to bowling...
The 7th frame of the third game I lost my slide with my left shoe and started sticking badly.  THis led to a bad finish and a couple open frames that could have put me in the 170 range.
Other notes would be beginning game one with two open frames followed by XX, followed by two open frames until finally I threw a spare in the 7th.
I ended last season with a 186 average and I think that's a good goal for this season.  We're not talking "King of all non-contact sports 2005 Dean Evans" anymore.  Now it's "Learning how to be a parent 2008 Dean Evans" so the bowling dominance of the past may fall off course a bit.  Then again maybe not, maybe I'll bust out a 300 this season.  Who knows???

Monday Night Raw Thoughts

Thoughts on Monday Night Raw
Props to James Blake and Donald Young match going five sets which made it to where I didn't miss any of Raw and it started at 9:30ish. 
No Props to anyone that was a part of booking Raw this week.  This was the worst episode of Raw I have seen in a long time.
1.  How many weeks are we going to see CM Punk go over JBL?  It's like we can't have him beat any other superstar clean so we'll just throw him JBL week after week.  Or Snitzky.
2. THe finish to the Santino vs. Kofi match was fucking ridiculous.  Phoenix trips Kofi and he just happens to land on Santino's knee which is enough for him to get the pin?  Terrible.
3.  Cody Rhodes and the lisp of all lisps.
4. The Main Event finish.  Kane snaps and grabs a chair blasting Dave's knee for the DQ.  Then Dave returns the favor. 
Throw on top of that having to suffer through commercials for the first time in forever put me in a bad mood for the rest of the night.
Oh wait now I see where they're going with this.  They can't put CM Punk over clean at Unforgiven so they pretty much ensure that everyone else isn't at 100% going into the match.  Think about it:
Kane and Dave Destroy each other's knee's on Raw this week
Kane apparently murdered Rey Misterio's "Spirit" and we don't know if he's alive or dead but either way he's in the Scramble match at the PPV.
John Cena is now in Neck Surgery because he never backs down from a challenge
And who's left?  Oh yeah JBL.  Well he lost this week to Punk but he Might be 100 percent.  Oh wait there's one more week of Raw before the PPV so look for JBL to have some sort of injury going into Unforgiven as well.
Well I ended the night with an ROH Austin Aries vs. Genki Horigushi match just so I didn't drive angry.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Space Chimps

Ham III, the grandson of the first chimp astronaut, is blasted off into space by an opportunity-seeking senator. Soon, the fun-loving chimp has to get serious about the mission at hand: Rid a far-away planet of their nefarious leader. Fortunately for Ham III, two of his simian peers are along for the ride.

Ham was originally a circus chimp that would do stunts and wow audiences.  He uses some of these talents to survive the journey through a black hole to another planet.  He along with Lt. Luna and Titan (voiced by Patrick Warburton aka Puddy from Seinfeld) save the creatures of this planet from the Evil dictator Zartog by outsmarting him. 
A good kids film for children ages 6-12 I would say.  A few scenes have some parts that may be somewhat scary but overall a decent film.   Some really cheezy puns in content that I can't remember right now but they made me laugh a couple times.  You also get the Axel Foley theme from Beverly Hills Cop at one point.  That's worth a point alone cause that song is awesome.
So get up and go out and see the 1 movie in America... SPACE CHIMPS!!!
on a side note I spoke with someone recently that told me another movie comes out this weekend as well, although I've never heard of it.  Something called The Dark Knight. Someone will have to let me know what that one is about

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Will Smith plays John Hancock, a homeless superhero who fights crime across the United States but ends up doing more damage than good.  But Hancock doesn't care what other people think, until the day he saves the life of PR executive Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman)  Ray brings Hancock home for a thank you dinner and he soon has a gameplan for Hancock. 
Ray tells Hancock to turn himself in and voluntarilly go to prison to serve time for all the damage he's done.  Soon the public realizes they need Hancock out there because without him Crime rate has gone up 35%.
Hancock also gets to know Ray's family as well and stands up for his son against a bully (the kid that played Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween) that won't stop calling him an asshole.
We find out Hancock doesn't know who he is and he's not from another planet, he just woke up in a florida hospital and was immortal. 
Soon after there's an interesting twist concerining Ray's Wife and Hancock.  Again I won't ruin it in the chance you will go out and see it. 
Overall This movie was Ok but not great.  I enjoyed the first 30 minutes or so when he was being a complete jerk to pretty much everyone and even tells someone "bitch get off of the mcdonalds"   The twist went off in a direction I wasn't expecting from the trailers but definately a watchable movie.
Amazingly it is only PG-13 when the "asshole" count was 20+ and much more language as well. I'm very surprised it wasn't slapped with an R rating.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get Smart

