Saturday, December 30, 2006

Black Christmas

Talk about a hillarious and horrible movie! Messed up childhood for Billy! (yeah that's his name in the movie) Hillarious if you know me well. He murders his mother and grows up to return to the same house he murdered in which now happens to be a sorority. In a nutshell lets just say whoever made this movie didn't shell out enough cash to digitally put in peoples breath when they are outside in freezing cold weather. Plus some hillarious kills and a few rip offs from See No Evil (taking peoples eyes). One lady dies from an Ice Cicle falling off the house (Ralphie look out) and another gets impaled on a christmas tree which just happens to continue to work and blink lights. 
The best had to be the Stomach Gut Cookies that Billy cut from his mother and baked in the oven. The cops arrive at the house and he's dipping stomach gut cookies in milk (2% I don't know)
Anyways this movie made me laugh really hard at times but do not waste your money on this pile of garbage.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bowling Scores 12-26-06

Average going into the night: 192.6

202, 238, 215 655 Series

Continuing to Improve and able to adjust to less dry lane conditions. Our team only took 1 of 3 though and total pins was won by a mere 3 pins...34-22 for the second third of the season but a disappointing 56-70 on the year. Here's to hoping we get back to .500 by the end of the season.....
I've rolled 22, 200 games on the season and 6, 600 series' through 19 weeks...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bowling Scores 12-19-06

Average going into the night- 190

204, 239, 248 691 Series

The most dominating performance of the season and I'm talking as a team. Second game our team rolled a season high 1003 combined scratch game. We won all 3 games (7 points). Our team looked solid for the first time all season.
The most classic thing of the night would have to be my 11 strikes in a row! I ended the second game with 5 in a row and began the 3rd game with 6 in a row. My 7th shot in the third game hit the pocket light and left a 10 pin. Giving me the "unofficial 299 game"
691 is the highest series I have rolled in months and it places as the third highest series rolled during winter league. What made it even better is the fact that we were playing "Kalkowski's" team.
The third game should have been better but I got dominated in the 10th frame. Sooo close to a 700.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Walmart Bockus

Current mood:tired

"Mmm! That smells delicious! What is that? Cinnamon?"

"No..... that's Mayonaise."

"Oh... My Mistake."

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mr. Bucket and the 4 pin

Bowling Scores 12-12-06

Average going into the night- 190

161, 214, 202 577 Series.

I haven't seen so many 4 pin leaves all season. As well as Buckets (2-4-5-8) First game nothing was working on lane 27. Somehow I was throwing strikes on Lane 28 but I opened like 3 or 4 frames. The second game in I changed my approach and went with a straighter ball with less break. It worked out and I had a solid 214. But the bigger bust of the second game was the amazing comeback my team had. We are down by like 70 pins going into the final frame. 3 of our 4 bowlers struck out in the 10th frame including me to win in dramatic fashion. It was awesome. Third game again I had a no-tap 300 going into the 8th frame where I threw my only bad shot of the game leaving a 4-6 split. Weak. But I finished somewhat strong for a 202. I was an idiot on my last ball of the night though as I left a 5 pin and proceded to throw a hook shot behind my back with my spare ball. I missed the pin and in the process fucked up my wrist again as it hurts pretty bad right now. Anyways we won 2 of 3 games but didn't take total pins because we lost the first game by over 100 pins.
We were tied for third place going into the night at 20-15 for the second third (still 42-63 overall)
We will probably remain in third going into week 17...

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Bowling Scores 12-5-06


193, 192, 238(no tap 300) 623 Series

Spares through 13 frames- 1

Average going into the night- 188

We dominated tonight as a team anyways. Took all 3 games and all 7 points. We were currently in 5th place out of 10 for the second third of the season. This is Week 15 and the mid point of the league. The first game I opened in the 10th frame just like last week only this week I left a 4-7-10 split and actually knocked down more than 4 pins when I hit the headpin. Ridiculously lame. Second game in went suprisingly similar to the first game as I sat at 76 in the 5th frame, where I sat at 80 in the 5th frame the first game.
My teammate rolled a no-tap 300 the second game and ended with a 228. I then followed it up with one of my own in the third game and a 238. Overall a good night that could have been better if not for the open in the 10th frame of the first game. Oh and I amazingly went 5/5 on 10 pin conversions this week.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bowling Scores 11-28-06

191, 163, 203 557 Series.

Average going into the night- 189


Lost 2 of 3 and 5 of 7 points. Going into the night our team was shockingly above .500 for the second third at 11-10 for the first time all year. We probably would have lost all 3 games if I hadn't busted the hell out and fired my team up with some emotion. I opened in the 10th frame 2 of 3 games and it was disgusting. Especially the third game because I missed a single 4 pin conversion that would have given me better than a 203. I also opened a good 4 or 5 frames in the first 2 games including a hillarious 4 count hitting the head pin on my first ball of the 10th frame in the second game. I left the 3-4-6-7-9-10 split which was ridiculous and I couldn't do anything but laugh. Never really figured out the lanes tonight. I kept telling myself to throw outside the 5 board but for some reason I was very inconsistent in doing that. Eh, we're on our way back to the cellar after the stellar performace tonight.....
Oh yeah, the most hillarious thing I heard all night was a guy complaining about the lane conditions that throws a straight ball super hard. WTF? How are lane conditions going to effect your ball if you just throw hard and straight at the head pin?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bowling Scores 11-21-06

Average going into the night- 186

234, 234, 188 656 Series

I show up 15 minutes late due to a manager meeting. I show up 2 frames into the first game. (your allowed 3 frames before you have to wait until the next game) First shot I throw 9/ and follow that up with a series of XXXX and the lanes are super dry and yet I have found a good line to the pocket. I'm super pissed about that first game though cause I opened in the 10th frame leaving a 6-7-10 split that I couldn't convert.

Second game started off decent but not great as I didn't strike until the 5th frame but then strung together XXXX four from the 8th to the 10th and missed an all mark game by chopping a 4-5 leave in the tenth but this set up my run for 3 234 games which would have been unique to say the least.
Unfortunately it didn't turn out that way and I missed a 4 pin leave in the 5th frame. I ended the game strong though and as it turns out I won the 2nd and 3rd game for our team by striking and finishing strong in the 10th frame.

Our team won all 3 games and took all 7 points for the first time all year. I'm pretty content on finally coming through as the anchor on our team for once. Even if it did take 13 weeks into the season...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

9 In The Pit......A-

Bowling Scores 11-14-06

173, 178, 210 561 Series....

2/6 Ten pin conversions

50% Anchor pulls through.....

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Bowling Scores 11-7-06

164, 180, 198 542 Series.

Average going into the night- 187

After a day of doing nothing but Interviews at the theater, I was drained when I arrived at the bowling alley. Tired as shit and I never really came around the whole night. First game second frame in I missed a 10 pin conversion and it wouldn't be the last either as I missed probably a good 3 or 4 spares on the night that should have been converted. I wish I was playing no-tap last night because the single pin leaves were my best friend. So what do you do? Set your standards lower. Single pin leaves? Well that's 90% and an A-. So instead of busting the hell out I would instead encourage my team with the "Yeah! A-!" whenever they left a pin. Now I don't know if this encouraged them or not but it got me through the night.
Second game I finished decently which tells you again how bad it could have been. The third game was a bust and it was deja-vu from last week:
Third Game Strikes per lane:
Lane 33- 0
Lane 34- 6
If I hadn't opened in the first frame I would have had a dutch 200 going all the way into the 10th frame.
The most hillarious thing on the night was the fact that our team was the last ones on the lane as everyone finished before us and the people that run the league were waiting for us to finish and people were busting about getting home to watch "House" at 9pm. So in the 9th frame I look up and all 3 of my teammates rolled a 9 count in the 9th frame. I get up to the approach on lane 33 and I declare a re-rack. So I reset the pins on 33 proclaiming that they "looked a little bit off set" Which pissed off a good amount of people who were wanting to leave. It was hillarious let me tell ya. So anyways I end up leaving a 10 pin which totally botched the whole idea but anyways....
We lost 5 0f 7 as this was the first week of the second third of the season (weeks 11-20) We sit if not back in the cellar where we belong, damn close to it.
No confidence building.......
Till Next Week..........

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

If there was ever a volume 2 this is it.

