Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday Night Raw quotes from the last 10 years part 2

"Reeses Butter Cups" Derek
"Don't judge a book by it's c-c-c cornbread!" Goldust
"your only as old as the woman you feel" Jerry Lawler
Lilian Garcia and Steve Austin = Peter Steele  ?
And Prince"
My daddy ain't no hoe, he's a pediatrician  Christian
there's a difference.
Phil Vigo, yeah you know phil vigo he works Derek talking to Fill
at bank of america…"
Rico might be arrested for male fraud Jerry Lawler
I hope the kings put the lakers, Karl Malone Fill
and Walter Payton to rest"
the difference between Bill Goldberg and  HHH
YJ stinger is YJ stinger delivers
"you should see how this sunset looks through  ?
this bubble"
"That's a bird on fire" ?
"That's a horseless head" Raven
"what an unexpected supplies" Vince
"you whip out your stick I'll whip out mine" Stevie Richards talking 
"sounds like an offer too good to refuse" to Goldust
"With a haircut like that it looks like Billy 
Ray Cyrus went ahead and had 
sex with a retarded hyena" The Rock to Eddy Guerrero
"we're gonna tee off at panamas" Fill
"Hey is pinkton here?" Smelly hippy guy
"I didn't get the world title through
some cheeseball ceremony" Chris Jericho
"You’re a harvard graduate and 
your tinking about HLA and rogering molly" William Regal
"I'm not going to come out here  HBK
and lie to you, I don't know how
much time I have left."
Randy Orton is emotionless like a snake, like a boa, Lawler and Cole 
 you know when your lying there and your  Commentary
staring a snake in the eye and it just has no emotion
and by no emotion Randy Orton actually shows emotion

Monday Night Raw Quotes from the past 10 years

"Jeff Hardy is Excited"   Jeff Hardy
"I don't care about HD, I only care about hurting people"   Snitzky
"Hypen Hypen Hypen" Cage
"Why buy the cow when there's someone that let's you milk Santino Murella
them for free"
"Tadpole Splash" JR
"The Millionare Mauler" JBL
"I don't have all night now kiss my ass" Vince
"Legend Superstar Legendary Superstars" Mike Adamle
"With that viper like mind it can strike at any moment ?
"It's time to play the game!  Duffy Mark out
"what game?" moment
"The only game in town!  The Cerebral Assassin!"
"Chris Benoit is my biological dad… thank god he didn't know. Sign of the year
"Without a shred of uncertainty" HBK
"Crude, complacent Cena
"That was one hell of a copter
"Guess Jeff Hardy doesn't stand on his roof anymore huh? Cage
"No No no I did not have illegal contact with that candidate" Bill Clinton
"We don't know much about John Cutler except his name Mike Adamle
rhymes with butler and if he wins the cutler will have done it"
"I'm not gonna complain about your announcing, the line's too long Lawler
"Nickelbox" IOS
"Are large breasts and skirts required for this function?" Santino Murella
"The alpha male mount position" JR
"Can we get a robot but make him black? Yeah a black robot!" Drake
"Oppertunities Knocks" Cena
"The Samoan Bulldog goin to Smackdown" Mike Adamle
"Rey Mastrio Santino Murella
"Hey it's EC Funk's Birthday today" Cage
"That's the most worthless piece of information" Lenny
"A one way ticket to painsville straight to Nobleville" Jamie Noble
"I'm Finising Kane"
"I don't wrestle those with the fillopean tubes, I only wrestle those Santino Murella
with the adam apple"
"This match is gonna implode at any moment" JR
"Go for a lateral press you fucking piece of shit, oh look a one Duffy J-
count, Fuck you cody rhodes"
"Cody Rhodes needs to hang out with Mike Adamle and grow Duffy J-
some fuckin balls"
"I enjoy torturing the innocent" KANE
I'm definitely not gonna happen to me, I'm definiteley not gonna Mike Adamle-
let it happen to me"
"Arrain Neutral" Mike Adamle
"God please don't go all regular Joe on us" IOS
"Playstation 475, Y Box, and Wii 7400" HBK
"and now at this lime will you please welcome…" Lilian Garcia
"Prototypical Purebreed" Matt Stryker
"Hard Exterior, Precious Insides" Matt Stryker
"I'd tell you I look like a million bucks but I wouldn't want to take Randy Orton
the pay cut"
"I get fan mail from Gene Simmons if you know what I mean" Jerry Lawler
"I'm not having fun unless somebody is suffering" Gene Snitzky
"You want to watch me rub my nipples?  You can tell it to your grandchildren" Zorbo
"Randy Orton is the diamond…Randy Orton is the coal that will become the diamond" HHH
"Do you reserve the right to be white?" ?

Friday, May 13, 2011


"Hey you know what?"

The standard reply is What. But Is that a yes or no question? If you replace the initial question with a person's name:

Hey you know Billy?

The standard reply isn't Billy.  It would be yes or no.

However in the rare occurrence of a person's name or nickname being "What" (William Howard Anthony Thompson) then the initial question would be easier understandable as a yes or no question.

One could also take "Hey you know what" as not a question at all but a statement normally followed by a pause.

Contining with our friend "What" one could argue a statement of "What's up" could have a reply of

"Indeed he is, that's cool he got his pilot's license."

If he were outside.  Or how about this statement slightly altered not pertaining to our friend but instead to the actual word "What" making it  "What is up" which could constitute a reply of

"That sucks about the graffitti on the ceiling."

How about an Alternate:

"Hey guess what?"

Sounds more like an order than anything else.  If you're already being told to guess "what" you have no option to guess anything else which negates the guessing in the first place.  Meaning it's not a guess to begin with.