Steve Carrell plays Maxwell Smart aka Agent 86 as the good guys in control.  They are out to stop Chaos from shipping nuclear weapons across the united states to many large cities including Los Angeles.  Max's partner Agent 99 played by Anne Hatheway teams up with Max to go undercover within the confines of Chaos to find out more of their plan.  They find out that they are planning on bombing Los Angeles destroying the city as well as the President. 
Throw in The Rock as Agent 23 and The Great Khali as a member of Chaos and there's your WWE wrestler spots in the movie. 
As the movie began, I really wasn't digging it at all.  In fact a lot of the jokes reminded me a lot of Austin Powers or a similar type of comedy.  Recycled stuff that I've seen too many times.  It did pick up a bit for me towards the middle but nothing above average here.  Steve Carrell doesn't try to imitate the original voice of Maxwell Smart that I watched back in the early 90's on Nick and Nite.  I seriously felt I was just watching Michael Scott from The Office thrown into the role.  Aside from a couple of
"Missed it by that much"  and the "would you believe...chuck norris with a bb gun"  bits, there was nothing else that stuck with the original series.  I was a huge fan of the show growing up as a kid so if your like me and remember the original show, you probably won't like this one much.  On the other hand, if you've never seen the original series, you might find this one enjoyable.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Happening

Movie begins with weirdness in New York Central park.  Everyone stops moving and is still, like time has stopped.  Lady stabs herself in the throat with a metal hair bobby pin. 
Switch to guy at a construction site and someone falls off the roof and dies.  Then it begins raining humans as people are walking off the roof in a mass suicide.
Mark Wahlberg plays Elliot Moore, a science teacher who finds out from a phone call that people have begin killing themselves and it's being announced as a terrorist attack.
More and more areas in the northeast are being hit and effected.  Everyone is dying and Elliot is on the run with his wife, friend, and young child.  They wind up on a train and they are dropped off in the middle of nowhere.
What is this airbourne epidemic that is so ruthless it makes you kill yourself?  What is the antidote they need.  Elliot and a bunch of people lose contact with all friends and loved ones. 
I'm not going to tell you what it is that is affecting people.  The plot in this one is ok, at times though I was sitting thinking to myself, what the hell random tangent are they going off on here?  This occurs about halfway through the film.  They save it though with some wicked kills, including the one from the trailer where a guy gets runover by a riding lawnmower.  There are some other really good freaky scenes including a guy intentionally getting his arms ripped off by a tiger in a zoo, and dozens of people hanging dead from trees.
Shyamalan at times tries to throw in a twist of comedy as well which comes off a bit funny but at other times I think some scenes could have been left out.  There is also this issue with Elliot and his wife and their relationship problems as well. 
Anyways, my overall opinion is the movie starts off decent, picks up to being really good, then falls off a bit once they find a house with an old lady, but then saves it with some cool scenes towards the last 1/3 and the ending was ok as well.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Jack Black stars as a slacker panda, named Po, who is the biggest fan of Kung Fu around..He's working every day in his family's noodle shop but his ultimate dream is to become a Kung Fu superstar. Unexpectedly chosen by the godfather turtle to fulfill an ancient prophecy and become the dragonmaster, Po's dreams become reality when he joins the world of Kung Fu and studies alongside his idols, the legendary Furious Five -- Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey -- under the leadership of their guru, Master Shifu. The treacherous snow leopard Tai Lung is headed their way and it's up to Po to defend everyone from the oncoming threat.  Po puts his weight into the task, and the unlikely hero ultimately finds that his greatest weakness (his love for food) turn out to be his greatest strength.
Some of the facial expressions of the Panda were at times funny and I laughed a few times but all in all after this one was over I didn't feel the plot was that enjoyable.  Especially after watching Tai Lung dominate hundreds of Rhinocerous' to break out of prison. 
A good film for Kids and I'm sure it will dominate the box office this weekend, but I thought Bee Movie and Horton Hears a Who were better.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Disc Golf 6/4/08