Cleaning house I stumbled upon a random busting story that I wrote a long time ago. No it's not the original Ultimate Classic Supreme Rockin bockus or the one regarding Guacomole Orangutans landing from outer space. So if I was to ever have made a volume 2 this would be it:
I am sorry to regret to inform you that Leonard Kowalski's mother (who was married to the five gallon tub of mayonaise) has filed for a divorce. She was caught having an affair with a mustard stuffed blueberry muffin with cranberry sauce. The tub of mayonaise was heartbroken and later that day drove off a cliff on the Skyway leading up to paradise.
A Suicide note was left in the car:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I now realise that I cannot fulfill the wonderful relationship I had with my wife. My wife has left me for another condiment. We spent many days of our lives together spreading me around and around. But I realize now that I am not the same mayo I was when I was married. I could see if I was miracle whip or something but you were looking at the real deal here. Mom and Dad I love youbut cannot live wiht myself anymore. I have but one requestand that is to be buried in the Refrigidare 5000. I guess my mayonaise has gone bad and I am expired. Mr. Mustard please take care of my wife and treat her right. Be careful where you spread your mustard! Goodbye Mom and Dad and could you tell my wife that I will always love her.

-5 gallon tub of mayonaise

The 5 gallon tub of Mayonaise rests in peace in Pesant Valley, Oroville, CA in the back of a trailer park.
Let us never forget him and think before we go to Wendy's and say "I would like a bacon cheeseburger, hold the mayo." Because Dammit, Mayonaise was born to spread itself and when you decline it it's main use in life, you decline it what it seeks most....
The thought that they satisfied you and that you had a damn good burger for lunch.
Thank You for reading an original bust from the mind of Dean Evans Jr. This was written a long time ago and over the years it's not that I don't appriciate the bockus of it all, but I don't creatively produce gems/masterpieces like this anymore. Fingers crossed for a volume 3 at some point in the future............

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bowling Scores 10-31-06


Ha Ha Ha, ok before I get to the scores on the night let me tell you about the bust of the night. Well I decide to dust off the old Leonard Kowalski costume for Halloween and I wore it to work today and to the bowling alley. So here's the busting quote of the night:

"I like your shirt."

Now you may have needed to be there to hear this one and the story behind it, or so what I think may have been constrewed. So there's this guy on my league, I've mentioned him before... Matt. Anyways he's pretty much a pro and I've witnessed him roll at least 3 perfect games if not more. Anyways the bust is the fact that his last name is Kalkowski. So those that were in the TWA remember my shirt that has Kowalski Kliq on the front of it. Anyways I think he thought it said Kalkowski Kliq. WHAT A FUCKING BUST. Anyways I just played along and then later I couldn't stop laughing. On to the scores on the night...

164, 184, 190 538 Series

Strikes per lane through 25 frames:

Lane 35- 0
Lane 36- 8

Super dry tonight which is good to a point with a violent reactive ball like the black widow. But I found myself shouting out:


Pretty much the whole night. I am suprised those scores were what they were because I didn't find my line the entire night until the 9th frame of the third game and I ended up XXXXing out in the 3rd game for a 190. On top of that I XXX'd the second game to roll a 184. Tells you how shitty of a night it was. Our team lost all games and all 7 points.
Tonight was the last week of the first third of the season putting our team who has ran the table in the Cellar Week 1- Week 10 at 22-48 on the season. What's even funnier is we have the second highest team average at 723.
Next week we start the second third. I'm not very confident we can bounce back at this point. Going into the night my average had jumped to a 188 but it will dip below that after tonight. Until next week......

Friday, October 27, 2006


Current mood:tired

Back for another movie in the series that is becoming a cult classic... well maybe not to go that far yet.
Saw III picks up right where Saw II left off which was really cool and the opening scene is very good with the detective guy getting dominated (I won't go into any details to avoid the spoiler) and gave me a good feeling that this one was going to be awesome. Unfortunately it turned out to be not so awesome. Good yes, but not great.

The third movie revolves around Jigsaw and how he is dying of cancer. His protoge' , Amanda, that survived the first one, kidnaps a doctor and she is forced to keep Jigsaw alive long enough for someone else to finish "the game". If Jigsaw dies, she dies basically cause of this wicked contraption around her neck. In the meantime this other guy has to pass a series of tests to reach the person that ran over and killed his son, so he can have vengeance.

This movie was all over the place for the first 30 minutes. I had no clue where the plot was going for a while. I do give credit for some of the flashbacks to the first Saw and explaining a bit more of the character of Jigsaw and Amanda. There were some good gore in this movie some which I would say are more gruesome than the first 2 in the series. But I was a bit disappointed in some of the torture devices even though their effects were ruthless.

If you have seen the first 2 Saw's and liked them, then I mildly recommend this one. If your into the gore movies and go to Gwar Concerts on a regular basis then I strongly recommend this one.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bowling Scores 10-24-06


258, 181, 212 651 Series

The lanes were the complete opposite last night from a week ago. Very Dry and they became drier with each passing game. The First Game went like this:

9/ 9/ X X X X X X X 9/ X

Giving me my first No-Tap 300 in a long time. In fact the 258 is my highest game since hurting my wrist way back when. Second game the lanes got so dry I had a hard time finding a line to the pocket. With my ball being an Agressive Reactive coverstock, I knew this when i bought it and told myself I would just have to adjust when the lanes were super dry and I did. Also only left 2 open frames the whole night. One 10 pin missed in the 2nd game and I chopped a botched 1-3-9 leave in the first frame of the 3rd game. Overall a pretty good night concidering my average is still sitting at a measly 184. Oh and our team is still in the cellar but we managed to win 2 of 3 and total pins giving us 5 of 7 points.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brian Pillman- Loose Cannon

Just got The Pillman DVD in the mail as I had to special order it cause it's not available anywhere around chico. Along with the new BT CD/DVD as well.

Anyways, The Pillman DVD is a 2 disc set with the first disc being a look back at his career and life. From when he was a kid and nearly died from problems with his throat. He needed over 40 operations as a child and some nearly ended his life. It then goes into his football career in College and for a year with the Cincinatti Bengals. From there moving to Training at the Hart Dungeon and getting signed in WCW. The Hollywood Blondes with Steve Austin and how that dominant tag team that was getting over, got the axe because the higher ups were afraid of losing their spot. From there it talk of his take off as singles competitor and title runs as light heavyweight champion. The transformation from "Flyin" Brian Pillman to "The Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman. Then quitting WCW and actually walking out on a strap match with Kevin Sullivan which was quite interesting to say the least. Moved to ECW briefly turning heel and then his car accident which jacked up his ankle which would then become a struggle for the rest of his career.
I won't go into everything that is covered but another main reason this DVD is very well put together is because of the matches. Over 15 matches on this DVD including WrestleWar 91' and light heavyweight title matches against Jushin Thunder Liger and Richard Morton. It may be because between the years of 1988 and 1994 I was all about WCW and not so much WWF but this DVD has a lot of matches from when I was Pro- WCW and when I thought WCW was in it's prime, but this DVD is definately worth the price and I recommend it to any wrestling fan. It's good stuff and a bunch of extras as well including the infamous Austin/Pillman Gun pulling incident in 1996.
"Austin may be 3:16 but Pillman 9 Millameter Glock says......"

Again.... Very Good Stuff.

The Marine


Man, you wanna talk about a hillarious waste of 2 hours? Well I give you The Marine, starring John Cena. I'll throw out a guarentee and say that Cena will not be the next big thing in hollywood ala the rock. This movie was a joke from the very beginning. From the opening scene which is a close up of Cena's face as a Marine, To the ridiculous amount of explosions that Cena just happens to "dive" out of and into the water or onto the ground, this was a joke. I'm not even gonna go into the cheezy music that oversees much of the movie. I'll keep it short and say stay away from this one. The only thing it may have is what seemed like a no limit budget for blowing things up.


See No Evil was way better.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bowling Scores 10-17-06

149, 203, 203 555 Series

Average Going Into the Night- 184

The lanes were supremely oily tonight.........

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bowling Update

Hammer Black Widow
What are we Talking about?.........Practice.
I finally did it. I threw down 180 bones and got a ball of my own. The Hammer Black Widow. After Purchasing it I decided to throw a few games. 4 to be exact and the result is as follows:

176, 234, 224, 255 889 Series.