What better day to play a round in Oroville than one of the most Windy days of the year.
Disc Golf at Riverbend Park
Tee Time approximately 4:30pm
Wind: W at 13 mph
Humidity: 16%
Well this round was a bit different as we parked in the course and played the North Course front 9 holes as a warm-up to the South Course.  What that means is that when we got to the south course we began on Hole 8 and ended on Hole 7.  And it begins-
In The Bag-
Champion Eagle
162g Teebird
Discraft Soft Magnet
1- Par- Wow is it fucking windy or what? I threw one of the worst teeoff shots I can remember and the Teebird flew hard right landing on edge and then picking up steam as an unintentional roller.  It was hillarious to see and turned into a great shot.  Lucky.  I missed a 15 footer.  Any putt in this kind of wind is difficult.  Even a 5 footer.
2- Bogey (+1) Forehands into the wind don't turn right easily even with massive angle.
3- Birdie (E) really good hyzer backhand landed within 10 feet.
4- Par.  Again, forehand didn't get off the ground and was left a tricky uphill approach shot but got up and down.
5- Par.  Nearly a Black Ace as my disc landed under the basket of hole 2 when it caught the wind and went flying hard right.
6- Par. Awesome hyzer teeshot with the TRex landed within 12 feet but with these winds my putt hit the front of the basket. In fact IOS' shot landed even closer and he was robbed of a tap in birdie as well with the effects of the swirling winds.
7- Par.
8- Par.  Another good teeshot with the TRex but again the wind plays a major factor in approach shots.
9- Birdie (-1) Good hyzer shot on the easiest hole on the Northern front 9 landed within 5 feet.
Practice warm-up 9 final score: (-1)
Ok now the round, and let me add that there was NOBODY on the course today.  Looks like Me and IOS were the only ones to Man up and Challenge these strong winds.
8- Bogey (+1) Decent teeoff with the starfire but my approach jump putt landed short and I missed my putt.
9- Par.  Amazingly missed the group of trees on the right but landed in the thinner group of trees.  Made a longer than I wanted par putt comebacker. IOS made a crazy par putt that hit the top of the basket, fell down and teetered on the rim and rocked in.
10- Birdie.(E) Good tomahawk shot with the firebird that actually went past the hole 20 feet.  Made the comebacker ironically the same way IOS made his putt on the previous hole, it was almost an instant replay.  Very strange.
11-Bogey (+1) Back to the old basket location straight ahead instead of to the right.  At this point I keep over compensating for the wind factor and my shots aren't getting more than a few feet off the ground.  My 30 foot par putt hit the front of the basket.
12- Bogey (+2) Worst drive of the day again didn't get more than 2 feet off the ground and landed about 50 feet in front of me.  Had to scramble for bogey.
13- Par- Again they moved all these basket locations back to the original spots.
14- Par- Terrible tee off again but scrambled for par.
15- Par- 15 is becoming the "Par Save" hole.  I made an uphill putt about 20 feet to save par.  I've seen more longer putts land in the basket on 15 than any other hole on the course.  None of them are ever for birdie though as this hole plays extremely tough.  I'll let you know when one of us finally does birdie 15.
16- Par. Decent drive but no birdie putt had to lay up.
17- Par. IOS almost had the Birdie of the year which would stand just behind my ace on 14 for shots on the year.  He threw an anhyzer shot after a below average drive that had the right line but just missed to the right of the basket.
18- Par. Wind plays a major factor on this hole.  I was able to get up and down but IOS went OB and then ended with a double bogey after his approach shot caught the wind and sailed 30 feet from the basket.
1- Bogey.(+3)  Huge bogey save on this one.  Made a 15 footer with swirling wind.
2- Birdie (+2) really good drive with the TRex (starting to like this disc) landed it within 12 feet of the basket.
3- Par.  If you remember my last round I had my best shot ever on 17?  Well this was my best shot ever on 3 as I got my Eagle to S curve beautifully with a forehand.  I landed in a bush about 20 feet from the basket.  My putt came up short though and I hit the front of the basket which is becoming a reoccuring theme this round.
4- Par.  Awesome drive that would have been really makeable birdie oppertunity except for the tree the TRex hit late in flight landing of the fairway.  My approach Jump Putt came up short and I was left a medium par putt that I converted.
5- Par. "That drive died like Heath Ledger" a classic quote during flight of the TRex.  I had a birdie chance but I shanked my putt badly and never gave it a chance.
6- Par. I steered clear of that bush on the right for the first time in 2 rounds and was able to get up and down.
7- Triple Bogey (+5) ah yes just the way I want to finish the day.  I threw my TRex backhand and it caught wind and agressively turned left and I knew my chances of getting it back were slim and none. Fuck.  I was beginning to really settle in with that disc too.  Took a penalty shot and forehanded my Comet to within 20 feet and then proceded to 3 putt.  Actually reminds me of a Tournament I played at Browns Valley back in 2002 I was in 6th place and then Quadruple Bogeyed the final hole to blow my chances at any recognition.
Northern Front 9 warm up-  (-1)
Back 9 (+1)
Front 9 (+4)
A Decent round until my meltdown on the final hole.  Still not terrible concidering the windy conditions