Whoa! 255 that is by far the best game since I injured my wrist way back at the beginning of summer. Let me tell you I got more pin action with this ball than I have seen in a long time. Pro Shop guy who sold it to me says newer balls are good for that about 40-50 games and then begin to wear down. Some other tips include remembering to wipe all the oil off of your ball before putting it back in your bag at the end of the night cause the oil will seep into your ball and shorten it's durability.
While I'm on the subject of Bowling I guess I'll inform everyone of how this league is going 7 weeks in. Well currently my average stands at a 184 (18 pins down from last year) And I've only rolled 5 200 games this season compared to averaging at least 1 every 3 games last year.
Now to my team this year who have the second highest combined league average (704) Yet we are dead last in the league at 15-41. It's to the point where we have so many solid single pin leaves that it jumps from hillarious to furious with each passing game. And as always the team we bowl each week decides to have their best week of the year.

Anyways, perhaps now that I have a brand new ball I will begin doing weekly reports of my season again. Until next Tuesday...........
Duffy J-

Friday, October 6, 2006

Texas Chainsaw Massacre- The Beginning

"They may not remember who we are, but by god they'll remember what we've done."

This was the prequel to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre as 4 teens are on one last road trip before 2 of them get shipped off to Vietnam for war. But this movie focused more on the Sherrif or should I say who became the sheriff after the town was evacuated. It also goes into Leatherface and how he grew up as a child. If your looking for some gore this movie definately has it.
Some early reviews are saying this is the scariest movie of the year. I don't agree with that but it is scary. I would put The Descent above this one for scare factor. I liked this movie because they definately utilize the chainsaw more than in the original re-make a few years ago. The ending scene is very good and although a lot of this movie was predictable concidering it's a prequel, it was good and had me yelling "BOOM!" at the screen like a complete mark.
If you liked the original, go check this one out it's pretty good.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bowling Update

I was not going to post anymore on my bowling progress/de-progress until I had a decent night. Well let me just jump right into what's been going on.
I have still yet to buy a ball that I like, however I did have a 15 lb ball lying around the house that I had forgotten one of my old managers had given me. So a couple weeks ago I go get it drilled to actually fit my hand. The first time I have owned a ball that fits my hand since I was a kid. I threw a few games with it still learning the whole "put your thumb in the ball" routine. It's taking time but I'm realizing now that it's gonna be all about finesse and not power (Pennington not Favre) So moving on, I've bowled 2 weeks now with the new ball. Going into last night my average had dipped down into the low 170's. Ha.

215, 234, 183 632 Series.

The first 600 series I have seen since I hurt my wrist back so many months ago. There is good news and bad news though while the good news being I retained my anchor postition on my team, Our team currently sits at 0-21 after 3 weeks. Hillarious that we are in the doghouse concidering we have not bowled that badly. It just seems the team we have bowled 3 straight weeks have bowled their ass off and had career nights. I mean we are making our average and exceeding it on a regular basis but it just isn't enough. Oh and it doesn't get any easier as next week we bowl a team with an ungodly handicap and start each game already 190 pins in the hole. So I expect us to see our first win of the season sometime in Week 5.

As for buying a new ball that fits my hand and gives me a bit more hook. I'm still looking and perhaps will purchase the Brunswick Black Widow which retails at $169.99. Looks like a solid ball to me and I've talked to some of the pros at the lanes they say the same. Until then I take a more conservative approach each week with this new ball that doesn't hook much but each week I'm getting more comfortable with it.

I don't know if I'm going to do weekly bowling scores this year just because I really don't want to post those scores in the 130-150 range. Hopefully there won't be many. Ok Bowling fans until next time............
Duffy J-

Saturday, September 2, 2006

The Wicker Man

Nicolas Cage is a highway patrol officer who pulls over this car towards the beginning of the movie because this little girl in the back seat dropped her doll out the window. Well just as soon as he picks the doll up out of the middle of the road the car gets plowed by a semi truck.

Switch to later down the line as Cage (I don't remember his name in the movie at this time) is taking a few weeks off from work to recover from the accident. He gets a letter from his ex-fiance saying she has a daughter now and her daughter has gone missing. She thinks her daughter has been kidnapped and needs his help.

Anyways the story goes from there as Nicolas Cage goes to investigate the disappearance where she lives on this Island where all the people there seem a little strange.
This movie was good throughout until you get to the end which pissed me off to a great extent. I'm sitting there and I'm like, "is this movie really gonna end this way? Oh my god it is. What a bunch of bullshit."

So I suggest walking out of the movie about 20 minutes before it ends and with a good imagination you can come up with a better ending. Then again that would be pointless and a waste of money for most of you so, no I won't suggest you see this movie.


Go see Beerfest instead, which I have yet to do a review on but perhaps I will at a later time.....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Madden 2007

Just like everyone else I was waiting forever for this year's NFL Madden series. As they promoted the game all over Television dedicating last tuesday as "Maddenoliday" Well after playing it for the first time on the PS2 Console I have to say that I am not impressed what so ever. Many that know me know that I like a good defensive football game and this game is far from it. I have played about 4 games with friends now and every game has been over 70 combined points and over 600+ yards of combined offense. The game just isn't fun when you cannot stop your opponent even when you pick a run defense and they run up the middle, bounce off 3 or 4 tackles and still get a 4 yard gain. Ridiculous. So anyone that was thinking about buying this game, take my advice and stick to Madden 2005 or 2004. (I never played 2006) The game is also way faster. The gameplay is just sped up and there are just so many additions you can make until a game becomes so damn complicated that you just don't care anymore. The same goes for Tiger Woods 2006. (Woods 2004 was the best by far, thanks for borrowing it and never returning it Funk) Anyways now I'm going off on tangents so I'm done.

On a side note: Everyone go out and buy BT's This Binary Universe which comes out tomorrow. I'm not listening to it yet but I will be within 24 hours, I haven't heard a BT album I haven't liked yet......

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Just purchased the McMahon DVD that came out today. It really is quite entertaining. I recommend picking it up if your a fan of Vince McMahon and all he has accomplished over the years. Here is a quick summary of all the documentary covers:
The original wrestling territories and how Vince bought out the AWA and began televising wrestling in the early 80's with the debut of WrestleMania.
The entire Austin vs. McMahon Feud
Buying out WCW and the positives and negatives of buying out your compitition.
The difference between Vince McMahon the WWE owner and Mr. McMahon the onscreen sick and twisted badass that fires people and makes wrestlers lives a living hell.
The rise and fall of the XFL
There is a bunch of other stuff including a few points I must make"
The reason Stone Cold Steve Austin left in 2002 is because he didn't want to put over Brock Lesnar in a King of the Ring Qualifier match on Raw.
A classic Hulk Hogan Quote: "If you have any friends in this business, your not making any money"
Stephanie McMahon reveals that Vince McMahon wanted to be revealed to be the father of her child in an Incest angle that she refused. At which point Vince asked if Shane McMahon would work instead. Stephanie refused.
Vince also wanted HHH/Stephanie to be married on PPV.
This is all on Disc 1
Disc 2 includes 7 + of Vince's best matches.
I haven't watched the matches yet but it is definately interesting and I recommend any wrestling fan to go out and pick up a copy.
It's interesting stuff unless you want to remain a complete and total mark like Andrew Piersons.

Duffy J-

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Someone is all about putting viruses through the internet....... Something happens and the dead end up coming through to our side. "They want what we have....They want life..." A bunch of people start dying when touched by the ghosts from the other side....
Anyways a cross between white noise, fear dot com... cry wolf... Saw.... and a bunch of other horror flicks just doesn't get it done son. Although there is this part towards the beginning with this pretty jacked up looking cat in the closet. But not worth your money or time. Not the worst movie I have ever seen... It was definately better than Freedomland or the Medallion but still..........


Friday, August 4, 2006

The Descent

Scary? Ohhhhhh Yeah.

The Decent is about a group of girls that decide to go cave exploring out in the middle of nowhere. Apparently the cave has been explored before but then later they realize it hasn't and they get stuck down there when a passage collapses.