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Disc Golf 6/1/08

More Disc Golf at Riverbend Park, Oroville, CA.
Approximately 2pm
Wind: W at 3 mph
Humidity: 25%
In The Bag-
DX T-Rex *NEW*
DX Starfire *NEW*
DX Beast
DX Firebird
Champion Eagle
Soft Challenger
Needed something overstable in my bag for today's round.  Went to Sports LTD and picked up a couple of overstable discs.
about 20 putts before we began. There were a few more people out on the course than we are used to.  A group offered to let us go before them so we took them up on the offer.
1- Bogey. (+1) Kind of rushed it but with the pin on the right, forehanded my eagle and it landed without a real good approach shot. I threw a tomahawk shot and it came up well short.  Missed a 25 footer.
2- Par. Awesome forehand off the tee with the Starfire.  The line looked so good but I hit a tree and then missed a 20 foot birdie oppertunity.
3- Par. Teeshot landed up on the hill on the right and rolled back down slightly but next came the most awkward stance I've ever had on an approach shot.  A stance where I could get little power on a forehand hyzer shot.  But I delivered with my best approach shot ever on 3 landing it under the basket. Awesome.
4- Bogey. (+2) err.  so frusterating.  I literally missed a 10 footer, hitting the front of the basket.
5- Par.  Tried to s-curve the starfire, didn't work as well as I would have liked.
6- Bogey. (+3) What I thought was a really good release with the T-Rex ended up being deja-vu in the large bush on the right, I got stuck higher than 6 feet and had to take a penalty shot.
7- Double Bogey. (+5) First Double Bogey in I can't remember how long.  Again I overestamated the overstableness of the starfire and basically through directly into the bushes on the left, leaving me no approach shot at all and having to just pitch out and lay up.  Next shot landed within 15-20 feet but then I missed my putt when I over-compensated for the height of the basket. (7 is higher off the ground than most)
8,9- Some jobbers who were confused on what holes to play were ahead of us and they didn't offer to let us play through so we said fuck this and moved to 10.
10- Birdie. (+4) Really good tomahawk shot that landed 12 feet from the basket.
11- Par.  Not a great Teeshot and left with a very narrow approach to the hole. I forehanded my Comet and got it right on line in fact sailed past the hole, came to a rest leaning on a log 8 feet past the basket.
12- Par.  I'm not a fan of the new pin placement on this one which is to the left and in fact the best shot for this hole off the tee would be a forehand roller but I'm not confident to throw that shot.  IOS attempted to throw one with a valkarie but it turned over too much.  My shot with the Beast on the other hand hit the gap perfectly. In fact I sailed past the hole and a guy on the next tee helped to point out my disc and was marking out for my shot.  Unfortunately I landed in some thorns and bushes and had an awkward 20 foot putt back to the basket.
13- Par. T-rex didn't hyzer the way I would have liked.
14- Birdie (+3) My hole.  Hit the fairway perfectly with a forehand but since there was no wind, my eagle didn't turn right the way it did when I aced it.  It went short and landed in some more thorn bushes.  With a thorn stuck in my leg and another in my hand, I snap putted and crashed the chains.
15- Par. Beast off the tee hit the small gap on the right but didn't turn back over the way I would have liked.  Still a makeable birdie putt that I gave a good run to.
16- Par.  Beast again but release was way too high, I got some tree love though and got a good bounce forward towards the hole.  I was ROBBED of a birdie on this one as my disc hit the top of the basket by inches and bounced down in front. 
17- Birdie. (+2) BEST DRIVE EVER on 17, I forehanded my Eagle again and hit a "6 inch gap" as IOS put it.  I don't know if it was that but it was damn narrow.  I missed a tree by inches and my disc landed 2 feet from the basket.
18- Par. Tee off was below average, I was left a 30 footer that I gave a good run to but not online.
Rewind Holes-
8- Par. Probably my best drive I've had on 8.  It landed in the fairway and gave me a good line to the basket with a jump putt.
9- Bogey.  (+3)  I sort of jinxed myself on this hole as before my teeoff I mentioned that "My Champion Eagle was really working well today..."  I proceded to hit a tree on the left and land in poison oak.  Another near impossible approach shot.  I threw a forehand anhyzer with an Aviar I had lying in my bag.  It turned into a halfway decent roller concidering my lie, and I had a long putt to save par but was unable to.
Front 9- +6
Back 9-  -3
I tell you all of the birdie oppertunities are on the back 9 and some technical holes (Grass Valley course style)  While the Front 9 is more wide open and for the bigger arms and distance.
I just need to not take penalty shots and get up and down on the front 9 and I'm sure a new record round will occur.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Now this is a flick.
5 reels of fun.
The Strangers begins with James proposing to Liv Tyler but she says she isn't ready yet.  He's frusterated but still says "your my girl."  It's like 4 in the morning and there's a knock at the door.  They answer it and it's a little girl asking for someone that doesn't live there. 
Shortly later Liv Tyler runs out of cigarettes so James goes into town to get some more.  Then the crazy shit begins as one of the best scenes of the year happens. 