The first 30 minutes your wondering why they are comparing this movie to the original Alien and why everyone is hyping it up so much in the advertising but then.... Holy shit everything goes crazy and well........Let's just say the group encounters some crazy cave monsters that look nuts. If you enjoy scary ass movies then this is definately one for the books. This movie was originally released last year in the UK and you can buy the UK version on DVD. Apparently they changed the ending to be a bit more "American Friendly" whatever that means. I'd like to see how the original version could be any less "happily ever after"


Duffy J-

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Bowling Update

Current mood:blah

Many may be wondering if I quit bowling due to my wrist injury. Well the answer is no but maybe I should. Or at least take a break. To be completely honest the last 3 weeks of bowling have been so outrageously horrible, that I am embarassed to even post my scores. I am past the frusterated stage and it continues to be me not caring at all about the outcome of each week. There are a couple of points to make about tonight's league night:

1. I witnessed 2 people bowl perfect games in the same night. Quite Impressive.
2. AMF Lanes recently refinished their approaches and many people are having a tough time adjusting. This would include 2 bowlers completely eating shit as their shoes stuck and they fell face first onto the lane. One of which could not continue. (Welcome to my world some 6 weeks ago...)
3. My future is up in the air at this point. I know I have many options: A- Enter Winter league left handed and attempt to hold a 130-140 average until I can improve my mechanics. This would mean I would have to bowl every week (33 weeks) Left handed because in a sanctioned league you must enter left or right handed and it is illegal to switch, halfway through the league. B- Continue how I am going, maintaining a 170ish average at best and continue to roll the ball with my thumb in it, being completely inconsistent and unreliable as the Anchor of the team. Or C- Buy a brand new bowling ball for around $250 bucks, basically learn to bowl all over again with the thumb in the ball and roll the dice with which ball to purchase whether it be a ball for light, medium or heavy oil conditions.
There are 3 weeks left in Summer League, and Winter league starts in 4 weeks. I have no clue what the hell I'm going to do but I will let everyone know when I do........

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Waist Deep

Gangsta Gangsta.

Waist Deep Stars Tyrese (what the hecks his last name?) As a former Felon with two strikes that just wants to be with his son. While taking his kid home from school he gets jumped and his car gets jacked with his son in the back seat. A gun fight ensues and some people die and the movies plot is basically his son is being held by a Los Angeles gang and the only way he can get his son back is to come up with $100,000 that he doesn't have. So he has to once again become a felon and risk his third strike going back to prison forever by stealing money and jewelry. Mixed into all of this is some killer hip hop tracks that overshadow a whole lot of violence, language, and beatdowns......and more beatdowns. Yep this movie is definately dirty south worthy and I bet will become a Cron Classic.
Overall the movie wasn't horrible and I give it a mild thumbs up. Actually I'm not gonna do the whole thumb thing.......... 7 out of 10.
Duffy J-

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Lady In The Water

M Night Shyamalan's Lady In The Water.

Was this supposed to be scary? There are maybe 2 or 3 parts that could possibly make you jump but seriously this movie was just about as good as The Village, or Signs, or Unbreakable. Mediocre at best. They try to throw everything together at the end and yes there are twists and turns but the whole story just didn't flow during the 2 hours. There are some funny parts as the main character uncontrollably stutters during the film but I wouldn't waste my money on this one.


Shyamalan needs to do something else with his career cause since the Sixth Sense he's trying to repeat that movie's success and he just isn't getting it done.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bowling Scores 7-11-06

Current mood:mellow

144, 177, 166, 151. 638 Series

0-18 past 2 weeks.


900 Carrer Wins

As many of you know It has become a tradition to watch Monday Night Raw at my house and has been a tradition dating back to even the early days of 1993 at my parents house. Well beginning in July of 2001 I began keeping records of peoples picks on all of the matches. Say Hulk Hogan was wrestling the Undertaker, I would get everyones picks before the match and if you pick the match correctly you get a win. If you incorrectly pick the match you get a loss. Anyways I have kept track of everyone's records over the past 6 years and I thought it would be a good time to cover everyone's Carrer record. The reason I found now a good time is because this past Monday I hit the 900 club. 900 carrer matches picked correctly. So as I creep closer to 1,000 I give you every single person to ever watch wrestling at my house on Monday night's record. This is for the entertainment factor and I honestly think nobody cares about this other than me but here are the CARRER STATISTICS:


Duffy J- 900 342 .724

IOS 754 371 .670

Fill 477 267 .641

Joey 318 136 .700

Doua 290 156 .650

Lenny 122 63 .659

Terry 140 59 .703

Shane 104 63 .622

Weber 98 68 .590

Cage 133 61 .685

Funk 117 45 .722

Tjuice 138 71 .660

Adam 55 26 .679

Rye 50 39 .561

Kari 44 27 .619

Steff 24 22 .521

Struck 21 19 .525

Toua 19 25 .431

Derek 15 7 .681

Lindsey 12 8 .6

Grady 10 5 .666

Dredge 9 4 .692

Pete 9 3 .75

Stev-o 7 6 .538

Nalbone 7 8 .466

PCW 6 3 .666

Chris 5 3 .625

Gillian 4 1 .8

Clint 2 6 .25

There you have it. I just wasted part of your day on Statistics. One more thing which didn't pump me up too much. My 900th win came at a Randy Orton vs. Val Venis Squash match that lasted 1 minute. Not too Climatic but whatever.
Approximately 5,804 total picks on Monday Night Raw Wrestling Matches.
"That's Impressive"

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Pirates Of The Caribbean 2

I will never see Lord Of The Rings 1,2 or 3. I will never watch Star Wars Episodes 1-6. I will never buy a Harry Potter DVD or watch one on TV. However, I must say that Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2 are both excellent. Ha. Yeah perhaps Duffy J finally marked out and watched a popular movie for once. 

The funny thing is I had not seen the original Pirates Of The Caribbean until last night. So I watched 1 and 2 back to back nights. Obviously on the big screen is way better but I have a decent sound system and enjoyed the original. Jack Sparrow is quite a character and I can see how many people have grown fond of him in both movies. Both movies have action, romance, drama, etc. While the sequel may have some fighting scenes that may be a bit over the top, it kept me interested during the entire 2.5 hours. I definately recommend this movie to anyone over the age of 10. With the flops at the box office this summer (Poseidon, MI:3, etc.) I will go ahead and put a guarentee out there that Pirates takes the cake for box office sales this summer. Anyways I'm not going to go into anymore detail on the movie. If I were to rate one over the other I cannot at this moment, I will go ahead and rate them equally. If you liked the first one the second one delivers as well.........9/10.

I even bought the soundtrack, what a mark I am. Hey! It has a sweet remix with Tiesto so I couldn't help myself.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bowling Scores 6-27-06

134, 200, 185, 173 692 Series

It's getting past frusterating and downright hillarious. We lost all of our games for the second straight week making us 0-18 for the second half of the season thanks to me. The first game was me attempting to get the ball to move which didn't work the whole game. The next 3 games was me chucking the ball at the pins with no gameplan what so ever. My wrist is better for everyday living but I can't hold a 16 pound ball with no thumb. No bowling next week as it's the 4th of July. I have nothing else to say. My average going into the night was a 195 and will be even lower in 2 weeks.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bowling Scores 6-20-06

191, 182, 188, 170 731 series

Yep, that seems about right. Average is continuing to decline, going into the night with a 197 average, my wrist is still jacked up and I can't throw without my thumb in the ball. We lost all 4 games thanks to me. and 7 of the last 8. If I was a team player I wouldn't bowl at all and just take my average. But I still want to bowl and it is so damn frusterating to know I am better than I am bowling but can't do a damn thing about it. I can't get the ball to hook with my thumb in the ball and about halfway through the third game my thumb was throbbing cause it's not used to being used every single shot. There's really not much else to tell, I'm disgusted by my current situation and I don't know if it's going to get any better anytime soon. We didn't bowl last week thanks to the power outage of about a 1/3 of Chico. We won't bowl on July 4th either so after next week I get another week to see if my wrist is going to heal or if I'm screwed for life. I don't expect our team to win any more games this summer.....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tom Green Live!

I know that most of you are not a fan of Tom Green. But I must promote Tom Green Live! Which goes Live Thursday June 15th @ 8pm on and It is the first ever online live talk show. You yourself can call in to talk to Tom as this Talkshow will be live worldwide. So tune in and behold the awesomeness that is Tom Green and the Ultimate Classic Supreme Rockin Bockus! 

The Show will then air weekly on Thursdays Online at 8pm.

Friday, June 9, 2006


Cars is the first big summer release from Disney/Pixar. I challenge anyone to tell me this film wasn't a solid movie. All the reviews have been good and I totally agree. The only thing holding this film back is the fact that it is 122 minutes in run time. Concidering that it is rated G and the fact that many kids can't sit still for 2 + hours may lose some of those people that were wanting to see it. Then again, maybe not. Good Cartoon, Good Story, Good Movie. I would almost go so far as to say I would pay to see it, no nevermind, I haven't paid for a movie in 9 years......

Duffy J-

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Phone Problems

Current mood:pissed off

Dammit! So it's 12:40am and I just got dominated. I decided to call up Tom Green on his live TV show. I get through and the guy asks me what my question is which was "Are you going to bring back Big Monster Spectacular Friday!" The guy tells me to hold for a second and then my phone battery dies!


Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The Omen

The son of the devil is brought to earth in this horror flick. Damien, an adopted child at birth is brought up by his adoptive parents. Then people start dying including freak accidents (some final destination style) and some suicide. The adoptive father is encouraged to kill the child by a priest. Can he do it? Watch to find out.

I was actually not disappointed in this movie. The first 20 minutes drag a bit and there are a couple other moments that could have been shorter but overall this movie will make you jump. I guarentee it. At least twice if not more. I never saw the original so I can't compare this one to anything. Thumbs up for me.

Bowling Scores 6-6-06

140, 178, 200, 176 694 Series

Top League Averages going into the night:

1. 208
2. 206.2
3. Dean Evans 203.1
4. 202.7

This is the last time you will see me in the top 4 averages for a while to come. I get to the bowling alley and attempt one regular shot in practice with my spare ball. When I say regular I mean without my thumb in the ball because that's the way I've thrown my shots for about 5 years. Not gonna happen tonight cause I felt it in the wrist and I mean badly.

So I adjusted and pretty much threw jobber shots all night. The first game I was confused and had no Idea how I was going to make it threw the night. I couldn't get my ball to move at all and I can't count how many times I missed the head pin let alone the "pocket".

Second game I decided to attempt to throw my strike ball (16 lbs.) When I put my thumb in the ball and pretty much throw a straight ball, my wrist holds up ok. The night was a joke though because I had no game plan the entire night. Game 3 was a bust because I strung together some slop strikes (some of the worst you'd ever see) but they all look the same on paper. I was actually shocked I threw a 200. I caught myself intentionally aiming to go brooklyn because I got more pin action on that side than anywhere else. I caught myself caring more about Florida Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson schooling Barry Bonds at the plate than any attempt at concentrating on a game-plan.

We lost 3 of 4 (mostly thanks to me not reaching my ungodly average of 203.1) and I'm pretty sure we have dropped out of first place. Going into the night we were 38-16 and second place team was 35-19.
I'm back. Albeit a shell of my former dominant self and I don't know when the wrist will be well enough for me to go back to my old way of throwing with no thumb. It's frusterating I tell you, but I will attempt to adjust and hopefully my team can have a strong run towards the playoffs.....................

Monday, June 5, 2006

Injury Update


It will have been 14 days since my wrist injury when I go to the Bowling Alley tomorrow. I am thinking I'm going to give it a run. If this were baseball or football I would currently list myself as Questionable, but in my mind I am probable to start. I didn't update last week cause well, I didn't bowl. We were in first place going into last week despite me missing the final 3 games the previous week. We ended up splitting the 4 games 2 wins, 2 losses. And took total pins. I don't know if we are still in first or not but I am optimistic.

As for my wrist, I continue to wear that splint. I went to a doctor last week who wouldn't help me and said I needed clearance from some other doctor at which point I busted out, snapped and walked out. I haven't been back cause I'm a stubborn bastard and I wouldn't have gone to the doctor anyway if I didn't have medical insurance now. Do you think Leonard Kowalski went to the doctor after he allegedly fractured his wrist in 2001? No. Anyways, I have full movement of all my fingers now and can type with no problems at all. The only time I really feel it is if I put a lot of weight on my wrist when I stand up or trying to open a bottle of soda or a pickle jar... forget it, not happening. My plan is to only throw my spare ball which is 12 lbs. Hoping it will strengthen my wrist a bit. I know if I try to throw my strike ball 16 lbs, I'm just going to re-injure my wrist.

I'm optimistic about being able to bowl but not so much about busting the 200 mark and maintaining my 203 average. We will see.....................
Duffy J-

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bowling Scores 5-23-06

Current mood:frustrated

220, (retired)

So much for bowling through the pain. 9th frame in I felt something pop in my wrist and the pain went from tolerable to excrutiating. I finished the 10th frame bowling left handed and managed a 7/9. The 220 could have been better but I knew I was done after that game. I went and got my wrist checked out and classically, the x-ray machine wasn't functioning. The doc thinks it's just a sprain, but if the wrist isn't feeling better by next monday, I am to return and get that x-ray. He gave me a splint to wear until then so we will see how that goes. As I sit here and attempt to type this left handed, I would also like to say that going into the night I had a 202 average that ranks #4 in the league. This sucks because I am probably going to have to take next week off from bowling and going into tonight we were tied for first place. It almost feels as bad as when "Leonard Kowalski" broke his wrist in 2001. Dammit! Why does the human body have to breakdown?!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

See No Evil

See No Evil stars Kane (Glen Jacobs) the WWE Superstar and this movie is WWE Films. Ha. 
Going into it I wasn't expecting much, in fact I was sarcastically over-hyping this movie so I wouldn't be disappointed.

A bunch of Juvenile Delinquents get a second chance at freedom but they have to go to this huge complex where a bunch of people died many years before. They are there to clean up the place but when one of them tries to uncover a rumored treasure somewhere in the place. Kane is unleashed and all hell breaks loose.

This movie was ok, compared to what I was expecting. Some of the kills were good (not as good as Hills Have eyes) And not to ruin it but my favorite death involved a Cell phone as the murder weapon, classic. You all know how much I am anti-cell phone. Kane's acting was pretty much just like how his gimmick is on WWE TV so the crossover to movie "star" wasn't that difficult. I don't think this movie will do "Rock" type numbers but still a decent film for WWE to put out.

On a side note for those that don't watch wrestling, they are actually putting this movie's release date, May 19th, into an on-air storyline on WWE TV. Hillarious.

Duffy J-

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bowling Scores 5-16-06

201, 221, 213, 221 856 Series

Average Going into the Night: 198

Top averages after 3 Weeks:

1. 214.8
2. 213.8
3. 207.3
4. 206.3

This week we played the some more of the big time bowlers with 200+ averages. Going into the night we were tied for 1st place at 19-8. I arrived late and no practice today, I was also frustrated that my average had dipped below 200. On top of that my wrist started to hurt after the first throw and now I know it's becoming a weekly thing and I'm just going to have to bowl through the pain. The first 3 games I opened in the 1st frame but somehow strung together some strikes and finished strong. The 213 in the 3rd game was ridiculous because I had 3 strikes in a row that went brooklyn and I couldn't believe I was carrying these pins on such horrible shots. The bust of the night though had to be the 4th game which stood as follows. Let me remind you I was dead, no strength left at all, after 3 games:

X 80 62 90 X X X X X X X X 221

That's right I don't believe in spares. Ha! We won 3 of the 4 games and the 4th I threw 8 in a row which would normally be around the 240-260 range except for the fact that I decided to open 3 straight frames. These were bad opens too. It wasn't even like I chopped a pin here or there it was just plain misses. Then, Towards the end we were close to the other team who decided to put the pressure on me a bit by talking about the situation I was in. 827 (don't care) as I shook everyone off and DOMINATED.

Anyways, aside from my throbbing wrist, it was a good night and my average should be back up above 200.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Bowling Scores 5-9-06

186, 179, 232, 155 752 Series

From the moment I stepped onto the lane I knew I just wasn't into bowling tonight. In fact halfway through the second game I was ready to go home. The third game I got something going but for the most part tonight consisted of splits and some missed spares and oppertunities. I don't know, I just wasn't on my game tonight and the 4th game I had a chance to hit an 800 but everything fell apart and I gave up when I left a split in the 7th frame of the 4th game. Nothing else to tell. The top averages came down a bit. I don't have the numbers in front of me but I think going into the night I had the 5th top average. the other 4 were approximately this: 214, 211, 208, 205. I was sitting at a 203 but that will be down a couple pins going into next week.
Duffy J-

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Raw House Show 5-6-06

Current mood:tired

I'm not one to post random shit like a lot of other people do but I would like to talk about the Raw House Show I went to this past Saturday in Sacramento.