From the movie poster.  This scene extends very well and the suspense in so many scenes is awesome.  Horror ensues throughout the last 3 reels of the movie and it's basically a cat and mouse game with the couple and the 3 strangers outside, one guy with a potato sack over his head and a suit (I'm so being him for halloween)  and 2 girls with really freaky masks on.

This movie was short but if it was any longer I think it wouldn't have been as good.  Solid horror and suspense all around and one of the best scenes that made me jump ridiculous style occurs when she attempts to hide in a closet.  I won't give it away you'll have to see it yourself.  You will jump.
The only downside I had was at the very end they could have ended it sooner than they did.  There were an additional 2-3 scenes that weren't needed.
Best horror flick of the year.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Disc Golf 5/28/08

Back in action at Riverbend Disc Golf Park, Oroville, CA
In The Bag-
DX Monster
Champion Orc
Champion Eagle
162g Teebird
Discraft Soft Challenger
Just a quick note, most all discs I throw are normally 175 grams.
Holy snap we brought a digital camera and I hope to have some pics up soon.
about 25 putts before the round began.
1- Par.  Threw the 162g Teebird with a tailwind and pretty much the identical shot that I threw the last round.  I put no hyzer on it and it went straight and never came back.  Ironically they changed the pin placement and I didn't know it so my shot was better than I thought.  In fact 50% of the holes today had new pin placements.
2- Bogey. (+1)Terrible tee off and I missed a makeable par putt.