The first thing I have to say is not only are WWE wrestling events fun for the show, but also for the entire experience. I'm talking about arriving 1-2 hours early and blasting enterance music in your car, seeing all the true marks and their classic signs, posters and apparel, and the best, the very best is the conversations you get to overhear in the parking lot before the show. These marks arguing about who will whoop who and just busting the hell out over the stupidest shit. I won't go into the conversations I overheard but it is quite funny and entertaining. Meeting Shelton Benjamin was also a plus and entertaining. I always have so much different shit I want to say to the wrestlers and yet when the time comes it always comes out jobber style and you just thank them for their work in the ring. When I met Jericho I asked him if he was gonna re-sign with WWE when his contract was up and he gave me the classic kayfabe answer of "Of Course." Bastard! Plus let me tell you, Wrestlers don't want to do these autograph signings, I'm pretty sure it's a part of their contracts. I could be wrong but seriously, I bet a lot of the time they feel like they are in a circus. Oh wait, they are in one.

So the other reason for this post is the Bust of the day which had nothing to do with Wrestling. I'm in Toys R Us and I'm leaving looking at these generic necklaces and rings in those 50 cent dispensers. You know what I'm talking about, anyways I get one and I'm putting it around my neck, don't ask me why I'm doing this I'm just busting the hell out. When IOS (The innovator of Silence) turns to me and says "That's a Bust.... Fucking Mike Bibby. I turn and there's Mike Bibby ballin out with a Blingable necklace and one of those "500 dollar shirts" The rock used to talk about. He looks at me like what the hell are you doing, your an Idiot, and then walks into Toys R Us. Yes! I got punked by Mike Bibby. Then I went out into the parking lot and slashed his tires.
That's it.
Don't expect anymore of these regarding how my day went.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I totally whiffed on Triple H's Waterbottle. Hit me right in the hand but my camera was in my other and couldn't make the one handed grab. Dammit! Where's my 2001 Rookie of the Year Wiffleball Skills when I need them?!!!!

Duffy J-

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Bowling Scores 5-2-06

Current mood:lethargic

Top averages after 1 Week-

1. 232.7
2. 228.2
3. 220.2
4. 218.5


205, 165, 200, 233 803 Series.

Man, talk about having one bad shot every game. Let me tell you the 9th frame in any game can be a 60 pin swing so when I left the 9th frame open in multiple games it didn't help me any and became quite deflating. The second game I opened in the 9th and 10th game to throw a measly 165. The third game should have been way better but once again I throw a shot too far outside and clip the head pin leaving the classic 2-4-10 splits. They are quickly becoming my favorite. I left a 7-10 split in the first game as well and nearly picked it up as I bounced the 10 pin out of the pit but didn't get the lucky roll. My wrist was killing me by the end of the third game and I have no Idea how I came back to throw a 233. In fact after game 3 I saw that I had a 570 series and knew I had to roll a 230+ to get my equivelent of a 600 series for 4 games....... and 800. Somehow I did it and remain consistent for week 2. Someone rolled a 277 a few lanes down from me so as of now I am probably the 6th or 7th best average out of 20 bowlers on the league.

Then again, the team we bowled this week was named "AMF Pro Shop" so these are the people who damn near own the bowling alley, and they didn't even show up they had already bowled their games earlier in the day. Now how the hell is that fair. yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of pressure when you roll your games at 12 noon and nobody in the bowling alley. That's stupid. Anyways I'm rambling now and I have nothing left to say. I can't tell you how bad I want to convert another 7-10 split. The one time I did convert it was like 1996..... It's been a while....

Duffy J-

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bob Garner


"God Damn Bob Garner Son of a Bitch!"

Noone will get that except my father who will never read this.
Whoever made the traffic lights in Woodland needs to be drug out into the street and shot.
That is all

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bowling Scores 4-25-06

188, 222, 203, 211 824 Series.

I must say right off the bat that I forgot that Summer League is 2 man teams and 4 games. About frame 4 of the 4th game my arm was dead from not throwing any games in about a month. Then I XXX'd in the middle of the 4th game and caught a second wind.

Well the debut of the new bowling shoes went well. I XXX'd to start the first game. I left a few 2-10 splits when I found out how oily the lanes were and threw outside the 5 board I knew I was pretty much screwed. I bounced back though and overall I am satisfied with my night. Going in with the already established average of 202 from Winter league. I know I surpassed that by a few pins as my average would have given me a 808 series. Nothing else really to discuss here, I'll continue to break in the new shoes and hopefully have a solid summer season. There are a lot more good bowlers here on summer league than winter so I don't think I'll be battling for top averages.

We will see............

Duffy J-

Friday, April 14, 2006

Thank You For Smoking

Current mood:awake

So many people wanted to screen this movie and not for the reason that I wanted to. Obviously the only reason I watched this movie was because it starred Katie Holmes.

Thank You for Smoking is a comedy about a guy named Nick Naylor who is a spokesperson for the Tobacco company and knows how to dominate when it comes to verbal debating the good side of cigarettes. There's some mildly funny stuff in this movie. This movie was ok for the first 20 minutes until I find out that Katie Holmes plays a reporter/whore who will do anything for a good story. Which made me like this movie a lot less. But hey, that's me. I wrote down a couple classic quotes from the movie:

"If your going to drink and drive, make sure you suck on some charcoal."

"The rest of you people slam your fucking heads against the desk and give me something useful!"

That's pretty much all I got on this one.
Thumbs mildly down for me only because of Katie Holmes' Character.

Duffy J-

Friday, April 7, 2006

Lucky Number Sleven

Current mood:tired

Good Movie with Twists, keeps you guessing.

Concidering there are 9 kills in the first 10 minutes I decided to do a kill count that ended at nineteen.
Lucky Number Eleven, er... Sleven stars Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis, and Morgan Freeman. Let me tell you, this movie is hard to follow and I found myself confused but still interested trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Many twists in this movie as I think of how to tell you about it without giving anything away. Hmmm..... Well let's just say this movie has Assassins, Gambling, and a feud between Morgan Freeman and this other guy who haven't left their establishments in 20 years due to the fact they think they will be shot and killed. I enjoyed it for the most part but I do think they could have ended it differently, but that's my opinion and if they did that then the "target audience" would probably go home a bit unhappy.

If you got time, go see it.

"The Kansas City Shuffle." -Bruce Willis-

Duffy J-

Friday, March 31, 2006



Ah, the dirty south. This movie stars Hip Hop star T.I. and one half of Outkast's Big Boi.
It's about living in Atlanta suburbs and the lifes of a group of friends. T.I's a talented artist who's younger brother gets into trouble and begins to deal drugs for Big Boi, the bling bling king of the streets.

Sunday nights everyone hangs out at this skate rink and they have a skate off to prove who has the best moves. One of T.I's friends is trying to get into college and drama ensues as he lies about where he's from just so he can get a letter of recommendation from a higher up.

This movie was ok as I went into it expecting total garbage. There were some funny parts as well when an arguement ensues about who has the best ribs shack in town and the quote of the movie that I had to write down as I was screening it:

"Her ass is fatter than a swamp possum with the mumps"

So thumbs in the middle on this one.
Oh yeah and you get to see T.I. and Big Boi throw bones at one point in the movie so if your a fan of them not only musically but acting wise, go check them out.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

David Lynch

So found this at BestBuy today decided to give it a shot even though there was no informantion on the DVD what so ever. Classic David Lynch style. Those that have rented or own Mulholland Drive know how annoying that DVD is. No chapters. So if you don't watch it through entirely you have to fast forward through the movie to cue it up. Annoying.

Anyways This DVD showcases 6 previously unreleased short films from David Lynch. Six Men Getting Sick was his first ever project that was done in the late 1960's. Other releases on this DVD are The Alphabet, The Grandmother, The amputee, The cowboy and the frenchman, and Lumiere.
It's that weird, psycological stuff that can make your brain hurt if you try to dissect it but it's so unique and interesting that you gotta love it.

If your a fan of David Lynch I suggest picking this up although it is $19.99 and all the movies put together probably equal about 70 minutes. Not worth it for the price but if you've got the $$ to blow go for it.

Oh and to add something I just discovered, they even have a chapter dedicated to callibrating your television. Setting your brightness, tint, color, etc. I guess so you can fully feel the film's effects.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bowling Scores 3-21-06

155, 174, 186 515 Series.

That's Right! Just like Summer league our team chokes in the playoffs. What can I say other than I left splits missed single pins and couldn't throw more than one X in a row the whole night. I decided to throw my 2nd worst series of the entire season tonight. After the second game I decided it was already pretty much over and we were guarenteed 4th place. I'm not going to whine and moan about the night. Cause I still got paid so booya! Yeah I'm pissed about how this shit turned out but here's a semi-highlight of the night:

My final shot in the third game was a 10 pin conversion behind the back. We were the last ones bowling and there was probably like 50 people watching. I got some props for that.

I got $20 bucks for rolling that 753 Series.
I got $25 bucks for our team coming in 4th place.
I got $91.10 for having 124 wins (most of any team) for the season.
So $136.10 eases the debacle to a degree.

Anyways it was fun and thanks to those who followed my winter bowling league. Fear not, and wipe those tears away, it isn't over!
Summer league starts in a few weeks and I will continue to post my progress on here for the entertainment of my fans.

Until then,

"Rock It To The Maxwell House" -Wesley Willis-

Duffy J-

Season Bowling Stats

Dean Evans Jr.

High Game Scratch- 287
High Series Scratch- 753
High Game Handicap- 294
High Series Handicap- 807
Games Bowled over 200- 47
Series' Over 600- 15
Entering Average- 193
Final Average- 202

Season Score Summary
Week 1- 224, 185, 198 607 Series
Week 2 -188, 238, 171 597 Series
Week 3- 256, 257, 240 753 Series
Week 4- 184, 192, 229 605 Series
Week 5- 209, 237, 224 670 Series
Week 6- 194, 182, 196 572 Series
Week 7- 247, 216, 190 653 Series
Week 8- 287, 192, 175 654 Series
Week 9- 203, 204, 201 608 Series
Week 10- 210, 206, 190 606 Series
Week 11- 213, 148, 201 562 Series
Week 12- 172, 231, 218 621 Series
Week 13- 150, 181, 256 587 Series
Week 14- 243, 174, 173 590 Series
Week 15- 178, 219, 169 566 Series
Week 16- 211, 179, 189 579 Series
Week 17- 160, 218, 252 630 Series
Week 18- 188, 213, 226 627 Series
Week 19- 242, 152, 177 571 Series
Week 20- 156, 224, 199 579 Series
Week 21- 184, 159, 168 511 Series
Week 22- 189, 221, 158 568 Series
Week 23- 202, 167, 177 546 Series
Week 24- 153, 189, 253 595 Series
Week 25- 248, 171, 209 628 Series
Week 26- 149, 209, 223 581 Series
Week 27- 203, 225, 238 666 Series
Week 28- 180, 190, 203 573 Series
Week 29- 217, 225, 226 668 Series
Week 30- 184, 235, 258 677 Series

Average per game

Game 1 Average- 200.8
Game 2 Average- 201.3
Game 3 Average- 206.2

And now you have enjoyed a double helping of bowling stats via Dean Evans Jr. Good Night.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Quite Ludacris

I have to address the similarity between ESPN Analyst and host of "Quite Frankly" Stephen A. SmithStephen A Smith on the Quite Frankly TV Show on ESPN and Hip-Hop SuperStar Ludacris. Everytime I watch Quite Frankly or NBA Shootaround I say "Hey look, it's Ludacris. But noone agrees with me. Well now I've gone to the public and let my opinion be heard. If you don't see it then I guess I'm a buster.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bowling Scores 3-14-06

184, 235, 258 677 Series.

Average going into the night- 201.9

Damn! I thought this was the week of the playoffs but no..... it was just positional night. Which didn't matter to us because we were already in. Tonight just mattered for those competing to win the last third of the season and sneak into the playoffs. Annoncements were made for high game, series, handicap game and handicap series. I won high series 753 and could have gotten a trophy but I opted for the $$$. (Matt actually had a higher series 775, but you can only win one category and he won high game with a perfect 300)

Ok on to the night, well first game I left a couple of splits early on and recovered towards the end to roll a 184. Second game began with a 9- missing a single pin spare for the first time in how many weeks I can't remember. Followed by XXXXXXX in a row, opened in the 9th with a split and 8/X'd out for a 235. The third game was as follows"
X X 9/ X X X X X 9/ XXX
No Tap 300 and a 258. The bust of the third game is I wasn't really paying attention to the game concidering none of this mattered for my team and I was actually watching the Kings/Lakers game instead.

Our team won all 7 points this week putting our final regular season record at 125-86.
Next week is the last week and everything is on the line.... I'll either dominate or get dominated but one thing is for certain...... It's all about the "W".

Duffy J-

Thursday, March 9, 2006

The Hills Have Eyes


A bunch of miners that refused to leave a nuclear test site in New Mexico and end up becoming human defects who kill and feed on other humans? What more can you ask for!

I normally don't jump too many times in horror flicks. This movie is and exception. The Hills Have Eyes is scary, freaky and demented. Scariest film I have seen this year and with the most violence, killing, blood, and gore you will have seen in a long time. They also take full advantage of the surround sound factor which can make you flip out if your watching it at 2am. Luckily you won't have to. Leave the kids at home. If your a horror flick fan this movie delivers 100%.
I also await the arrival of "666 The Omen" this summer. Something tells me it's not a Pastor Arnold Murray documentary.

Duffy J-

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Bowling Scores 03/07/06

217, 225, 226 668 Series


No not the movie. Finished out the first 2 games with XXXXX in a row in each and a XXX in a row in the last game. Dedicated the 10th frame in the 3rd game to Eddie Guerrero (wearing cheat to win shirt as well)

We won all 3 games and total pins putting our win total for the season at 117-86 which I believe is the best. Next week begins the playoffs so going into the night with a 201.2 and rolling a 668 series doesn't help my handicap any but I don't care, it's all about the win but I also care about establishing a 200 average for 30 straight weeks for the first time in my bowling career.

The lows of the night were minimal, I left 2 open frames all night again, one was a missed 10 pin and the other one was a washout as I left the 1-2-4-10.

Rolling into the playoffs..............

Duffy J-

Friday, March 3, 2006

Dave Chappelle's Block Party

For those out there that watch Chappelle's show regularly and find it "Hillarious" and are looking for a gut splitting time, this movie doesn't deliver.
For those out there looking for a good documentary on Hip Hop music and bringing people together then yes this movie is for you.

Kanye West, Dead Prez, Erika Badu, Jill Scott, A Fugees reunion, and more. Dave Chappelle brought together a ton of people for a one time only concert in Brooklyn New York. Good hip hop stuff and some funny stuff so go out and watch a movie that isn't a movie at all.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bowling Scores 2-28-06

180, 190, 203 573 Series

Damn I saw a lot of 7-10 splits tonight! I only left one but it was at least 5 maybe more. Our team won 2 of 3 games and took total pins. (5-2 on the night) I won the second game for us as I converted a 10 pin.
Not a great night but going into Week 28 of the season I had a 201.6 average so I think My average will drop again but not below 200.

Not a memorable night either... Hmm.... yeah the only thing I can say is the 9th frame killed me this week as I left splits and opened in the 9th all 3 games. I had a few runs of XXX in a row but nothing better.
Nothing left to do now but bowl well next week and then get ready for the playoffs in 2 weeks.

Duffy J-

Friday, February 24, 2006


It's few and far between "G" rated movies in the theaters these days. "Doogal" the third release from the Weinstein film company brings together a dog that has a love for candy that gets him in trouble as it releases an evil ice wizard who freezes the entire town including his best friend and owner inside a carosel.

Doogal and his friends then go on an adventure as they attempt to save the city and release his friends. If your looking for a movie to bring your kids to this would be it. They also attempt to break records for most puns/movie cliches in a 90 minute time period. Oh and the highlight of screening this one?.... They through out a "BOOYA!" halfway through the movie.

Jim Cramer Reprezent.

Duffy J-

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bowling Scores 2-21-06

Current mood:content

203, 225, 238 666 series....