3- Bogey. (+2)Hit a tree on the left right off the bat and scrabled for bogey.
4- Par.  Another new pin placement kind of a dogleg left.  I'm having trouble adjusting to these new pin placements, it's like playing the course for the first time.
 5. Bogey.(+3)  Oh boy, I threw my DX Monster forehand into the wind hoping for an S curve but the disc came out of my hand early and just sailed right all the way into the river.  Took a penalty stroke and scrabled again for Bogey.
6- Bogey. (+4) My tee shot with the beast that normally turns left just held a line and sailed right into the bushes and my disc got stuck about 20 feet up, costing me another penalty stroke.
7. Bogey. (+5)Teebird didn't go very far off the pin and I couldn't make a 10 footer, hit the top of the basket and fell out.  Err. frusterating.  On top of that I threw a second shot off the tee with my Orc cause we were messing around with the digital camera and I lost that disc too.  +4 for the round and -2 discs in the bag.
8- Bogey. (+6) Despite having a really good drive off the tee, I followed it up with my worst approach shot of the round landing in the rough and leaving me NO putt to save par.When it's going bad it's going horribly bad. At this point I'm thinking this is shaping up to be my worst round ever. (Note-worst round ever is +7)
9- Par- Solid Tee shot with the Eagle but no love or skip and the disc stopped short in some tall weeds.

Front 9- +6  Ouch.
10-  Bogey- (+7)My tomahawk shot never made it far enough right in the air for it to come down on the right side of the hill.  I landed on top of the hill making for one of the most ridiculous, blind downhill approach shots I can remember ever having.  I landed on the other side of the hill and hoped to get a roll down to the basket.  But with the way this round is going to this point.  No Chance.  My disc stuck on the side of the hill and left me with an awkward 12-15 foot putt with terrible footing and no balance.  I bullet putted and the disc hit the chains solid but with the rotation of the disc I threw it too far to the left and it bounced out.  At this point I threw something at a tree angry to all hell.
 11-  Par.  With nothing overstable left in my bag I really had no chance of throwing as good of a shot here as I did the last round.  I threw my firebird hoping it had some sort of overstableness to it.  Again no chance, and I was off to the left again.  They changed the pin placement on this one as well, I had an incredible approach shot though that missed trees and landed for a drop in par.
12-Par. Another pin change and another Tree Hit right off the tee.  I'm seriously hitting any and every object in my way at this point. Scrambled with a bustin forehand shot with my Comet of all discs that I haven't thrown in weeks.  Landed about 10 feet from the basket and got up and down.
13- Par- This pin is now more to the right which makes for an easier hole than before.
14- Par- Happy they didn't change the placement on this hole I was hoping for another ace run but instead my Eagle flew past the hole about 20 feet but no problem to get in in 3.
15- Par.   Again I hit a tree about 30 feet in front of me. I walked up to my disc and just threw the beast which ended up hitting even more brush and rough. What came next would be the highlight of the round as I forehanded my soft challenger anhyzer and as the disc approached the basket I yell "get in!"  Disc hits the basket flush and I turn in about a 70 footer for Par.  As awesome as it was,walking to 16 I think to myself- Fuck, am I gonna go birdieless on this round?
 16- BIRDIE. yes Birdie. (+6)  Threw my Beast and it turned left as it is supposed to but the pin placement wasn't over there this time it was farther back and straight.  Nonetheless I was left with a wide open 15 footer that I nailed and was happy with that one.
17- Par.  Another long pin placement on this one and my tee shot was less than average but my approach shot was excellent.  Tap in Par.
18- Par. Good tee off but came up short with the wind conditions and left with a 25 footer couldn't put it in for birdie but ended at +6.
Back 9 score- (E)
The cons on this round definately outweigh the pros as I lost 2 discs, don't have any overstable discs left in my bag, and was dominated by 2 penalty strokes.
The highlighted 70 footer on 15 was awesome and it turned my game around.  Having the digital camera there too was cool, We got pics of all 18 holes so I'll put those up soon, except for 10 where this guy and girl were resting and smoking weed.  They let us play through, I didn't want to bust out the camera and take a pic of the hole.
Is this blog long enough?  heh.
Like I said, pics coming soon.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Disc Golf 5/24/08

Despite a drizzle of rain and mid range winds we decided to play a round at Oroville Riverbend Park.
In The Bag-
DX Firebird
Champion Eagle
Champion Orc
DX Beast
Champion Monster
Discraft Challenger
DX Teebird 162g  (debut)
Debuting the Teebird and weighing in at a light and feathery 162 grams I thought I could get some extra distance with holes with a tailwind.  It worked a little bit but not as well as I would have liked
1- Threw the Teebird but with a tailwind minimal fade and went way right off the tee into the rough.  Solid approach shot though with a tomahawk and got up and down for par.
2- I was unsure of the pin placement and played it the way I remember it last time, Threw the Orc and it came up a bit short and didn't fade left the way I wanted it.  It worked out perfectly though because as I walked up to where the pin should have been and it had been moved back as my disc lay 15 feet from the pin.  Birdie!  (-1)
3- Tough hole.  Tried a forehand shot with the eagle but hit a tree early and struggled to a bogey (E)
4- N/A- There was no pin as they were doing maintenence on the hole and putting in a new pin placement.  Guess we're playing 17 holes.
5- Par
6- Par
7- Par
8- Bogey, missed a comebacker putt hit the front of the basket. (+1)
9- Bogey- Another couple of forehand shots that found nothing but trees. (+2)
10- Par- Missed birdie chance, again hitting the front off the basket after a 15 footer.
11- Nemisis Hole. Decided to try something new.  I threw my Monster attempting to do a forehand S curve.  It worked out pretty good landing in the fairway about 30-35 feet from the pin.  I had an awkward putt around a tree directly in front of me.  I put a little hyzer on it and got it to stick.  Birdie on 11?  crazy.  (+1)
12- Par
13- Par
14- Bogey.  Hah leave it to me to Bogey my favorite hole and Birdie my most hated hole today. Just a botched putt (+2)
15- Par  Hit a longer putt to save par.
16- Par- hit metal on birdie putt but didn't stick.
17- Bogey (+3) They moved the pin placement back on this one making it play way longer than normal.
18- Birdie (+2)
Me and IOS both ended the round tied at +2 so we went to playoff holes
Bonus Holes
18- Both Birdied again, playoff 2
18- IOS' drive went too far and landed OB.  All I had to do was keep my drive in play.  I dangerously landed about 3 feet from the OB marker, hah and got up and down for Par and the win on the tiebreaker.
+2 not terrible for the conditions we were playing in, just one other group out playing so no waiting which was also nice.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Raw Thoughts 5/19/08

Kicking off Raw with Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga rematch from last week that saw Hardy pull the upset with the whisper in the wind.
Tonights Match ends in a double count out and building toward a match at One Night Stand, Falls Count Anywhere.
Let me add that Hardy is crazy over like I haven't heard in a long time.  Just don't mess up again Jeff or that's strike 3 and you'll be wrestling Teddy Hart in the indies for the rest of your career.
Kansas City you did well tonight, for the first time in months I actually felt the crowd energy all night. 
Jericho/Batista was good I enjoyed seeing Dave sell a potential leg injury and Jericho work it the majority of the match.  Some leg holds I hadn't seen on Raw in a long time.  Used to seeing them in Dragongate and Japan matches but not WWE.  I enjoyed the finish, breakdown blocked into batista bomb with Jericho fighting it the entire way. 
Something that I do not agree with is the match that was made by Vince with a loser is fired stipulation with Kennedy and Regal.  I was more blew away by Kennedy going over and Regal's program as evil general manager/King of the ring being scrapped. 
Barring any injury or medical condition to Regal that he needs to take some time off,  This booking move was fucking stupid.  Regal was really getting good heat for about 3 weeks now and to kill it was such a poor move in my opinion.
Main Event was ok, but nothing special.  JBL and Orton go over with them having the stipulations for One Night Stand, JBL getting a first blood match vs. Cena and Orton getting last man standing vs. HHH.  Throw in a Stretcher match with HBK/Dave and this is the card so far for One Night Stand:
Falls count anywhere
Jeff hardy vs. Umaga
Stretcher Match
HBK vs. Dave
First Blood
JBL vs. Cena
Last Man Standing for WWE Title
Randy Orton vs. HHH
Eh... Nothing special for me here and notice it's no longer "ECW presents" one night stand?