Pastor Arnold Murray Reprezent

Top 3 averages going into the night:

1. Matt- 209.5
2. Duffy J- 200.8
3. David- 190.7

"I'm not dropping below 200 dammit!"
Theme of the night: 10 Pin

First shot of the night was a perfect hit and I leave a 10 pin. The first of 8 on the night. Second Frame in another perfect pocket hit and a solid 8 pin remains! Is this how the night is going to go? On top of that I miss the single pin spare in the second frame. It was one of only two open frames the entire night! Yes my friends, I converted 8 of 8 ten pins on the night and I struggled to find my line the first game but then towards the end of the first game I got it going. My dad ended the first game with a 202. I tell him he's gonna get dominated as I predict a 203 before the 1st ball of the 10th frame. XXX as I hold true to my word and beat him by one pin.

The second game went smoothly and honestly I didn't throw a bad ball until the 10th frame of the second game where I shanked a shot and left a 3-10 split. I couldn't convert and opened in the 10th for a 225.

The third game again went very smoothly. I had XXXX in a row and then guess what? yep another 10 pin leave in the 10th. Converted and then a X to end with a 238.
We won 2 of 3 games putting us at 105-84 on the year. The playoffs roll closer and we're already guarenteed a spot from our win of the first third.
I gained some ground on Matt as his knee was shot and he was bowling crippled the entire night. Hey! I gotta take my pins where I can get them!

Duffy J-

Friday, February 17, 2006



So If you want 2.5 hours of your life taken from you, go see Freedomland. It was a pile of garbage. Unless your a huge fan of The Forgotten but let's say it's like The Forgotten to the extreme. The first 45 minutes are so over dramatized I didn't know what the hell was going on. Then towards the middle and the end of the film there are close-ups of Juliette Moore "Crazy Psycho Lady" busting about her 5 year old child for a good 30 minutes to Samuel Jackson. Throw in some gang beatdowns in the hood as it's the Black vs. White in the projects and it becomes The forgotten with a splash of Crash.
This Movie is Terrible don't waste your time.

Duffy J-

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bowling Scores 2-14-06

149, 209, 223 581 Series

3 people tied for high game last week with a 248.

Average going into the night 201.1


Will I never learn. I got frustrated early on and basically threw the first game which didn't help my series any. Until I can control this stupid anger, I will remain inconsistent.

Second game I cooled off and threw a good number of XXX's but I opened in the 5th and 6th frame. I finished strong though with a 209.

Third game was a no-tap 300 until my second shot in the tenth frame where I decided to leave a 3-4-6-7-10 split and then proceed to throw my ball in the gutter unintentionally. Ending with a 223.
Well, I know my average is not going to drop below 200. So that is one of my goals right now... keep it above 200. I would say 26 weeks into the league, to maintain a 200 is pretty damn good.
Now, If only I bowled with my own equipment instead of borrowed bowling balls that I just put new fingertips in. How much could I improve?

Duffy J-

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Bowling Scores 2-7-06

248, 171, 209 628 Series

Average going into the night: 200.7

It was good to get a six for the first time in weeks. Also maintaining my 200 average for at least another week.

The First game was great, I ended with eight in a row and tied Matt with a 248.

Second game was not a bad game, I just kept getting 9 counts and then left a split somewhere in the middle of the game.
Third game could have been better. I couldn't convert a bucket (2-4-5-8) in the eighth frame and ended up with a 209.

Our team only won 1 game this week and we have been on a slide as of late. That's ok though because like I said before, we are already guarenteed a spot in the playoffs come March. We won the first third of the season.

Duffy J-

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bowling Scores 1-31-06

153, 189, 253 595 Series

Top averages going into the night:

Matt- 207.6
Dean- 200.8
David 193.1


No more sporting football jerseys on Tuesday nights as I decided to bust out my Clutch shirt and Black Frezno hat. The past few weeks have definately been a decline and I am tired of getting frustrated week after week. This week started no different.

Dangerously close to dropping out of the 200 club for average, I threw a 153 the first game as the lanes were super oily and I couldn't get anything going. The second game was also worthless until the tenth frame when I XXX out to manage a 189.

By the way we were playing Matt's team tonight which made the match-up that much more interesting. In case you were wondering he threw a 187, 192 the first two games. We lost the first 2 which put us on a 5 game losing streak (longest of the season)

The third game was shaping up to be a classic as both me and Matt started with XXXX in a row. Then the 5th came and I left a 4-7-10 split. Not thinking about anything but pin count, I proceeded to convert the difficult split and keep my game in tact. Followed that up with two spares and then proceeded to XXXXX out to roll a 253. Winning it for my team, breaking the losing streak, but more importantly beating Matt in Series 595-594.

Classic..... and "Clutch"

Duffy J-

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Monday's Literal Bockus(bacchus)

So I go to the store just before Raw and find an energy drink:
Seriously. What a Bockus(Bacchus) Now we all know that the Bacchus is the Greek God of Sex and Wine or so I have been told but the "Bockus" or to be more specific.... "The Ultimate Classic Supreme Rockin Bockus" Is the scientific terminology for the Bust. I was so stunned that I bought a can of it but refuse to drink it. It sits atop a cabinet in my house to forever look over the original House of Bockus.
So Yeah. Visit

Duffy J-

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bowling Scores 1-24-06

202, 167, 177 546 Series

3-6-7-9-10 was the split of the night.

I gave up after the second game and went into a silence that freaked out everyone at the bowling alley. Sometimes the Anti-Bust can be a bockus as well....
I have nothing to say other than my average going into the night was 201.7 and I do believe it's about to dip below 200.
Perhaps it's a post Carolina Depression.... Or perhaps it's just an 827 night.....

Friday, January 20, 2006


Why do I pay 40 Bucks a month for cable?? I don't watch anything except for Sportscenter, Wrestling and Lost on Wednesdays? I wish they had a discount package for ESPN, USA, and ABC.
That's not what this post is about though....
Just thought I would post the opposite ends of the spectrum concidering the highs and low's of Field Goal Kickers.

Scott Norwood. Misses the Superbowl winning kick against the New York Giants as the Bills lose 20-19 and he is never heard from again.

Adam Vinatieri. Won 2 Superbowls on 2 game winning kicks as time expired. A champion, american hero, blah blah blah.
Norwood should have went on Letterman and tried his kick again in the streets......

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bowling Scores 1-17-2006

189, 221, 158 568 Series

Back in the routine of rolling one 200 game a week, My average is still kicking around low 202's. I can't win the battle of the top averages though. I roll a 221 and I get dominated by a 226. Well every game had a split and the 189 should have been more like a 159 but somehow I strung some strikes together in the 9th and 10th frame. Second game started out with 4 in a row then guess what? Yep another split. Our team won 2 of 3 for the second straight week and we are still leading the league in total points. (94)

Duffy J-

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Herm Edwards

Here is my vent on the ownership of the New York Jets and Herm Edwards. Well according to reports Edwards was looking for a pay increase even though he just coached a team to a 4-12 record. 
Why the hell would you ask for an increase after such a disappointing season? Also why the hell would the Jets front office trade Herm to the Chiefs for a lousy 4th round draft pick. I hate to say it but it looks like the Jets are going to be going through a long rebuilding period.

Curtis Martin couldn't break Barry Sanders Record of 11 straight seasons of 1,000 rushing yards and he is getting older. Pennington while being a very efficient Quarterback, seems to be injury prone and not a quarterback of the future. Unfortunately the Jets have the 4th pick in the draft which won't amount to anything because this is how the draft will go and I know everyone is busting about Vince Young but I tell you he's just another Michael Vick Overrated sucka!

1. Houston- Reggie Bush RB
2. New Orleans- Matt Leinart QB
3. Tennessee- Vince Young QB

Now you know it's either draft the best DE in the draft (can't remember his name but supposedly he's the next Julius Peppers) Or go with Lendel White. I say
Lendell White!

As for who the next head coach of the Jets should be....
I have no Idea but Mike Martz might be a decent choice.....
Here's to a difficult 2006 season, Hey it can't be any worse than watching Carolina lose 18 straight games. (that's right it was 18 not 15 if you count the pre-season games) Thanks for that George Seifert.
Duffy J-

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bowling Scores 1-10-06

184, 159, 168 511 Series

Bowled a series low for the season and also snapped my consecutive weeks with at least one 200 game. I couldn't get anything going the entire night as my average dips dangerously close to going below 200......
Going into the night I had a 203.9.

Duffy J-

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Bowling Scores 1-3-06

156, 224, 199 579 series.

I'll talk more about what happened tonight at a later time but lets just say my wrist was jacked after the first practice shot of the night and I had to adjust.....

Duffy J-